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“I doubt it's a brewery, but I didn't go downstairs so I can't be sure. Anyway they do sell beer from brewery I haven't tasted so I didn't feel like doing anymore research. Loud music and absolutely not giving shit barmaid. Add foamy, bit sourish and not very refreshing beer and you get the picture. I wouldn't recommend this place.“
Marduk 4 days ago
62 /100
U Slovanské Lípy (Restaurant)
“Just another traditional Czech bar. Nothing really interesting here and bit lazy, but good enough to come here after workday to drink few beers and be social.“
Marduk 4 days ago
“Prepare your bladder 'cause they sell only man size portions. Half litre or no millilitre at all! It would be ok if beer would be fresh, but it wasn't quite so. So I struggled with this okish beer. Barman was bit lethargic too. Drunk dutch girl with bloody loud voice was entertaining. I doubt if I come here again.“
Marduk 4 days ago
64 /100 KŘIŽÍKOVA 272/17, PRAHA 8 - KARLÍN
“Taps full of local micro breweries. Went on 2 different evenings and in both times not too full. Food is ok here and beer quality also ok. Service was so so, kind of lazy Czech type. But selection of beers was ok so would come again.“
Marduk 4 days ago
70 /100 SOKOLOVSKÁ 81/55, PRAHA 8 - KARLÍN
“Crazy place in a good way or is it? I can't understand the system how they serve beer. You go and order, pay and then wait til they pour your beer. Weird. All it causes is long long ques. Place itself is pretty ok and full most of the time. Selection is good. Would come again.“
Marduk 4 days ago
“Plenty taps of their own beer. Bit too casual for me. Quite hot inside (summer), but nice and cool outside. Beers of my favour were fresh. Staff patient with me (it took me while to choose a beer). Will come again.“
Marduk 5 days ago
44 /100 PERNEROVA 691/42, PRAHA 8 - KARLÍN
“It was close to the place I stayed, so coming here was obvious. Beers were mediocre, but my smoked turkey breast was very good. Useless staff, took them like 15 mins to bring menu and then another 10 mins to bring drinks. To pay the bill we again had to wait for 10 minutes or so. Ohh and my friends beef burger contained like 7 tooth size pieces of bone, so yeah.“
Marduk 5 days ago
80 /100
Pivní zastávka (Beer Store)
“Hm, weird I haven't rated the place. Visited this April or March I reckon, so a pretty bare-bones review till I revisit. Pivní zastávka has moved to a bigger, basement place, a well-aimed and pretty powerful stone's throw from the old location. Now a quality basement store-bar combo, with plenty of fridges, okay prices, and several taps, that didn't perhaps thrill me when I visited (the tap selection) but that was a fluke. There are events here and they tend to get specialty beers and rarities pretty quickly. Good to combine with the Krymska cluster. How to get here: 124, 135 and 139 buses to Kodaňská / Na Míčánkách will drop you nearly in front of it. 101 to Slovinská works as well, you just have to go across the crossroads into 28. pluku. “
Marko 21 days ago
78 /100
Beerstore Prague (Beer Store)
“As generic a name as it gets and quite a central location in one of Prague's tourist-overrun parts. Can't be that good, right? Wrong! Beerstore, a shop that opened in late January, is a genuinely nice place, in an area desperately craving a proper beer store. Run by enthusiasts, a typical modern beer store visually, it offers almost exclusively Czech beers and some other craft stuff (cider, kombucha etc. I reckon, a few wines and some liquor). Mostly 0.75s, some cans as well though. One lonely tap, dispensing a solid Hák Red Ale when I was there. There are beers from most top Czech breweries (that bottle/can), except maybe some that are hard to get due to tiny production scales, and all beers are pretty much in fridges. It doesn't boast as many rarities as some, but it's, with a few exceptions, very much quality-oriented. Tamir, a well-known face from the Prague scene was filling in when I visited, and the service was basically 12/10, but it should be very much quality even in general. All in all, if you're nearby, visit it. How to get here: Metro to Národní Třída, exit, and then follow Ostrovní (the tiny street slightly to the left but straight ahead of you when you exit the metro by the main exit) until you get to Voršilská and see this to your left. Alternatively, 2, 9, 14,18, 22, 23 tram to Národní divadlo (the station on Národní), go towards the center (so the other way from the river) on Národní and turn right on Voršilská, following it to here.“
Marko 21 days ago
32 /100 K LETIŠTI 6/1019, PRAHA 6 - RUZYNĚ
“Oh joy oh joy, I get to rate this beauty of a place! Visited twice going from and returning to my Swedish trip. Buncha random bars boasting a "cheap" price of 99 crowns for Urquell (guess some places have a discount). Pretty garbage selection of beers at the duty free that I've seen. Okay, I haven't perhaps seen all the glory of all the stores and bars there, but there's no great reason for this to be a RB place. The only place you will find more expensive beers are the worst fancy tourist traps in central-most Prague.“
Marko 28 days ago
“Spacious place with several rooms, porch and beer garden. At my visit july 4th 2022, ten taps. Not all uhrinevsky though. Fridge with bottles for sale. Good service, not so much english, but very pleasant.“
djoeye 35 days ago
80 /100
Pivotéka DBK (Beer Store)
“Beerstore with couple of draughts on Budejovicka metro inside DBK shopig center. Drink in place in standing mode or takeaway. Good spot if you are nearby“
bybeer 57 days ago
74 /100 VE SMEČKÁCH 590/16, PRAHA 1 - NOVÉ MĚSTO
“Ah, the place at Ve Smečkách in its third craft beer iteration - hope it sticks now today. In one of the semi-suspicious side streets coming from the Václavák, still a 1.5 room affair, but somehow better arranged than I remember illegal being? Friendly, knowledgeable barman (very good English spoken), very loud tourists & semi-locals at one table, regulars by the bar. 6 taps + one fridge. The place is now connected to the Patchwork brewery, which I didn't see around that much, but it seems that they are pretty prolific, just not usually available in places I frequent. They had their dark sour with mango and passion fruit they brew for Ale!Bar - which was a bit iffy at first, but once it settled, made sense. A couple of other ticks available - a Falkenštejn and a Pioneer beer - those breweries were visible in the fridge I think. There were beers from Uhříněves, Zichovec and Mazák there as well. So, centrally, though it's in a bit of a blind spot, it's one of the rare good places, and worthy of support - you will almost certainly find ticks here.“
Marko 59 days ago
74 /100
Pult (Bar)
V CELNICI 1031/4
“A stone's throw away from the Náměstí Republiky metro station, on the NE edge of the same complex that houses the Museum of Communism (or as it seems from the front, the Billa Museum), Pult has been around for a while, but I found little inspiration to go there - since opening, they were advertising "6 perfectly pulled lagers" - Budvar, Urquell, Matuška 12°, Dva Kohouti 12°, Libertas 12° and Proud Ventill 12° - which was not a high priority to visit (though Ventill somehow stayed a tick until I visited it). However, what I didn't know was they had 3 guest taps - and Sibeeria was taking them over, premiering their newest space-themed NEIPA - Quasi-Stellar, so off I went. Modern, darker, big-one-room affair, a very long, well, counter (pult), with some charcuterie-style stuff in front, but also a twist on Dva Kohouti-style service (pay, go with the stub, get a beer poured from a fantastic 6 side-pull and 3 regular taps). The same group runs Lokál / Kantýna / partly Dva Kohouti so the connection why the main tap list is the way it is, and where the familiarity comes from. 0.3/0.5 for beers, 54/64, so, eh, ok, better than DK's prices for 0.4 if anything I guess. Specials are more expensive, think I paid 74 for 0.3l. Very nice, hand-picked bottle selection (or so it seems) - including surprises like some Kemker bottles, Hellstork etc. The lagers were in top shape, and will probably always be in top shape. Okay service. They will allegedly change the 6 "permanent" lagers every September or so, so I'm interested what they'll switch around (my bets would be that Libertas and Proud will be out, but you never know). Aaanywho, if you're centrally located, this is far from a bad place to end up in!“
Marko 59 days ago
68 /100 WALTEROVO NÁM. 329/2, PRAHA 5
“Waltrovka is a nice, modern commercial (and further on apartment) complex in the area of the former Walter car & airplane motor factory, and Turnov brewery's pub/restaurant/taproom has put some life into an otherwise typically sterile "commercial area" assortment of stores and services that cease to function when the last employees leave the area for the weekend. Also, it provided me with a place with rare ticks (sadly, not many seasonals) and a non-macro beer selection that I can get to and back from my home using up 1h of my lunch break, so yay. Modern, pro service, friendly, 90s music playing inside, nice little patio. Big 10 tap system used for 5 of their beers (plus a řezané, which is a pale+dark mix in the glass) and a Birell. Hope they expand it really with some seasonals and guest stuff - it would draw extra beergeeks from the area. Turnov stuff isn't top class, but far from bad, very decent 8° and dark on my visit. 35czk for .5 of the 8°, 39 for 0.3l of the dark, so good prices for the standards nowadays. I've had their take on pljeskavica (or as they put it, "plejskavica", with ajvar and pita bread) for 159CZK (6.44€) which was neither a pljeskavica, nor was it ajvar (and barely pita bread), but was nice enough, and the portion was solid for the price. With some tweaks to the concept (or with the Turnov brewery becoming more prolific) this could be an excellent place - it still has potential to fulfill, and, well, I'll definitely be back, though I cannot give it a huge score within the RB Place context. How to get here: exit the yellow line metro at the Jinonice station. after you exit, and go forward towards the street, follow the road to you left, till you see a big staircase curving away to the left still, over the railway tracks. Use it to get to Waltrovka (if you see some fucking awesome statues, you're in the right spot), and this will be to your left again.“
Marko 60 days ago
“Nothing for Beek geek. But they have solid Urquell and very nice traditional meals. Like...why not“
surething_ii 83 days ago
68 /100 KARLOVA 147/44, PRAHA 1 - STARÉ MĚSTO
“Crowded. Big time. Okay playlist with 7 taps but nothing really astonishing if you know Czech scene already.“
surething_ii 87 days ago
80 /100 HUSOVA 232/10, PRAHA 1 - STARÉ MĚSTO
“Quite nice ambient brewpub. Attentive staff and quite good selection of house beers. Yep, worth a visit“
surething_ii 88 days ago
70 /100
Výčep (Restaurant)
“I've been in two minds about putting this one on RB or not - but it seems to be getting some visibility and traction among some beer and food geeks so there we go - and it's your safest bet for Dalešice ticks (since Malý/Velký closed :( ), and those are good beers. Anyway. Despite the name being "tap room", this is first and foremost a restaurant - a modern one, mind, with jars of kombucha lining one of the walls. It's definitely food first, allegedly very good - haven't tried myself - a modern twist on food from Valašsko I guess. The prices certainly match that, this does not conform to "cheap Czech food" expectations, and since the quality appears to match (again from experiences of 2-3 others, not mine), that's not a bad thing. The staff are friendly enough, pros by all means. Beers - the regular Dalešice 11 is omnipresent, sometimes alone. Yeah, the place has technically 3 taps, but I'm not sure I ever ran into more than 3 different beers at the same time. If I remember correctly, it offers a dead-overpriced šnyt-in-0.4l glass for 45 and a somewhat more tolerable 0.4l for 55 CZK, fucking inflation... Anyway, the 11 should be in good shape, the "bitter" 12°, a new tick for me last time was in good shape as well, and since those are above-average lagers for the country, that's a good thing. They also had the Majové which I skipped this time (had it before). Kouřící Králík was there the time I visited before that. We also tried the fermented ginger-infused spirit and it was tasty. All in all, beer hunting, you will be in the area - it's pretty much on your way from, say, Beergeek to Vinohradský, or downhill to Valhalla and the Krymska place cluster, so, if there's space, though it's not the most common thing to do here, come in for a tick or two of a good lager, and, if you're not on a budget, why not choose the place for lunch. As a beer place it doesn't score much which I sorta balanced out with the overall score, mind.“
Marko 95 days ago
“Nice little basement bar that I don't know how I missed before. Not sure there were 7 active taps, but even if they weren't, 2 beers were new for me - and in solid shape too. Randomly, Malešov, Knír and Four Elements are those I remember, so not that common. Good service from what I know but limited communication as the place was fuuuulll. Good prices too. Seems to host gigs and maybe exhibitions too? All in all, another very good neighborhood bar with a solid selection. 3,5,6,10,11,14,16,18,21 will drop you close to it coming from the center at Pod Karlovem, you need to cross the street and it will be soon to your left. Same trams will get you closest to Nuselské schody - walk on and just around the corner it's there.“
Marko 101 days ago
62 /100 NA KVĚTNICI 700, PRAHA 4 - NUSLE
“So, a big restaurant taking up the right wing of an old Sokol building, a Pilsner place that also hosts a client brewery, brewing beer elsewhere - pin-up design, women-led and -brewed if I understand it right, it has its own thing going on, and that's cool. But the place doesn't share the same aesthetics, a typical, classic Czech restaurant/pub. Pilsner stuff and one Květ beer on tap, another in a 5l keg in the fridge. Good service, busy. Didn't eat when visiting, but did order before and the burger didn't thrill me (good, not great). Typical, with a little twist all in all. Annoyingly, the stairs towards (or from) Bašta and that area have been under reconstruction for a while, so you have to circle, ergh. But if you take a tram to Palouček (one of many) and move to Pod Sokolovnu street, climbing the stairs up to the restaurant is quicker and you avoid it hah.“
Marko 101 days ago
76 /100
Pivo Grando (Beer Store)
“A new store, primarily beer, but also with some wine and (special) food selection, mostly imported seemingly, along with a big selection of foreign stuff as well - like Belgian. Three taps, I had a brand new SQBRU pale ale (nice!), there should nearly always be a Sněžka beer and there was an Obora as weill. There's a specialized Sněžka fridge - but also an (empty) Proud one. Good prices I think and a good selection - not the best in town, but one of the better ones for imports. Was fun to see Croatian pršut there (albeit Slavonian). Very good service too. Busy atmosphere when I was day, good music playing i nthe background. 14 or 11 will take you to Pod Jizerkou and you should backtrack from there. Bus 188 will get you even closer (Kloboučnická), if you can get to it.“
Marko 101 days ago
“A wine / beer store / bar just outside the Krymská beer cluster (or maybe its westernmost part) - 2 room affair, a few tables, a bit old school looking, has its charm definitely. Some older locals enjoying their wines and some food (classic CZ pub cold fare). Only two taps when I visited, the pale Strakonice Klostermann (good for for a butter lager) and Matuška Apollo Galaxy. The fridges had an okay range, maybe slightly more on the old school side, but seemed a bit skimpy, maybe 20 different beers overall, and not that many more bottles. Solid service, okay prices. The wine part seemed better stocked, especially as taps. As a wine place, it would probably score higher, but the beer part was lacking - I'm sure it has potential for more, that I visited it at a wrong moment, but I can't recommend it over some other places nearby regardless when it comes to just beer. Get off at Jana Masaryka (tram 4, 13, 21, 22) for this one than walk down the street, then after you're done, walk on down to the more attractive beer places.“
Marko 105 days ago
66 /100 AMERICKÁ 341/43, PRAHA 2 - VINOHRADY
“Nice enough place with great selection and fair prices.“
Leeale 110 days ago
“Really nice place with good service, the prices were a bit overpriced in my opinion but other than that a worthwhile spot to visit.“
Leeale 110 days ago
58 /100
ALE! bar (Bar)
“Good music, small selection, weird smell and odd service. But worth a visit if you happen to be close by, just lower your expectations.“
Leeale 110 days ago
“On a boat. Yes. Some would expect it to be just another tourist scheme but it is not. Friendly, warming and welcoming. Service was amputated as they were extremely busy with employes Down/Ill on our visit. Boy the waitor ran fast. Superb clean and interesting beer. Good Food. Cant wait to come back!“
Dedollewaitor 113 days ago
“Early visit on a Sunny Day. Looks like your average tourist trap. 3 of their own beers on. All clean and 2 of Them good. Lovely ceaser salad, fries and tasty sausage in Dark beer. Average prices and almost lower than this area og Prague. Waitor asked for a tip which I really hate. But all in all a fine experience and an easy stop.“
Dedollewaitor 114 days ago
56 /100 U AKADEMIE 366/11, PRAHA 7 - BUBENEČ
“Small and cozy Cafe with a friendly and Nice Vibe located in Holosovice. They brew their own beers. I detected dms in both of their lagers which besides of that had a lot of potential. I tried to chat to the guy serving me but limited english. He replied: oh Thank you ,when I mentioned dms and vegetables.“
Dedollewaitor 117 days ago
52 /100 LIDICKÁ 337/30, PRAHA 5 - SMÍCHOV
“My 500th Place rating. Quiet sunday visit. Friendly. One czeck style svetle and some ipa and hipster stuff was on tap. The beer was mediocre at Best, bland and soulless. A little Dusty malty. I suspect it not being overly fresh. Easy to reach from Andel metro.“
Dedollewaitor 118 days ago
50 /100 PERNEROVA 691/42, PRAHA 8 - KARLÍN
“Touristy, noisy and quite annoying overall. Lots of waitors and Loud Music. No knowledge of beer at all.we had a Fairly clean though soulless 11 and horrible infected 13 red ale. We had to leave in a hurry.“
Dedollewaitor 118 days ago
“Pub chain with Lipy. 8 taps. Pub Vibe and feel. Lezak 12 and tmavy from the chain brewer both enjoyable. A lot like Slovansky Lipy and a place to stop by.“
Dedollewaitor 118 days ago
“A bit like their old offering. Down the street from pivovarsky Dum. 10 taps. Fruited sour, ipa, stout and such. Went in for czeck lager so was quite disappointed. Matuska, bad flash, etc. A fridge full of czeck hipster brewers with NE IPA and fruited sours.“
Dedollewaitor 118 days ago
“We took the tram as Marko suggested and walked 10-12 minutes. Lovely place almost in the Woods. Franconian beer Keller feel. Welcoming and english speaking service. Lovely ceaser salad and 3 cups of their lager which had some DMS issues on our visit. Ultra hoppy and with a lot of potential. A shame.“
Dedollewaitor 119 days ago
“We took an Uber for 140 Czeck from Prokopak. But cant recommend it. 3 of the most Dirty beers we came across during a week in Prague. Both fermentation problems and Dirty unclean taps. Really bad.“
Dedollewaitor 119 days ago
66 /100
U Tunelu (Restaurant)
“Just before the long ziskov tunnel. Walk outside of Slovanske Lipy and through the tunnel. They have 5-7 Konrad beers on. Similar Vibe as Lipy. Locals.“
Dedollewaitor 121 days ago
80 /100 VINOHRADSKÁ 988/62, PRAHA 3 - ŽIŽKOV
“Technically they have 30 taps, but 8 weren’t pouring anything so I guess 22 taps. Small fridge with a variety of cans and bottles. One cask on the menu, but it was actually a can (I guess they didn’t have a cask that day?). Good mix of stuff both local and around Europe. They offer flights of 5 pours. Definitely worth checking out. Reasonable prices. Didn’t try the food, but heard the wings were good. Not the most knowledgeable staff, but decent and friendly.“
pictoman 135 days ago
70 /100 KŘIŽÍKOVA 272/17, PRAHA 8 - KARLÍN
“Pivovarský klub was a classic, legendary place that got stuck in its own little time capsule and fell victim to the lockdowns I reckon. It was one of the not very many places where Benedict was regular, so when it was reopened, rehashed under new ownership, there was no surprise it would have some, at least nominal, connection with it. It has to be said, they prettied it up okay enough. The gimmicky "smallest brewing system in the world" is gone, so are the shelves with beer - it's primarily a restaurant. A busy one too, it was full. The staff was a bit indifferent, but did their job quickly - busy day for them, can't blame them. The "cellar" area was open, but didn't take a glance to see how it had changed. Of course, on, their 6 taps they had Benedict 12% - but also their Jarní NEIPA, which wasn't good. An Antoš IPA was there, okay, Čestmír SMASH Sabro, Permon Zaříkávač chmele and Obora NEIPA 15%. So a wide hop-driven list. They carry some Belgian classics and a few Czech craft beers as well in bottles. A good place, but not an essential Prague beer place - just a good one to go eat at probably, and a solid place to waste some time while waiting for your bus on Florenc.“
Marko 163 days ago
78 /100
Lokál - Hamburk (Restaurant)
“Right next to Dva Kahouti. Excellent Urquell as always with the tankpubs. You know what you get. Excellent stop in the area. Pivovarsky Klub nearby as well“
Dedollewaitor 172 days ago
“Actually not a brewpub really despite the huge Pivovar Uhříněves sign on the side, the brewery is in another building a bit down the side street. This is a spacious, nice place with a dark interior, pleasant atmosphere on my visit. Good, numerous, quick service. A pretty wide set of beers on tap - 11°, 12° Kazbek, the 13°, maybe 14°, Blondie, IPA, chestnut seasonal... Prices for the lagers slightly cheaper than "nearby" in Říčany but more expensive than the Hostivar brewpubs I think. Okay form for the beers, none were a wow (the 11° on tank was less impressive than last time I'd had it) but the chestnut one was well made and IPA solid for a ČIPA. Pretty popular place locally I reckon - will partake in food next time hopefully (and I need to revisit it for the brewery visit place tick). Solid place - it may not always be worth it since you could get all the beers at the Vinohradský Burger Bar before, but for example in the last week the selection here was far better than in the burger bar - like 5 more beers at least on a Saturday night, so - if you miss some beers at the VBB, they should be available here. Beers available in bottles and PETkas but not sure how the prices compare to the brewery store. A good place overall. How to get here: Train till Uhříněves (S9). Go out, follow the Picassova street till the main road (Přatelství). You can then turn left and walk to the bus station and wait for nearly any bus I guess that will take you 2 stops to Uhříněves station, and you'll see the restaurant just by it (and the church). Good if you don't have to buy a ticket. Or you can turn right and follow Přátelství (it will veer to the left, just follow it) till the brewpub - some 15 minutes of walking overall.“
Marko 174 days ago
80 /100 KŘIŽÍKOVA 272/17, PRAHA 8 - KARLÍN
“Visit 8 November 2021 - four years after last time. Now "Benedict" is added to its name. The pivoteka shelves are gone. Cellar restaurant at the moment closed. Bar now has black tiles, some interior updates done. Same good kitchen and at least six delicious tank beers on taps. I guess there are more downstairs, but that I have to check next time.“
djoeye 180 days ago
42 /100 NA VESELÍ 702/48, PRAHA 4 - NUSLE
“How to get here: 18 or 19 to Na Veselí, following the street straight till you hit it. You can hit it from the direction of Bašta and Zlý Časy too, but better to start with the Na Veselí cluster before heading down there. Oh wow, was wondering how this had such high scores, and the 2011 ratings have little to do with it now. Yeah, it's still got a nice little patio looking at barbed wire, but the interior has been gentrified partly to a restaurant, and it's a Bernard place, the toilets are duly clean. The Kácov connection remained in the lonely 12°, but it's a Bernard place mostly, with the 10°, 11° and 12° but no dark one. It did have Únětice 10°, which I stuck to, Matuška California and dunno what else. No new ticks for me, and Hubertus 12° is much more easy to attain nowadays. Very few people inside after food-serving time was done, but a very friendly little... boston terrier? was the star of the place running around for pets while a weird shuffled playlist was playing in the background. Beers were in good shape. And that's where the fun ends. The service was weird from the start, detecting quickly we were foreigners, but a couple of us spoke Czech so we got our beers... but a guy hovered weirdly at times, his attitude towards us seemingly not particularly friendly or welcoming. Seemed chummy with the locals tho, dunno. And then he showed up with a 1040 CZK (43€) bill containing food, a bottle of Riesling, 7 small beers and god knows what not to us. We had just a single round of beers, 3 big and a small one. We may be shitty foreigners undeserving of being treated normally on account of stealing fresh Prague air from Czech lungs or something, but we are not bloody fucking moronic shitty foreigners, so we pointed out, in Czech, politely, that this was obviously not our bill. The guy returned, reluctantly, with the bill again (?!) but also a calculator, and we got to 163CZK (6.7€), which seemed right. Who knows which poor person he unloaded the bill on next. Despite getting an undeserved tip as well from a colleague, the guy was incapable of returning at least a "nashle" or "na shledanou" as we were walking out. I mean fuck, what can be done to appease such a xenophobe thief? We are polite, friendly, speak Czech, tipping (and if it matters any, duly paying Czech taxes and not stealing any local's jobs), and are still treated like we're garbage to be ripped off. Disgusting.“
Marko 184 days ago
70 /100 NA VESELÍ 34, PRAHA 4 - NUSLE
“How to get here: 18 or 19 tram to Na Veselí, easy to combine with Pivní Laboratoř and U Klokočníka. Good-sized place, a huge bunch of what seemed to be high school kids were there, but also some couples, friends, even what seemed to be some author's business meeting in English, complete mixed bag of locals. One could call the decoration (like the weird lighting setup above the bar)... a bit motley, but the ambiance was fine, enjoyable. English-speaking young bar-lady, doing her job very well. Kozel 11° on sale for 29-ish I think, Radegast 10° and 12°, Krakonoš 12°, Únětice 12°, Primator Tchyně being the only hop-driven beer and the rare Rohozec Unger. Odd selection, but hey, one tick and nobody was complaining. Good fries with what appeared to be made home-made tartar sauce. A good local bar all in all, you should be able to find a tick or two.“
Marko 184 days ago
70 /100 K OCHOZU 1, PRAHA 4 - NUSLE
“How to get here: Tram 18 or 19 to Na Veselí, go back and then left, pass through U Libušiných lázní, continue straight through the park, then left when you're on the other side. After 50m, go right (K Ochozu) and you'll see it. A cute, small neighborhood bar filled with very friendly locals, eating, drinking, playing with a very friendly dog... Precious, pleasant homely ambiance honestly that I'm sure they appreciate. A throng of various local and foreign bottles lining the walls noting that this is a craft beer-driven place. Four taps - Kamenice 10°, Albrecht 11° (not great), Opivistan 11° (a rarity and actually tasty) and Jungberg's LucIPA for that modern twist. 34-39 for 0.5l of lagers I think, which is great. The guy behind the bar did his job well, I think some English may have been spoken. Honestly, while it won't enchant you with a wide variety of beers, and it cannot get a huge score, we loved it there, and the experience makes me "overrate" it.“
Marko 184 days ago
82 /100 KONĚVOVA 1819/133, PRAHA 3 - ŽIŽKOV
“Well, since this is out of the way (Ascelja gave a nice overview on how to get to it), I'd missed out on in before a couple of days ago. Several fridges and a bar, along with a few, mostly standing tables in the front lobby, a couple of fridges in the corridor leading to a back seating area. Bigger than it seems at first glance and fairly busy, lively. Pretty good service, though I did receive one beer wrong at first. Four taps, all uncommon beers (Raven Bohemian Pils, The Barn Nelson, some Thrills APA, some Antoš NEIPA), The Barn and Antoš being kinda out of shape most likely, but not the place's fault perhaps. Excellent selection from all corners of Czech Republic, beers one doesn't commonly see around, some specialties and rarities. Not the cheapest place around, but nothing to complain about honestly. Likely a good layover if you're based in Žižkov, or while transferring from, say, Karlín/Palmovka to Vinohrady, and definitely one of the best stores in Prague / CZ.“
Marko 184 days ago
“Visited the bar with Rauchbierlover, forgot apparently to rate it. Oh well. Basement, traditional-ish pub. Indeed, the tap list was a combination of Prager Laffe with Uhříněves, some Kocour and Albrecht. Odd that Uhříněves is here, considering that their main outlet is around the corner, but the 11 is nothing to complain about, and so's Albrecht 10. Okay service, a bit confused (one wrong order if I remember correctly). All in all, a solid place.“
Marko 186 days ago
66 /100
BeerMECA (Beer Store)
“One of the newest additions to the Krymská craft beer cluster, BeerMECA is a perplexing place. You enter a pretty big area that splits into a beer store part, with over 10 fridges, probably the most in once place in Prague - but with shockingly few beers inside them - generally top quality breweries are generally represented, apart from WildCock (whose hoppy weizen kicks ass by the way), but I'm not sure there were more than 30 beers overall - a bunch of fridges are empty, some have something like 2 beers inside them. The prices didn't seem particularly thrilling but I'm not sure if they have gone up elsewhere - likely they have so it's perhaps not a fair comparison. Oh, and the place was empty, empty in a very much bustling area packed with people - apart from a lonely, very much bored gentleman behind the bar who did his job well. Only 2 beers on taps, ther 12° and their English IPA. The 12° was a tick, and showed promise, but also some funkiness (maybe taps?). The price list promised food as well, but I wasn't going to inquire right then. There might be a basement floor as well. It's just so weird - how is this so empty? Both of people and beers? Huge potential for the area, and yet... not used up at all. The problem might partly lie with imperfectly run social media - their last post was that they were going on a holiday break - but yet they didn't make a post saying they were back. If I wasn't nearby with a self-imposed "mission" to check it out, I would've ignored it or thought it was closed (which I do hope it won't become soon, as it could be a great place!). All in all...a place that I hope to revisit once/if it's on its feet fully. How to get here: dead easy - trams 4, 13, 22 to Krymská, and it's pretty much there.“
Marko 188 days ago
“1, 12, 14, 25 (or metro, red line) to Vltavska, then go below the overpass towards northwest exiting furthest right when you look from the metro exit towards the overpass, moving past the parking area and turning immediately left into Pplk. Sochora and it will be there. After being to the Letna store, this one was disappointingly small, 3 or so fridges with beer, only bottles, some foreign stuff (English, Belgian) on shelves. A fridge devoted to cider I reckon, some other stuff as well, including wine. Friendly, helpful guy behind the counter. Okay prices, not more. Got some Pivečka and Chříč ticks. Dunno, good if you're (living) in the quarter, but not a store I see going out of my way for again - there are simply better ones around, and cheaper.“
Marko 194 days ago