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“A fairly typical airport bar, OK as far as these things go, with just a couple of bottles or so.“
Boudicca 625 days ago
“Not many places to get an ok beer here. So this is one of two options. They do have some decent beers on tap. A little bit better than O Leary You can also eat here. But no sport Decent enough “
Cunningham 642 days ago
“Not many places to get an ok beer here. So this is one of two options. They do have some decent beers on tap. You can also eat here and watch some sport on telly Decent enough “
Cunningham 642 days ago
“Updating older rating.
(Local to Göteborg area, so when I fly, it is usually from Landvetter)
Been here plenty of times. Located at the departures, after security. These days domestic and international gets you to the same area. A small selection of draught and bottled beers, not horrible but certainly not great. Still, one of the few places you can grab a beer if you have some time to spare until your flight leave. Have eaten here, which is decent. Have had a beer quite a few times. Not a place you seek out, but if you do find yourself at this part of the airport, the place that has the "best" selection of beers. Won’t sell draught beer in smaller samples than 40 cl. Mainly Carlsberg selection, including Brooklyn. Steep prices.“
gnoff 1379 days ago
“Airport pub - only choice for a "decent" beer at Landvetter Airport or not. Very pore selection Brooklyn lager, Selection. Guinness and Kilkenny draught didn’t work. Staff was friendly“
Nisse666 1636 days ago
“Not open regularly, make sure to contact them if you wanna visit. I went there at Ölets Dag 2016, and it was quite a lot of people visiting. I took the brewery tour and had a good time. Quite impressive brewery. Low alcohol-beers were sold this day, but I guess you can’t go here and buy those beers other then on special occasions. Always nice to visit your local brewers when you get the chance.“
rlgk 1761 days ago
“The place to get a beer before flying from Landvetter. Beer selection is rather poor but it’s ok to kill some time here before departure. Food is ok, prices are average by swedish standards. You probably end up here if you ever leave Gothenburg by airplane. But don’t expect miracles...“
rlgk 2601 days ago
“FAO admin. I realise there is a separate place entry for Landvetter but as a first time traveller I Would not have known to look there for the airport so I have added under Goteborg and cross referenced Landvetter in the name. Located airside near to the higher numbered gates, 17+, O’Learys is your typical airport diner. Part of a chain common in Scandanavia and other European countries this is an Irish/American themed sports bar. Open plan with a central bar there are seating areas either side and the theme is green, very green ... Green leather seating, green and white floor tiles, green and white checked tablecloths. Spanish football and an NHL game were on TV providing the sports edge allied to some sporting bric a brac and memorabilia blending seamlessly with the in your face Irish! The place was pretty deserted at 6.30pm, maybe 6 other people, service was ok. At the business end half a dozen macro taps plus 2 from Brooklyn. The reason I added this bar is due to the Brooklyn exclusive to the O’Learys chain, "Founders Choice" which supplied the final tick of my weekend visit to Goteborg. 0.4l was the smallest pour on offer but at 61SEK not too much of a price hike for an airport. You’d certainly not be missing much if you skipped this venue but it served me well to kill 30 minutes and pick up a new tick!“
Theydon_Bois 2607 days ago
Not a place normally open for visitors, make sure to contact first!

Not possible to purchase any beers (stronger than 3.5% ABV) to bring with you.
No pub, brewpub, bar or restaurant, this is a brewery and a place for brewing.

Can’t really rate this very highly, since, well, it is a brewery and not normally open for tastings etc. Great management and staff, friendly, nice place, but again, not a regular place open for visits.
Located a fair bit outside of much anything, there’s a bus that stops close-ish, also possible if you don’t mind a 20 or 30 min walk to hike from Landvetter Resecentrum, but then I’d say make damn sure they are expecting you.
Parking right outside the brewery available if you’re driving there.

However, if you are a group of at least 15 persons (and max 50) you might book a visit with a tasting (not free mind you), info in Swedish:“
gnoff 2732 days ago
“Visit arranged by Ölfrämjandet in June 2012, following beers were on disply: Easter Ale 2012, Brandmästarens, Kals Stout, Post lager, Holy Cow, Gustafs finger + finger food - very nice. Brewery tour held by Mikael himself. Tasting roll have great potential, when water, gaps etc are installed... Program GPS before going, brewery situated on a industrial park. Visits needs to be pre booked. However it seems that one can show up any time to purchase Brandmästarens... 3,5%, according to Mikael himself - my recommendation, give them a ring first.“
Nisse666 3235 days ago
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