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62 /100 ZABRV 28
“Rustic village boozer at the foot of the hills south of Ljubljana. Two beers on offer, a pale and a dark lager, Neither would win a beer judge-led competition, but they have their quirky charm. Oh, don’t come hungry. No food is offered, which actually goes for the entire village. Service was offered in fluent Slovenian, but not much else. I much enjoyed my visit.“
omhper 2315 days ago
40 /100 ZABRV 28
“A typical village restaurant a bit outside of Ljubljana. Old homely style place, where they also make their own beer - a light and a dark lager. Nothing special, just another two of many restaurant lagers around here.“
MarkoNm 2371 days ago
50 /100 ZABRV 28
“2 brews in simplistic, yet cozy village style establishment. Beers are not bad.“
Sokolov 2730 days ago
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