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72 /100 RIJKSWEG 626C
“Good bottle shop with a serious repertoire of Belgian Ales. Very easy to be reached from Germany. Helpful stuff. Ambience is nothing special, it’s a bottle shop.“
Piepenhenrich 143 days ago
66 /100 RIJKSWEG 626C
“Pretty new beverage store. Spacious parking in front of the shop. Almost all Belgian beers, some Foreign. I was a bit disappointed by the beer selection, compared with other regional big beverage stores that I visited on the same day. Little ambiance, just a clean, spacious store. Modern shelves with a number of empty spots. Only interesting in my opinion was the (not that big) selection of Geuzes on the right back side of the shop. Prices are ok, friendly staff. Worth a visit when around but when you're looking for good shops in this region you can pass this one.“
EvNa 325 days ago
76 /100 RIJKSWEG 13
“Good selection of Belgian beers and few from other countries, cca 80 different beers, typical Prik&Tik with good prices also.“
Rubin77 1010 days ago