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78 /100 RONNEBYGATAN 37-39
“Around 30 beers on tap. Selection of Scandinavian and American craft beer plus some German, Czech, British and Belgian classics. Nice ambience- English pub-like.“
mariuszek 73 days ago
“Well, its just a big shop with many different types of alcohol, including beer ofc. There is many beers, quite a lot from Scandinavia, some from UK, Belgium. Unfortunately, the amount of beer styles here is low, mostly lagers (pale and dark),and I, few bitters and wheats. But it's still worth it to visit this place :)“
nicksnac 751 days ago
76 /100
Biobaren (Restaurant)
“Nice place with a rather good selection of beers. Including local beers. Food was excellent and very nice decorations. Atleast if your a movie and particular a Star Wars fan. They also throw beertasting events which also adds great value. Highly recommended!“
jobe977 1455 days ago
“Restaurant at the Maritime Museum. In collaboration with two local micro breweries they have created two trademark beers that can only be found there. The food is great, especially their buffet lunch.“
Gbgbrouge 2296 days ago
76 /100 RONNEBYGATAN 37-39
“Snygg och välskött pub med bra urval av både fat- och flasköl. Har alltid några kranar för säsongsöl. Maten ok pubmat.“
Gbgbrouge 2618 days ago
74 /100 RONNEBYGATAN 37-39
“Very large patio, good selection of beers and whisky, nice burgers. Best place in Karlskrona for craft beer.“
Kristophe 2894 days ago
50 /100 RONNEBYGATAN 37-39
“This used to be a Bishops Arms, and they still got the interior from that time. Not very knowledgable staff, but some Danish micros and Belgian ales on bottle and ok international selection on tap.“
larsniclas 5040 days ago
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