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68 /100 211 OLD STREET
“Good location right outside Old Street station. Friendly staff and nice interior.“
dantomlinson 8 days ago
64 /100 211 OLD STREET
“Visited with the Wingmane on Monday 10th February 2020 around 1630. As per the note I made in the venue description this bar may not be about for too long as originally intended for Dryannuary '20. In the old Draft House premises so similar decoration with two floors and minimalist tiled interior. We were the only drinkers between 1630 and 1700 barring one other … not sure this will last much longer! Alcohol free bar with a dozen or so taps … approx. half BD and half guest with a similar mix in the beer fridge. Service was friendly but under no pressure. Think there were a good 9 or 10 new ticks offered here but didn't have time for all. Nice concept but not sure there's a future for it outside of January.“
Theydon_Bois 10 days ago
84 /100 233A OLD STREET
“Nice modern bar with good selection of craft beers on tap and many bottles in the fridge. Good service.“
zvsn 96 days ago
“Great old school boozer with agood cask and keg list. Love the way they show all pump clips on each bak so you dont need to trawl the whol bar. Great service and ok with kids and took cash“
cgarvieuk 124 days ago
82 /100
Bone Daddies (Restaurant)
“Man this place was amazing, food was GREAT, but the reason its here is its small but good Sake by the glass list. Probably not worth a massive detour, but next to a draft house and the Old Fountain its a great extra stop on a crawl. Kids ok. This was the crawl highlight of the weekend for me“
cgarvieuk 124 days ago
80 /100 233A OLD STREET
“Nice Bar , decent selction, Good service. Ok (as all crafts have been ) with kids and took cash“
cgarvieuk 124 days ago
68 /100 233A OLD STREET
“After the Old Fountain this place seemed a but quiet and empty. Only a few punters so no problem with 5 of us taking forever to decide what to order. Decent enough array of beers. By the time we left at around 16:00 it was getting busier and the hipsters seemed to be on friendly terms with the bar staff, however it just seemed a bit dull and not as good as other Craft Beer Co venues. It may have just been that there was nothing that particularly enthused me on tap.“
BeardedAvenger 128 days ago
“I was meeting a few people here and one of them rang up to make sure she was in the right place. I confirmed that we were just coming out of the Tube Station and the response was, "I don't want to go in on my own." As I arrived I couldn't blame my friend - it's like they've intentionally made it look as run down and potentially not even open any more. Once you step inside it's bustling and and old pub but more rustic than the exterior. Just as I spotted that there were only 4 hand pumps a waiter asked if we were eating and then pointed us to the back for more beers. The array of beers was decent enough -although I was unlucky due to a few ticks being on. I settled for a couple of Orbit beers which seemed be popular. The barman was very friendly and I had a chat as he was also their brewer. We found a table for 5 and the issue was then that my mates would have been happy to sit there all afternoon so had to gee them on to the next bar.“
BeardedAvenger 128 days ago
“Grand bar à l'ambiance assez typique. Vaste choix de bières craft, aussi bien anglaises qu'internationales. 4 bières sont disponibles au format cask, ce qui est toujours cool quand on souhaite découvrir le genre ou entretenir la tradition. L'ambiance du bar est plutôt chaleureuse, même si les 2 serveurs n'ont pas l'air très agréables. Sympa.“
AssKicker 191 days ago
92 /100 233A OLD STREET
“Just loved the place. Located in beautiful red house, so british looking. Inside space is quite open and there is a little terrace on the backside also. Around 20 taps (although half were empty when visited), all domestic, and a wide selection of bottles (beer menu on the tables). My favourite of the visited places.“
fantti 235 days ago
“A nice old traditional English pub with a really nice tap and cask selection. Claim to be a Brew Pub….but no one available said the bartender. But when I looked at the menu….well they did have one. Probably not brewed there. Anyway they did really have a solid tap selection. Lots of goodies No problem to pop in here next time also 15 min walk from Liverpool Street Station“
Cunningham 292 days ago
78 /100 233A OLD STREET
“Good craft beer bar like the other CBCs. Loads of kegs and casks with solid craft goodies mostly from London breweries. Nice atmosphere, although the music was a bit loud.“
Rasmus40 378 days ago
80 /100 233A OLD STREET
“Look out for the large red painted building a five minute walk down Old Street from the tube station. Inside, it’s a one room affair with plenty of seating. Four cask lines plus around 25 on tap, all styles catered for and beers from a good range of breweries represented. Some beers are rather pricey as per CBC shops elsewhere“
Cheeseboard 401 days ago
78 /100 233A OLD STREET
“Very easy to spot in a red painted building close to the Old Street tube station. A long room with a bar counter offering a solid and varied selection of casks, kegs, bottles and cans. Seem to be clever put on many of the latest releases on cask and keg. Their draught beers can be obtained in thirds. Tasteful pizzas. Great music played at my stay; Oasis, Nirvana, REM and Stone Roses, among others. Polite service. Relaxing atmosphere on a Friday afternoon. (Visited 11.01.2019).“
Rune 404 days ago
90 /100 233A OLD STREET
“Met up with Mark (alovelydrop) for an IP trade. Tap list was a bit overwhelming, but a nice varied selection of UK and import beers. I'd really need a bit of time to do it justice.“
stevoj 449 days ago
“Small brewpub with a charming roof terrace that is surprisingly relaxing and quite in the middle of London. The selection is good and seemed okay priced. I would recommend having a beer here if you are nearby.“
King_Alex_II 512 days ago
80 /100 233A OLD STREET
“Visited 23rd November 2017. The largest of the CBC venues in London, a single room that has lots of seating, decor is pretty decent and has a bright red exterior to guide you in. Solid range of cask and keg beers available from a good mix of brewers both local and more exotic. Prices OK, service good. Would definitely return.“
WingmanWillis 552 days ago
80 /100 233A OLD STREET
“A bigger layout than other locations from them, with the usual numerous taps. Good selection of locals, nice service and prices were okay. Not a traditional English pub by any means but a good place to get your ratings on.“
DeanF 632 days ago
76 /100 233A OLD STREET
“My first visit to this pub chain, you can't miss it with its garish red exterior on Old Street. More geared towards keg than cask ales, my pints of Siren were tasty enough. Probably a pub that attracts more younger hipsters, but the atmosphere was chilled and I had a long chat with the manager. Not bad at all.“
Beermenace 678 days ago
86 /100 233A OLD STREET
“A nice addition to the CBC family. Solid range on tap, pretty much like the rest of the CBC shops. Friendly and attentive service. Plenty of seating. Not much else to say, really. Modern pub with a great selection.“
Leighton 681 days ago
86 /100 233A OLD STREET
“Another CBC bar, housed in what I seem to remember as an old grot spot now painted bright red. The usual great beer selection, spacious interior, more of a Shoreditch clientele (funnily enough) than other branches. Pretty good, just hope they don’t overexpand...“
JorgeLee 694 days ago
76 /100 233A OLD STREET
“2018-03-03. Modern feel - this could easily be a coffee shop minus the beer decor on the walls. Nice but less cozy than some of their other locations. Very young crowd - Mabel and I are in the top .5% of the oldsters here early on a Saturday night. Solid tap list is as expected. Friendly servers. Nice spot for a few drinks but I prefer some of their other locations as a place to spend some time. “
jercraigs 709 days ago
78 /100 233A OLD STREET
“Visited on January 2018.Nice spot on a really nice area. Selection is quite good with 25 taps and 8 casks. Next one please!“
Taboada 719 days ago
74 /100 233A OLD STREET
“(Visited Nov 2017) New addition to the Craft Ber chain. Located close to Old Street tube station, just east of the station. You can't miss the red exterior. Interior is a bit more bare than the other Craft places, but it's quite spacious. Visited on a Saturday evening, and it was quite busy and noisy (expected in this area). Beer selection is good as expected, possibly not as many cask ale then other Craft pubs, but good selection of keg beers. Service was friendly and efficient (seems like Josh has brought most of the staff from Covent Garden here). The younger and noisier sibling in the chain, but well worth a visit.“
Svesse 738 days ago
“Quite busy when I visited, a decent number of beers available. Apparently missed the fact this is a brewpub as nothing is currently available. Not the cheapest.“
Stuu666 827 days ago
80 /100 233A OLD STREET
“Similar to the other CBC venues - lots of beers, fairly busy. 3rds now available!“
Stuu666 827 days ago
“My second visit. Previous visit a couple of years ago was when it wasn't a brewpub. On this visit 15/11/2017 turned out none of their brews were on and staff didn't know when the brewer planned to start brewing again. So that aside, it's a decent pub with a pretty good selection of beers, but quite expensive (£5.50 for a pint of Orbit Neu). Pub is quite spacious in the main split bar area, highlight though is its roof terrace which is lovely though can get very busy (as in fact was the whole pub on this Wednesday evening visit).“
Grumbo 830 days ago
74 /100 233A OLD STREET
“Low on atmosphere. High on selection. Young clientele. Easy to spot: Red House.“
Finn 847 days ago
“Ok boozer with a good selection. 9 casks. A lot more on kegs.“
Finn 847 days ago
64 /100 168-172 OLD STREET
“Fairly nice JDW pub in Old Street, near St. Luke's (LSO) and Old Street Underground Station. The cask ales were mostly the usual suspects. I had Truman's Swift, fair enough. Did not eat, but they have the full JDW menu.“
Sigmund 850 days ago
58 /100 49 OLD STREET
“I popped in at this amazing place primarily to use the toilet, and was astonished to see a combined bike repair shop and café with at least 3 craft keg beers (including The Kernel Pale Ale) and some bottles. I just had a cup of coffee and a couple of their raspberry & custard tarts, which were delicious. Might well pop in here again, with the intention to drink beer. Not far from St. Luke's (LSO).“
Sigmund 850 days ago
84 /100 233A OLD STREET
“Another great bar of this excellent chain. A 5 minute walk to/from the Old Fountain (opposite sides of Old St roundabout). Old St tube station or buses 55, 205, 243 pass outside. Pizza (from a business a couple of doors away) a bit burnt around the edges! Got busy after 5pm.“
b727trijet 880 days ago
88 /100 233A OLD STREET
“Visited on the opening night, 21st September 2017. Quite an airy, modern addition to the Craft Beer family of pubs. Bare floorboards, Led lighting and a blue-grey colour scheme to walls and furniture afford a somewhat colder atmosphere than that to which visitors to Clerkenwell, Islington and Covent Garden have become accustomed. A spacious enclosed patio. Background music and conversation vie for supremacy, with the latter winning by a narrow margin. Friendly, cheerful staff dispense eight casks and twenty five kegs alongside a comprehensive bottle, can and spirits range. A predominantly younger clientele. Yet again, a buzzing area has been chosen to site this pub, and they deserve to succeed. Update. Lighting and decor have been substantially improved, and the ambiance is now as warm as you can get in a textile free environment.“
ladnewton 887 days ago
64 /100 1 CITY ROAD
“Facing south towards Moorgate, just where the road forks, as such it’s in a triangular shaped building with the square bar in the rear part of its centre. It’s quite a striking room mainly for its multi-paned windows on three sides. Its relaxed atmosphere inside adds to the ambiance of the rooms styling with traditional pub and restaurant furniture in here. Craft keg dominates over cask, but both are available with some decent offerings available in the former.“
ManVsBeer 1013 days ago
68 /100 168-172 OLD STREET
“A nice Wetherspoon pub in short walking distance from my hotel room, very practical as I love to have my breakfast at a pub when staying in England. Big and spacious, seems to be a popular place for some local constructors to pop in for a breakfast and a quick meal. Service where good and friendly. Food selection and price is the standard Wetherspoon range, and beer selection is quite good. In addition to the regular euro lagers and a handful of local London casks there is also a decent selection of bottle beer. Visited four times during my four days stay in the area.“
Beer5000 1128 days ago
“Visisted 4th October. Nice old-style pub near Moorfields. Very good selection of cask & keg beers“
deerstop 1219 days ago
“I am sure I rated this years ago... anyway selection has got even better lately. Usually 7 or 8 real ales and about a dozen craft kegs. Usually a good selection of styles and strengths. Only downside is food has got posh and £££ so cant have a roast beef and horseradish or cheese and onion sandwich which were quality and good value. Can at times be a victim of its own success with overcrowding especially weekday evenings.“
b727trijet 1221 days ago
62 /100 49 OLD STREET
“Am amazed Wingman Willis added this place as I didnt think of him as a ped ned! Yes its a bike shop combined as a cafe and bar. Lots of different people. Interesting.“
b727trijet 1225 days ago
“Visited the 29th September 2016 - Near to Old street and in front of Draft House. When you arrive this place looks like an old fashion pub. Inside, nice deco and good atmosphere with wooden floor. Clear and clean. Beer selection is nice with some cask and good range selection on tap from Peroni to Kernel. You can enjoy your drink outside but you won’t find a table or on the roof terrace (very busy). Staff is ok. Cuisine looks nice.“
sir__v 1238 days ago
62 /100 49 OLD STREET
“Visited on 22nd June 2016. Situated on Old St about half way between Old Fountain and Brewdog Clerkenwell it’s a single roomed cafe bar that doubles as a bike shop. Bike stuff dominates the walls, there’s plenty of tables and a decent patio area outside. It was busy but found a place to sit. There beer range had 4 keg taps which had a decent enough range, a small bottle and can list too ticked the craft beer boxes. It’s a nice spot to stop off for a beer, maybe not a beer destination but handy to know it’s there.“
WingmanWillis 1339 days ago
“Visited on 22nd June 2016. Nice old pub just off Old St. It has two bars and the split across the middle of the pub is a step. It’s got plenty of wood and is quite dark. Is popular for food and is known for the salt beef sandwiches. A good range of beer with a good mix of cask and keg, including a couple from the USA. Beer is well kept and is a good range, maybe not super daring but good enough. I noticed a palate of malt outside and asked the staff. They are starting to brew so expect their own beers on some time soon. Nice pub, worth a look in, especially as a few good places nearby.“
WingmanWillis 1339 days ago
66 /100 1 CITY ROAD
“Visited the 26th April 2016 - Huge pub in front of the Finsbury Square. Nice and modern spot. Staff is friendly and service is smart. The selection is very nice with 4 casks and 20 taps. I appreciate to see the Cloudwater dIPA v3 when I was there. I didn’t check the food but it looks correct. One bad point, the noise... Price is correct for the central area.“
sir__v 1382 days ago
68 /100 1 CITY ROAD
“Half way between Finsbury Square and Old Street, a large premise in the city (I dread to think what the rent is!) Visited mid afternoon so nice and quiet. Staff confirmed is sister to the Three Johns in Islington (I recognised the menus). Four cask real ales from microbreweries, the Charnwood Old School was fine. Also has 2 banks of kegs (some key-keg) approx 20 taps with all sorts of beers from all over the world. Worth a visit if in the area.“
b727trijet 1478 days ago
“Old pub, dark and woody. Interesting selection of taps, cask and keg, several that I wanted to drink. Lots of Moor. Good place.“
KyotoLefty 1655 days ago
“Nice mixture of traditional pub and modern touches, like the open cooking area. Quiet lunchtime when I visited, but still seemed to have character.“
sic1314 1775 days ago
62 /100 168-172 OLD STREET
“A long, narrow, standard Wetherspoon pub close to the Old Street roundabout. It looks as if it might have the original ‘spoon fittings and is surely ready for an update. The beer range was good - after a day seeking out festival beers this was our last stop and we still managed to find four new ones. (Visited 26 March 2015).“
Boudicca 1782 days ago
66 /100 1 CITY ROAD
“Spring 2015 opening from the barworks group (see also Earl of Essex, Well & Bucket et al). Visited on Friday 27/03/15 around 5.30pm and the place was heaving, 3 or 4 deep at the bar and a little slow in terms of clearing the after work crush - need more staff! Crowd was youngish city worker types, swigging Camden Helles and largely ignoring more of the interesting tap choices which included a couple of Beavertown offerings, Lagunitas IPA, something from Omnipollo and more to boot. Large single room venue (unless there was another level I didn’t clock?) with a mish mash of furniture. A decent selection of beers but nothing the ardent ticker will likely find new scoops amongst. Not a go to venue but worth popping in if in the area, but maybe not during the after work rush!“
Theydon_Bois 1795 days ago
58 /100 168-172 OLD STREET
“Stumbled in here in a jetlagged haze one morning last week. Unsurprisingly, it was just me and a couple of old men that had the inspired idea to drink at 9am on a weekday. Pretty typical ’spoonies ambiance and layout; perhaps a bit less dingy thanks to the wall of windows. There were roughly 8 beers on cask. I tried a couple of Christmas seasonals that were well-conditioned but still tasted acceptable at best. Prices were solid considering the very central location. Service was jarringly cheery. Not a showstopper of a spoons, but it’s a solid option if you’re in the area and the Old Fountain etc are closed.“
jackl 1873 days ago
“Pretty nice little local pub located in Old street, yo don’t really find places like this this deep int he city anymore. Typical local pub atmosphere with typical pub furnishing and etc, but the beer selection here is pretty damn good. They had some nice casks by thornbridge when I went in and some kegs by sirenw siren, beer is dispensed well and very fresh. Bottle selection was very limited but the draft list made up for it. Overall I really enjoyed my visit here and was very relaxed with very pleasant staff.“
Jimmythespoon 1954 days ago
“Quite small, but really nice boozer. Good range of cask and keg. Lovely atmosphere, charming old furniture. Easy to find.“
DanielBrown 2111 days ago