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80 /100 GRÄNNAVÄGEN 21
“What a place! I was driving to southern Sweden from Stockholm, so a beer-stop on that road was a no-brainer. We had some decent food & 7 wonderful brews (all bottles). They brew it on site in the cellar. 4 days later we were driving back, so I decided to stop here once again, as we loved the place. And to my great surprise and joy they had 8 new beers that were not available on my first visit. Needles to say that these beers were top-notch. On a side, but important note - this place is located in a very picturesque place. Loved it!“
Sokolov 1387 days ago
66 /100 GRÄNNAVÄGEN 21
“Nice old style confectionery a bit north of Jönköping. Focus on food, coffee and cakes, but now also a brewpub, with the beer brewed in the cellar. Cosy place that holds beer evenings with their new releases. Very close to E4 if you are driving.“
rlgk 1925 days ago
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