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“Visited 20/3/2019. Last stop on my evening in Horsham as this one stays open til midnight. Walked in to find a fantastic acoustic band playing, who carried on til almost last orders - excellent! And beer wise, 6 cask ales all from local brewers - Downlands, Surrey Hills, Long Mans and Dorking. Served in dimpled mugs, in great condition. Great place.“
Grumbo 209 days ago
74 /100 64 BISHOPRIC
“Visited 20/3/2019. Situated just west of the town centre, a couple of minutes walk from the JDW’s, this is well worth seeking out for local cask ales. 5 handpumps and ignoring Asahi Pride, the other 4 were from small local brewers including Brolly, Firebird and Long Man, and were well served. 10 other taps and the bottle fridge were not so interesting. Service was great, atmosphere really nice and friendly. Enjoyed my visit.“
Grumbo 209 days ago
84 /100 16 EAST STREET
“Visited 20/3/2019. Easily the best place I’ve visited in Horsham (so far). 16 taps (6 cask, 10 keg) of quality beers, mainly local but with some quality uk craft and some guest brews too (White Hag featuring after a recent partial tap takeover). Single fridge, again with a quality selection - though not local themed. Great service. Friendly locals. Top notch place.“
Grumbo 209 days ago
70 /100 38 EAST STREET
“Visited 20/3/2019. Had 8 of their own beers on and they ranged from not very good to reasonably ok. Lots of butter and starch in the casks. Draught beers were better. Good service and nice atmosphere (it was quiz night which helped). I do like visiting this chain but their beer quality is quite patchy. Decent selection of guest taps and bottles/cans also available which would probably have been better quality than their own but I stuck to West Sussex rates for my sins.“
Grumbo 209 days ago
64 /100
Black Jug (Restaurant)
“Visited 20/3/2019. Closest pub of any note near Horsham station. It’s on the route in to town. Have 6 casks (3 local microbrewery, 1 was a cider), 5 standard taps, and some mildly interesting ciders in the fridge. Food focused place. Busy, early on a Wednesday evening. Service pleasant but stretched. Definitely worth a look on the way into town. Priced ok.“
Grumbo 209 days ago
90 /100 16 EAST STREET
“A true beer lovers paradise with a core selection of Dark Star ales and a constantly changing menu of stunning craft beers from around the country. It’s a tiny bar so will get very crowded and busy of a weekend but still a great place to be.“
Pabs0 966 days ago
“In my opinion, the best pub for craft beer in Horsham. Also do stone-baked pizzas. Beer and pizza... ideal :-)“
jameswraith 1625 days ago
“Pretty nice looking place. Classier than the other two JDWs I’ve been to. Not that great a selection, but decent service and friendly prices.“
Erasmus_ro 2233 days ago
56 /100
Beer Essentials (Beer Store)
“A bottle shop with quite a lot of local stuff. Stuff on cask too for a growler. Not much of a service offered and prices are a bit high.“
Erasmus_ro 2233 days ago
“Situated on the corner of a pedestrian crossroads in the commercial town centre (this building actually has two corners within one), this is a very traditional looking pub in the Wetherspoon chain - brightly lit with warm carpet and wood chairs and tables. There’s plenty of room to sit around in in the bar area, although beyond this is a section that includes some stall type areas. Ales are served on two rows of pumps at the bar.“
ManVsBeer 2395 days ago