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90 /100
Hercules (Bar)
“This pub looks At leat 120 years old, which it is. Sort of. Until recently it was an old pub which had been converted to a Chinese restaurant. It has now been converted back to a pub, and is now a Fuller’s house, and a welcome addition to the area. They have a huge selection of beers, all of which are superbly cellared and served. Twenty-four beers on tap (!) and a huge selection of craft beer in cans and bottles.There is a good, reasonably priced menu, catering for the many European and American tourists staying at the newly-built nearby hotels and visitors to the Imperial War Museum. A really excellent pub with a very good range of well-kept beers and excellent food.“
Cimbasso 191 days ago
54 /100
Zeitgeist (Bar)
“19/11. When I arrived I was sure it must be shut it was so dark, however some mates were.already there so knew it was not the case. We then spotted another mate walk straight past as he’d had a similar reaction. Painted black outside and in, like some sort of low rent rock club. At least a crowd of German football fans made it more lively. OK choice of German beers, some which I’ve not seen elsewhere. Slightly uninterested staff. At least the food was good (I love some wurst). Won’t be back, although a mate who lived in Germany loved it and was planning to come back for the football.“
BeardedAvenger 1319 days ago
32 /100
Zeitgeist (Bar)
“Was meeting a friend here who is part of the whole London St Pauli thing, and as this bar is German run and is the place to see all German national games and Bundesliga I and II games, we decided to meet here. Have to say I completely missed it at first as it still retains the old name of the previous pub, “The Jolly Gardeners”, with “Zeitgeist” written in much smaller signage, so was very easy to pass. Think it’s officially called “The Zeitgeist at the Jolly Gardeners”. Clever, eh? Hmmm! This Victorian pub is just behind Lambeth Bridge and about 10 minutes from Vauxhall station. It was what looked like an old style British boozer on the corner of the street. Inside though there is a Germanic feel to the bar, German flags, and a range of authentic German beers (or biers) on draught and in bottle covering most styles, from Warsteiner, Paulaner, Jever, Kolsch. Bitburger, Holstein, Krombacher, etc. Food is also available, schnitzels and sausages and all the rest. The bar’s popular with German expats, who gather to watch Bundesliga matches on two big screens. Service was on the slow side, very slow, snail’s pace. Average time waiting for beer was about 20 minutes. Happened to loads of customers, ended up as a running joke, was actually quite funny how bad it was. One St Pauli fan had enough, got up and left!! Bar staff didn’t seem too bothered about all the thirsty customers, not rude or anything just they looked a bit stoned to be honest or perhaps that’s a German look? They looked a bit clueless and didn’t seem to be upto the job. I do know that they would be out on their ear if this was in an Irish bar, can’t be that slow when people need a drink! Not much of an atmosphere either in the bar, bit dull, but to be fair St Pauli were getting beaten so I guess that put a dampener on things. Either way won’t be going to this scheisse hole again. One of the worst………..“
Drinking_77 1633 days ago
52 /100
Zeitgeist (Bar)
“This place is really difficult to rate because it’s quite inconsistent. Firstly it has a reasonable range of common German beers on tap including weiss, dunkels and helles. Also a fair bottled selection. During the working week they have German bar staff who are knowledgeable about the beers and happy to provide advice to newcomers. At lunch times they do a German buffet which is a reasonable price and quality. Its always fairly busy, primarily with office workers from the surrounding area. However when visiting during the weekend the knowledgeable bar staff are gone, the food is pretty poor and the place is deserted. The area is not great and (without going into detail) it doesn’t feel safe after dark (definitely don’t sit outside and avoid the side streets). So to summarise: a fair beer selection, good food and bar staff during the working day, but best avoided at the weekends and after dark. It is however my go-to place at lunchtime when I’m working in the area.“
dj 2277 days ago
80 /100
Zeitgeist (Bar)
“Lambeth usually a bit of a rough place but the bar is set in a good area. Several german beers on tap which is offering a good change for all the other usual generic stuff in London, though also here it is the rather usual to be expected german beer (Krombacher, Paulaner, etc.). Service was at first slow but picked up fast during the stay. Food looked ok also the classic german stuff like currywurst. Prices were normal Londonian level which is a bit steep. Overall a good pub and definitely a place for some St.Pauli fans and other german football enthusiasts. Good fun.“
McWorta 2541 days ago
70 /100
Zeitgeist (Bar)
“German pub not far from Vauxhaul. Serves a large range of German beers (over a dozen on draught), but manages to omit a lot of the better Bavarian brews. A nice atmosphere and the leiberkase was good. I’d go again if they got hold of some Andechs, Ayinger and Augustiner. As it is they did at least have some Schlenkerla.“
prawlie 3137 days ago
62 /100
Zeitgeist (Bar)
“Bustling pub on the south side of the river. Two widescreen TVs showing a German football match, and an English match (with Chelsea) on each side of a large U-shaped bar. Extensive range of German beers on tap and bottles, but mostly from well known breweries. No Oktoberbiers – the person taking our orders had not even heard about Oktoberfestbiers – very strange for a German pub. However, the typical German food was excellent, and it is easy to recommend their Zeitgeist Salad that should be paired with a Rauchbier (Sunday afternoon, 03.10.2010).“
Rune 3539 days ago
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