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68 /100 169 WHARNCLIFFE RD S
“In a little industrial park, I visited just before closing on a Sunday (~5:30pm). 10 or so taps, with flights of 4 for $12 (incl tax). They had a bunch of kettle sours on tap when I visited, including a gose, Berliner, and dry-hopped sour. Beers were all over the map, with the CoCo (an impie pastry stout) being the clear standout. Decent service. Very chill and comfortable interior. Worth a stop when in London.“
mcberko 122 days ago
66 /100 1634 HYDE PARK
“A small diner like atmosphere, completely vegan and a few taps for their nano system. Only 6 taps but they do flights and on the weekend they are cheap. Beers were OK, nothing special but if you are in the neck of the woods or want a Vegan meal it is a pretty solid stop.“
Ferris 428 days ago
70 /100 100 KELLOGG'S LANE
“A stunning location if you can find it. The signs are a bit misleading, it is in a complex of buildings so just wander a bit. Lots of money went into the location but sadly it is more about looks than content. Beers were ok if a bit boring but the liquor on the bar and dance music make it a bit too commercial. 8 taps and flights are available. Food was OK.“
Ferris 428 days ago
72 /100 521 BURBROOK PLACE
“Small space with pinball and games. Music on some nights. Decent staff, flights and solid beers. Staff was pleasant but not beer focused. A good stop in London.“
Ferris 433 days ago
86 /100 552 HAMILTON RD
“Nice selection of beer singles. Fair prices.“
Aggiebob 439 days ago
“Nice bar with a friendly staff. They had about 15 drafts and typical bottle selections.“
Aggiebob 440 days ago
74 /100 169 WHARNCLIFFE RD S
“2018-08-16. Decent sized tap room in a retail plaza, decor is cafeteria meets coffee shop but in a way that is much more charming than that sounds! Small patio. Server is friendly enough. 12 taps today including two guests. Our pretzel disappointed a bit. There was a mini farmers market setting in the parking lot despite the heavy rains! Trying some relatively ambitious stuff out of the gate. The four beers we tried were pretty decent and enjoyable. Worth a visit.“
jercraigs 687 days ago
70 /100 1030 ELIAS STREET
“2018-08-16. Small bar and table seating area when you walk in. Small patio is rained out a bit today. Much larger seating with some long tables upstairs overlooking the production area is a touch warm today. Bartender is friendly. 9 taps on today. We tried a flight of the ones we had not had before and they were decent. “
jercraigs 687 days ago
62 /100 521 BURBROOK PLACE
“2018-08-16. Nice small seating area with some tables and pinball machines in what could otherwise be a very industrial space. Friendly server. Beers were okay but a bit disappointing overall. 15+ taps with several sold out today. Glad we stopped by but unfortunately a flight of four didn't really tempt me to try the rest of the beers. “
jercraigs 687 days ago
“Love this place. Best selection in SW Ontario. Shout out to Paul. You're the king!“
Subliminal64 728 days ago
100 /100
LBCO Store #310 (Beer Store)
“Paul is the Beer manager of this store (formerly York St LCBO). Best selection in the city, and the 12 Beers of Christmas is a must (Paul orders beer form Ontario Brewers that is not available at the LCBO at the time). Store is always clean, and has most if not all beers available through A must iuf you live in London“
Subliminal64 781 days ago
74 /100 169 WHARNCLIFFE RD S
“A large spot in a strip mall in a fairly central location. Service was good and the owner answered all our questions. He is a bit of a beer geek so knows his stuff but is a bit akward. Selection was decent with flights available at a reasonable price. Very new, but beer was solid and worth a stop in a town devoid of much good beer.“
Ferris 924 days ago
68 /100 1030 ELIAS STREET
“A large open warehouse space not really close to anything of note. Service was pleasant but mixed up our flights, so be careful. Also they call beers simple names even if they have adjuncts. Price was decent and overall a reasonable stop, especially for London.“
Ferris 924 days ago
68 /100 585 RICHMOND ST
“Visited on a Tuesday evening in early July 2015. Light rock music playing, and quite busy for a Tuesday night! Offers flights of 4 brews, with 10 of their own on tap. I sat at the bar and ate the Mac & Cheese and Bacon (ahem, the bacon could have been more abundant). The flights come in a neat sleigh, or "toboggan" I guess. It got very busy by the time I left around 9pm. Would return to try more beer but is not first on my revisiting list. A little store is at the front where you can buy brewery-branded items. (4/7/10/7/6/13) 68“
mabel 985 days ago
“Visited on a Tuesday afternoon in early July 2015. Has a short tap list, just some Ontario craft brews but nothing new compared to its brother bars around town. There was a small party going on when I popped in. Seems a bit like a 100-year-old pub got a recent face-lift and a new menu? Interesting menu though. (3/7/10/NA/7/10) 60“
mabel 985 days ago
62 /100
Chaucer’s Pub (Restaurant)
“Visited on a Tuesday afternoon in early July 2015. Beer list has lots of Belgian Ales. Their 85 beers from around the world are mainly exports from Belgium, but that's pretty special in a small town. Two patios was a nice touch but it was raining pretty hard so no-one was enjoying them. Not very busy as a result. Would look in again if in town but there are better beer places nearby. (3/7/10/NA/7/11) 62“
mabel 985 days ago
76 /100 420 TALBOT STREET
“Visited on a Tuesday afternoon in early July 2015. Lots of pews and bench seating and string Christmas lights across the ceiling. Fun nostalgic music from older decades (think Sweet Caroline, Chubby Checker, and The Supremes). Great beer list, I can see at least half a dozen new ratings for a non-Londoner and very interesting local offerings. Snacks and boards seem decent, but prices are a little more than expected. Delicious duckfat popcorn. Returned a few days later on my way back to the train station. Worth a look-in if you're in town, it's one of the better places to visit. (4/7/12/8/6/15) 76“
mabel 985 days ago
68 /100 359-361 DUNDAS STREET
“Visited on a lonely Tuesday afternoon in early July 2015. Has that multi-room-but-cozy feel to it that a converted house often does. Some quiet background light rock music playing. Really hot in the room, but I shouldn't complain because apparently the kitchen is hotter. Nice pub fare, solid Ontario brew list covering dark, pilsners, wheat, IPAs, ambers and more. Sat at the bar. Not many people around at all, but not surprising given the weather and the time of day. Could be a fun place to spend an evening with friends. (5/8/10/NA/11) 68“
mabel 985 days ago
58 /100
London Ale House (Restaurant)
“Visited on a quiet Tuesday afternoon in early July 2015. Fun early 90s mellow music playing. Decent selection of Ontario brews but mostly mainstream pilsners and pale lagers. Ate some mozzarella sticks. Not too far from the train station, which is nice on this incredibly wet and rainy day. Friendly servers. (3/8/8/7/7/10) 58“
mabel 985 days ago
64 /100 585 RICHMOND ST
“A failed bar cum failing brewpub. Big and fancy aren’t good replacements for good bear. Food was over salted and pricey, beer was OK at very best and service was apathetic. Tasters available, otherwise full pints only. A tragedy.“
Ferris 1767 days ago
22 /100 552 HAMILTON RD
“Basically a stinking warehouse with a counter in one corner and beer logos on one wall. If you want something, you’ll need to request it from the guy behind the counter. Don’t even think of browsing anything yourself. There are a couple dozen crafts available, but their "top 10 premium beers" are all mass-produced bulk. The entire place was so revolting that didn’t even want to stay to check whether the advertised crafts were available. Might be a good place for someone who knows what to look for, but browsers like me are out of luck.“
Psytron 1894 days ago
42 /100 71 YORK STREET
“Better craft selection than in LCBO Niagara Falls. Mostly Ontario and some Quebec crafts, a few US / European too.“
Psytron 1894 days ago
“Visited Sep-2011. It was the Friday of the long weekend in September, but there was practically no-one inside in the air-conditioning. There is a huge patio outside, however, and it was packed. Fun music playing. Tried Barney’s beer and a coke. Right on Richmond St. Kind of bistro inside with black and brown decor. Friendly staff. Not a destination but glad to have popped in. (3/8/5/NA/7/9) 50

Visited on a late Thursday afternoon in early July 2015. I sat at the patio bar outside on a nice sunny day. They offer a slew of mainstream brews for the crowds. I tried both house beers, but the bartender outside was a little mixed up about them. Not sure I'd return in a hurry but it could be fun with a large party. (3/7/5/NA/7/9) 48“
mabel 2017 days ago
74 /100 359-361 DUNDAS STREET
“Nice place in London which I would definitely come back to. Historic-feeling house, good prices, HUGE servings (I actually could not finish my meal, which never happens to me), good selection of mostly Ontario craft brews, one rare Great Lakes beer I had been looking for, and good service.“
kevinsenn 2077 days ago
58 /100 45 PACIFIC COURT, UNIT 16
“When I’ve visited: Several times since the brewery opened in June 2013. What I’ve bought: Capitol Blonde, Riptide Rye, Ridunkelous Dunkel Weisse, The Oracle, Hop Salad, and a Forked River pint glass. What I like: Brewers are usually around to chat about the beers; growlers available; they’ve brewed a wide range of rotators and one-offs since opening; a few of the recent releases - such as the sour tripel and Queen’s Ranger DIPA - have impressed me. What I dislike: Their flagship beers are very pedestrian and many of their one-offs have been downright bad (the Ridunkelous and various APAs come to mind); seems like they still have some QC issues to work out (low carbonation being one of them); the brewery interior is barebones with a modest storefront and some brite tanks in the back; as a result there’s not much to “tour"; typically only 3-4 beers are on offer at any given time. Would I go back? For their better releases, yes. But they still have a long way to go before they can hang with the big boys (Bellwoods, Great Lakes, Amsterdam, etc). Overall Rating: 58“
cratez 2121 days ago
“When I’ve been: A couple times when visiting friends and family in London. What I’ve had: Muskoka Mad Tom IPA, Flying Monkeys Netherworld CDA, Spearhead HSPA, Chouffe Houblon Dobbelen IPA Tripel, and Unibroue Maudite on tap, Grand River Mill Race Mild in bottle, bruschetta to split, Pecan Crusted Salmon for me, Hacked Chicken Salad and some Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blancs for my girl. What I like: Bustling atmosphere, lots of seating available, very good beer selection, well-organized menus, proper glassware. What I dislike: Prices are high (especially for London), our server struggled on both occasions, food is uninspired corporate slop, bar area is crammed and seems like it was an afterthought during planning/construction, while beer is the focus this isn’t a “beer geek” hangout per se, no rarities to be had here. Would I go back? Yes. Despite its flaws Beertown is a solid option for Sundays, when Milos’ Craft Beer Emporium is closed. Overall Rating: 62“
cratez 2121 days ago
“Creeps is dated and old with lots of seating and a large bar. Decent service and a bunch of macro taps and bottles along with their lager. Cheap. Barney’s is updated and trendy with more taps, but more of the same.“
Ferris 2130 days ago
“Nice upscale gastro pub with a nice patio. Service was decent with a few local taps and hand pump for Fullers. Food looked great although I didn’t eat. Not really enough for a ticker, but a nice place to spend some time.“
Ferris 2130 days ago
68 /100 359-361 DUNDAS STREET
“An old Victorian house with a large front patio and a nicely restored interior. Service was decent although not particularly beer related. Beer list was crafty and decent, although nothing exciting and quite local. Not bad but nothing I would likely come back to.“
Ferris 2130 days ago
64 /100
Chaucer’s Pub (Restaurant)
“This restaraunt/pub is pretty multi faceted. A room for events upstairs, small pub downstairs, courtyard, restaraunt and big patio. All pretty nice, but dated. Service depends on how busy it is and they know little about beer. Selection is european mainly and a few craft beers. Enough that you will be OK, but nothing that I would call interesting or unique. Food is great and prices are on the high side. Not worth a beer stop considering what is only within steps of the door.“
Ferris 2132 days ago
54 /100
London Ale House (Restaurant)
“Was sunday at noon when we were in, so it there were only about half a dozen customers. They did have more than 4 taps in but they were pretty dissappointing with only 2 craft, the rest were import and macro offerings. Can/bottle list was pretty good for what I’ve seen as selection around the area. Food was reasonably priced and tasty. Service was friendly, though I didn’t press them on their beer knowledge. They do have a nice patio out the back of the restaurant and plenty of booths.“
Trev 2145 days ago
“Great selection of beers. Seasonal, craft, international.“
Melissamlt 2198 days ago
86 /100 420 TALBOT STREET
“One of the best places for craft beer in the province, food is good quality but a little pricy“
Gstrings 2395 days ago
54 /100 359-361 DUNDAS STREET
“Good craft beer section, food was good, but not great, prices were on the high side of average. 2 bar areas but rather crammed.“
Gstrings 2403 days ago
70 /100 71 YORK STREET
“The best craft selection in London. Beer manager has a clue about what is good and orders what nobody else in the city will. I found this store even better than the ones in Toronto.“
Ferris 2432 days ago
74 /100 45 PACIFIC COURT, UNIT 16
“Nice little brewery where you can buy bottles, growlers and paraphernalia. Brand new and the owners are around to answer questions. Taps to provide samples. A bit out of the way, but worth popping in if you are in the area.“
Ferris 2434 days ago
“Very gimmicky and trendy. Although beer is their motto, they are really just alot of bells and whistles. That being said the tap and beer list isn’t as bad as I thought. Nothing unique that will excite you, but some decent Canadian craft. If you are on that side of the city the best choice.“
Ferris 2434 days ago
68 /100 420 TALBOT STREET
“For London a great bar and a step in the right direction. Ambiance is nice but nothing special, service was very good and selection was decent. Food is mediocre pub food but trying to add beer to enhance. This doesn’t really work and just creates overly high expectations. Update - prices are still too high, service has gotten really slow with no reason and beer list is boring. Disappointing.“
Ferris 2604 days ago
86 /100 420 TALBOT STREET
“It is no surprise that this place is new and already great. With Milos at the Helm, and Adil, Nick,Matt, Jess, and Danielle on the scene, things are bound to lead to greatness. We went last night and were very impressed. 23 draught taps with a large selection of bottles forthcoming. They had quite a few beers I had never tasted before, and a great variation of different styles. IPA, Berliner Weisse, German Weiss, Amber Ale, Imperial Porter, Saison, etc. Service was excellent, and you can tell that the community really loves what is going on here as well. It is a modern restaurant with a nice patio which is on either side of the building. We had pulled pork poutine and smoked chicken wings which came in a nice smoked moustard like sauce. Delicious. Ill be back very soon my friends!“
MrManning 2671 days ago
68 /100 420 TALBOT STREET
“Decently interesting place in London. The food is pretty good, the tap list is ever changing, but the servers absolutely do not care about anything. Still, in London, this is probably the place to go.“
GuillaumeCL 2672 days ago
86 /100 420 TALBOT STREET
“Love this place whenever I’m home in London. 24 or so taps with a decent bottle selection (though where the taps are generally well priced, the bottles are a bit expensive). Always interesting Ontario brews on hand, and I see they’ve started getting some Bellwood’s in which is nice. Always see Milos’ around and he offered me and my friends his table once! Great place in London that, I think, in tandem with Chaucer’s across the street (a better [European] bottle selection) gives London an above average selection. Keep it up!“
thebhoy 2692 days ago
96 /100 420 TALBOT STREET
“Love this place and the people. The best beer emporium in London, ON with great house made food. The staff are knowledgeable, friendly and attentive. A must stop at if you love beer and are in London.“
bono975 2727 days ago
74 /100 420 TALBOT STREET
“A very comfortable place to have a beer in London, this would be a very good bar in Toronto. Clean, neat, organized, good lighting. Tables and a decent sized bar. Electronic lists of taps and bottles, signature great Milos Army service.“
Sammy 2757 days ago
92 /100 420 TALBOT STREET
“This is London’s premier beer destination, owned and operated by award-winning publican Milos Kral. The bar has an open tap room layout with a large projector screen that displays all of the draughts. A beautiful two-sided patio overlooks Carling and Talbot streets and seats about 40 people. They serve 23 micro taps and 2 casks with excellent style variation and representation from across the province. A limited bottle menu consists of private order Belgians and high gravity brews like Southern Tier Iniquity, DDC Rigor Mortis, etc. The latest rotating draught is Nickel Brook New World BPA. In terms of food, Executive Chef Matt Reijnen has created entree and bar menus that focus on smoked dishes (meats, veggies, soups), house-made sausages, and upscale pub grub. I recommend the Smoked Wings, Steamed P.E.I. Mussels, and Buttermilk Fried Chicken. Prices are fair as most pints are under $6 and mains run between $14-19. What really distinguishes this place, though, is the superb service and knowledge that Mr. Kral, Adil Ahmed, and Nick Farmer provide to their patrons. If you have a question about a beer or food pairing, these guys are more than happy to answer it. I look forward to watching this bar grow as Milos and crew continue to put more Londoners onto craft beer. A mandatory stop in SW Ontario.“
cratez 2922 days ago