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68 /100 NAZARETDREEF 103
“Mooi gras terras waar je goed in de schaduw kunt zitten. De nabij gelegen spoorlijn is erg druk en kan hinderlijk ervaren worden. Bierkeuze is niet echt spannend maar goed. Bediening kan iets sneller maar is in orde. Niet gegeten dus ook niet gewaardeerd. Mooie locatie om tijdens een wandeling even te rusten.“
Icedwarf 541 days ago
“Mooi café met groot terras aan de oever van de rivier die door de stad loopt. Verschillende soorten bier, heb zelf de speciale Rendier-Tweelingbier genomen vanwege de steun aan een goed doel. Snelle correcte bediening.niet gegeten dus geen review voor dat deel kunnen maken.“
Icedwarf 542 days ago
90 /100
Zuster Agnes (Restaurant)
“We waren hier op 01 juli 2018. Aanrader.“
Jerre 587 days ago
“Vintage bar in Lier city center, overlooking the church belfry and the canal, right by the béguinage. When the weather is fair, look out for the terrace. Many different beers, including some local (check Caves out), all of them served in proper glassware. Service is gentle and speak English.“
huineman 1390 days ago
78 /100
Zuster Agnes (Restaurant)
“Me and Loz visited Zuster Agnes in Lier on Friday 20th March 2015. It was Loz who found this place and what a good find. It is just across the way from Café Refuge. It really is a lovely old building, as you walk in there is large almost spiral custom built metal staircase (we sat to the right of this) and tables and seating off to the left and right. It is a restaurant and style wise both for food and decor I would suggest a quite modern one. The tap and bottled selection of beers ran to about twenty in total and was very reasonably priced for a restaurant, for example just €3.70 for an Orval. We had lunch here and again this was reasonably priced, furthermore the food was superb Loz had mushroom ravioli with prawns, speck and a lovely sauce, I had smoked ham and cheese croquettes with salad, both were excellent, beautifully presented and with drinks cost us about €36-38. The service was prompt and this was a very popular place when most other places in town were very quiet. There was lots of seating outside for when the weather was warmer. I would heartily recommended this place a great find by the lovely Loz.“
Fin 1795 days ago
68 /100 ZIMMERPLEIN 12
“Me and Loz visited Café Refuge in Lier on Friday 20th March 2015. This is straight across from the astronomical clock tower and just a minute or two away from Zuster Agnes the restaurant across the way. This was my find and like Loz with Zuster Agnes think that I did quite well here. We sat up to the bar and having been served watched as the barman who was on his own managed to both attend to the needs of all of his approx’ twenty customers single handed and also select and play vinyl records he put on a nice piano based LP I think he told me it was Al Gardner? Back to the café and layout, as you enter the bar is immediately to the right ght and there are two tables to the front of bar by the front window. The room opens out on the LH side with a further 7-8 tables, there is a patio area looking out onto Zimmerplein. Beer choice isn’t to be sniffed at with five beers on tap and thirty one beers in bottle and whilst you are unlikely to pick up any rarities the choice and value are very good with a few trappistes on offer. It’s great fun at the bar watching the landlord working sorting out beers and simple snacks and yet still getting back to the record player in time to turn over the vinyl. Nice place in a really nice town.“
Fin 1795 days ago
“Me and Loz visited Bierbistro Den Extra in Lier on Friday 20th March 2015. We initially saw this as we left the station and headed into town, it is located right by the bus and train stations, so as we were to find out later it is very handily placed for a swift beer before catching the return train back to Brussels. It’s a straightforward narrow and long café with the bar centrally placed on the RH wall. The interior is modern and functional and in this respect I don’t doubt for one minute that this is like hundreds of more modern cafés that have popped up around stations, it serves a purpose and looking how busy it was at 3:30pm it was doing a grand job. Despite the fact that it was so bustling, service was prompt and when Loz ordered a beer that was unavailable the landlady was very helpful, friendly and clearly knowledgeable in terms of offering an alternative. The clientele was mostly a mix of those waiting for a train, local workmen who’d just finished up for the day and few locals who were seated on stools at the bar. Of the few cafés in Lier that we visited this had the most extensive list by a country mile. Well worth a visit, and as suggested particularly handy if you have 20-30 mins to kill before catching a train back to Brussels or Antwerp.“
Fin 1796 days ago
“Me and Loz visited Café Sint-Gummarus in Lier on Friday 20th March 2015. I have to say despite the rather dull and grey dreary day (the Eclipse was a bit of a disappointment) Lier is a beautiful town and well worth a day visit from Brussels or Antwerp there is one direct train each hour from Brussels taking 35-40 mins. This is a an old café/small bar situated by the water and just a minute from the Grote Market. Wooden stools and a couple of small round tables, in the small front bar, there was a back bar which looked a little brighter, we never ventured in there but I wondered if it had glass skylights as it appeared to have more natural light. The locals were friendly as was the landlady. Beer choice was quite good I had Caves on tap. It would be a perfect winter pub if it was snowing outside. Loz had the latest 2015 Duvel Tripel Hop, we both enjoyed this and I enjoyed the Caves beer. Would certainly recommend this place if you find yourself in Lier.“
Fin 1796 days ago
“Visited in 2011. We met a friendly guy at another pub and he showed us to this pub as it was his favourite. We didn’t have time to do any research as our car broke down and this was an unexpected stop. We got introduced to Caves which they have on tap. It is now my fathers favourite beer. Cozy small pub with a familiar feeling to it.“
olsvammel 2019 days ago
“Small pub next to the water . Menu offerings was very common . they do got one uncommon beer from draft . prices are ok, so is service. Not worth seeking out, yet good enough to pass by if you’re around .“
kraddel 2045 days ago
“Small bar at the main square in Lier . Average selection with some nice exceptions . Service is rather slow . The bar seems to have a name amongst the locals , which makes me fear for the rest of the bars here . Not a bad place though . Id say an average beerbar .“
kraddel 2046 days ago
64 /100 NAZARETDREEF 103
“Big outside-seating bar . Small beermenu , but contains some good stuff . Rathervhigh prices . Service is very friendly, but to slow thnx to not rnough servants . An ok place , if you pass by its worth a stop .“
kraddel 2046 days ago
“Basic modern interior of little interest, but the beer list is excellent, easily the best in town and well priced. Very convenient for the train station. Excellent and knowledgable service. Easy to reach from Antwerpen and highly recommended.“
baxterfish 2305 days ago
“Apparently (someone will correct me if I’m wrong) the only bar in Lier serving the intriguing local sour/light beer Caves on tap. Great to drink out on the terrace on a warm day. We returned about four times in a weekend for more! Bar staff efficient and friendly. Bar interior dark and cosy - a good place to while away winter hours exploring their other offerings.“
mingus20 2530 days ago
“Medium large selection of Belgian beers. Pretty little ambiance, dull interior. Not too friendly personnel.“
Barrelbelly 3409 days ago
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