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“On the main road to the north of Homerton Station, and slightly east of it as well this pub has a relatively small front, but is multi-roomed and deep once inside. An expensive front area is split by a horseshoe bar that has a couple of local casks, and a couple of local keg ales (amongst some macro ones) available, some craft cans too. It's a dark wooden, darker atmosphere traditional pub with a large mostly covered terrace area. The room behind the left hand side of the bar is next to the kitchen and has an unusual 'L' shaped pool table within it. A DJ was setting up on the Saturday evening I visited.“
ManVsBeer 148 days ago
78 /100 186 WELL STREET
“A cleanly organized bottle shop with quite a few taps that you can sample or take growlers with home. Quite a chilly room in the back, everything in the front is in fridges, so you can also get beers from the fridge and drink them there. Good selection of what's rolling in England these days. No cheese when I was there, unfortunately. Great place!“
SinH4 409 days ago
76 /100 186 WELL STREET
“Next to Well Street Pizza on the road with the same name. This shop unit has a number of taps, and many more bottles and cans to peruse whilst your enjoying something from the funkiest of craft keg brewers. I was in here just 10 minutes before closing, but they still allowed me a quick third. They also had just gone cashless, but I only read this on a sign a couple of minutes after handing over my silvers and coppers so I don't think it's a steadfast rule as yet.“
ManVsBeer 507 days ago
“The location is good, near a Park with lot of sitting space outside. Great deco and cozy garden. The problem here is the beer, not in their best condition. Next one please!“
Taboada 592 days ago
76 /100 186 WELL STREET

We visited here on Saturday 8th October 2016 with ’Aris and Ang’, we’d been to 40ft Brewery Tap first and headed here by bus. I have to say this is one of those rare occasions that I am not really able to accurately describe how best to get here as ’Aris and Ang’ did the legwork Re: best buses and route to take, and we just followed taking little or no notice. However what I can remember is that we got off the bus somewhere central’ish’ in Hackney walked down Mare St, and turned off left by the Hackney Empire before weaving through a residential area and to a row of shops, quite a random assortment as I recall where we found this place.

This is a neat and well laid out bottle shop. As you enter the serving area is on your LH side with beers (and cider) on racking on both sides and some taps at this part of the shop. Further back and up a step or two is a raised glassed off area which is kept cooler and contains quite a few hundred bottles, in fact the choice throughout the store is excellent. Most of the bigger American bottles are at the front of the shop but at this rear section you’ll find Buxton, Edge, Evil Twin oh lots face it I could go on and on, you know the great and the good of the current Craft scene. Downstairs is a tasting room, I think that the idea is that you can take beer from the large fridges down here and then pay for them upstairs when you’ve finished, however we were allowed to crack open beers that we’d just purchased, interestingly the male member of staff (manager?) was fine with this arrangement the female staff member seemed less sure, we explained that he’d agreed this and took our beers downstairs with no further fuss. I didn’t really study the taps too much but I seem to recall some very decent beers were available.

I think the service here is great, it’s got a fabulous selection and it’s well laid out, however I do have one major criticism and that is pricing. I think that the prices here are really high and it’s probably one of the most expensive beer shops I’ve ever frequented. I accept that they’re not a major chain or one of the big online boys and that they clearly go out of their way to source beers that other won’t have and so they are going to be mode pricey than much bigger outfits such as BOE, Cotteridge etc but seriously the prices are just a bit silly I think. I spent £27-28 and was happy with my beers but not sure how often I’d visit here as its a little out of the way unless your over this neck of the woods.

Fin 1101 days ago
84 /100 186 WELL STREET
“Great bottle shop, if not one of the best in London in my opinion. Loads of beers kept in perfect condition, They are all stored in a cold room that you go into. They also have a lot of taps for take away growlers. The drawback is that this place is COMPLETELY out of the way. I really don’t know what the owners were thinking when they opened up here. It’s not even near a tube station so it involves a lot of walking so when you are trying to carry 10 bottles plus you can see how the location is inconvenient. Would definitely rate this place higher if it was more accessible it’s a shame that all these beer shops opening are trying to cater to hipster crowds without realising to them craft beer is a passing fad. I will however visit as often as I can as this is really one of the best beer shops.“
Jimmythespoon 1543 days ago
80 /100 186 WELL STREET
“A recently opened bottle shop up in Homerton, brought to by the same fine folks who run Mother Kelly’s down in Bethnal Green. This place is of the same quality level, with a great assortment of beers from London and other UK brewers, in addition to Belgian, Scandinavian and American. They also have a fairly extensive range of cider. There is a draft system for growlers with about 10 tap lines (give or take), although only two were pouring on my visit. The prices are pretty good. The staff is friendly and happy to help. There is also a nice selection of artisanal cheese. It’s not the easiest shop to visit (about a 10-minute walk from Hackney Central) but I’ll probably try to get here somewhat frequently. I look forward to seeing how this shop progresses.“
Leighton 1631 days ago
“Quite a big place with lots of outdoors seating. Good selection of own beers. The kitchen seems to have a ventilation problem, quite smelly inside.“
MrTipple 1731 days ago
“Visited in August 2014, with beery friends. After a nice walk in the park, we finally found this place. Very cosy, large pub, great deco and atmosphere. Very big beergarden as well, just next to the park. Good range of their own beers, friendly staff and a lazy, sleeping cat as well :-).. The beers was not the best in my opinion, but being in the area, worth a visit, specially during summertime, when you can sit outside. They do traditionel pub food as well, but didn´t eat...“
Brugmansia 1854 days ago
“A very nice huge pub with a big indoor and pretty outdoor space. Service is decent and prices reasonable. Their beers are on and extensive but sub par. They have standard macro guest kegs. A great place if you want to enjoy the park, otherwise I would consider elswhere.“
Ferris 1902 days ago
“The People’s Park Tavern, home to the Laine brewery, is on the edge of Victoria Park. The interior of the pub is very nice; it’s been updated and renovated with a lot of care, keeping some of the original features and adding new ones. Outside, there’s a pleasant garden with railings separating it from the park and there are little arbor-like cabins with tables and benches, so there’s no shortage of seating or privacy. Now to the beer ..... All the Laine beers we had were sour (unintentionally so except for one and we thought they must have been infected) to the extent that some were undrinkable. A pity really because it’s a nice place with a lot of potential. They opened in January 2014 so hopefully things will look up both in terms of the quality of their produce and the service, which was pretty poor too. (Visited 6 June 2014).“
Boudicca 1934 days ago
“First the good. It’s a very nice boozer with a lovely garden. A lot of care has obviously gone into the refurb. Unfortunately there was plenty of bad on this visit - particularly relating to the beer. Things didn’t start well when we entered to find all the pump clips turned round & were told they were cleaning the lines - seemed an odd time to be doing that (Thursday afternoon) as the place was by no means empty. After some faffing around four of their own beers were put on but, unfortunately they were all sour. Either an infection or something not finished properly with the line cleaning. To be fair, one of the beers was billed as a sour but it was rather vinegary and we found ourselves wondering whether it was a beer that had gone wrong so they decided to sell it as a sour. The place is quite new so hopefully these were teething troubles as this has the potential to be an excellent venue. Judgement reserved.“
chriso 1963 days ago
“Visited around 4pm on Thursday 27/03/14. The place was pretty deserted with 3 other drinkers sat in the room to the left of the central bar. A large well decorated Victorian affair with wooden floorboards and plenty of seating options in its two main rooms. The room to the right of the bar has a large glass window with all the brew kit on display. 7 cask beers available on my visit, 4 from Laine - the house brewery plus local micro guests from Five Points, Hackney and Trumans. The house beers were pretty mediocre, just simple brews for local people I imagine, although I thought £2 for a half of 4.6% beer brewed on the premises was on the expensive side and £ vs quality is poor when you can pick far superior brews up the road at the Cock for £1.70! Half a dozen micro keg taps and a few common bottles complete the line up. Service was fine - the guy had little to do. I doubt I’ll be rushing back here, nice enough pub but the beers were a little basic, one for the tickers!! For reference Peoples Park was a 10-15 minute walk from London Fields brewery tap. The 388 bus stops just outside, every 10 minutes to the City which also stops right outside the Well & Bucket/Brewdog Shoreditch.“
Theydon_Bois 2033 days ago
“A decent brewpub making Laine’s beers near Victoria Park. The pub itself is large, spacious, with plenty of living room-style seating on one end and table and chair seating at the other. There is a glass wall looking into the brewing room. The cask range is quite decent, consisting of four house beers and eight guest casks featuring a few London breweries in addition to other beers and ciders. The keg range features macro garbage, ditto the bottles. Prices are decent. Staff is friendly. Worth checking this place out if you are in the area.“
Leighton 2059 days ago
78 /100 460 OLD FORD ROAD
“A proper, real pub in London’s East End, serving Shepherd Neame ales in first class condition. A great atmosphere and very friendly staff and clientele. The Canterbury Jack ale was sold at just £2.75 per pint. Mainly jazz/blues background music, with some occasional live sessions. Regular quizzes. Smallish beer garden to rear. An interesting range of baguettes are available, I enjoyed the Red Leicester & Pickle whilst another in our group devoured a Brie & Salami variety. The landlord is very friendly and made a point of visiting all groups of drinkers for a chat at their table, a rather nice touch in my view. Most certainly worth a visit, even if only to see the remarkably well-preserved interior!“
ladnewton 3323 days ago
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