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“Went for dinner and a few beers. The pizza was great, and my partner enjoyed the fish burger. Really good value for Port Vila too. I intended to try quite a few of the beers but the first two were bad enough we called it a night. Service was fairly slow, but that is the Ni-Van way. It’s a fairly dingy sports bar, and the beers are bad, but I guess it’s an OK place to stop for a few ticks and a cheap dinner.“
explosivedog 2540 days ago
“Total expat bar in downtown Vila. The beers from the micro Nambawan were pretty lousy, though. With the sterile modern vibe and disappointing beers, I preferred to drink at either the waterfront bar or the nakamal up the hill. But is anybody on RB going to pass up all the local ticks?“
Oakes 2876 days ago
“American run place. It’s a bit outside of town so you’ll need a car to get here. Decor is just a ton of kitsch, which they must have brought in themselves. American food. I’m assuming it’s an expat hangout but it was pretty empty on our visit. The house beers were okay, but most Vanuatu beers aren’t great so the Porter in particular made for a nice change of pace.“
Oakes 2876 days ago
“Visited on a calm Sunday in August 2014. This place is located right in the middle of Port Vila next to the main road thru the town. It was not a problem on a Sunday but I quess that it might be a bit annoying with the traffic during a weekday, at least if sitting outside. They had four beers and one cider from Nambawan Brewery. I think that the cider was the best one. The porter was the brightest I’ve seen. The beers cost 300-800 Vatu. (3-8,5 USD) The service was friendly and polite. The place itself was quite big with an upper floor. Worth a visit if nearby although nothing special.“
gyllenbock 3316 days ago
56 /100
Anchor Inn (Restaurant)
“Free food on occasion and lots of sports on television. A good place to drink on the weekend.“
Imaena 3665 days ago
“This is the brewery tap/restaurant associated with the Nambawan Brewery, [not to be confused with the Nambawan beers made by the Seven Seas brewery served at the War Horse brewpub, which is just outside of town]. Brewery Bar and Restaurant is central Port Vila, making it convenient. However, the house cider is the best of the drink offerings. The beers are below average, and the food is average at best so make this a short stop and don’t get your hopes up. The staff is friendly and the ambiance is good for a few pints.“
Beershine 3781 days ago
“Probably to be considered a "must" when in Port Vila, the saloon has an incredible array of Americana-kitch that has to be seen to be believed. Cigar shop Indians, animal heads, and even mannequin harlots in Hooters T-shirts standing on the upstairs balustrade. Other mannequins are mechanical and talk to you. There is a stuffed kangaroo sitting on the loo in the ladies’ room. Music is apropos, too, with classic country mixed in with some Latin and even Leonard Cohen. There is also a trained cat, which rings a bell at the bar if it wants a treat. The food is actually fabulous considering where you are, to be able to eat Tex-Mex that has good flavor. They smoke their own meat and the ribs were as good as they smell. Their sauces were also excellent, as was the marinated chilis that come with the enchiladas. All quite impressive. The beer has a "kit" quality to it, but is clean and the best of the island. Both the lager and porter were drinkable. Friendly service and generally a whole lotta fun. It’s huge, too, with a giant banyan tree in the back.“
Beershine 3781 days ago
“Geez, where to start? Basically in the middle of nowhere, but it’s on the road between Port Vila and Hideaway Island so all the taxi drivers know it. Just tell them it’s the place with the big horse out the front (seriously). We paid 1000VT and 2000VT for taxis from the centre, not sure if we got ripped or not. On the face of it, it’s a pretty shitty place. A Texan-themed bar, all darkness and neon in a place where everything is outdoors because the weather is so good. They do have an outdoor section, in fairness. The beers (pale and dark) are pretty average. Not massively faulty or anything, just quite bland. For the most part I’d probably rather just drink Tusker. In spite of all this it’s actually quite an endearing place, though I can’t really put my finger on why. I guess you just go there and wonder how they’re still in business. The brewery is surprisingly big, and bottling is supposed to start in early 2011. Food is classic burgers, pizza etc. Outside they have one of the most amazing trees I’ve ever seen. The roots alone are several metres high. There’s a mechanised bull, pizza oven, cactuses, Texan flags everywhere, heaps of Wild West themed stuff.... Crazy place.“
mullet 4763 days ago
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