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“A nice little pub close to the Picasso museum. Actually, plenty of seating place, friendly service, free wifi, and great tap sélection 60% Brewdog, 40% French micros. The flight of 4 was about 16 euros. Beers were solid brewdog.“
Lubiere 124 days ago
80 /100 14 RUE DES HALLES
“Cool beer store with 6 taps of good beer. Small seating area inside, patio outside (people still use it at 0C to smoke)! Excellent selection of French beers with some Belgian, UK and other EU countries. 12.5 cl tasters available from 2.5 to 4 euros.Limited snacks. Super friendly service and patrons!“
Lubiere 124 days ago
“Close to L'Atalante, this place is worth a stop. Located directly on the Canal, this place as a classic brewpub vibe, hues of brown, metal, modern meets rustic. The service was good. They have about 12 taps. The beers are ok to solid. Food menu looked fairly complete, burgers, pizza, more American. Beer flight of 4 for 10 Euros. Worth a stop.“
Lubiere 124 days ago
84 /100 26 QUAI DE LA MARNE
“Best place in Paris during my trip. They have an extensive tap list , close to 25 taps, and a great service. The place is right in front of the Canal de la Villette, and the taproom is expensive, plenty of seating, large windows, pleasant vibe. They have a flight of 6 which cost me less than 17 euros! The food menu is upscale pub at decent price. I had the Raclette burger with frites for 16 euros. Recommended!“
Lubiere 124 days ago
“Mikkeler was the last stop on my first day in Paris. Smallish seating areas on 3 floors with a small bar at entrance, very cool. Danish staff (one could barely speak French). Service was good. Beers were top notch Mikkeler offerings , about 20 taps. Flight of 4 for 16.50 euros. They do have a food menu, limited to croque-monsieur, but the portions were big, as I saw from one of the patrons. If you are in the area..“
Lubiere 124 days ago
“Third stop on the trip. Great little spot, very cosy, full on that Saturday night but managed to get spot at bar. Very Parisien look with zinc paneled bar and communal seating. 12 taps of great brews from France and EU, all available in 12.5 cl at 2.5 to 5 euros each. Food menu seemed interesting, mainly upscale snacks, charcuteries, frites, etc… recommended.“
Lubiere 124 days ago
72 /100 28 RUE DE LA GOUTTE D OR
“Second stop, after i checked in at hotel. Located in the rougher Barbes area, the place is cool, with wooden paneled brew tanks at front and small taproom on side. 6 beers on tap in 25 and 50 cl size, 3.50 for smaller pours, also cold bottles available for on premise (4 to go, 5 on premise). Small menu available of croque-monsieur and salads…i had it for 6.50 euros and it was tasty. Their beers are OK to solid. Limited opening hours so watch the schedule.“
Lubiere 124 days ago
“First beery stop in Paris 2023 trip. A good start. Very nice little place on Poissoniere with friendly service. Place is elongated with wooden panels and old stones, very cosy. 12 taps of solid mainly French offerings. 12.5 and 25 cl pours available for about 4-5 euros, a bit expensive but again, good quality, Food limited to fries and snacks.“
Lubiere 124 days ago
“Très belle sélection de bières et super conseils. Localisation hyper accessible. Musique Rock. Au top.“
tripa 178 days ago
88 /100 64 RUE DE CHARONNE
“We visited here Sunday 4th September 2022 after going to the Cezanne in Provence digital art light show at L'Atelier des Lumières and prior to a visit to Père Lachaise Cemetery. We sat outside in, so technically we were inside but the doors/windows were pulled right back so we were effectively outside. It's a great place, located on a corner and easy to get to with Faidherbe-Chaligny, Ledru Rollin and Voltaire Metro stops all close by and Paris Gare de Lyon only 15mins walk away. Btw this is a wonderful people watching spot, looking out on the street and just observing is a great pastime. The staff were great, super friendly, helpful and genuine in their enthusiasm and interest. The guy on the rollerblades was zipping up and down and the guy who served us with the AS Monaco top was super nice. The interior was very nice, a clean, modern, uncluttered appearance. You could use a QR scanner to view the beers on their app' or they were listed behind the bar. Beers were very good on the whole, we had three of their own beers a Les Clef Des Champs, Histoire d'Amour and a Rejaillir Le Feu we also had a really nice guest beer, La Malpolon / De l'Être Tabula Rasa, all were great the only one that disappointed was the Rejaillir Le Feu as the slight butteryness suggested Diacetyl. We really enjoyed it here and I am sure that we'll be back again over the next few days of our time in Paris, particularly as our next hotel with work is much closer than our current place. “
Fin 266 days ago
82 /100 47BIS RUE BICHAT
“We visited here Sunday 4th September 2022 after going to the Cezanne in Provence digital art light show at L'Atelier des Lumières and a visit to Père Lachaise Cemetery, the cider place nearby is a handy visit particularly as this doesn't open until 5pm. BBP Canal St Martin is located on a corner in a nice area about 1 street back from the canal. There is seating outside which on a day like today was the popular choice. You go inside to order and pay each time, card payment only. Please note that the €7 for a 25cl is not the norm, of the 25 beers on tap there were quite a lot around €5-6 and at least 5-6 beers between €4-5, so €7 is the exception rather than the norm'. We sat outside for a couple of hours, almost the first to arrive by the time we left there were 40-50 people here, with a nice mix of ages. It is well served by public transport with Colonel Fabien and Goncourt metro stops close by. We liked it here, there was a great range of beers and it was a nice spot with a pleasant ambience.“
Fin 266 days ago
64 /100 51 QUAI DE VALMY
“We visited here Sunday 4th September 2022 after going to the Cezanne in Provence digital art light show at L'Atelier des Lumières and a visit to Père Lachaise Cemetery, This cider house is located in a nice spot by the Canal St Martin. We sat outside, service was a little slow as the girl serving spent more time chatting to her friends than checking on customers (and by now there were 4-5 tables) waiting to be served. I'm not sure that the choice is as extensive as the reviewer experienced below, certainly their app would suggest otherwise but maybe they have more that aren't listed? Two of the ciders/perries we wanted were unavailable but the Normandy cider we had was very nice. Service improved when a colleague arrived. It's a nice simple place in a good location. There are 3 Metro stops close by, Republique, Jacques Bonsergent and Goncourt. Also worth noting is that our next stop Brussels Beer Project is only 4-5 mins walk from here.“
Fin 266 days ago
“We visited here Friday 2nd September 2022. This was our last stop of the day and was quite close to our hotel. It's located in the Latin Quarter and is just south of the Seine and only a km or so from the Notre Dame. It's a nice place, narrow rectangular shape with bar on the left and beer selection on a chalkboard above the bar. A friendly couple ran it (I presume that they are husband and wife) the wife took the time to explain the size pours and prices. There were about 16 beers on tap and they were well chosen and a broad spectrum of styles. I had a Popihn DIPA DDH Pacifica / Triumph Loz had a Languedoc wine which she wasn't so fussed about. It was very nice place and being close to our hotel a great spot to finish the evening.“
Fin 268 days ago
“We visited here Friday 2nd September 2022 and had the food and beer pairing. The place is located where the 11th Arr and 20th Arr appear to meet and is a nice area, it is just around the corner from Maison BapBap. The taplist was great with a nice mix of styles and breweries. I started with a Hoppy Road HEDWIG - Saison rustique (Lacto Maison + Brett C) a decent beer but sadly a soapy hoppiness took the shine off of it, however it did grow on me. The food was delicious and well paired with the beers. The staff really went to lengths explaining the food and drink and how they compliment each other. I had a Ravioli de merlan ikejime, Oseille verjus to start with a Cantillon Kriek 2021, Loz had a Ratatouille crémeux burratta émulsion de cerfeuil et Persil paired with a De Rank Simplex. My main was a Cote de cochon, légumes de Saison jus de viande, condiment de laitue paired with a CR/AK Smoked after sauna Helles and Loz went for the vegetarian option again and had Chou-Fleur Rôti caviar d'aubergine au chocolate blanc, sablé de parmesan with a CR/AK New Green. We both finished with a dessert of Profiterole, sorbet figue and sauce pistache paired with a White Hag Puca Lemon. A great meal. We'll definitely return here but must also try their bar opposite.“
Fin 268 days ago
78 /100 4, RUE SAINT-DENIS
“Visited here today, Friday 2nd September 2022 as it was en route from Gare de L'Est to our Hotel in the Latin Quarter, it was a street back from Blvd De Sebastopol and only 2 minutes from the Seine. We sat outside and just had the one beer, but I was surprised at how many beers they had available. The majority were Belgian, followed by French and then a few German offerings and whilst most were well know such as the Trappists and some regular Belgian offerings, it was a decent selection, proper glassware, plenty of enamel signs and a nice looking place, the upstairs seating area looked really nice. We had a Chimay Verte (me) and Orval (Loz) and sat relaxing watching the world go buy. It was on the pricier side I guess at €18 for the two beers but I suspect that this is Parisian prices. We liked it here, we didn't really have too many expectations but it was nice, staff really friendly, good atmosphere and food (we didn't eat) looked pretty good, especially the Mussels.“
Fin 269 days ago
“Quite shocked to see this place on Rate Beer to be honest. In my younger days I used to make a point of finding a Hard Rock in whatever European city I was in, now my palate has matured, you wont find me anywhere near one (Unless we fancy a microwaved burger and a generic piss lager) Don't get me wrong, they're decent enough, but not a drinkers place, just another typical chain with the same generic food & drink. There's far more better places to go in the city.“
AndyTF2 390 days ago
“After a walk through Park of Luxembourg during a small trip in Paris. Good craft beer shop and also a bar (sorry, I didn't look at the beer on tap). I don't remember everything but they had good local/regional/national french/belgian craft beers. Again, I was looking for saison, farmhouse or biere-de-garde (the style which must not be named again :)). Helpful passionnate seller. I bought La Malpolon Shuctarine (Fruity mixt sour), Cambier Mongy Saison Bio, Cambier / Malpolon / Sulauze Saison mixte Pinot noir Cassis, Thibord La saison du trappeur, Pays Flamand / Bierbuik Farmhouse ale BA. ANd yes, no BdG there :) Ok price yes good value and atmosphere ; I didn't have time to taste some beers but I enjoyed this place.“
VDuquerroux 408 days ago
84 /100
Biérocratie (Beer Store)
“March 23th during my short trip in Paris. Curiously not so easy to find with my smartphone. Small great beer store. Yes maybe 200-300 beers ; nice craft french selection. Honestly, I didn't have a large bag and I was looking saison or biere de garde, the style-which-must-not-be-named in french beer shops ; but the trend is changing. I am happy with what I bought : de l'Être Love Craft Beer XII (rye saison), BAPBAP Herbe Folle (Saison), Corrézienne Château du Noual (Saison BA), Le Père l'Amer Cuvée Albert (Quad Brett BA fig), Spore / La fine mousse Saisonette Nelson Sauvin (Saison), BAPBAP / Vendale Opale (Bière de Garde) ; there was also a BA Biere de Garde I didn't buy. I didn't look at the price but it was ok for me. The owner was really friendly and helpful. Thank you, I will come back.“
VDuquerroux 408 days ago
72 /100 11 RUE DU POT DE FER
“24 beers on tap indeed : nice balance 50% french (O'Clock, Mont Salève, , Cambier, Grand Paris, Popihn, Dilettante), other (Oskar Blues, Dry & Bitter, Denver beer, Amundsen, Oddity, To Ol). Ok price considering the fact that we are in Paris. Friendly staff. Styles of beer maybe too classic (lack of wid ales, brett spirit). Atmosphere maybe too "clean". Nevertheless, good.“
VDuquerroux 422 days ago
“20' next to "Gare de l'Est" railway station. Great craft beer bar and shop. Honestly the best I had during my 3 day-visit travel here in Paris a week ago. 12 beers on tap ; good selection of french micros (bapbap, oclock, le detour spore) and also a few international beers such as dunham, brix city ; maybe 200-300 beers nice selection of french and international beers (also nice gueuse/lambic Cantillon, Oude Cam, 3 Fonteinen) ; I asked for a few craft "biere de garde" and wild ale and also bought a few days later Oude Cam Kiriek (couldn't resist ah ah...). Yes prices are surely a bit expensive ; but honestly I tasted only great stuff (saison, detour historical IS, Schneeeule Marlene, Bierol Gipfe 2020). Staff is very helpful and nice and passionnate (they know what beergeeks are starving for...). I love their beer shelves with "bars" such as in the old library I visited in Paris (bibliothèque Mazarine). I will go back !“
VDuquerroux 425 days ago
“Wow just wow...and great staff too...“
Wirralbeerveg 461 days ago
“Visited 01.08.21. 12 interesting beers on tap and a huge bottle selection both as take-away and to be consumed on premised. They seem to concentrate on Belgian beers. Friendly, English-speaking service. They do food after 5 pm.“
Holmen2 666 days ago
76 /100
Ker Beer (Bar)
“Visited the 1st July 2021 - nice bar in a quiet street near to Monparnasse train station. Nice staff and nice beer selection. Mostly french beer from west country-side. Price are reasonable. A good spot in the area. Recommended.“
sir__v 695 days ago
62 /100 9, RUE PRINCESSE
“Pub The Frog comme il existe plusieurs dans la capitale. On y boit les bières brassées sur place de qualité inégale mais il y a au moins de l'ambition dans la diversité des styles, j'ai ainsi pu y boire une Burton Ale. Un peu déçu par la nourriture en revanche.“
Gwilbreuf 841 days ago
“Déclinaison de la fine mousse, le lieu est vraiment très petit mais il y a une très belle sélection à la pression. Bar tout en longueur, ça peut paraître un peu froid mais c'est qualitatif dans les verres et les prix restent corrects pour Paris.“
Gwilbreuf 841 days ago
“Belle sélection de bières, bons conseils, niché dans une petite rue, un peu à l'écart.“
tripa 852 days ago
72 /100 14 RUE DES HALLES
“Visited in december 2019“
KegTickers59 1178 days ago
“Visited in december!“
KegTickers59 1178 days ago
66 /100 68, RUE SAINT-DENIS
“Tap selection is quite boring, but some locals You can find. Place is cozy and they speak english :)“
Juks 1179 days ago
86 /100 14 RUE DES HALLES
“Visited 4/3/2020. I drowned my sorrows here after finding La Cave à Bulles had closed. True it’s not as good, but was a very worthy place to visit and benefits from a drink-in licence and is situated in a much more inviting location - both of which detracted from the Cave experience. There are 2 walls full of beers, on one, Belgian and other countries, on the other French micros plus a small and slightly eclectic selection from UK. Plus one full fridge. Service was great. Was warmly welcomed when I came in and immediately offered assistance in selecting beers which I initially declined but then when I asked for help to run through all the different breweries they had they were only too pleased to help me identify the French breweries I’d not had before (found about 12) and then help me decide which one to have from each. We shared a few there, and also had a couple from tap which were quality. Place is quite compact, seating for around 10 people inside plus some seating outside for when the weather was better than it was today!“
Grumbo 1180 days ago
66 /100 47BIS RUE BICHAT
“Visited the 31st January 2020 - reasonable distance of Gare de l'Est and easy to reach this place is a nice modern architecture place owned by Brussels Beer Project. There is another place in Pigalle, Paris. Nice range of beer with lot of guest 25 beers wow. Service is friendly and only at the bar, only credit card accepted no cash, and wow beers are very expensive!!! I can recommend this place for the architecture, the service and the range of beer but definitely not for the price. 7,5€ for a 25cl... what the hell...“
sir__v 1206 days ago