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64 /100 VIZANTIOU 31
“A really nice pub that you must visit if you happen to be in Nea Smirni.“
Leeale 728 days ago
96 /100 VIZANTIOU 31
“Lovely Bar. When I was in they had Brewdog, Charma, Septem and Strange Brew Beers on tap - apparently the aim is to eventually have all-Greek taps (around 16 or so taps in total) Prices were pretty much in line with other Craft Beers places I've been to in Athens and Greece. Friendly bar owner who speaks some English and is very happy to talk about beer and has a collection of CDs behind the bar that he uses to DJ. Large selection of spirits as well. Nice chilled atmosphere - typical Southern European. Lovely bar and hopefully becomes a bit more well known.“
RampantLionReviews 1590 days ago
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