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Latest reviews from Hjorring

66 /100 ØSTERGADE 25
“Specialist wine and liquor store in the main pedestrian shopping drag. No shopping baskets in the store, as far as I could see. They have quite a few beers too, many of them good quality. I got some ticks here, could have had more. The prices are not cheap.“
Sigmund 527 days ago
“A good quality restaurant with good food and poor quality beers (their own, I'm sorry to say). The beers are just as bad on tap as they are bottled. Welcome to diacetyl hell. Sorry, Vendia needs better qualified brewers, entirely new recipes, and a thorough cleaning and disinfection of all their tanks. Anyway, the staff in the restaurant are friendly. Sampler tray not available.“
Sigmund 528 days ago
“Nice pub / cafe with food. Located near Hotel Phønix. They have 125 beers, mostly bottles, 5 on tap. If you are an experienced Danish ticker, you might have had many of these beers already, but as many of them are high quality, I could have had a pleasant session here enjoying old favourite beers, even with no new ticks (but of course there were a few ticks for me). Many Belgians and oak aged beers. Food menu with hamburgers and traditional Danish smørrebrød.“
Sigmund 528 days ago
52 /100 ØSTERGADE 25
“Small wine/foodspecials shop in City center. Parking just outside. Apr 50 bottles, nothing special. Only 3 Vendia but 4 Nordenfjords. Some belgians and english as well. 3 Foxes (NorthernIreland). Friendly service. A place to stop by if you are in the area, not to travel for.“
HenrikSoegaard 1587 days ago
“Nice surprice. 6 taps with deasent beers and even Kissmeyer Smokey Ale on tap besides Ale No. 16 and Konrad Lys and Dark, and Grimbergen. Very cosey cafe in one of the most pittoresk villages in Denmark. Apr. 20 bottles focusing on good british breweries. Fullers, Sam. Smith and Sepherd Neame. Low prices: Fullers Vintage 2013 and 2014: 10 euro. Owner very knowingly and dedicated to good beers so there migth be gems hidden in the cellar. Try and ask.Also spotted Kongebryg Porter on the bottle list. If you are touristing Denmark this is one of the perfect matches between familytrip and beerspotting.“
HenrikSoegaard 2001 days ago
“Nice looking place with a friendly staff. They have their own beers on tap. OK place.“
gunnfryd 2175 days ago
“Nice restaurant. Nice frindly service. Did only have 4 of their own beers, well, its ok just to have own beers, but it would be nice to have some of the bottled beers too.“
Hansen 2198 days ago
64 /100 ØSTERGADE 25
“Hjørring can hardly be called a great beer destination. Nothing sprecial to find in the grocery stores and this Wine & Tobacco store is the best place to purchase craft beers. Nice service and helpfull staff. Not a big beer selection but not a problem finding some new tics. (Visited August 7th 2014)“
Bryne 2249 days ago
“This place is a brewpub but appears more like a stylish restaurant. 4 beer on tap. Vendia beers are at its best drinkable but hardly an awesome craft beer experience. Not worth a detour since most of their beers are available in grocery stores in and around Hjørring. (Visited August 7th 2014)“
Bryne 2249 days ago
“Decent beers - but also very mainstream. A little edge would be nice. Good food a bit to the expensive side. reasonable knovledge of the staff.“
Kronebryg 2677 days ago
“The quality of the beers is up and down, but it’s a nice place to pop in if you are in the area. Food is really good, and I actually prefer to grab a tapas dish in the bar. The beers are a bit in the middle of the road by style, and will normally go well together with the food. Friendly staff, a bit pricy, but I always stop for a glass when passing by.“
Beer5000 2780 days ago
“Great tasting beer, and very very friendly service. Brewmaster was as friendly, and interesting to talk to. Will return for sure, but most likely in the evening when there will be more beer drinkers, and not just eaters, like when I was there at midday, on a tuesday. It was a nice experience though! Update: My third visit in total today. It’s always good to come back. The staff is like a good friend!“
santabeer 2950 days ago
62 /100 ØSTERGADE 25
“If you’re a foreigner looking for ticks, you might get more of them visiting Super Best or Super Brugsen, but seen from a conoisseurs angle, this is where you’ll find the best selection in town. Both Danish and foreign quality beers available, at reasonable prices. The guy behind the counter is of the quiet kind, so you’ll have to approach him to get some help. Doubt you’ll need it though, the selection isn’t huge in any way.“
yngwie 2985 days ago
“Visited July 2012: Very clean cut cafe where you can sit watching the brewery. Very good beers and a cosy tour ond talk with the brewer, which allowed us to taste a beer straight from the storage tank. Nice tasting.“
MonMadsen 3025 days ago
“NIce modern cafe. Frindly but slightly slow staff. Very formel. Ok food compared to price. Had the chicken salad with nice homemade bread. 7 Vendia beers on tab, several specials. beer is very good from tap.“
HenrikSoegaard 3153 days ago
“Nice looking place with a friendly staff. The selection wasn’t impressive, but still decent. I didn’t try the food, but the menu certainly looked appealing. I picked up two bottles to go.“
Rasmus40 3428 days ago
“Nice menu with a lot of great foods but the beer selection and the service needs advice. Beer: Leffe blond, rebel pilsner and Thy pilsner on tap. Some different Thisted beers on bottle and a few UK beers on bottle too. Beer served in dirty glass and I´ve had a flat warm Rebel from the pipe.. Dirty mens room. Then we left for Fishermans Rest a few miles away. Nearly same result.“
TheDog 3790 days ago
“A quite stylish place, with a bit blur line between restaurant and bar-area. Helpful staff, but a bit unexperienced for the moment, they had only been open for 12 days when I visited. Didn’t try the food, but at least it looked fine. They offer samplers at a quite low price, served on a nice tray, with a glass of water as well, and a description for each beer. They also sell beer on growlers.“
yngwie 4745 days ago