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58 /100 BREXBACHSTRAßE 11-17
“It was supposed to be a gem. A small, modern brewery in a charming little fachwerk town, almost under the shadow of the eerie Grenzau castle. Surrounded by green, forested hills, this one is a modern establishment of the blackboard + wood + Edison lightbulb type. Modern yet cozy, with very friendly staff and - I do agree - absolutely phenomenal pizza with quaint toppings. With that being said, the beers were a complete and utter letdown. We visited about a week after the lifting of covid restrictions allowed the establishment to reopen and it seemed that the manager made the worst choice possible - serving beer that was made before the lockdown and should be served fresh. Alas, fresh it was not. Some of the beers had gone sour, others were made with old hops, making them reek of old sweaty socks and French cheese. I like the idea, I like the food, the staff, the setting - properly managed, this one would be a gem. But beerwise I have nothing good to tell. I sincerely hope they will improve upon that in the near future.“
ElDesmadre 306 days ago
80 /100 BREXBACHSTRAßE 11-17
“15min east of Koblenz down in a valley. Nie location. Big Hotel next to it. Brexx is not only a brewery they do have a bowling alley asweel and make excellent pizza. Always some seasonals availabel, tasting trays availabel. Pizza was phenomenal. Will definitely be back.“
rhoihessegold 1165 days ago
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