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94 /100 PLATANI
“We visited here Monday 14th September 2020 after a ferry trip from Kythnos to Lavrio and drive from Lavrio. The brewery is located in the Platani district of town, to the east, it's a 5 minute drive from the motorway. I suspect that public transport won't come past here and a car would be your best bet (or bike perhaps). The brewery is in an industrial unit and a few wooden signs on the road will guide you here. There is the now very familiar pallet style seating and tables outside, and a bar and well stocked fridge inside. We came to pickup some beers but due to the generosity of Kostas (brewer) spent the better part of an hour and a half to two hours here. Kostas explained all about how they started, how much everything cost, how the lockdown had impacted them and about the beers they brew. Kostas's enthusiasm was wonderful, he was so passionate about what they were doing and explained things in impeccable English, with humour throughout. We tried all of the beers that were currently in the fermenters, was taken in the storage area to see their barrel ageing project and talked through all of the beers that they currently have in the fridges. I am not sure that I have ever met a more hospitable, friendly, enthusiastic and more wonderful brewer than Kostas, his brother Vangelis and work colleague (name forgotten) were also lovely folk. We finished up by swapping some beers and I then picked up a case of 24-26 to bring home. Then Kostas took us around the back and passed on some vegetables from the little plot they have. If I lived near here I would be a regular here, the beers are great and the company truly wonderful. A fantastic visit.“
Fin 699 days ago
54 /100 RIGA FERAIOU 182
“This place had better beer selection than I thought. Summertime it is a beer garden, wintertime inside place on the opposite side of the street. Almost 100 different beers and not much crap. Also some Greek microbrewery beers. English was spoken, food was ordinary.“
TBone 3321 days ago