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82 /100 11-15 ALFRETON ROAD
“Visited october 2019. Short walk from other bars / pubs in the area. Nice selection of beers on tap as well as cans. The place to find beers from Totally brewed. Beers served in good condition, and the tap list has a good variation on styles and breweries.. Friendly staff, lots of seatings.. For sure worth a visit / revisit..“
Brugmansia 42 days ago
78 /100 11-15 ALFRETON ROAD
“This is a large modern pub within an old bank in Canning Circus with a curved frontage. Bright and airy with plenty of light from the large windows. Run by Totally Brewed and with a good choice of their beers but also plenty of guest beers. Well worth visiting.“
imdownthepub 57 days ago
76 /100
Brew Cavern (Beer Store)
“Online shop review, from May 2019. Decent selection of UK and international beers, ~250 in total. Pricing was mixed, noted some cans were £1-2+ higher than what other shops sell them for, yet others were standard. Shipping is also more expensive than most sites so spending over £50 for the free delivery is a good idea. Delivery was next day and the beers were in a branded box with dividers so all good there. I understand ALL the beers stocked are refrigerated which is extremely rare and a huge plus point for this place.“
LazyPyro 114 days ago
“Multi roomed brewpub with the brewery kit in one of these , we had 1 good enough burger and 1 beer each all of them in good condition, good place to visit in a pub crawl“
jorge76 158 days ago
80 /100
Junkyard (Bar)
“Good place a bit hidden in a alley with a nice courtyard outside , selection is what you expect in a craft beer bar in Europe but it’s very well done with a good choice in the fridge too .. they close their doors a bit later compared to others beer destination in town“
jorge76 158 days ago
86 /100 11-15 ALFRETON ROAD
“Very nice location in a former bank , good service and we chatted a bit about beer with the guy who served us , good selection and very nice modern design .. they always have some of the “ house brewery “ ( Totally Brewed ) beers and guests“
jorge76 158 days ago
78 /100 161-163 MANSFIELD ROAD
“We came here for their 30th birthday party and was packed!! The funniest thing were the prices of the Castle Rock and Bateman beers something Iike 1 Pound per pint like back in the 1989!!! Unfortunately not all the beers were in a good condition but that can happens ...“
jorge76 158 days ago
78 /100 12-14 QUEENS BRIDGE ROAD
“Not a brew pub or tap room as someone described here , it’s a proper pub just super close to the Brewery and owned too from Castle Rock, all the range of their own brews and some guests , good pub feeling with very local atmosphere.. very close to the main Station too“
jorge76 158 days ago
74 /100 48-52 CANAL STREET
“Beatifull place just on the canal , the selection is a mix of good beers on hand pump and commercial stuff on draught..“
jorge76 161 days ago
“Love this little hideaway.. Always a must visit when in Nottingham. Good selection of craft beers... Strictly no fosters or cocktails so don't even ask!“
2112mjh 172 days ago
“Cosy. Friendly. Good range of beers, including a lovely strong stout“
BineScout20 192 days ago
80 /100 20-22 BROAD STREET
“Great place to visit...“
Wirralbeerveg 208 days ago
“The Head of Steam is on the Upper Pavement, in the heart of the area where revellers are out in force at the weekend, so I was pleasantly surprised to find it rather quiet at around 8pm on a Friday evening when I was passing and decided to call in for a beer and a bite to eat. It’s a long, fairly narrow room with the bar along one side and there’s seating opposite it and at either end. The booths at the back are set against a large photo of the old market square at night. There were eight casks and a similar number of kegs. The food was decent enough - burgers, nachos, wraps and the like - and the music was played at a reasonable level (i.e. not too loud). (Visited 19 October 2018).“
Boudicca 289 days ago
“A great new addition to the Nottingham beer scene. Beerheadz is tiny - it’s in what was once a taxi drivers’ shelter tacked onto the side of the station - and officially Nottingham’s smallest pub! It’s neatly painted in white and pale turquoise and the seating is mainly on stools at chunky rustic tables, some of which have plug and USB sockets, which is always a bonus. There are four casks, four kegs, several ciders (some of which will be brought in from the cellar as there isn’t space for all of them on the bar), a pretty good selection of bottles in the fridge and a complete absence of any crappy macros. Well worth visiting, and the service was super welcoming and friendly. (Visited 16 October 2018).“
Boudicca 310 days ago
90 /100
Brew Cavern (Beer Store)
“My favourite beer shop, always a great selection, service and most importantly price. Recommended“
MashLove27 330 days ago
92 /100
Brew Cavern (Beer Store)
“This is a beer lovers oasis in Nottingham. Fully refrigerated (which is rare) and offering a great selection of interesting beers from across the world. There is also a great selection of beers from the local area, and the best UK craft breweries around. The proprietors (Matt and Matt) deliver fantastic customer service. If you don't know what you are looking for, they are always on hand to offer suggestions based upon your preferences, all with the aim of you leaving with something to suit (giving the occasional left field beer suggestion to boot!). All in all, check this place out. They also have a website with delivery, along with a click and collect option. Great if something comes in you know will sell out and cannot get to the shop right away! Check them out.“
TastePupil26 331 days ago
72 /100 123 CANAL STREET
“I've always been partial to the Newshouse, although I haven't been here in several years. Nice to reacquaint myself. It looks a bit dodgy from the outside, but trust me, it isn't. It has spruced up a bit from my last visit but still has that lived-in look that befits so many of the best pubs. More trad than craft, with five cask beers (today's choice is from Burton Bridge, Totally Brewed, Shiny, Castle Rock and Black Iris) and a good selection of packaged craft (Belgian and US faves plus Kernel, Tiny Rebel and the like). Friendly and relaxed and very, very good value. Worth checking out if you haven't already.“
jjsint 333 days ago
“Nottingham's craft beer scene has so much to offer that I wasn't sure what a Head of Steam could add to it. I was wrong. It's loud, popular, chainy-looking and expensive, but i can find some interesting beers here that i struggle to find elsewhere. Currently drinking an excellent Weizenbock from Poland, but you can find the great and the good from the UK, US and Belgium as well. Did I mention it was expensive? Bring your wallet, you won't want to stop with just one.“
jjsint 333 days ago
“This pub is so close to the Junkyard that it suffers from an unfair comparison. The selection is paired down although they do carry cask unlike the Junkyard. It's got a bit of an odd vibe, although it's certainly smart. Piped music a little too loud. The beer selection consists of 10 keg (including macro), plus 4 cask. Black Iris, North and Kirkstall are some of the breweries that are featured. Weirdly sells in 2/3 or pints. Prices are reasonable for cask, about average for keg. Not much of a bottle/can selection. Worth stopping in but by no means a must.“
jjsint 333 days ago
68 /100
Brew Cavern (Beer Store)
“Small beer shop in a lively little arcade. It's got a good selection of UK and international craft, but it's hampered by the lack of space.There were about six people in when i was there and i could barely move! Still, i came away with some Little Earth Project and was a happy man!“
jjsint 333 days ago
70 /100 9-11 ST. JAMES’S STREET
“Visited 18/10/2018. Large welcoming JDW’s with more than one level which isn’t immediately obvious when first entering. Definitely an above average venue for a ‘spoons with good range of cask, keg and bottles/cans. Friendly service, and all the plus points a JDW can offer.“
Grumbo 368 days ago
“Nice market style area. But I could have walked past it if I didn’t know it was there. Big open atoma anvthe smell of brewing in the air. Great selection of their own beers on sale in both can and keg. Dog friendly. No growler fills.“
Mr_Pink_152 375 days ago
“The second Head of Steam I’ve been to and a similar set up. Large open plan space and a long bar. Lots of seating and booths. The beer selection includes cask and keg with lots of bottles and cans. The obvious Cameron’s beers are here but also a decent selection of Belgian offerings. And Loka Polly on keg. Good was modern pub fare burgers pies and sandwiches. Dog friendly.“
Mr_Pink_152 375 days ago
“Historical inn with lots of caves/rooms on different levels - 8 pretty standard taps and a bottle fridge. Friendly atmosphere and great food. Worth a visit if just for the inns atmosphere and the food“
BBHansen 387 days ago
60 /100 11-12 SOUTH PARADE
“We had breakfast here on a Saturday morning. We got a table, but there was too little staff, so it took forever to get the food and for them to clear the table of the coffee cups from the previous guests. Beer selection was fairly good, but we had already had most of them earlier in the week at The Roebuck, but that should not detract in the score for this place. I liked The Roebuck a lot more and they are so close, so go there instead, if you want to visit a JDW.“
Rasmus40 390 days ago
70 /100 9-11 ST. JAMES’S STREET
“Great JDW with 15 cask beers. We stopped here for breakfast and ticks before moving on to the Robin Hood Beer Festival, and I would go back if in need of breakfast in Nottingham again. Fast service as usual.“
Rasmus40 390 days ago
“Visited October 2018 with beery friends.. short walk from other beery places.. being in the end of the brewery being in the end of the brewery.. Friendly service.. free wifi. Good amount of seatings as well as a few ones outside.. They have a good range of their beers both on tap and in cans, either to drink in or take away...“
Brugmansia 394 days ago
74 /100 36-38 HOCKLEY
“A quick look into this corner placed pub, leaving the Nottingham beer festival. Nice selection of beers, lots of seatings, outdoors as well.. Would like to go back for another visit.“
Brugmansia 394 days ago
62 /100 11-12 SOUTH PARADE
“Visited a few times in past, mainly for breakfast.. A large place, placed in city center, easy to find. Lots of seatings, traditionel JDW deco. Can be busy at times.. Nice selection of beers.. Friendly staff..“
Brugmansia 394 days ago
68 /100 11-12 SOUTH PARADE
“Regular JDW. Had just one new beer her, but if I hadn’t just been to the Nottingham Beer Festival, then I would have had five new beers here. Regular service.“
saxo 395 days ago
72 /100 9-11 ST. JAMES’S STREET
“Excellent JDW. Had five new beers here. Service and prices were regular which means chesp and good.“
saxo 395 days ago
“The new Neon Raptor taproom is a fun place to be. It's bare bones but you're here for the beer. Eight taps dispense the best of Neon Raptor, including their stronger and rarer beers, in a pleasant and laid-back atmosphere. I've struggled with some of their beers but others are delicious, so this is a chance to try a few and see what you like. Good value and well worth checking out.“
jjsint 397 days ago
74 /100 46 ST. MARY’S GATE
“Visited October 2018 with beery friends. Cosy small pub, being connected to Castle Rock, beers from them as well as guests. They do rap take overs as well. Friendly service, nice condition on the beers.. Close to other nice places, so for sure worth a visit if around in Nottingham trying beers...“
Brugmansia 398 days ago
“Visited October 2018 with beery friends.. just placed outside the main entrance for Nottingham station, easy to find. Small cosy place, super friendly service, talkative in the nicest way.. Nice mix if beers on tap. They have beers on kegs and cask, as well as a nice bottle / can selection in the fridge.. For sure a place to visit and revisit.. I will for sure be back...“
Brugmansia 399 days ago
“Visited October 2018 with beery friends.. Spacy corner pub, spacy and cosy, nice atmosphere, friendly staff. Had 4 Of their own beers on tap plus guest beers. Nice selection of of both beers on cask and keg. Beers served in good conditions. For sure worth a visit..“
Brugmansia 399 days ago
“Castle Rock have had their share of brilliant craft offerings in some of their pubs (Canal House, Keans Head), but they've taken a step toward the full kräft micro with this outfit near the station. Only one cask (Elsie Mo) supports ten keg (some of Castle Rock's newer offerings plus beer from smaller breweries like Liquid Light and the Calendar Project. Large selection of packaged beers with better known (but no less worthy) names in UK craft such as Weird Beard. Prices are that little bit more but worth it in my opinion. Great new addition to the scene.“
jjsint 401 days ago
50 /100 14-16 CARLTON STREET
“There was a lovely smell of coffee in the Six Barrel Drafthouse, which was appropriate because it’s more of a café than a bar. It’s a nice place - quite rustic - and there were six casks but the beer was very ordinary. Unfortunately we missed the bottle fridge mentioned by jjsint (see below) - time for a revisit perhaps. (Visited 15 October 2017).“
Boudicca 403 days ago
“Right next to the Junkyard, with a shared patio. It concentrates on casks rather than kegs and the choice is pretty good. This is a nice little enclave on the edge of the Lace Market and it’s well worth visiting both places for the atmosphere and the beer range. Herbert Kilpin, incidentally, was a Nottingham lad who, having moved to Italy to work for a firm with links to the Nottingham lace industry, was one of the founder members of A.C. Milan (Last visited 15 October 2017).“
Boudicca 403 days ago
“The Fox and Grapes, a Castle Rock pub, was spanking new when we visited and it still smelled of fresh paint. It’s modern and quite stylish and occupies a space at the end of Sneinton Market, which is being redeveloped. There was a good range of Castle Rock beers and guests - eight casks and five kegs. Well worth visiting and better, in my view, than some of the other Castle Rock pubs. (Visited 15 October 2017).“
Boudicca 403 days ago
74 /100 24 BROAD STREET
“A corner pub right opposite BrewDog. It’s been nicely renovated in a traditional style and has several areas, some with the original features retained. The beer range was pretty good - 10 casks, five of which were from Flipside, and 10 kegs. (Visited 15 October 2017).“
Boudicca 403 days ago
76 /100 12-14 QUEENS BRIDGE ROAD
“It's well-worn and less 'crafty' than some of its nearby Castle Rock counterparts, but I will always harbour a soft spot in my heart for the VAT and Fiddle. As the brewery's flagship pub, Castle Rock's beers feature fairly prominently in their 5 keg and 10 cask beers, but these are supplemented by guests from the likes of Abstract Jungle and Mad Squirrel. They do special meal deals (pie or curry and a pint on specific days), and the food smells good, but I've never eaten here. You've got the likes of Barley Twist and BeerHeadZ closer to your train, but I'm glad I went that little bit further to reacquaint myself today.“
jjsint 404 days ago
32 /100
Ned Ludd (Bar)
“Weird and unfriedndly corner pub filled with the sort of people I usually avoid. It's smaller than you'd think, with two TV screens and unwelcome piped music. The beer list would likely be considered pedestrian for anyone with even the most basic knowledge of Nottingham's craft beer scene, with four cask ales and a row of keg taps on either side which offer international macro and more ubiquitous 'craft' options (and, interestingly, two London Fields). I would also like to say that I left a review on another site and received an insult by way of reply, Classy and professional as their clientele then. There are good places within spitting distance.“
jjsint 404 days ago
“Strange little pub. It's indeed round, and a first floor establishment. Seems a bit faded-posh, but it's friendly and good value. Six cask beers on, including two Totally Brewed and a Tollgate, as well as a house beer from Lenton Lane. Given how many places in town offer six interesting cask plus keg plus bottle/can (the Round House was light to nil on the latter two), it's by no means a destination. I should add that my beer wasn't send-back-worthy but neither was it in top condition. Still, it's a worthwhile stop on a crawl this side of town.“
jjsint 404 days ago
72 /100 16 ST. JAMES’S STREET
“The Malt Cross is a decent pub with a decent if not mind-blowing selection. Atmosphere is a bit strange but I dug it, and it was peppered with a few customers mid-afternoon. They have 6 casks from the likes of Titanic and Abbeydale, but it was the 16 keg taps that drew me in. While many of the taps left much to be desired, they did have a good selection of craft with Loka Polly, Arbor and Black Iris as well as a few decent if widely available Germans. Expensive for Nottingham. Wouldn't be my first stop in town, but certainly worth a look if in the area.“
jjsint 404 days ago
72 /100 7 HURTS YARD
“This is a craft beer bar in the atmospheric Hurts Yard. It's on the smaller side, and day-drinking jjsint was the only one in on the early Thursday afternoon. Four cask, six keg beer (and about six ciders) are complemented by a decent can and bottle selection which isn't huge but has some interesting stuff. They're owned by Magpie, and they have a lot of Magpie here. Maybe not worth going out of your way for, but that's due to the surfeit of craft beer in Nottingham as opposed to any fault of their own. I liked it. No WiFi.“
jjsint 404 days ago
“A rabbit warren of rooms, all quite different. There’s a long, basic bar, a room where a group were having dinner after some sort of business presentation, another room which looked rather genteel and a covered yard or alleyway, so something for everyone. There was a good vibe, good music and a decent choice of beers - six casks (including one of their own) and two kegs. (Visited 10 October 2017).“
Boudicca 405 days ago
64 /100 351 MANSFIELD ROAD
“A new-ish micropub, small and comfortable with a homely feel and table only service. There were five cask beers and five ciders on offer. It’s clearly dog friendly as two came in to be fussed over whilst we were there. For us bipeds, the service was pleasant enough but the general atmosphere was a bit cliquey - perhaps inevitable to some extent where a micropub has become local residents’ second living room (and I’d want to encourage that rather than knock it). It’s difficult to put my finger on it but I’ve been to similar places where strangers are welcomed with open arms whereas here there seemed to be an invisible divide between those who were “in” and those who were excluded. (Visited 10 October 2017).“
Boudicca 405 days ago
74 /100 20-22 BROAD STREET
“This has become a regular stopping point for me as I meander to our from the Keans Head or Junkyard and now there is also the Neon Raptor taproom down the way in Sneinton Market. In itself it is a Brewdog but it also has some international beers and it keeps my US interest ticking along. Service is usual excellent. Ambience depends on time of day and day Avoid Saturday night with students. I never feel inclined to spend the night but I always come back“
theprof 439 days ago
“An apparently historic pub with a black metal theme. Strange! A pretty dull selection of cask ales, although served in good condition“
Cheeseboard 455 days ago
54 /100 18 ANGEL ROW
“Situated by the market square, a lovely old building. Inside there are a few rooms, with the main bar in the back room. But the beer selection (mainly cask) is rather dull. GK plus Nottingham Brewery (etc)“
Cheeseboard 458 days ago