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90 /100 26 STATION ROAD
“Build it and they shall come. In the previously dry outback town of Hinckley (142 pubs serving lukewarm dimpled mugs of Marston’s Burton Bitter) has arisen a mirage made real; a small miracle. It’s one of my favourite beer places on Earth. And I’ve been to Kulminator when the owner has fallen asleep and left the cat in charge. Chalkboard of knowingly-curated rarities from cutting edge craft concerns I’ve never heard of. That said Cloudwater, BBN, Siren, Twisted Barrel, Kernel, Wylam, Almasty, Shiny, Neon Raptor, Wiper and True are repeat features. Never dreamt these beers would come near to Hinckley. Unless it was to my house. But it happened. The usual format is 4-5 casks, 4-5 kegs. Real time online updates. Dogs. Toddlers. Babies. My 2 year old is a regular (he's not the youngest) and has always been made welcome. Hipsters. Tickers. Hot Young Ladies on the gin. Don’t forget the gin. Who knew these people lived in HNK? A tasteful selection of bottles and cans too. But really, why bother? Always something rare, unexpected and humming emerging from behind the sliding glass doors. CAMRA discount. But the murkiness and flavour of the beers on offer will send your average CAMRA beard home foaming with apoplexy, bewailing these new-fangled ales that look like chicken soup and taste of shower gel. Socialist realist artwork. Dog-like industrial chic, down to the fairylit ducting and cracked plate glass windows (EDIT: now replaced). Probably desperate patrons trying to get in. Closed Mondays. Too full Fri and Sat, but it's a bijou place. Overspill patio seating on the kerb outside. Been that desperate I’ve sat out front in sub zero temperatures, post run, my head a Krakatoa of steam. I can’t wait for Tuesdays to roll around. Your only problem will be getting a seat, or through the door at busy moments. The most compelling reason yet to visit Hinckley. In fact, the only reason. Value irrelevant: many of these beers are rare, not easy to source and don’t come to Hinckley. Coventry. Leicester. Maybe Brum. My only criticism (and it’s a petty one) is the awful piped new age acoustic musak which makes Ed Sheerhan sound like Slayer. Otherwise, Brilliant.“
DruncanVeasey 540 days ago
70 /100 82 RUGBY ROAD
“great selection of German beers“
HopsAromas24 571 days ago
78 /100 26 STATION ROAD
“Ok, now we're talking. Almost certainly the best place in town, would be better if not for the very loud accordion player as entertainment on a Thursday night (but by God they do get the punters in). They've got it all covered with decent cask beers, a keg from Verdant and an enticing bottle selection. The crowds suggest that the good people of Hinckley are gagging for decent craft beer, and they're getting it here. Would be a winner in most towns.“
jjsint 1029 days ago
72 /100 81 CASTLE STREET
“As a rule, micropubs are decent places to drink, and this is no exception. It's very crowded and very traditional with nine cask beers, nine ciders, a couple of keg and a mead available. None of the offerings will knock your socks off but you have plenty of choice, and you'll almost certainly get your ticking arm going. Maybe not the best place in town, but one that would merit a slight detour.“
jjsint 1029 days ago
64 /100 52 COVENTRY ROAD
“I'm fond of the Broood in Leicester so I thought I'd like to check this place out when in town. It was quiet on a mid-afternoon Wednesday, which was surprisingly pleasant. Despite the Brooodification, it's still a very traditional pub. The beer choices weren't too numerous but what they did have - McColls, Pig and Porter, Alechemy - were tickable. It doesn't have the range I was hoping for but it looks like the sort of place worth sticking one's head in to see what they have on.“
jjsint 1029 days ago
“One of the better Steamin' Billy pubs. Large and open plan although there are two fairly separate areas to the left and right of the bar as you come in. It's been recently refurbished so it's got a bit of that 'new pub' feel. The cask selection is a bit pedestrian: a couple Steamin' Billy beers alongside the likes of Derby. However there were a couple of nice beers on keg (Salty Kiss and Brooklyn's Scorcher) and a decent can selection. The 'craft' cans are £3 from 12-7 and contain decent offerings from Alphabet and Electric Bear alongside Vedett and Grimbergen. Worth seeing what's available.“
jjsint 1029 days ago
96 /100 52 COVENTRY ROAD
“Attended yesterday for a beer festival and it was fantastic with a superb choice of ales in great condition both on the bar and on stillage. Breweries we chose were Ferry, Top Out, Alechemy, Cross Borders, Market Bosworth, Lawman, and Hybrid they had cobs on sale as well as sausage rolls. Well worth a visit if in the area.“
gillhalfpint 1245 days ago