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“It’s a good quirky place, tasty beer & a good feeling inside However it does not brew beer here & they have no intention of either, The beer is brewed in Floß, near Marktredwitz, It does taste good though !“
YeastMeister78 2 days ago
74 /100 PLATZL 9
“was hear for the night befour octoberfest opend few years ago had a great time music beers atmosphear all great“
CalumScotland 14 days ago
“Airbräu has two outlets: A smaller place inside the long-distance section of Terminal 2 (H gates) and the larger place in the Central area outside of security with both a inside and outside part. All places are usually fairly busy but the service is normally reasonably fast and food & drink arrive in good time. Food is mostly bavarian classics in good quality. The beer is usually in a good condition as well and is still one of the cheapest and best options in the airport.“
jonas 17 days ago
80 /100
Bierkiste München (Beer Store)
“Nice mix of Getränkemarkt and bar: You can buy your bottles to go or to drink on the premisses. There are a few tables curbside, a small bar table and a comfy couch inside. Very fair prices and good atmosphere.“
jonas 28 days ago
“We visited here Thursday 13th August 2020 following a cycle ride from die Fasanerie. Taxisgarten was handily placed being approximately half way between there and Kostas's flat where we were staying. I have just checked public transport options and the U1 from Hbf four stops to Gern (about 6 mins) and its a 3-4 min walk from the tube. The Biergarten looked larger than die Fasanerie, but I understand that it holds 1,500 which is the same, perhaps the more regular large square/rectangular layout made it appear larger. The main building is at one end with a self serve area y there appeared to be a food hatch to the side. We sat at this bottom end giving us a good view of the rest of the Biergarten which looked really nice now strings of lights had come on. Beer was from Hofbräu München, I had the Oktoberfest Bier which had been released just a few days beforehand, Loz stuck to her choice of Hefe Weisse. Beer was good, it was quick being served, it was a very nice Biergarten.“
Fin 38 days ago
“We visited here Thursday 13th August 2020 we cycled from the centre but you can get close'ish' to here via public transport if needed. The S2 to München Untermenzing and then a 164 or 165 bus three stops to Untermenzinger Strasse and a 600metre walk from there. I didn't check parking but it's in an out of the way location so I expect that there would be plenty. It's a nice place, it's in a small park, there is quite a lot of outdoor seating, it seats 1,500 apparently in the Biergarten, so size wise respectable but not a biggie. There is an area close to the main building where you will get table service. We did the self service as we always tend to, the beers were from Hofbräu München and were very good and reasonably priced. It was far from full but even so there were a fair few here. We ate here and the pizzas were excellent, really good. We had another beer (well I did) and sat relaxing, it's well shaded, very chilled, staff really friendly, one of my favourite Biergartens in München thus far I reckon.“
Fin 39 days ago
70 /100
Aumeister (Restaurant)
“We visited here Thursday 6th August 2020, it's quite easy to get to we came straight from work, however the U6 to Freimann whether traveling from or to the centre is certainly the best option, it's then a 10 min walk. It's located at the toppermost end of the Englischer Garten and is in a nice area. The beers are from Hofbräu München and I had the Sommer Bier and Loz had a Hefe-Weisse. It was a popular place, food was also very popular here with a definite focus on traditional Bavarian meal choices. Social distancing, cleanliness and hygiene were pretty good but I've definitely seen others do it better. It was busy and there was as one might expect a good mixture of people types, i.e. familes, work colleagues, some tourists, locals etc. There was good shade throughout the garden and it was a big place. Wasps were a bit of an annoyance, staff were struggling to clear plates, glasses away quick emough. Not the best Biergarten but enjoyable and with pleasant walks through the Englischer Garten its well worth a visit.“
Fin 46 days ago
“Visited with jonas. A very busy, hip new taproom (with small pizzas that weren't there when we visited), quite popular and packed by a bunch of young people on a Friday night. The extra standing patio made it sure that we could find space away from others though. It's all about their beers, available on the 10 taps and in cans. The beers (not, at least yet, brewed there), when I visited, were all good and none thrilling, but nothing to complain about. The half liter prices were slightly higher than expected, but there's a very welcome 0.3l option, which made ticks easier. Also, there are cans to go, which are quite fairly priced too! The staff was okay - I got what I needed fast. If I was a local, this would definitely be a place I visited fairly often most likely!“
Marko 60 days ago
“Visited with Jonas, and I'm pretty glad we have. Modern little pub focusing on their own production (Tilmans) - 6-7 of those I think + German hop beers (a couple of Yankee & Krauts, a Hoppebräu, and a Buddelship I think when I was there). The Tilmans prices are pretty fair for München, though prices in München pretty much suck from a Prague (and even the stupidly unbalanced Croatian perspective), the other craft prices are survivable, though, if you're there for ticks, there's a 4 beer sampler board for 9 Euros, so go for that and hit the Tilmans'! Good service, speaks English. One of the beers didn't exactly taste like a "Frisches Bier", but likely not the place's fault - all others were in pretty good shape I guess! Cans/bottles available. All in all, worth visiting!“
Marko 60 days ago
86 /100
HopDog (Bar)
“Visited first for a tasting with Jonas, SinH4, One51, Fin & Fin's better half, repeated the next day with Jonas, ending up in great conversation with some patrons. All in all - an excellent modern place in what's shaping up to be a pretty relevant craft beer area in München apparently. Gregor & others most certainly know what they are doing. A modern place, a bit on the dark side, but things are gonna get more lively once the interior is finished entirely. Fun decorations, great design scheme going on. The guy behind the pipes is a sommelier and a beer judge, but above all a genuine, knowledgeable beer lover, and that says it all. 10 taps, mostly excellent Franconian lagers (Ungespundet and Keesmann beers in very good shape when I was there), and there's a treasure trove of those in the fridge too (we got an excellent Mönschsambacher beer for example). Mixed in is stuff from local craft beers - Higgins, Atelier der Braukünste, Test Bräu... along with some foreign craft (Latitude 42, Victory). The taplist shows how much is (roughly) left, which is a huge plus, and the beers are bound to be kept in good shape. There's a working wi-fi, which is an enormous plus in Bavaria too. The beer prices are pretty good, München standards really. Very good customizable hot dogs too (a bit expensive at over 9 Euros, but I certainly didn't mind after I got it)! All in all, love the place and will definitely return. And so should you, especially if you're not going to Franconia - as it's a veritable oasis of Franconian treasures! How to get here... 68 or X98 currently to Baldeplatz from the Hauptbahnhof (Süd) station and then a short walk south. Quite doable in combination with Frisches Bier and True Brew.“
Marko 61 days ago
“Visited with Stefan. No place on the patio or inside in spite of Covid (or maybe because of it, because of the distances and stuff), went to the (also a bit busy) side bar. Sausage party, but hey. Holzfassed Augustiner Hell in almost top shape, which is nice and chuggable, and for the price (3.20?) very much not a bad deal for the city center. Classic, good looking place with a big patio otherwise and a pretty good look. Pro service. A should-visit if you're there, just get a very good Augustiner from the barrel if you don't have the time to go to Isartor. If you do - go there.“
Marko 61 days ago
68 /100
Augustiner am Dom (Restaurant)
“Great beer hall with a few Augustiner beers and perfect apfelstrudel :)“
Lore 69 days ago
“In one of the most fucked up streets in munich there is a little bavarian traditional restaurant/brewpub. Beers are judging from what i had so far quite nice or at least interesting. Prices are fair considering the central location. They have a new beer every month (at least they had pre-covid). So often something new with only a few ratings.“
Ritzn 80 days ago
80 /100
HopDog (Bar)
“Maybe the only place in munich with fresh franconian beer from tap. Varying selection of the usual craftbeer. Chill sitting outside. The street is not as busy as it may seem. Very friendly service. Prices are a tad high for craft and very fair for the franconians. Very recommended. Also on their website you can see what is on tap and how much is left. How cool is that?“
Ritzn 80 days ago
“We visited here Friday 26th June 2020. It's located on the other side (east) of the Isar and north of the centre. We got here via a No:50 bus which dropped us off by the tram terminus at Sankt Emmeram, We came from from the U-Bahn 6 Stop at Studentenstadt, and then a short walk however the aforementioned tram which starts at Karlsplatz is likely to be the best route. It's in a nice location with parkland and walking and cycling trails going by here and it has an interesting history as an old mill dating back to the 14th century. The Beer Drinkers Guide to Munich is a little gushing about the place, O think that Loz was hoping for much better after I'd read the description to her, but regardless I liked it. The Biergarten stretches around the front and side and when I nipped to the toilet there was further seating (not in use today) around the back. Huge horse chestnut trees provide plenty of shade and the ground is like a shale stone. The beers were from the Spaten stable and were good, prices a little bit on the steep side €10.40 for a Hefe Weisse and a Dunkel Weizen was almost €3 more than our next beer garden. Overall I liked it, the food looked good, staff were pleasant and a quick peak inside showed that the building was a really nice and historic establishment. Not as good as Insel Mühle or a couple of other Biergartens but certainly worth a visit“
Fin 90 days ago
“We visited here Friday 26th June 2020, we'd just been to Sankt Emmerams Mühle and so in terms of getting here tram 16 or 17 which run from Karlsplatz would both head by here stopping just a few hundred metres away. It's in a slightly strange location hemmed in between the rear of the Westin Grand Hotel and Richard Strauss Strasse. It's not a Biergarten in the traditional sense, it abuts the rear of the hotel and for all I know it might be connected/part of the hotel. There are some trees for shade but much of the seating is on block pavers with the hotel looming over the Biergarten, we sat by a fountain which softened the overall image a little. Paulaner provide the beer and it was very good and extremely reasonably priced a Hefe Weiße and a Dunkel Weizen set us back just €7.80 for both beers. Food range was traditional and prices not cheap but on a par with others. It's okay, I wouldn't make a special effort to visit but if you happened to be very close or stopping at the hotel then it's fine but as Biergartens go there are much, much better ones to choose from.“
Fin 90 days ago
80 /100
HopDog (Bar)
“Me, Loz and Kostas visited here Friday 19th June 2020. It's pretty well located, we got here via the U6 to Goetheplatz from where we walked about 10 minutes to here, there are many other transport options depending of course on the direction of travel, but it's close to True Brew and Frisches so in a good area for a mini crawl. It's simple furnishings here, you enter via a door on the right side, the bar is straight ahead with a fridge off to the left and an electronic board advertising the beer options on the left hand side behind the bar. There is a good amount of seating with tables running along the front and to the left. The toilets are downstairs. We sat outside, there are about 4-5 tables here which are capable of seating 4-6 people each. Beer choice was predominantly Franconian with a couple of local craft beer options from Higgins Ale Works and Yankee and Kraut, the beers were very good. The food is just Hot Dogs and at €9.40 I thought that without fries thats too expensive, they were fine but truth be told I probably would just go for the beer in future. I liked this place, the staff who were clearly busy were friendly, attentitive and worked hard, it was a mixed crowd here, it's a very welcome new kid on the block.“
Fin 94 days ago
78 /100
Das Bamberger Haus (Restaurant)
“We visited here Friday 5th June 2020 with Kostas. This was a great find, it's in Luitpold Park, It's a little bit north of the centre probably 35-40 minutes walking. However it's only a couple of minutes walk from Schleißheimer Str or walk a few minutes across the park to Belgradestrasse and you will be at Scheißplatz from where you can get the U-Bahn or Tram. Luitpold Park is very pleasant and so is this Biergarten, it's a nice size and offers a good mix of shade and sun. Most of the seating is at the front, the main building is a large, yellow and white painted exterior, it looks quite grand, inside it houses the restaurant. The beers are from Augustiner and you head around the back of the building choose your beers and then pay before returning to the table. There was a nice mixture of ages and people types. Staff were friendly and attentitive. I didn't check out the food but I am guessing it would be quite traditional. This is one of the nicest Biergartens that I have been to in München and it's surprising that it hadn't already been listed as it looked like it's been here sometime.“
Fin 95 days ago
90 /100
HopDog (Bar)
“Modern relaxed upscale comfort food and beer bar. First place in Munich where you reliably can get Franconian treasures on tap, combined with high quality hotdogs and similar comfort food. Crawling distance from True Brew and Frisches Bier. A very welcome addition to the Munich beer scene.“
jonas 107 days ago
“We visited here Friday 5th June 2020, it's just around the corner from Kostas's flat so I suspect regular visits might be in the offing. It's on Ackermannstraße which is a 4minute walk from Schleißheimer Str. I guess the quickest way into town would be to walk through Luitpold Park (you could have a quick beer in Bamberger Haus Biergarten) to Scheißplatz and get the U-Bahn or Tram from their, however it's a pleasant enough walk straight down Schleißheimer Str. The shop is located on the main road and with a ramp at the entrance offers disabled access. Most of the interesting beers were on the shelving to the left hand side, there is a counter here but I was allowed to walk behind it to browse. All of the beers appear to be German and most from my still limited knowledge look to be from Bavaria. There seem to be a fair number that I have not seen anywhere else. Prices are excellent, I picked up three beers for a grand total of €4.24. I like this place and whilst it is never likely to offer a selection like Biervana (which is a 20-25 minute walk away) it will offer a much better selection of local beers.“
Fin 111 days ago
76 /100 ISARAUEN 8
“We visited here Friday 22nd May 2020 with Xenofon and Kostas, we were on our first beer trip in Munich since the slight relaxation of the Covid-19 lockdown rules, in fact 10 weeks to the day! Flaucher is in a lovely setting, close to the Isar in a very green area with plenty of trees and walking and cycling trails. Getting here wasn't too bad, the 54 bus was our preferred route back but the U3 Brudermühlestrasse stop isn't far away and offers an alternative option, though a cycle ride or walk along the Isar would also be nice. I understand that this is one of the oldest Biergartens in the city though dating back to 1871 doesn't seem particularly old. The Biergarten is large, very popular and frequented by a wide range of ages and people type all of whom I am sure were like us, just keen on getting out to visit a bar and have a beer. The signing in process (COVID-19 requirements) was quite quick and getting a beer similar. I understand from the previous poster that there were beers on tap, however I only saw bottles, perhaps I didn't look hard enough. We spent a good hour and a half here and really enjoyed the atmosphere. If you find yourself in this area of town in the summer months I would thoroughly recommend a visit here, I preferred Insel Mühle where we were earlier but this was also very good.“
Fin 125 days ago
78 /100
Insel Mühle (Restaurant)
“We visited here Friday 22nd May 2020 with Xenofon and Kostas, this was our first beer in Munich since the slight relaxation of the Covid-19 lockdown rules, in fact 10 weeks to the day! Getting here is not too difficult to find, it's to the west of the city, so we got here via the U3 to Moosach and then the X80 bus which drops you practically opposite the entrance, however heading back to town we took the 164 bus (165 also runs this route) and then then the U1 at Westfriedhof. Insel Mühle is located alongside the Würm river, the Biergarten is apparently on a small island within the confluence of the river, we weren't sat by the water and didn't wander around other than to get a beer so cannot confirm. As with most of the Biergartens it is well shaded, large and on a warm day like today popular. The COVID-19 restrictions means that it's open from 12:00-20:00 and before entering you fill in your details, name, address etc. Staff were friendly and despite having to wear a facemask and the tables being more sparsely positioned it soon all seemed very normal. Beer choice was from the Augustiner range, prices were good and service swift. Kostas didn't hear (understand) the barman check if he wanted a halb oder Maß Kostas asked for small and the barman cheekily noting his lack of German, ah..a kiddie's measure. We liked this place and I would have happily stayed here longer, it's worth the trek out from the centre of town especially if the weather is good.“
Fin 125 days ago
66 /100 HOCHSTRAßE 77
“Visited Friday 6th March 2020, first time here and perhaps a little off the beaten track for many folk visiting München, however looking on the map it is only 15mins walk from Giesenger. I got the tram from Karlsplatz, I think that it was the 17or18. I haven't had a good look around, however the centrepiece here is the semi circular copper clad bar with two large copper brewing vessels behind, a staircase that offers a viewing gallery and just lots of modern and old intermingling. I am sat in the semi circular 'bar' area, there is a more formal eating area at the front and behind me what appears to be snob screens to separate. Hundreds of glasses are stacked on the bar, its quite quiet and yet I am waiting for an age to be served (table service btw) the two men to my left give up and leave. Once served I am approached twice more by staff asking if I want a beer/food etc. I like it, the beer is fine but not as good as the parent companies standard range. I would visit again.“
Fin 203 days ago
“Visited 3/3/2020. Early evening. Very busy with diners. Original intention had been just to have a couple of beers but as the range of their own beers was pretty good and the food menu looked decent too we stayed longer. Service was good. Their beers were ok. Enjoyed the food. Not expensive. Worth a look if in area, it’s about 10 or so minutes walk from the Munich Tap so worth combining with that.“
Grumbo 204 days ago
66 /100
Gasthaus Isarthor (Restaurant)
“Visited 2/3/2020. Just outside the immediate centre. Looked and felt a lot less touristy and more of a locals destination. Small selection of Augustiner beers in decent shape. Service was courteous. Nice atmosphere.“
Grumbo 204 days ago
76 /100 TAL 7
“Visited 2/3/2020. Centrally located beer and food hall. Best place to sample their beers at their freshest. Food was as very good. Service excellent. Well worth a visit when in the city.“
Grumbo 204 days ago
“Quick stop before catching my flight. The staff was friendly. I had a Radler that was light and refreshing. Very nice.“
Aggiebob 205 days ago
“Visited 26/2/2020. Liked this place. Very warm welcome and really good service over our couple of hours there (though turned out it was one of the staff’s first today so maybe they finally got rid of Fin’s ‘face like a slapped arse’ employee). 8 taps. Bit pricy. Maybe 100 different bottles. Berlin breweries featured well. 8 beers featured from the brewery next door. Food menu was good and certainly made me wish I’d not given up red meat at the start of 2020 (but I didn’t give in). Bottle range is mostly German but also feature some Polish, Belgian and US beers plus a small (and slightly obscure) range from UK. Cosy warm environment. Bit smoky from the food. I’d recommend a visit. PS - it's not advertised but found out take-out bottles are 50% off making the prices much more acceptable.“
Grumbo 212 days ago
74 /100
Saluki (Restaurant)
“We (myself, Loz and Jonas) visited Saluki on the evening of the Cloudwater Tap Takeover at Frisches Bier, Wednesday 12th February 2020. I was unaware of this area until recently, however there is a very good fishmongers almost opposite and a great Turkish supermarket also very close by. The easiest way to get to/from here is via the U3 or 6 at Implerstrasse, however we walked the relatively short distance from Frisches. The place was a rectangular in line with the street type layout with the bar/serving area off to the right hand side, the front was mostly glass. I think that there may have been 8-10 tables? I was amazed that this place was so busy on a Wednesday night, we took the last remaining table. The food looked great and we wasted no time in ordering a pizza each, they were excellent. The beer choice was surprisingly good for a restaurant and whilst there were some beers that were a little pricey there was also some very good beers at very reasonable prices, I cannot remember everything they had but the focus was on the smaller independent producer. We really liked it here, great food, great beer and great service in a very pleasant environment. “
Fin 214 days ago
78 /100
Wirtshaus Eder (Restaurant)
“We visited Wirsthaus Eder, Sunday 9th February 2020, we got here via bus from Paulaner, Kapuziner Str, so this wouldn’t necessarily be a route that others would take from the centre. So getting here, I note that Google Maps suggests the S7 from Marienplatz and to get off at Heimeranplatz which is a 5 min and 450 metre walk away, or alternatives are the U6 to Odeonsplatz and then U5 to Heimeranplatz, or the S7 to Donnersbergerbrucke and then a bus to Gollierplatz, the latter is slightly longer in terms of overall time but will get you within 280 metres, 3 mins walk. In terms of appearance, it was dark when we arrived and we stopped here en-route to a gig by Balthazar at Backstage Werk, however the area appeared to be mostly residential and quite a pleasant, the building was amongst a number of houses (I think?) on Gollierstrasse. Inside it looked like one of those places that has had a recent makeover, though retained a lot of original features. Parquet floors, wooden panelling (painted green) and a very simple but clean and slightly upmarket look. It seemed to be rectangular in shape with the bar off to the right and the layout parallel with the street upon which it resided. They were more than happy for us to just have a drink here and so we sat on high stools at the bar, there were a few others here doing the same as us. There were a few groups of people eating and whilst the clientele seemed to be erring towards a younger, perhaps middle class group, there was a good mix of ages, gender and race. I had a Yankee & Kraut Woda Portowa, Imperial Baltic Porter which at €4.90 for a 0.3l 10.5% beer was in my eyes exceedingly good value for money. They also had Tillmans Helles, Tillmans Dunkel, Crew Republik – In Your Face, Schronramer Helles and a Radler on tap with a not too shabby bottle list either with the likes of Aventinus, Maxlrainer etc on offer, It is worth noting that one of the taps (the Yankee and Kraut) was always changing and the Crew Republik was a permanent tap of theirs. The staff were exceedingly friendly as were the other customers that we spoke with. Located where it is I am not sure how regular I will be here, but it is certainly not far from the aforementioned gig venue and perhaps I may explore this area further to see what else is around here?“
Fin 226 days ago
“Has been one of my favorite beer brewpubs in the world. Been coming here for years. The beer prices are like a village pub and not like an airport. Can’t miss this place if you are in the airport. You would be surprised how much beer is served here for breakfast. “
Bavarian_Beer 226 days ago
“Loz and I visited here, Sunday 9th February 2020, we had been to Giesinger Brauerei first and then walked here, it wasn't far, probably 15-20 mins at most. I am not that familiar with this end of town so transport options I wouldn't be so sure about, but I guess the U3 is quite close to here, just checked Google maps and can see that the Brudermuhlstrasse is only 350metres away and this will take you straight to the centre. It is quite a large place located on the corner of a large junction and looking across to the large electricity plant across the road, there is a beer garden which if you look at the numerous certificates inside the pub appears to have won lots of awards, why I am not sure as it looked quite grubby to me (*though to be fair it is winter). The staff appeared Asian and therefore traditional Bavarian dress was not on display here, however other than that interior and beer choice was traditional with Augustiner on offer and lots of wood in the interior, the lights were strange though and there seemed to be all manner of adornments hanging from the ceiling, such as trumpets etc there was also some large glittery type Xmas decorations but I am sure that they weren't festive. My Edelstoff was fine but Loz's Hefe-Weisse was a little disappointing. There were lots of folks in here, it was hard to get a table all of them were all playing some card based board game in groups of four, it appeared to be a league or competition and no one spoke as they played. There was another large room off to the side which appeared to be a dancehall/theatre type room. We stayed just for the one beer, before heading north towards Frisches (which was closed today for some reason). So all in all this is an ok place but not somewhere that I would go out of my way to get to.“
Fin 227 days ago
“A favorite and has been for me since the late 1980s. A truly large old fashion Bavarian Beer Hall. Food and location are spot on.“
Bavarian_Beer 227 days ago
76 /100
Muenchner Stubn (Restaurant)
“We visited here Friday 6th February 2020 in the company of Kostas. Another very easy place to find as it is very close to Munich HbF (across the road) which offers up so many transport options. It's another of the big München Breweries large drinking holes but certainly offers up the convenience of that last beer before the train home. It's more food orientated but they are more than happy to let those who only want a beer drink here. It's very large inside with lots of tables, there are a couple of rooms off of the main space, we sat in one of these, with lots of wood, numerous small deer antlers up high on the walls with paintings up high also. After 6pm (I think?) they served beer from the wooden cask, we had one of these and I finished with a Salvator. Waiters (because I saw only males) wore traditional clothing, service was quick and very friendly, prices were a little more expensive but I guess that is to be expected owing to the location. I liked it here.“
Fin 230 days ago
76 /100 DACHAUER STR. 7A
“We visited here Friday 6th February 2020 in the company of Kostas and Xenofon. It is easy to find, it is very close to Munich HbF and so many transport options and it's pretty much on the corner of Marsstrasse and Dachauer Str, and is next door to Café Kosmos and Slemani Grill ⬅️ btw here they do really great kebabs, and the bread is made in a tandoor type oven downstairs. It's a small'ish' place, the bar is at the rear with the large shiny metal beer tanks (3) all under the counter behind glass/perspex. The beer is very good and relatively inexpensive, I paid €11.20 for four beers. The crowd were mixed sex, mixed ages and I guess a further mix of after work and the Friday night going out crowd. We had a couple of beers here, it was a nice atmosphere, we all enjoyed the beer and it was a great new find thanks to Jonas 👍. We will definitely return. I would explain the interior but the lighting was subdued and it was busy, there was a mixture of tables and seating and leaners, we had the latter.“
Fin 230 days ago
64 /100 PLATZL 9
“Spoko, niezły klimat, pyszne precle. Obsługa rzonda napiwków. Muzyka na żywo. Wporzo, smaczne hofbrauery.“
17wojownik 243 days ago
“"Idiot" hehe. Ścisłe centrum miasta, generalnie sprawna obsług, ogarniają. Wybór piw nieduży, ale klimatyczne miejsce.“
17wojownik 243 days ago
“We visited here Friday 17th January 2020, as others below have mentioned this is probably a cut above the others in respect of appearance, location and this is also reflected in its pricing which for two beers *just a Hefe-Weisse and a Helles, was over 10 Euros. Location is close to Odeonsplatz, so it is really quite central. It is surrounded by some very impressive buildings and the sort of shops where there is more floor space than products btw this is a classic indicator for me that I cannot afford to enter, and they're sort of shops that tend to employ someone on the door, no doubt to filter out oiks like us. This is a very big place and unlike the other big beer halls despite its age it has a modern appearance, less dark wood and more light and brightness throughout. Staff are very attentive, it offers classic Bavarian dishes but its considerably more to eat here than at some of its big Munich neighbours. I quite liked it here, but if I am paying a bit more for my beer and food I think that there are much better choices.“
Fin 246 days ago
76 /100
Zum Dürnbräu (Restaurant)
“We visited here Tuesday 31st December 2019 (New Year Eve). It is very centrally located, it's close to the Viktualienmarkt, river and some of the other classic beery highlights in the centre and yet I suspect that it will be hidden from most folk as it is just tucked away down a side street called Dürnbräugasse which is just off Tal. It has a nice little seating area outside which would be lovely in warmer weather. Inside it's typically Bavarian, lots of wood, staff in traditional clothing and a menu that promises lots of regional dishes. As it was NYE, all of the tables were reserved, however we were allowed to sit at one for 35-40 minutes until those who'd booked it turned up. We sat with an older Bavarian lady who I think was called Maryanne who was really lovely, spoke great English and had lot's of interesting tales to regale us with. We had Hefe-Weiss and Helles and thoroughly enjoyed it here,the atmosphere was great, staff friendly, prices good.“
Fin 264 days ago
“Awesome place that I discovered 1 month ago! A lot of beers on tap to taste, nice personal and good sandwiches!“
mikednst 286 days ago
66 /100
Augustiner am Platz (Restaurant)
“Stopped in for lunch, decent sized beer haul. Had a few beers on tap, lunch was good as well. Service was ok, a lot of tables to take care of. Worth a stop if in the area.“
jandd1983 288 days ago
“Big beer hall near were stayed in Munich. Our waitress was a little slow and forgetful, had too many tables to take care of. We had lunch there, food was decent, only was able to try one beer, she just couldn't keep up. Lots of tables, and looked to be a bar at the entrance, just never got back to give them a second chance.“
jandd1983 288 days ago
80 /100 PLATZL 9
“We stopped in a few times thru the week. Weekends are the busiest of course. Filled with tourists, a few locals in the front of the beer hall. The place is huge. We tried a few menu items, all were good. Staff was friendly, at times a little slow. Lunch time is the best time to go. They have a band throughout the day, made the place feel a little more authentic. Several of their beers on tap, you can't go wrong. Gift shop at the entrance to the building, worth the few stops we made.“
jandd1983 288 days ago
“Decent bottle shop. A little off the beat and path of most of the main Munich tourist stuff, so less crowded streets were nice. Chatted with the owner for a bit, gave us some suggestions on what to pick up. He only takes Euros, cards cost him to much to process, make sure you have cash. Lot of local beers to choose from, and a few US beers in stock as well. Worth a stop if in the area.“
jandd1983 288 days ago
86 /100
Ayinger am Platzl (Restaurant)
“Stopped in on a weekday night, place was packed. We sat at the bar, great bartenders, offered several samples, finally chose a couple of decent beers. Lots of seating, the menu looked good, typical German food. Beer selection was all Ayinger, good selection to choose from. Worth a stop if in the area.“
jandd1983 288 days ago
70 /100
Wirtshaus in der Au (Restaurant)
“We visited here Thursday 28th November 2019 with Will, Kostas, Giovanna and Xenofon. We hadn't intended coming here but our first choice, which Xenofon had chosen, was closed. This was another typical large, traditional, impressive beer hall. It's situated on a corner close'ish' to Lüdwigsbrucke near the river, by the Deutsches Museum, there are plenty of public transport options however if coming from the centre it's only about 15-20 mins walk, I think the S3 to Isartor is possibly the closest stop though there maybe Tram stops closer which I've not considered. Inside it's really big, it was very busy with lots of work parties, I suspect many of them are Christmas parties. The staff were great in particular the young female waitress who served us was lovely. The food was traditional Bavarian Fayre, beer was Paulaner, so it's very good, though I was disappointed that the aforementioned waitress hadn't heard of Salvator when I asked for one. All in all if you want a typical Bavarian experience and huge food portions washed down with good beer you could do a lot worse than come here.“
Fin 298 days ago
66 /100
Saluki (Restaurant)
“A modern place with great pizzas. Organizes craft brewer visots about once a month, with specially designed pizzas of the day to match. Really fun to visit also outside these events!“
SinH4 301 days ago
70 /100
Saluki (Restaurant)
“Small Trattoria that has a range of small dishes (some Korean inspired) and eclectic pizzas of the day. Has a range of craft beers, mostly in bottles. When I was there is was Tilmans, Higgins and a guest beer (Lobik from Slovenia) which was there for the Beer & Pizza mini TTO event they host once a month. Nice cozy place, simple and without complications.“
jonas 301 days ago
“Cozy little trattoria with a daily small fresh food menu and a fine little selection of mostly local craft beers. Does Beer events as well.“
jonas 305 days ago