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“Standard large warehouse industrial brewing operation with a small tasting space, pleasant patio, and bottles for take away. Some food available. Service was friendly. Beers need work for the most part. It's also a fair drive from the town centre. Not really a necessary stop but it can be hard to find their beers further afield - the bartender said they currently don't stock anything south of Squamish, so if you're really keen on trying their beers then make the trip.“
DeanF 321 days ago
80 /100 8324 MEADOWS RD
“Quite an amazing setting on a sunny day - a big red barn in a field surrounded by snow capped mountains. Sadly it's a huge pain to get to - Pemberton isn't exactly around the corner from Vancouver and this place is another 20 minute drive north into the valley. The tasting room is rustic chique and they offer flights of 5 now for a bargain and a song. Growler fills are available and service was great. Ample parking. Worth a drive, definitely. Oh, and the beers are all above average to excellent.“
DeanF 321 days ago
82 /100 8324 MEADOWS RD
“Love it. Ok, it's on a farm in Pemberton Meadows, so maybe 40 minutes north of Whistler, 10 mins north of Pemberton proper. Cozy tap room. The outside is just stunning - ok on paper it's a pen with a few picnic tables and a fire pit. But this place has mountain views in all directions. To the east is Mt Currie, which is a hell of a mountain. The Coast Mountains are stupid in general (Diamond Head, Black Tusk, the Lions) but Mt. Currie is really amazing. You are in another dimension of chill when you're here, especially if you've come up from the city the same day. Combined with the quality of beer, this rivals Persephone (though their beer is actually better, not an easy feat) for the most BC brewery experience possible. If you're in Vancouver and have a vehicle, make it happen. You'll be glad you did. Love this place.“
Oakes 532 days ago
66 /100 8324 MEADOWS RD
“About 15 minutes driving from the town centre, this is out of the way but worth visiting. Nicely set-up tasting room with 6 beers on tap. Fully licensed now since fiery1's visit, they offer flights of 3 for $7.50 or single 4 oz. pours for $2.50 (or of course, larger pours). Beer quality ranged from below average to above average. Service was astute, but not terribly friendly. The better of the two Pemberton breweries at this point and worth seeking out.“
mcberko 796 days ago
“About 5-6 minutes driving from the town centre, the brewery is located in an industrial yard with a stunning backdrop. The tasting room is right next to the brewing facilities, with the seating area quite small. 8 beers on tap, with flights of 4 available for $7 incl. tax. Beers were unfortunately quite poor, with a couple of infections and the rest just barely competent. Service was fine. Let's hope they figure the beers out in time.“
mcberko 796 days ago
82 /100 8324 MEADOWS RD
“A welcome addition to the area, situated in Pemberton Meadows on a farm. A big farmhouse building with a variety of seating, including outside which allows you to take in the vista views of the surrounding mountains. Newly opened(2018.06.22), so licensing only allows for flights of 3 (or one 12oz). Growler fills available. Presently 4 Beers on tap, but more to come. A family run brewery and very friendly they are. I'm looking forward to subsequent visits in the future. WiFi: Yes [ Ilovebeer ]“
fiery1 816 days ago