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80 /100
Pivotéka 13 (Beer Store)
“Good selection (especially for Opava). Mostly Czech, Polish and Hungarian craft breweries. I found a few new ones for me. Also something on tap. A bit higher prices (especially for Opava) but reasonable.“
mithe 146 days ago
60 /100 U FORTNY 49/10
“Obiekt zlokalizowany przy supermarkecie w centrum miasta. Obsługa ok, ale jeżeli 1 stolikiem zajmują się 3 osoby robi to kłopot. Mały wybór piw, tylko 3 swoje i Pilsner Urquel dodawany do deski za co duży minus. Największy plus to smaczne jedzenie. Piwa ok.“
Lisowczyk 389 days ago
62 /100 U FORTNY 49/10
“It's a brewery within an old defunct brewery which now houses a shopping mall. Unfortunately they seem to have moved the brewing equipment out of sight, so that the venue does not have a brewery feel to it. The interior seems a bit random, though the patio is nice. Service was really nice and welcoming and the food was very good - goulash and onion cream. The beers were mediocre though, with only the IPA standing out, though not too much. Decent place overall.“
ElDesmadre 504 days ago
66 /100 U PANSKÉHO MLÝNA 267/28
“Visited in 2018. Quite a huge place in the rural area south of Opava. We visited during Summer and it drew a lot of cyclists at that time. The patio area was big, inside was woody and cozy, with the brewing equipment on display. The beers were decent, which may or may not be regarded as a success but they fit the purpose of being enjoyed on a warm day outside by the river.“
ElDesmadre 504 days ago
78 /100 DOLNÍ NÁMĚSTÍ 13
“The first beer-bar with changing taps in Opava. Good selection (especially for Opava). Sometimes their own beer Vincent Vega 12°. Good prices, maybe higher for Opava but I'm used to prices in Brno.“
mithe 1362 days ago
74 /100 DOLNÍ NÁMĚSTÍ 13
“Dobrý výber piv, jen pocítejte s vyšší cenou. Pekné prostredí i obsluha. Každé pondelí se zde koná Pivní kvíz.“
djcampbell 1376 days ago
74 /100 U FORTNY 49/10
“Cas od casu sem chodíváme posedet s práteli. Pekné prostredí, dobrá jídla a na cepu nekolik specialit za dobrou cenu. Spokojenost!“
djcampbell 1509 days ago
64 /100 U PANSKÉHO MLÝNA 267/28
“Nice (so far only) outdoor place. Average service. OK prices. Only 2 beers available (so far) - czech pils 10° and 12°.“
mithe 2242 days ago
72 /100 U FORTNY 49/10
“Finally, Opava has a brewery, 8 years after closing Zlatovar and after 9 months of promises.

(DEC 20, 2013):
Ambiance: Nice new place, modern interior. Non smoking. (Some interior details could be improved, but rated only a week after opening.)
Service: Polite, pleasant, almost "first republic" (1920s) style.
Selection: Typical czech minibrewery beers and styles: 10° and 12° světlý and 12° tmavý for start, but they promise occasionally special beers in future.
Value: Maybe too high for Opava.
Overall: Very nice place with good service and good beers. I’m looking forward to special beers.

Dej Bůh Štěstí - May God grant luck and joy


(JUL 24, 2014):
New review:
Ambiance: New patio. Interior wasn’t improved, not much welcoming.
Selection: + 14° světlý speciál on tap.
Service was bad. 15 minutes waiting for poorly drafted, very undersized beer.

There is very little information about brewery and their beers on their website or facebook (and it’s 7 months after opening!). Looks like they are more interested in wine, food and homemade lemonade than in beer. That’s sad for brewpub in my hometown...


(MAR 14, 2015):
Newest review:
Ambiance: Nice interior. Could be just more divided. (+1)
Service: Slow, oblivious, but polite.
Selection: Interesting change. 11° bohemian pilsner, 14° porter, 14° IPA. Good, interesting selection. Quite good beers, especially the porter. (+2)
Overall: Service should be improved, but beers and ambiance are good. I’m starting to like this place. (+1)“
mithe 2382 days ago
62 /100
Pizzeria UNO (Restaurant)
“Nice looking, antique-equipped restaurant. Good service. Good food. Polotmavý Rohan 13° on tap...“
mithe 2976 days ago
62 /100 PEKARSKA 57
“Average pub, average service. Just 1 good beer - Slezan. Rarely also some fruit Slezan.

The only one place in Opava, where you can find Slezan!“
mithe 2995 days ago
72 /100 OLOMOUCKA 12
“Ambiance: Nice place, but sometimes smoke-filled.
Service: Nice, polite. Sometimes a bit confused.
Selection: 3 stable beers (Klášter, Granát, Velen) + 3 changing czech beers + 1 changing belgian. Czech beers only from K Brewery Trade. Newly very nice selection of bottled beers, mostly form Belgium.
Food: Very good, but a little expensive.
Value: Too expensive czech beers. Not so special beers for high prices. Price of belgian beer is high, but adequate.

My favourite bar in Opava. Probably best bar in Opava, but there is no competition, so Picollo is the only choice in Opava. “
mithe 3468 days ago