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60 /100 T.G.MASARYKA 57
“Brewery restaurant. They have a tasting plate for their own beers. Beers was decent. Cheese and meat plates was really nice.“
markoyli 620 days ago
58 /100 T.G.MASARYKA 57
“This place is in a cellar of the place called Becherplatz. On a Friday 6pm the place was quite busy but were given a table. The service was slow and not-so-warm, the food okay (and cheap) and the beers mediocre. Carlsbad (Karlovy Vary) is not exactly known for beers so there are not that many beer places in town. They had 7 beers on tap (11° svetlý ležák, 12° polotmavý ležák, 13° tmavý speciál, 15° speciál, 12° pšenicné, 12° bylinkový speciál, 11° ovocný speciál). Somewhat kid friendly place.“
rosenbergh 663 days ago
70 /100 T.G.MASARYKA 57
“What may feel like a tourist trap is actually a very good place (though still being a tourist trap). Their 7 brews were of great taste. Traditional '11 '12 and '13 were in great form, but Ovocny Special (fruit beer) was the best surprise - great balance & taste on the contrary to the usually syrup tasting of fruit beers.“
Sokolov 979 days ago
40 /100 T.G.MASARYKA 57
“Quite popular place, with lots of Russian tourists and children screaming and running all around. The staff is a bit disorganized, beer is not very interesting, food is tasty. A nice thing is that beer prices for 0.2 litre are proportional, but the beer itself is not worth spending too much time there. I was happy getting out. My recommendation: just go to any other pub in the surrounding.“
Derbeth 1932 days ago
70 /100 T.G.MASARYKA 57
“Located at one end of the pedestrian zone, this venue houses a Becherovka museum, three shops and, in the basement. a restaurant with a brewing cellar and a maze of dining halls. The selection includes eight own brews on tap (some of which are available in bottles in ome of the shops) and a few bottled micros. Polite staff, good food and reasonable prices make this place a must-visit when in town. I will gladly come back one day.“
Bamsen78 2111 days ago
44 /100 T.G.MASARYKA 57
“This place has fine ambiance with an old school feel. That and the food is where the fun stops. The service is slow, unfriendly and unknowledgeable. I was told that their IPA was not available but I’m not sure that the server knew what an IPA is. The two beers I had weren’t anything special. There were two fat Russian guys with smoking hot chicks at the table next to us. The chicks were clearly hookers. That was entertaining. I won’t go back here, hookers or not.“
ruttroshaggy 2160 days ago
50 /100 T.G.MASARYKA 57
“Only attended the mock-nostalgic (most announcements in german, the local language of the austrian empire and the first czechoslovak republic here in Karlsbad, just before the germans from the Reich and the sudeten-german Quislings from Bohemia destroyed everything…) beer and souvenir-shop. Unfriendly service( even if You speak a little czech) and quite a limited selection of the Karel IV brews. Worth a visit, but only if You’re in the Bäderdreieck…“
pivnizub 2779 days ago
42 /100 T.G.MASARYKA 57
“This place did not meet my expectations, which had admittedly been high. Despite its size, the rustic cellar was very crowded (a lot of Russian tourists/spa guests). Loud music was playing, partly live music, with some people dancing, while others were there to eat. It was very difficult to keep up a conversation due to the noise level. The beer was ok, but not worth a detour, especially since the specials mentioned here (like their IPA) were not on offer in the brewpub. The food menu looked interesting, with above-average prices by czech standards, but appropriate by Karlovy Vary standards. Maybe we picked a bad day, but even though it is the only brewpub in town, I would not go there again if I wanted a nice and quiet evening.“
brugmanneke 2779 days ago
84 /100 T.G.MASARYKA 57
“great to see karlovy vary finally has a brewpub. this place is massive with a cafe and becherovka museum and tour upstairs and a labyrinthine cellar downstairs with its own carp pond. excellent and friendly service; fresh and well-presented beers; seasonal foods; an all-round great atmosphere. highly recommended“
motelpogo 2911 days ago
72 /100 SOKOLOVSKÁ 178/73, RYBÁŘE
“Certainly not the most promising location for a pub, and a world away from the glitz of the main drag in KV, but a nice enough place nonetheless. We sat out in the little beer garden out the back facing onto a carpark or something - nice enough. Excellent service. German is definitely the second language in this part of the world, so we had an fun experience speaking a mix of dodgy German and Czech to the waiter who spoke fluent German but not a word of English. Chyse beers are excellent, the 11 especially. Not a must, but definitely recommended because there’s bugger all else in Karlovy Vary. Waiter has an unusually shaped head.“
mullet 4083 days ago
50 /100 SOKOLOVSKÁ 178/73, RYBÁŘE
“dingy, smoke-filled lower-level bar, seems grimy and dirty during a rainy night visit. few people inside but the bartender made sure the place was filled with smoke. a quick sample of a draft Chyse beer and I was out of there. not inviting at all, but nearly every place in the czech republic is filled with smoke, it is what it is.“
3fourths 4121 days ago
60 /100 SOKOLOVSKÁ 178/73, RYBÁŘE
“This place is a bit hard to find even with GPS since the address is just a house number in the town, not on a street. Situated of the mainroads up the hill in town. The brewpub is very beutifully renovated in old style. The place is huge with stone floors, stone walls, arched cealing, and new classical interior. It was very quiet when we visited just after noon on, there was only a family of three and us in the place. The service was very friendly and mastered three languages. When we visited they had 4 beers on draft, 3 of them could also be bought bottled to take away. They also have a 14 degree, which is available in the season - but we couldn’t get information of when the season was...“
Ungstrup 4262 days ago
68 /100 SOKOLOVSKÁ 178/73, RYBÁŘE
“Located in the not-boring (read not-touristy) part of Karlovy Vary. Despite the uninviting exterior the pub is actually quite nice inside. Big sturdy tables, nice chairs, nice décor, almost classy. Medium size, sits about 40. Friendly service. When we there they had 3 beers from Chyse which is a countryside brewpub. I don’t know if Chyse brews are always on tap at Prokop but if not they’ll have other craftbeers as this is obviously a place for real Czech beers. They have food but we didn’t eat there. Karlovy Vary is pretty much a must to visit in Czech Republic but it’s very touristy and the tourists are mainly older wealthy people. This means that most resto-bars in town serve the more commercial/macro brews. Prokop was the only place we found in town that felt authentic and had real craftbeers. A must by default if you are in Karlovy Vary.“
Glouglouburp 4459 days ago
72 /100 SOKOLOVSKÁ 178/73, RYBÁŘE
“Situated a 10-minute walk from Dolni Nadrazi (the bus station that can take you to Loket, Velichov and Velky Rybnik brewpubs), this brewery tap for the Chyse brewpub is rather modern with its shiny new wood and classy, professional service. If you’re staying deep into the Karlovy Vary tourist area (which is visually stunning, by the way), this place might be a long walk, but at least it will take you out to where the real residents live and drink. The Chyse beers were definitely worth a pint each when we visited, even though none of the 3 were homeruns for me. All in all, this place is just perfect for those who don’t want to detour all the way out to Chyse and, moreover, it’s most likely the best place to sample interesting beer in Karlovy Vary, which is otherwise a near-wasteland for craft beer. There is a food menu here, but we weren’t hungry. Could have been those long days of drinking fantastic beer...“
MartinT 4669 days ago
86 /100 SOKOLOVSKÁ 178/73, RYBÁŘE
“The wife went to the spa the day my Cousin and I walked accros the Ohre river to hunt this place up. Make sure to bump up on your Czech a bit since this gem is not in the tourist area of Karlovy Vary. The pictures and menu behind glass on the outside wall may help you find the entrance. hint hint.. You can get there by bus and get off at the Pivovar stop. Its about a half a block back towards town on the river side of the street. As you enter you will walk down some dark stairs, fear not the lights will come on via the motion sensors. We arrived a 11:30 and we were the only ones there other than a smattering of locals. The bartender was very friendly but spoke little english but as soon as he realized that we were there for the Chyse brews he perked up and showed me the proper way to pour my own. We got a very economical Pizza for a snack and taught the locals a new card game. We spent three hours here. The brews are quite good and the prices about 1/2 of the touristy center. This part of town is also flat. You will know what I mean if you have ever been to Karlovy Vary. A very nice hole in the wall. Hope to get to the brewery some day.“
coldbrewky 4697 days ago
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