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22 /100 2 RUE RAIBERTI
“Brown Rousse Hops is closed (end 2018)“
BierDudeOtto 182 days ago
86 /100 13 RUE CASSINI
“16 draught beers. Amazing. Lovely IPAS! You can try a sample before you decide. The menu is just regular food which matchs perfect with beers: onion rings, fries, camembert bites... The enviroment is nice, with hight tables and darts. The toilet are clean (and it has a small tv on it!).“
BierDudeOtto 182 days ago
“Given that there are almost no microbreweries in the Nice area, it is great that Blue Coast exists. They make three Artisan beer at there best. The brewery is a refurbished warehouse with a a cool indoor bar with an outdoor terrace. Plus they do have occasional street food venders on site. However, is located in the middle of nowhere and is somewhat confusing to find/access the first time. Great tasting beer created by Roberto kindly and his team who will provide a tour of the brewery and explain the whole process. The brewery is impeccable and there is plenty of space to sit comfortably. Be careful it is good, very good so stay flexible on the elbow!“
BierDudeOtto 182 days ago
“A brewery with a small tasting room / shop with limited opening hours. The owner is nice and passionate and aim's to expand his business. He gives a superb welcome and is happy discuss the brewing processes and offer tasting's. Well worth seeking out.“
BierDudeOtto 182 days ago
100 /100
FOAM (Bar)
“Foam is a connected beer bar offering 12 self-service draft beers. Discover or rediscover beer and its flavors by paying the centiliter. An interactive bar, trend that will change your aperitifs. A shared plate of plates and a healthy, vegan and gluten-free cuisine. Our dishes are made on site by our chefs with fresh products. We strive to work with local producers, both for beers and on our plates, in order to minimize our impact on the planet. We also offer 30 beers bottles and a selection of sodas, fruit juices and organic teas. We are open every day in continuous service from 11am to midnight.“
LocalMonger64 248 days ago
76 /100 13 RUE CASSINI
PellicleMeister11 463 days ago
“Cool place with friendly staff an lots of beers. I recommand!“
MaltoseTeam26 473 days ago
100 /100 13 RUE CASSINI
“Amazing staff, cool atmosphere and 16 taps that changes everytime! The beer pong was cool and so the food so it's a yes for me!“
MaltoseTeam26 473 days ago
“ce n'est pas un craftbeer ! que des bières industrielles ou pseudo craft rien de bien intéressant pour les amateurs de bières“
stephan0057 657 days ago
50 /100 13 RUE CASSINI
“pas convaincu par le choix des bières (brasserie ou micro brasserie très peu connue !), par la lisibilité de la carte et par l'accueil du staff !“
stephan0057 657 days ago
84 /100 15 RUE DEFLY
“A friendly shop with a friendly owner and with a possibility of drinking the beer inside of it. A great many domestic and international bottles, with a quite soothing atmosphere.“
adster 697 days ago
80 /100 13 RUE CASSINI
“The place was cool but some foreign tourists made it really noisy when we visited it. Had plenty of taps and some bottles, the bartender was nice. Nothing special but a fine bar in Nice.“
adster 697 days ago
76 /100 2 RUE RAIBERTI
“Small bottle shop with quite a wide spectrum of brews. It is close enough to Beer District Libération, and is a proper place to get some beers for drinking at your accomodation if you want to.“
adster 697 days ago
“It seems to be a newly opened bar at district Libération in Nice, with a well designed furniture. It has 16 taps including locals and foreigns as well. The bartender is a great guy, atmosphere is cool and they offer tastings before buying, which makes having beer unique.“
adster 697 days ago
78 /100 15 RUE DEFLY
“Mooie ruime winkel, met een uitgebreid assortiment speciale bieren 50 procent locaal en 50 procent Internationale bieren. Genoeg keuze ook in de hier minder gangbare stijlen. Prijzen zijn vergelijkbaar met andere winkels in deze omgeving. naast de winkel is hier ook een. Kleine brouwerij aanwezig waar een eigen bier gebrouwen wordt.“
rikstar 700 days ago
“CLOSED !!!“
GormE 744 days ago
90 /100 15 RUE DEFLY
“This store had the best range of French craft beer that we could find on our travels through Provence and the French Rivera. Tidy modern interior with all of the merchandise neatly displayed. The proprietor was very helpful and obviously a native English speaker. He was able to pick out several interesting local beers that suited my drinking style. Make sure you stop in here when in Nice.“
CraftyHare 771 days ago
36 /100
De Klomp (Bar)
“Around half of the taps (4 of them) are empty, the remainings contain a few grimbergen beers and 1 or 2 macro lagers. They have some bottles, as well but the the menu does not list them and most of them are not visible in the fridge (what I could see was not too promising: Heineken and other lagers, as well as some widely available Belgian beers); will not visit again for sure“
Lore 1039 days ago
“Currently they have 3 beers on tap: Guinness, Leffe Ruby and a Kronenbourg comment...“
Lore 1039 days ago
86 /100 15 RUE DEFLY
“Great selection of French craft beers, a lot of well-known other masterpieces and some beers from quite exotic countries like Togo, or Mauritius; very friendly prices compared to the Cote d'Azur average; definitely worth visiting“
Lore 1039 days ago
54 /100 33 AV. J. MEDECIN
“Acceptable selection for high prices; would not be my first place to visit in Nice but good fpr a midday coffee and a glass of beer“
Lore 1041 days ago
“Great ambiance, not an extremely wide but still acceptable beer selection; a bit overpriced“
Lore 1041 days ago
60 /100 5, RUE DE FRANCE
“Npt too wide selection of beers, but the food is ok; a bit overpriced“
Lore 1042 days ago
94 /100 13 RUE CASSINI
“16 beers on tap and plenty bottles - and an extremely friently bartender“
Lore 1042 days ago
98 /100 13 RUE CASSINI
“The beer bar that Nice has been thirsty for! Great location, just between Place Garibaldi and the Port. 16 taps with beers local and from around the world - crazy interesting beers that you’ll find only in this bar. Bravo! Merci!“
NiceBiere 1220 days ago
94 /100 13 RUE CASSINI
“Great place, Great people, Great music. Finally a craft beer bar in Nice!“
Passlime 1223 days ago
88 /100 15 RUE DEFLY
“Nouvelle cave à bières sur Nice, une ville où il est malheureusement difficile de devenir un amateur éclairé. L’ouverture de la boutique est donc une excellente opportunité, d’autant plus que les propriétaires sont vraiment charmants et n’hésiteront pas à vous conseiller si nécessaire. Le choix est large, avec des classiques comme de l’import de tous les pays. Le focus est fait sur les brasseries artisanales du quart Sud-Est de la France, ce qui permet de découvrir de nombreuses productions artisanales méconnues jusqu’alors. Les prix sont très raisonnables et font de Allez Hops! l’adresse numéro 1 à Nice.“
lullasky 1226 days ago
84 /100 15 RUE DEFLY
“Wandered through here with friends and got a few beers from the region and a few others. Proprietor (from the US) was helpful and friendly and the store was nicely set up and well stocked. Unfortunately the local craft beers I bought ranged from pour-down-the-drain undrinkable to "Meh, ok"; I’d like to give him a higher rating, but worry a little about his selection and possible temperature storage issues. In his defense, the beer we sampled with him was great!“
itinocean 1418 days ago
44 /100
De Klomp (Bar)
“I was sure I had rated this place before, somehow my rating has disappeared. Dark and not very attractive place in the Old Town - still one of the better places for Belgian beers in Nice.“
Sigmund 1464 days ago
100 /100 15 RUE DEFLY
“I think you have to rate some place relative to where it is, the context. There is almost NO beer in Southern France. Happened to stumble on this place just roaming Nice. They had been open 3 days. The proprietor was on site. Chicago ex-pat. Great selection of regional beer along with a few from other regions (Rogue, Brew Dog). The emphasis on regional brews was fantastic. The staff (owner) really knew his stock. Put this place in the middle of Atlanta or DC and it is not going to garner a super high rating. But is in an oasis in a desert. Real IPAs and regional variations. Fun Triples etc. with a place that specifically opened to celebrate beer. It is absolutely top notch. You will walk in here and find 40-50 beers that you will not find anywhere else in Souther France, that is impressive. Can’t say enough about how nice this place was. Cool interior and they are still building it out. Staff were fantastic. I walked out with a great 6 pack for a very, very reasonable price and look forward to enjoying it tonight. If I were in Nice longer, I would be back to sample the rest. You have to look this place up if you are coming through and desperate for something other than Leffe, 1664 et.“
kayres 1484 days ago
76 /100 2 RUE RAIBERTI
“Friendly bloke running a small bottle shop out of a tabac (so great opening hours) with a lot of passion & interest. Interesting little selection - main french distribution international (US, UK and Continental) breweries plus various pretty local breweries (including the one down the street). Nobody need be disappointed if on holiday with a thirst. A haven.“
kspot30 1523 days ago
“It is on the way from the arch entrance to old town and Albert Hotel in old town Nice, during free time in a walking tour of Nice. Service seemed average, was not busy at 1pm on a Friday. Most taps I saw on this path which was open this early. Medium sized indoor bar area and nice size outdoor seating. With the limited time and selection I did not have a beer, but would check this out again if in the area. Prices seemed reasonable.“
weihenweizen 1528 days ago
76 /100 2 RUE RAIBERTI
“been there on my holidays in last july and it was my supply shop for whole week. nice selection of belgian craft beers (few light beers in ice box as well because of the fire from heaven). Some french craft as well, beers from other countries rather a rarity“
cinek 1560 days ago
“Whilst in Nice old town for the day and finding other higher rated RB places closed in the afternoon, I visited Les Distilleries Ideales. Around a dozen beers on tap and half dozen bottles, so range not massive but certainly enough for our visit. Service was good, place had a good vibe with a mix of age ranges and tourist/locals. Worth a look when in Nice.“
Grumbo 1760 days ago
88 /100 9, RUE ALBERTI
“Pub sympa avec un choix immense de bière en bouteille. Les prix sont par contre un peu cher 7€50 en moyenne la bouteille. Le serveur est très sympathique. Le bar est un bar calme.“
skinpunk 1770 days ago
54 /100 5, RUE DE FRANCE
“I didn’t plan to visit this place but i was just passing by and i decided to sit outside - service not interested in any quick talk about food paring or anything - there was a huge fight about main dish between one of the waiters and client, who wasn’t happy about his dinner. Selection ok, mainly belgium beers, sone german and english standards. $$ ok“
Martin28 1830 days ago
74 /100 2 RUE RAIBERTI
“Every beer geek will find in rousse houblon his place. Maybe selection (especially for french craft beers) could be better but the place is definitely worth a ling walk from city centre.“
Martin28 1831 days ago
“This is NOT a beer bar. When this is said, I must admit, I kind of fell in love with this little wine bar. Why is that? Well, they did have only two bottles to choose from, when I was there in the springtime about Easter, so the selection is/was poor, but it was bottles from the norwegian brewery Nøgne Ø, and especially their #500, an Imperial IPA. When you had been around the city, looking for some bitter beers like IPAs or the likes of that and didn’t managed to find anything, you did feel like finding a church for your thirst. This fact and the fact, that the venue is situated in a very nice street, cozy and kind of quiet although it’s a big street. Visit it in the afternoon, from 12-15, to sit in the sun outside in the nice outside furnitures. The hostess didn’t know much about the beers or beers in general, as their priority is at wines and the restaurant. But she was very polite and suggested me another place, a real beer-bar down the centre of the old town. At my second visit at Vini Mundo (had to have that #500), she guided me to a third beer bar in the near of this one. At the downside: The poor selection as I mentioned, and then the prices. I paid 10 € for a beer and that’s expensive even in Denmark. Even though I’d probably would revisit the place the next time I’m in Nice.“
PapaVillum 1836 days ago
72 /100
Aperitiv (Grocery Store)
“Cozy little place. Not that many beers, but some from brewers i don’t know. I was in dire need of some stout/porters, but they didn’t have that many at the time I did however find a few. The man whi helped me was very polite and informative, spoke good english, and did come with some good recommendations. I left the place with a few good beers and a bottle of Calvados.“
HrMand 1844 days ago
“My wife and I saw the review on this page and decided to check out the bar as we are vacationing in Nice. They had two beers and both in the bottle. This is a wine establishment I’m rating it super low as this website is ratebeer and not rate wine.“
Klowry777 1846 days ago
74 /100 2 RUE RAIBERTI
“If you read some of the recent reviews of this place, you have the right sense of the place. Therefore the rest of my review will be in danish. Et lille sjovt skævt sted i umiddelbar nærhed af Place du General de Gaulle, i den nordlige ende af Nice, hvor sporvognen også kører forbi. Stedet er et kombineret avis- og bladsalg / øludsalgsted (bottleshop). Forvent ikke et fancy sted med orden og plads, dette sted er mere ejerens hobby, der er kommet ned i en butik. Han er venlig, men meget dårligt engelsktalende, hvilket i sig selv giver visse udfordringer. Men han hjælper så godt, han kan og det lykkedes da at få hivet nogle oplysninger om fx. lokal øl ud af ham. Udvalget er ganske pænt med måske 100-150 forskellige øl og ikke 300, som skrevet på et skilt udenfor. Der er naturligvis mange franske øl, men også tyske, belgiske og enkelte skotske samt amerikanske. Derudover et udvalg af glas og enkelt andet merchandise såsom t-shirts og lign. Prisniveauet er ikke lavt, men henad Danmark. Til gengæld finder du sikkert øl hér, som ikke findes i vores kongerige. Bemærk at der er lukket mellem kl. 13 og 16. Som andre også skriver, er forretningen et must for øl-geeks, der er ude efter at finde et større udvalg end i de gængse supermarkeder. Jeg gik glad ud derfra.“
PapaVillum 1897 days ago
“This was the place I liked the best in Nice and I only stumbled across it by accident after finding the two other pubs in this street in the old town closed. It had apparently only just re-opened after refurbishment and it looked very nice and clean. They have a few British and Belgian beers here including a guest beer which, when I was there, was DNA a collaboration beer from Dogfish Head/Charles Wells. The landlord, an Englishman, was extremely friendly and welcoming as were all the other staff who were so numerous they almost outnumbered the customers. He told me that he was hoping to get some locallly-brewed beer in future. They have a couple of TV screens showing sport downstairs and upstairs. They have a wide range of spirits and cocktails in addition to the beer. The beers I felt were quite reasonably priced for France. If I lived in Nice this would be my local, no doubt.“
Rhodri 1945 days ago
58 /100 9, RUE ALBERTI
“This is the only really beery place that I came across in NIce. In style it looks like a British pub - hence the name. They have a quite significant list of beers, mostly from Belgium, but also from France and elsewhere and even have a couple of their own house beers; a blond and an amber. I tried the amber which was OK, but no more. There were specials and seasonal beers advertised. They play blues and rock music and there were snacks available. The barmaid/waitress, however, seemed to know nothing about beer. When I asked her if they had any local beers she just listed the usual French beers like Pelforth and Desperados and even included a Belgian beer, Chimay, in the list. She couldn’t count out my change either so maybe she was new. I didn’t find any local beers here or anywhere else in Nice. For anybody looking for a decent pub atmosphere and a selection of good beers this has to be the best so far in this town which the international beer revolution has apparently not yet reached.“
Rhodri 1945 days ago
“This place in the old town is obviously fairly trendy with younger, hipper people. My wife and I were probably the oldest customers in there, but I liked the ambiance in general. Unfortunately the choice of beers was very poor and we ended up ordering rum instead of beer. I was surprised when it closed at midnight which I thought was early for a place like that.“
Rhodri 1945 days ago
28 /100 33 AV. J. MEDECIN
“Another typical French café in a shopping street with a big terrace, this one on the main street. I was quite disappointed by the place as it looked like it might be nice, but it wasn’t. There was a fair selection of Belgian and French beer, but nothing special and more expensive than elsewhere.“
Rhodri 1945 days ago
24 /100 5, RUE DE FRANCE
“This place has a reasonable selection of Belgian beers and a few more besides from France and elsewhere. The terrace on the busy shopping street was crowded, but not with beer lovers. The service was surly and unhelpful.“
Rhodri 1945 days ago
“Visited it when other pubs closed - which is usual for Nice. This one is open till 5 and gets pretty full after 2. The advantage was Delirium Tremens from the tap (Red too, but it’s sweet as hell, still good for a Kriek though). Overall a good place, but I will stick to beers from the shops and Irish pubs in Nice.“
mwnuk 2030 days ago
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