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“At this place "Dead Crafty" means strong and quite expensive keg beers. 20 taps with beers not only from the UK, but also some craft beers from Sweden, USA, and Norway among others. Fridge with more craft beers on cans and bottles to the left side of the bar. Two rooms with the servery to the rear, dominated by red brick interiors and wooden benches. Friendly service, visited by mostly young adults on a Monday eve. An extra score for the music from Who, Dead Kennedys, REM, and Talking Heads. Central location, about five minutes from the Lime station and close to Ship & Mitre. (Visited with Finn 27.01.2020).“
Rune 99 days ago
“Straight up from the Queens Dock in Liverpool. Large, modern taproom founded i 2018 in steel, brick, and wood interiors with the brewery plant to the rear. A long bar offers 18 draught beers, four among them on cask. Nine of their own beers on keg, supported by two Higson's ales among the cask ales. Beers are available in thirds. Excellent, friendly service. Tasty Caesar salad. (Visited with Finn 27.01.2020).“
Rune 100 days ago
66 /100 7 LIME STREET
“Located in the Lime station building, to the right edge when walking out from the trains. Medium sized front room with the servery, and a large hall-like room behind. High ceiling and carpeted floors. Good selection of cask ales, 12 hand-pumps, many of them new to us. Decent traditional breakfast before our pub crawl in Liverpool. Polite service. Over par for a JDW. (Visited with Finn 27.01.2020).“
Rune 101 days ago
“Modern corner pub with 20 kegs. Good variation.“
Finn 124 days ago
“Semi old fashioned corner pub. 8 casks. 6 kegs. Good music.“
Finn 124 days ago
78 /100 36 HOPE STREET
“Top authentic old fashioned pub. Worth visiting. Don´t forget the urinals!“
Finn 124 days ago
70 /100 24 ROSCOE STREET
“Good old pub in a backstreet. Cozy. Ok selection og well treated cask ales.“
Finn 124 days ago
64 /100
Grapes (Bar)
“Semi modern pub with two handful of beers.“
Finn 124 days ago
“Legge modern place. 4 casks. 14 kegs. Most of the casks their own beers. Flights of 3.“
Finn 124 days ago
74 /100 33 WAPPING
“Worn old fashioned pub with an ok selection.“
Finn 124 days ago
80 /100 133 DALE STREET
“Worn old-fashioned pub with tons of beers. 7 of their own (Flagship) beers om on our visit. Lots more.“
Finn 124 days ago
62 /100 7 LIME STREET
“Part of the Lime Street Station. Many rooms. High ceiling. Histortic qualities. Huge. Ok selection.“
Finn 124 days ago
“Well worth the walk to this place ..Nice open plan Brewpub with 13 Taps on..“
Wirralbeerveg 130 days ago
72 /100
Cracke (Bar)
“4 Hand pulls on great local ales“
Wirralbeerveg 130 days ago
66 /100 24 ROSCOE STREET
“Great little friendy bar ..“
Wirralbeerveg 130 days ago
68 /100 24 ROSCOE STREET
“Livercrawl#12, as recommended by harrisoni. Even with its multiple rooms, each rather diddy, the whole pub seems quite small, but cozy and friendly, and very relaxing. We felt we were hiding! The loudest thing in the pub was the fridge, so a great place to do your crossword or sudoku (c.f. The Castle Inn in Ryde). Interesting selection of real ales, including 4 ticks, but by that stage I was boosted enough to not realise one was actually a tick. Fortunately I was boosted enough not to need a 4th, we had home in Chester to go back to, Liverpool was done, and what a great pub to end on. All three beers were on decent form, which was something few if any other pubs had achieved. Apparently this place is at risk - locals, please sign your petitions, and give it your custom, it's a gem!“
FatPhil 144 days ago
“Livercrawl#11, back onto harrisoni's route. Weird vibe here. Is Holly Golightly going to be ushered up the stairs at the back by the waistcoated attendee, or are a noisy group of soccer louts going to join their lager-swilling mate opposite and stare above our heads at whatever Kop action there is this evening, or will a group of trashy Trishas have brightly coloured coctails at the trashy brightly lit bar? Or will we just stay here and sip our not-an-O'Kell's-tick, which isn't even on particularly good form. The latter. Oh well, it's not as if I needed Manx ticks. (I need Manx ticks. I'm just bitter)“
FatPhil 144 days ago
54 /100
Refinery (Bar)
“Livercrawl#10, again deviating from harrisoni's original crawl as we are so close to the Phil. Mostly a restaurant, and at that pretty huge, but the entrance area acts as a pretty functional, if a little loud and trashily lit, bar where there are several banks of keg beers, not all on, some pretending to look like beer engines, and 2 actual real ales, one being a tick. Alas it was off - yet another example of the craft-keg focussed places being less good at serving real ale. Transaction was performed without a hitch, and it wasn't so unpleasant there, apart from the beer-drinking part. Oops. However, those kegs probably have ticks for people who will lower themselves to drink such muck, so probably not a bad spot on a crawl, the location's very convenient.“
FatPhil 144 days ago
66 /100 36 HOPE STREET
“Livercrawl#9, back onto harrisoni's selection, if in a different order. Beautiful exterior, stunning interior. All fancy tiling and woodwork, this is a piece of history. Alas we had to squeeze ourselves onto a little table for two in what's little more than a coridor between rooms, but popularity has its cost, I can't punish it for that. Beer selection was decent on paper, I found two real ale ticks, matching most places in town. Alas one was duff, but one was a stormer. We were almost out of cash (has Liverpool reached the 90s yet?) and fortunately not only did this place accept cards, it also did a cashback - thanks, that's a huge weight off my shoulders, as I've not seen a cash machine for a while. Friendly staff too. Classy place, worth fitting into a crawl, I just hope the duff bear was a freak incident“
FatPhil 144 days ago
64 /100 33 WAPPING
“A fairly traditional city boozer. Decent selection of local cask ales. Nice old building.“
explosivedog 144 days ago
“Huge place that's home to Love Lane as well as the Ginsmiths of Liverpool. Lots of beers, lots of gins, gin cocktails etc. Place felt very soulless. Beers were fine. Very close to Black Lodge so worth combining both.“
explosivedog 144 days ago
76 /100 3 KINGS DOCK ST
“Big ugly building on an industrial estate, with a very nice interior. Beers are good. Flights of three thirds available. Had a flight and got some cans. Would definitely go back next Liverpool visit.“
explosivedog 144 days ago
68 /100
Albert's Schenke (Restaurant)
“"German" restaurant with a great craft selection, a few cask lines and a good selection of bottles. Ambiance is a little empty corporate feeling, but the beer selection is very good by Liverpool standards. Beyond the menu, the German theme seems to be non-existent, but probably still worth a stop in for a 6 x thirds flight.“
explosivedog 144 days ago
70 /100 23-25 DALE STREET
“I was there for presumably the same reason anyone else on this site would be: an Isle of Man tick. It's also a very nice pub in general though. 6 cask lines, two IOM and four rotating guests. Fairly traditional feel. Worth a visit for the IOM ticks and more.“
explosivedog 144 days ago
“Livercrawl#8, deviating from harrisoni's crawl as we circled the Phil, but perhaps we went to the wrong pub, maybe the hard times was what we should have been pointed too - locals elsewhere seemed to think this (huge sports bar) and that (micro pub) are the same thing renamed. Huge place, pool tables and table football one end, but tables to sit up at at the other, very spacious, not unpleasant (e.g. industrial) at all. Definite craft keg focus - and order beers by number rather than name, is that a reflection on the stupidity of craft beer drinkers or the stupidity of craft beer names? Plenty of staff, happy to serve with a smile, not suffering from the we-know-more-about-beer-than-you smugness I've got from more than one craft-oriented place this trip (honest, one in particular didn't, he knew so little, he couldn't even understand my counterargument). Beers were crafty. Ticks were ticked. Time moved on. And so did we. Possibly an accident we came here rather than the Hard Times, but if you're ticking, this is actually a good venue.“
FatPhil 145 days ago
54 /100
Pilgrim (Bar)
“Livercrawl#7 continuing harrisoni's route. Noisier pub than the last one, studenty indy/rock vibe, not exactly one you'd visit for comfort, but if it's a weekend and a group of you want to crash a venue, then at least you'll get a good scrumpy here and won't have to worry about the loudest thing in the pub. The one real ale that was a tick for us was not great, but was Stamps, and Stamps haven't impressed us that much. Given that I found 2 ticks, I can't say it's not a good place to find beers, but in-swifty-out is probably the way to do it.“
FatPhil 145 days ago
62 /100
Cracke (Bar)
“Livercrawl#6, from harrisoni's route (we pushed the Phil later into the crawl). Nice old pub, mostly naturally lit interior with multiple rooms, some parts were brighter than others. Seems to have a Lennon thing going on, and other musical references on the walls. Chatty staff happy to make recommendations, and we managed to find 2 real ale ticks in decent form. A worthy part of a SE central Liverpool crawl.“
FatPhil 145 days ago
“Livercrawl#5, back onto harrisoni's original plan. Lovely little boozer, with two tiny rooms - a snug to the left and a serving hatch and bar to the right. Left was dead but beautiful in an olde-worlde way, right was lighter, both photonically, and in spirit! Honestly, the best bants you could imagine, we were right in with the group of 4 locals within seconds of appearing through the door. Out of control, hilarious, brilliant, the exact opposite of the Caledonia encounter half an hour back. 4 hand pulls, 2 Phoenix ticks, both on form. Staff was a little less excited by our presence than the locals, but the cash transaction occured without a hitch, apart from the fact that it had to be cash and we were starting to run low (has Liverpool not reached the 90s yet?).“
FatPhil 145 days ago
64 /100
Caledonia (Bar)
“Livercrawl#4, off harrisoni's original path, but a recommendation by the chef in the Blackburne Arms. Lovely little geezers pub, no frills and nothing fancy, just a good selection of local beers - 4 hand pulls, 10 keg, an old joanna, and apparently occasional entz. Two real ale ticks, including a new brewery for me - bosh - nice one. Apart from that one old geezer who really pissed me off because he assumed ill-intent from Anna as we queued for the beers because she didn't see him behind her, thus not immediately getting out of his way. "Manners cost nothing", eh? Well howabout *you* get some next time? However, the pub had extra plus points from little things like the staff offering to take the sparklers off for me, and having free tampons in the ladies accompanied by a cheeky sign saying "if this box is empty, kill the bar staff"!“
FatPhil 145 days ago
“Livercrawl#3, off harrisoni's original route, now called "Blackburne Arms Hotel (And Gastropub)". Nice open and bright eatery, good selection of local beers, and exceptionally friendly staff. The tender who served us even rushed off to the kitchen to fetch the chef to advise on a crawl as he was more into the cask ales scene. Having said that, we found a right bevvy here - three thirds thank you - bosh! Happily left them a bar of Estonian chocolate as a thank you, and happy to insert this into a final Livercrawl (SE central) plan, a worthy stop.“
FatPhil 145 days ago
54 /100 2-6 EGERTON STREET
“Livercrawl#2, as we decided to go to the far end, and work back. Lovely interior, serving area like a victorian sweetshop, and the wood-panelled seating areas are bedecked with the most wonderful nonsense,it's a real feast for the eyes. Plenty of nooks, but strangely hard to get actual privacy the way it's laid out. Small selection of local real ales, we had to walk away from ticks, as we were on a mission to do many more pubs. Prices were good, but only cash taken (hasn't Liverpool reached the 90s yet?)“
FatPhil 145 days ago
“A nice little pub to start our Livercrawl with, relaxing community pub feel where we sat quietly in the little raised wood-panneled area. Friendly staff and friendly prices, alas cash only (haven't Liverpool reached the 90s yet?). 2 real ale ticks for us, including a mild, from 4 hand pulls, but neither was on particularly good form.“
FatPhil 145 days ago
56 /100
Railway (Bar)
“An old pub that has been given a modern makeover, more's the pity. No atmosphere and a poor ale selection means a low score from me, a proper old boozer ruined by the Pubco mentality.“
Beermenace 184 days ago
86 /100 133 DALE STREET
“Old school traditional pub. Great beer selection, both from cask and keg. Fair prices. Friendly service. Not to be missed when you are in Liverpool.“
zvsn 184 days ago
76 /100 85-89 HANOVER STREET
“Large space inside, quite noisy. Average beer selection. OK service. Worth a stop, since there are not much other options in the city center.“
zvsn 184 days ago
“Ex Cains pub it now has a good selectipn of real ale“
Wirralbeerveg 190 days ago
80 /100 4 HACKINS HEY
“Oldest pub inliverpool? Great place for a few . Nothing spectacular on tap, but a pub with a heart and histroy.“
jonno 207 days ago
84 /100 133 DALE STREET
“Old meets new. Some great handpumps alongside their own beers and guests. Definitely unique.“
jonno 212 days ago
74 /100
Sanctuary (Bar)
“Great little bar that is really worth a visit...“
Wirralbeerveg 231 days ago
“Stopped here for lunch and for trying their beers. Large selection of own and guest beers/ales. All in good condition. The place itself is wonderful, modern but not "cold". Reminded me a lot the Brewdog bar in Berlin. Highly recommended location. They have the potential to become a big player in the UK craft scene, so better visit them now before they become too mainstream.“
rauchbierlover 241 days ago
84 /100
Grapes (Bar)
“Amazing pub! So glad I've been there this time. Large selection both on cask and tap. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Atmophere seems more the one of a student/hipster pub than the one of a CAMRA ale house. Enjoyed my stay there.“
rauchbierlover 241 days ago
58 /100 36 HOPE STREET
“"The price of fame is not being able to go to the Phil for a quiet pint." said John Lennon once. Well, the place is amazing, but the condition of the casks is very poor, so he would probably go somewhere else now. I stopped there for a pint becuase when in Liverpool you HAVE to. More for the interiors (most beautiful pub I've been in my life) than for the ales.“
rauchbierlover 241 days ago
“As boozers go this one is distinctly average, old looking and quite comfortable but the ale range is poor. I had to take a pint back because it was on the turn, to be fair the barmaid did replace it. The medical theme is rather quirky but in a city like Liverpool, this is not a pub you would rush back to.“
Beermenace 268 days ago
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