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“Small bookstore with a small bar in the back room, 2-3 small tables and 4 other geusts at our visit. 4 tap's with Czech crafts, Albrecht and Chroust etc. Didnt notice any bottle list, but didnt ask either, might have to check it out next time. Some classic metal playing from a grammofon if i remember correct - always ads to the ambiance. Allthough i dont speak Czech and read very few books these days i found myself checking what was on a few shelfes before leaving. Strange but lovely place.“
Camons 3 days ago
68 /100 SOKOLOVSKÁ 81/55, PRAHA 8 - KARLÍN
“Very busy industrial place in Karlin, easy reachable by tram. 10 beers on tap, 3 Dva Kohouti and rest Matuska, we had all 3 house beers wich was fine. You line up to order and pay, then another line to get your beer. Crowded and hard to find a seat around 18:00 on very hot Thursday. Prices maybe a little high compared to the area. Lots of other beer places around so worth including in a little crawl.“
Camons 3 days ago
64 /100
Lokál Hamburk (Restaurant)
“Traditional restuarant with a big bar as you enter and several smaller rooms aournd it. Tankova Pilsner Urquell and Kozel dark are only beers on tap, and most seems to go with the pilsner wich served in very good quality, very fresh. Pretty busy on our visit a late weekday afternoon. Effecient service. Didnt try the food, but it looked tempting.“
Camons 3 days ago
98 /100 VE SMEčKÁCH 16, PRAHA 1 - NOVÉ MěSTO
“Great place to visit, enjoy the local craft beer for fair price.“
MeadMaster56 9 days ago
“It is very authentic czech brewpub near the Old Town. 3 beers on tap (Hostomice), lagers are great, friendly, local customers. Old, wooden furniture, great ambiance. Good hermelin side to beer.“
dr.dod 17 days ago
82 /100 VINOHRADSKÁ 988/62, PRAHA 3 - ŽIŽKOV
“Huge basement bar with 30 some taps and a couple dozen bottles. We visited on a Monday and half of the taps didn’t have any beers ,which I reckon is the aftermath of a succesful weekend. Nice selection on taps, but I expected a more interesting and numerous bottle section tbh.“
midovark 21 days ago
54 /100
Cafe Frida Prague (Restaurant)
“Nice cafe with some outdoor seating on the pavement with a overview of a small park nearby. 3 tap's, uneticke 10 and 12, and a rotation craft, Raven summer ale at our visit. Lots of nice looking cocktail, Gin and tonics. Service and prices was fine- cash only tho. Not really a beer place, but as its very close to other place and opens early at 11:00 its a nice starting point for a days pubcrawl.“
Camons 25 days ago
68 /100 KATOVICKÁ 410/6, PRAHA 8 - BOHNICE
“Small bar in the north suburbs, 2 or 3 bus lines have a stop close by, so easy to get to. We took no 177 to Ladvi for Cobolis after our visit. Area around residental and somewhat worn down. Classic no fills bar/brewery, wooden tables, snorker tables and a couple of TVs showing TDF. Small brewery kit to the left as you enter. 3 beers on tap, quaility. Service was good, little english spoken, and cheap prices. Pretty sure youll not meet lots of tourists out here. Not sure if they serve any food here.“
Camons 25 days ago
62 /100 PERNEROVA 691/42, PRAHA 8 - KARLÍN
“Modern brewpub in what seems to be a huge office building, concrete, wood, glass, steel, lots of TV's everywhere showing sport. We ended of visiting 2 times in the same day for 2 reasons, beers where only served in 0,4 glasses and most important it was the day of one the biggest mountain stages of the TDF. Lots of people visiting for lunch around 12:00, not nearly as full later in the afternoon. Beers quality was a mixxed bar, lagers was pretty good, some other fairly poor. Not alot of beers knowlegde among the staff, wich also was a little pushy with shots etc. Prices was okies, but we could had used some smaller pours. We didnt have any food.“
Camons 25 days ago
76 /100 SOUKENICKÁ 1756/34, PRAHA 1 - NOVÉ MĚSTO
“Nice belgian bar in the center of Praque. Classic decor, wood, stone, lots of signs, labels and stuff on the walls, loved the air conditioning on a very hot day (36 degress Celsius) 15 or so tap's formed as dragon heads, and 2 BiB lambics, and a long bottle list wich is also avaible to go. Prices a little high, but nothing scary. Fine service. Some food avaible, but we didnt had any.“
Camons 25 days ago
“Unspoiled classic small bar very central, close to Paladium and lots of tram stops, kindof hidden in a side alley, so only a few customers and no other tourist at our visit. Small 2 room bar, wooden tables and benches, 3 beers on tap, 2 lagers and tmave - good quality. Service was fine and prices cheap. The easiest authentical classic bar to visit if short on time and just passing though the tourist area, and the beers are great.“
Camons 25 days ago
76 /100 SLEZSKÁ 1357/1, PRAHA 2 - VINOHRADY
“Old 20PIPs bar wich is alot more central location that the old Zubaty Pas one, place very much looks it self, ill even bet that a good number of the bottles in the fridge is the same as my last visit to 20PIP. 20 tap's with a good range, Czech microes, Raven, Matuska, etc and some good imports and with 2 Zubaty Pes beers on at our visit. 5 piece mix your own flight avaible for a fair price. 1 beer was changed on my as the one i wanted was out and the other was the same (an IPA) without asking - i hate that. Otherwise fine service, well working free Wifi. Still well worth a visit.“
Camons 25 days ago
74 /100 SOKOLOVSKÁ 467/114, PRAHA 8 - KARLÍN
“Small cellar bar, brick walls, wood, bar with 8 tap's and a fridge with some bottles. Tap's are a mix of local crafts, some Cobolis, Raven, Antos at our visit. Had some nice Tacos for lunch. Just a few other costumers at our visit early in the day. Good service and fine prices.“
Camons 25 days ago
“Modern brewpub in the southern suburbs of the city, a bit far out but pretty easy to get to with metro / bus as pr Marko's directions. If looking for eastern Europe ticks the Albert at Haje station is worth a visit aswell before going back to town. Modern brewpub in typical Hostivar style, concrete, wood, steel, glas and there is a small garden aswell, feels a little smaller than H1 and H2. 6 tap's including 1 or 2 Hostivar beers, rest house brews of fine quality. Bottle / grwolers to go aswell. Didnt eat but the restaurant filled up quickly with people having lunch wich looked good. Well worth a visit, and since they are open all day at 11:00 a good starting point on a days pubcrawl.“
Camons 25 days ago
52 /100
Bar Tunel (Bar)
“Small a little smelly cellar bar (sweat and wet dog) dark / black, rock'n'roll / punk decor. 3 tap's, a macro lager, 1 empty and a low alcohol beer from Cobilis at our visit. Friendly service and low prices. Soft Rock'n'roll playing, jus a few other custumers. Had the feeling that neither the beers or the music was as punk or metal as they wanted to flash. Anyway would proberly have loved this place as a young metalhead all those years ago. As a beer place its a little nah.“
Camons 25 days ago