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52 /100 VRENSTEDVEJ 12
“We’ve been here several times during the last years. Now (2016) it seems that they at least have reduced their own brewing activities. From 5 tap lines there were 4 that had beers from Thisted Bryghus. This brewery has a couple of interesting beers, but it seems that the beer lines in this pub are not being well maintained. We tried a Porse Guld from Thisted Bryghus which we normally like a lot, but this one tasted of drain and sulfur. It is not the first time we think that there is something wrong with the beer lines, so we recommend to drink bottled beers when visiting this otherwise nice place.“
tandembrauer 1651 days ago
50 /100 VRENSTEDVEJ 12
“More a summer pub which brew their own beers. Friendly staff. Nice outdoor area in the summer.“
gunnfryd 2265 days ago
48 /100 VRENSTEDVEJ 12
“Boring beers and smoking allowed inside. I have nothing negative to say about the service I got. The brewpub is fair enough but seems a little worn out. Noth worth a detour, but if you are in Løkken, give it a shot! (Visited August 7th 2014)“
Bryne 2341 days ago
18 /100 VRENSTEDVEJ 12
“An OK cosy brewery ruined by having alcoholic types sitting in front of the brewery drinking Royal and Tuborg beers... Yes - at Løkken Bryghus. Turns out one of them was the bartender... And now we come to service - I ask about the beers, and he tells me "there is a pilsner, a dark one, and a not so dark one". I understand that might be the level of information some people wants, but I ask about the IPA I read about online. He looks like I’m speaking a foreign language, and repeats the colors of the beers. We end up ordering the dark, and the not so dark ones. Mediocre beers but pretty expensive. All in all a pretty poor experience. Too bad as it looks to be an OK place, that with good staff and clientele-control could be much better. (just to state, that it was not just a single days experience, we drank there twice, and walked passed many times, and same people were sitting there, and the bartender was the same person.)“
ken1 2372 days ago
50 /100 VRENSTEDVEJ 12
“I have some mixed feeling about this place. Visiting this during the peak season of July this is a bit quieter and relaxed place compared with the rest of Løkken pubs/restaurants. It’s quite nice to sit outdoor in the shadow and sample the four available beers. At the same time the other guests seems to consist of a few lighter worn out regulars preferring Carlsberg all day long. I have nothing against my companions, and actually find it positive that a brewpub has is position as a local bar for the people living in the area. It’s just a bit sad to witness nobody drinking the local beers. It’s natural to compare this to a few other brewpubs I have visited where the customer seems to prefer wine over beer. OK the Løkken beer seems to have rather varying quality, but at least today three out of four where in excellent condition. Not very exiting beers, but nice enough and definitively a better choice than Carlsberg/Ceres. I actually believe Løkkkens other establishment seems to be the main customer for their local beer, as it seems to be around 30-40 % share Løkken beer on the tables everywhere else based on my observation. Something seems to be a bit out of order here. Anyway, the place is a bit worn out but charming, the barman is polite and service good enough, even if he seems to be rather busy chatting with the locals. Not so much to choose between of beer besides their own and Carlsberg/Ceres pilsner.“
Beer5000 2737 days ago
52 /100 VRENSTEDVEJ 12
“I’ve been trying to visit this place several times earlier, but always met a closed door. Løkken is a summer town, and my visits has mostly been Sundays off-season, so no luck until now. The place is quite cozy, with a nice patio, but the biggest problem with the place are its selection. The Løkken beers are quite uninteresting, if not unpleasant, on bottle, and on tap there’s still a lot of butterscotch. Combining that with an uninteresting array of beers, it’s certainly not a place I’ll drive a few miles extra for in the future. Enjoyed sitting on the patio though, but missed having a proper beer while doing it.“
yngwie 3077 days ago
60 /100 VRENSTEDVEJ 12
“Cafe in connection with the brewery ( not same owner). Serve draught from the micro but also Royal“
Bragesnak 3112 days ago
60 /100 VRENSTEDVEJ 12
“Visited July 2012: Cosy little place. We sat in the brewery and had their five beers. Decent drinkable beers but nothing out of the ordinary. Place now divided between a brewery on one side and the adjacent pub. This rating is for the brewery.“
MonMadsen 3117 days ago
54 /100
Fisherman’s Rest (Restaurant)
“Visited July 2012: a very odd place in the middle of nowhere. 15 taps in a combined pub/pizzeria/grill. Looks very worn down, but the charisma of the owner outweighs the bad things. Go see for yourself if in area.“
MonMadsen 3117 days ago
54 /100 VRENSTEDVEJ 12
“Classic brewpub interior with brick walls, bar with a huge kobber kedlel ( not used for brewing ) rather heavy dark wooden tables and chairs, a selection of paintings done by locals on the walls. Backroom with the brewery and a small shop, selling house beers and glassware. 5 taps, but only 2 of theire own beers on when we visited, 2 where empty, 1 had Ceres Royal pilsner. Had 2 other own beers botled, aswell as botled Carlberg pilsner. Service was okies, but seemed more interested in chatting with the locals.No food awaible. Overall it seems like the places is in 2 minds about either a real brewpub concentrating on theire own stuff, or been a mainstream pub selling macro stuff to appeal to more people ( tourists ) Still ill prefer this place over the various pubs selling macro stuff whenever in Løkken.“
Camons 3386 days ago
44 /100
Fisherman’s Rest (Restaurant)
“Awarded bar from danish beerentusiasts. But why?? We were served warm flat pipe beer and our complaints were not taken. We went to have a piss at the very dirty old mens room, before leaving. I understand the place being for sale. I can understand why.“
TheDog 3882 days ago
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