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38 /100 KOESTRAAT 20
“Update Jan 2018. Sad to say the place hasn't improved at all. Just their own beers which haven't been improved nor have new beers been brewed nor have they expanded their assortment. It is stated to be a new open brewery with a pub, but in the end it's just an old fashioned brewery with boring styles and no idea what they should do with their pub. Boring, crappy, so many options, nothing they've done with it. Such a waste. -- Review Aug 5, 2016. "New" brewery which replaced De kroon / Oirschot’s Bier. Old buildings torn down, new ones built. New brewery equipment and a new brewer. Unfortunately so far the beers have been from mostly the same old classic styles. Nothing wrong with it, but that makes them one of so so so many breweries in the Belgium / Netherlands that makes a blond, a dubbel, a tripel, a bock, a weizen etc. etc. That said, it’s a nice place to visit. Modern, looks good, not too expensive and let’s just hope there’s some innovation coming in the next couple of years.“
Benzai 1016 days ago
60 /100 KOESTRAAT 20
“Original rating Oct 2015: Great looking brewery in the center of Oirschot. Hard to reach with public transit, but that’s not the brewery’s fault. Somewhat small selection of beers. Mostly their own beers which fall in the more classic styles. I’d love to see them brew a session IPA or something hipsterish. Or at least get something like that on tap from a befriended brewery or something. Place looks good, plenty of room, high ceiling, enough place to sit outside. Did not try any food. Will visit again, but it’s a five minute walk from my appartement so that probably helps a lot. It’s comparable to De Roos, but more modern. I’m curious to see the development of this brewery!

Edit December 2017: They hardly ever change their beer menu which is a big downside. I feel like the owner(s) don't care about beer or beer culture that much. I feel like they rather use their beautiful location for weddings to sell cheap pilsner and wine and being a brewery is just a small extra for them. They recently started selling (older) bottles from other breweries, so at least their selection is improving a bit, but I think if the people running the place had a real passion for beer they would sell fresh and/or interesting beers instead of what are basically leftovers. Most of the times when there actually is a beer related event it seems like the event is the fruit of the labor of enthusiastic volunteers and not so much because of the people actually working there or because of the vision of the owners. I still hope they're just trying to find their way and identity and that they will improve in the near future, but I was hoping the same thing 2 years ago. I will visit again. The place looks great (inside and outside) and there's certainly a nice atmosphere, but there are so many ways to improve and actually become venue that breathes beer culture.“
DutchDrebus 1031 days ago
50 /100 MARKT 14
“Really old fashioned bar with a great authentic feel. Lots of wood, old tables and chairs and even thick carpet on the tables! Beer selection is pretty uninteresting with just Belgian standards and La Trappe standards. Nice enough local Oirschot bar but certainly not a ticking paradise.“
kermis 1164 days ago
66 /100 KOESTRAAT 20
“A big open place with an industrial warehouse feel toned down by all the stuff hanging around on the walls and ceiling. Fairly local feel as would be expected in a small town like this, and seemingly a popular place for dinner. I didn’t eat here but the food looked pretty decent and way beyond burger and fries. 8 of their own beers available when I visited, with flights of 4 or individual taster glasses on offer. Friendly place as far as staff and local visitors go, certainly somewhere I could happily go for a bite and a beer.“
kermis 1164 days ago
62 /100 KOESTRAAT 20
“Visited on a sunny early Saturday afternoon. More or less old-school industrial and classic looking building with some of those features on their large enclosed patio. Inside looks modern, high tables and chairs, plenty of space. Interior didn’t really appeal to me, but looks smart and clean. Flights of any tap beer available for €1.75 per 15cl glass, or €10.50 for 4 with some salted nuts. Prices are very decent, beers weren’t great t.b.h. Didn’t try any food. Some bottles available for takeaway at €1.75 each.“
Borresteijn 1629 days ago
70 /100 MARKT 14
“Authentiek dorpscafé. Culinaire workshops zijn erg leuk (konden wel bieriger zijn...)“
Boxereddy 1736 days ago
64 /100 OUDE GRINTWEG 90
“Authentieke kroeg met bedstee! Unieke atmosfeer met lekkere bieren, just like old days...“
Boxereddy 1743 days ago
62 /100 OUDE GRINTWEG 90
“Thanks to Benzai for giving me a ride. Small local place, nice old wood feel to it. Cozy. Friendly service. Clientele is cyclists & locals. Prices were good. Selection was small. Mainly Belgian classics plus La Trappe beers. They had some more mainstream German beers which seemed interesting. They were on the menu but they were out of my first five choices. Granted they had a huge party the day before but still… Good place for locals. Good place to have a Belgian classic or La Trappe beer. Good if you are cycling nearby but nothing to go out of you way for.“
77ships 1823 days ago
74 /100 KOESTRAAT 20
“Thanks to Joes for giving me a ride. Small local place with some history. Very friendly staff & good service. They had Halloween decorations outside which nice. Tap room has bit of an industrial, warehouse, canteen, neon feel to it. A bit odd but comparable to some other NL breweries that I have seen. Prices were very nice. They sell samples & I got a very solid tray of nuts for ordering four. You can get also bottles of their beer. The beers themselves were all a bit similar, not too impressive but nothing terrible. Let us hope that they improve. They make BE & DE styles. If you are nearby, worth stopping for some samples. They will start doing tours in the future.“
77ships 1823 days ago
74 /100 KOESTRAAT 20
“Beautiful old brewery now renovated into an industrial looking tasting room. Quite large, but fits the industrial look. Nice square bar in the middle. Beers are traditional belgian styled. Outside patio looks great for summers and small events.“
caesar 1825 days ago
84 /100 KOESTRAAT 20
“Knap gedaan deze opwaardering van industrieel erfgoed. Super bediening en excellente service! “
Boxereddy 1833 days ago
72 /100 KOESTRAAT 20
“Wow, they have been working off their asses and what an awesome result! This place has been totally facelifted and in the best way possible. Apart brewing place with bigger brew units. Looks very good! Museum, which is always nice! And the place to drink your beers, outside looks awesome, inviting and cosy! Inside there is a big bar which you can’t miss with a decent selection but hope they will grow a bit of an even better/more interesting selection. Prices are good. Good nuts and sausages! Friendly service. Just hope they will brew some other things too like a stout, an IPA and a spicy beer! Well done with the new place, looks very good!“
Countbeer 1852 days ago
64 /100 MARKT 14
“Typical oldskool Dutch interior with seriously old wooden chairs and tables, topped with a carpet. Only my late grandma still had this at home, but over here it is still very much alive. Service was very friendly and superfast and kindly presented a taster before having to order a whole glass. Friendly atmosphere, ’gemoedelijk’ as they say in Brabant. And thats probably the reason its joes second livingroom. For the beers, its not necessary, as their selection consists of the usual Belgian suspects, plus a couple of local beers.“
caesar 2233 days ago
60 /100 OUDE GRINTWEG 90
“Wonderfully located in the rural area between Boxtel and Oirschot. Really old livingroom like inside and a beautiful patio. Service was very friendly. Selection is lots of Erdinger and La Trappe plus the usual Belgian suspects. Nice for a beer or two and to enjoy the view and nature.“
caesar 2233 days ago
66 /100 MARKT 14
“Een paar keer geweest. Leuke locatie, in het centrum. Niet zo’n grote bierselectie al Buitenlust, maar er zitten wel een aantal lekkere bieren tussen“
ansjelaah 2702 days ago
66 /100 MARKT 14
“Classic old brown dutch cafe with a niuce tap selection. Some local beer, some big names, changing bottle list. Family/living room athmosphere. Cool place.“
dEnk 2805 days ago
74 /100 MARKT 14
“Small cozy place in the central area of Oirschott. Very atmospheric, with a decent crowd. We met a fake bride and groom and bought slate hearts from them. At least I think we did. Great night! Thanks Benzai, for taking me here.“
Travlr 2833 days ago
68 /100 MARKT 14
“A nice old-looking brown pub in the center of Oirschot. I don’t visit very often, but it’s always a pleasant stay. The beer selection is decent... A steady supply of good (mostly Belgian) beers on bottle and changing beers on tap. I haven’t eaten there. Very nice staff, who are actively promotion beer in our village. It’s not a place I visit when I want to try new beers, but when I feel like drinking a few beers I already know it’s a good place. I prefer Buitenlust though (another bar in Oirschot), because their selection is much wider. But the location of Oud Brabant (in the historical village center) is better.“
DutchDrebus 2840 days ago
52 /100 MARKT 14
“I forgot about this... But I’ve been here in the past (future is quite difficult). A true old brown cafe in the beautiful center of the small pitoresque village of Oirschot. It’s small and old (in center) village called Oirschot, but yet 3 Dutch Ratebeerians emerge from this place at dawn... I remember I drank a lovely Karmeliet, a great beer and drank it in a fine, cosy and friendly true old brown bar called Oud Brabant (which the name itself is already classic). To be honest, I am not that familiar with the beers they sell now, but back than it had a normal to just a bit more than normal beer list than other bars and cafe’s had. So it is about time to go back and find out. But what I do know is that it is an old cafe with a cosy somewhat house chamber ish feeling to it, friendly staff and a place that is well taken care of. Good place to drink a beer or two.“
Countbeer 2848 days ago
48 /100 OUDE GRINTWEG 90
“Been here a couple of times through the years. Didn’t think it is a real beer cafe. Maybe it’s changed a bit. Back than the drink card was quite boring. Guess I should check it again... Now the history of this place is something completely different. More than 2 centuries old, a true classic and kept a lot in style of the old cafe. Local, classic and cosy!“
Countbeer 2850 days ago
56 /100 OUDE GRINTWEG 90
“This bar is located between Oirschot and Boxtel, pretty far from the centre and pretty much only reachable (is that a word?) by car or bike, not by public transport as far as I know. Average selection of beers, although they have more weizen-beers than you’d expect. There might just be a couple beerticks there if you haven’t had a lot of German Weisse yet.“
Benzai 2855 days ago
64 /100 MARKT 14
“Nice "old brown" bar in the centre of Oirschot. A bit small but that makes it warm and cozy. Sometimes nice surprises on tap and the bottle selection includes some of the best Belgian beers. Crowded most nights, calm and relaxed during the day.“
Benzai 2855 days ago
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