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66 /100 JIREČKOVA 1015/15, PRAHA 7 - LETNÁ
“Small cellar bar with 4 tap's 2 hangar, Hostinice Fabian and Zloun 10. The 2 Hangar beers we had wasnt that great. There some bottles in a fridge in the room behind the bar, mainly Hangar, but also some other Czech. Friendly english speaking service and quite busy on a sunday night. Good prices. Soft rock, Boomtown Rats, Kiss, Boston etc playing. Worth a visit if in the area.“
Camons 2 hours ago
64 /100 NA VESELÍ 34, PRAHA 4 - NUSLE
“Cozy small bar close to a couple other places. Best of 3 for me. About 8 tap's, confusing tap list on the wall, but some microes, Lucky Bastard, Uniticke, Vysoky Chlumec + Kozel and Pilsner Urquell. Soft music, TV showing some sport, but without sound, Thanks! Fine english speaking service and cheap prices.Easy to get to as there is a tram stop just outside..“
Camons 12 hours ago
60 /100 K OCHOZU 1, PRAHA 4 - NUSLE
“Small bar in a residental nabourhood, locals place. 5 tap's and some bottles in the fridge behind the bar, Czech microes, Albrecht, Podrosky, Knajzl. Fine service, understood some english. Cheap prices. Worth a small detour for the lagers.“
Camons 12 hours ago
56 /100 NA VESELÍ 702/48, PRAHA 4 - NUSLE
“Small restuarant in Nusle, quite busy on a sunday afternoon for lunch and lots shopping by to pick up take away. Locals, dont think there where any other tourists around. About 10 tap's, should be Bernard + Geust, but both listed guests beer was out, so that left us with the Bernards. Czech menu only, so we took the safe choice and had a burger wich was fine. Cheap price and good english speaking service. Not woth it for the beers.“
Camons 12 hours ago
“35 minutes tram ride and about 10-15 minutes walk from our hotel in Zizkov to get here, easy downhill walk to get, quite uphill on the way back. Nice cozy restuarant with 5 beers on tap, 2 svetle, a Polotmavy and 2 ales. All good, the 2 svetle Lezaks really good. Nice english speaking service, menu only in Czech, but had just had breakfast so wearent having any anyway. Flight available with all beers. Prices somewhat high, 169kc for a flight and pint of the 12. well worth it though.“
Camons 22 hours ago
42 /100 PŘEMYSLOVSKÁ 1660/35, PRAHA 3 - ŽIŽKOV
“New restaurant in the U Slovanske Lipy/ U Samavy / U Vodoucha family, so went here for dinner on a saturday night. Some similarities, the 10+ tap's with a mix of traditional and newer Czech brewers, the small notes with beer decriptions hanging over the bar But in generel a more modern hipsterish place with high cafelike tables and not very comfortable seating. Service was the worst we ever encountered in Prague, the 2 rating is for actually serving our 2 beers. No english menu, my comment about us trying to use Google translate to pick some food was met with a shrug. After that when we tryed to order the server ignorer us, turning his head more and more away each time he passed us to serve other tables with geusts coming later than us. After finishe our beer we tryed to pay, still ignored, then counted up money for the beers ad left them at the counter. Not coming back!“
Camons 1 day ago
68 /100
Litr Piva (Beer Store)
“Small beer store inside a shopping mall in connectiong to Luka metro station. 10 tap's with Czech microes for PET Bottle fills, no classes or drink in optoins. Fine quality of the beers, and havent we allready plenty of beers to drink in the hotel before we are flying back home there defently a few i would have liked to try. Some 33 / 75 cl bottles aswell, Matuska, Raven, etc. F`prices for 1l full about 75-150Kc. Friendly english speaking service.“
Camons 1 day ago
“Hard to find and quite far away from the center of Praha. It took us ca 1h to come here by train and then by bus. We just wanted to see this brewery because ist was so strange to find a brewer owned by a golf-club. But everyone is allowed to have a meal and a beer here. The building inkl. interior is modern and nice. Beer ok. Everything ok, but not a must-see and -be.“
NobleSampler19 2 days ago
“Metro to Luka, bus 174 to Trebonice if lucky and you time it right. Our Uber dropped us behind the brewery as per Markos description. Smallish place, very much a locals place - greeted us when we entered. 4 tap's, small and full pours, but good quality so not a problem. Good service some english spoken. Cheap prices. A fun visit.“
Camons 2 days ago
“So far out it isnt really Prague anymore, but fair easy to reach with metro to Luka and then a bus for 10 minutes. Big place in several rooms and 2 floors. Lots of locals on a saturday around 18:00, some event going on in the big room downstairs. 8 tap's 7 beers on at our visit, most pretty good, 12 lager really good, only the weizenbock was a disappoinment. Busy but fast service, not a lot of english spoken, but then again my Czech is much worse. Flight available, cheap prices.“
Camons 2 days ago
“Small cellar bar / restuarant, still cozy but not to the level of the old place. Learned as left there is another room upstairs with seating for another 20 persons, 10 tap's with mostly Czech micoes in good quality, some bottlesin a walk in cooler in the back, so on that front pretty much as the old place.Printed bottle list aswell wich allways is nice. Burgers we had for lunch was good and filling. Nice attentive english service and fair prices. Will come back again.“
Camons 2 days ago
“Nice area in the eastern outskits of Prague, pretty easy to reach metro / bus, a nice park with a lake is nice for a small walk on a sunny day. Big brewery in a old building in 2 floors, small shop with bottles, shirts etc downstairs and the reastuarant on ground level. 6 tap beer listed, 1 was out, no flights and 3 of them (the Specials) only available in 0,4 pours. Quaility of the beers pretty average. No english menu, limited spoken by the service with cursed a bit of confusion with our first order. Prices was rather high aswell. Got a light feeling of a tourist trap, allthough im pretty sure we was the only non-czechs there.“
Camons 2 days ago
“15 minutes train ride from Prague, brewpub / restuarant just by the station. Brick walls, wood, small 2 ketle brewery. Tv's got some 80'es pop going on, but at least turned it down some. 5 tap's, 2 house beers, PQ and Kozel dark, lemonade. Quality of beers where pretty good, cheap prices. Service signed some when they heard our danish, but was effiencent and friendly otherwise.“
Camons 2 days ago
“Small bar with 3 handpumps, 1 a cider and other 2 english beers. Lots of whisky maybe 100 bottles. Closed for a private tasting at our visit. Nice friendly service who after a short chat pointed us thet way to a new multitap craft beer bar. Not really a place to seek out for beer as its first and foremost a whisky bar.“
Camons 3 days ago
68 /100
U Pětníka (Restaurant)
“Classic Czech restuarant, loads of dark wood, small room with the bar to the left, kitchen behind it as you enter, but there s another 2 rooms behind, so larger than it looks at first. 6 tap's, Uniticke including a bock i havent had. We didnt eat, but table next to us was served some very tasty looking burgers, so maybe worth a try. Cheap prices and good service.“
Camons 3 days ago
68 /100
Nápoje (Beer Store)
“Small shop, cross between grocery store, 7-eleven, beerstore selling all kinds of goods, mostly all kinds of alcoholic drinks. Good selection of Czech micoes in the fridges at good prices. 2 tap's so there a drink in option while browsing. About 5 people drinking and chatting to the owner - enough to make the place crowded. Worth at visit, cheap prices.“
Camons 3 days ago
68 /100 BUBENEČSKÁ 321/33, PRAHA 6 - BUBENEČ
“Nice place in a quite area of prague, but not to far from the castle etc. 4 beers on tap, svetle 11 was really good, others fine. Had a light meal for a late lunch wich was fine. Good service and prices.“
Camons 3 days ago
70 /100 U AKADEMIE 366/11, PRAHA 7 - BUBENEČ
“Cafe like place in 2 floors, quite cozy. Soft music playing at our visit. Just a few other guest in at our visit, Dogs and babies welcome. 5 house beers on, most pretty good, a IPL the sole letdown. Dont think they normalt do flights, but served a me sample of all beers when i asked. Service was good. Maybe not the first place to include on a Prague beer crawl, but a nice visit anyway. food looked mostly like cake and the like, we didnt had any. Cheap prices.“
Camons 3 days ago
“Tradition Czech restaurant with some rock / metal posters, some rock items painted on the walls, 2 floors slightly darker in the basement. Some softer heavy metal playing, Iron Maiden etc. 8 tap's most Staropramen, a Matuska and Dobruska. Half full at our visit with people having lunch. Cash only.“
Camons 3 days ago
“Big cafelike place more or less always open. Pretty busy at our visit lunchtime a friday. 4 tap's, 2 bad flash svetle 12 and a rotation wich at our visit lucked out to be a wheat beer. 1 cider and a non alcohol beer. Prices pretty high, service was fast tho. Not really a beer place.“
Camons 3 days ago
“Red metro to Letnany, then bus to Kberly though an area that have seen its better days passing along a military airport with loads of old planes - An airplane graveyard said my wife. Easy to find, modern brewpub with the brewery visible from the street, more or less the only newer building in town. Interior could be another Hostivar outlet, brickwalls, wood, patio and a garden. 5 beers on tap, flight aviable, lagers pretty fine. English speaking service and menu. Good prices.“
Camons 3 days ago
“Visited with Marko a Thursday evening. Smallish bar / beer store, small room with the bar to the left as you enter, and a narrow but slightly bitter room behind it. 6 tap's, cCzech microes, 1 house beer. 3 or 6 piece flights avaible, half and full pours. 5 fridges with cans / bottles, common imports, Brewdog, Stone, Tiny Rebel etc and a good selection of Czech micoes. Rather crowded and with just one server, service was pretty slow, with some lines at the bar at times. Good value and pretty easy to get to with either tram of green line metro.“
Camons 3 days ago
“Nice restuarant in 3-4 rooms, classic wooden interior, paint on the walls somewhat brighter / happier than normal in Prague. 10 or so tap's, most of wich had Zvikov + Pilsner Urquell. Flight of 5 available. Menu - in english - with board options, plentyfull potions high quality. Service was nice, prices good. Its a bit out of the way but both busses and trams nearby. We walked here from Vinohradsky, nice 10 minutes downhill walk and continiued to Beer Knir after“
Camons 3 days ago
80 /100 (Beer Store)
“Modern bottle shop a short from Palmovka tram / metro station. Loads of high quality imported beers from germany, belgium, us, Holland etc, no Real surprises here. More interesting is the very nice selection of Czech micros, most stored in a walk in cooler. Lots of Matuska, Clock, Zichovec etc as newer leaser known breweries. Good english speaking service with good beerknowledge. 4 tap's for growler fills, no drink in options as they dont have a toilet for customers. Good prices aswell. Ill defently return next time in Prague when i have my car with me.“
Camons 3 days ago
66 /100
Bar Vesna (Bar)
“A complete fluke of a find, having stumbled onto it less than a minute after saying bye to Camons and heading towards the bus station, for the 188 to take me to Malešický Mikropivovar. Nice, interestingly designed bar with a big motorcycle in the centre of the big side room room, hm. Spacious. Okay atmosphere in general, service too. It appears to be a Hubertus place with 10° and 12° regularly on tap an the rest, perhaps rotating - they had some uncommon beers too. Krkonošský Medvěd Early Evening Ale, Cvíkov 10°, Rohozec Skalák and the beer that drew me inside - Heřman 12° unfiltered lager, which I never ran into in this last year I've been in Prague! Okay prices. Haven't noted a bottle selection. While not stellar, and more of a modern locals' place, it's a good place to combine with Beer Knír (and maybe Malešický Mikropivovar) for some extra rare ticks!“
Marko 3 days ago
72 /100 MALEŠICKÁ 126/50, PRAHA 10 - MALEŠICE
“Bus to Sídliště Malešice and 1-2 minute's walk, or a tram to Černokostelecká and 10 minutes walk. Far from everywhere relevant, but still reachable, MM would be a great place regardless of the quarter it's in, and the locals must love it for being what it is where it is. A big, nice place with a summer patio. Not a brewery, but has its beers brewed elsewhere - only the 1 and 2, with the rest of the 10 overall taps fileld by stuff including Zichovec and Kasteel Rouge (and Jihlava Žižkovák 10°, which is uncommon). Came some 35 minutes before closing, at least one of the people seemed unhappy I came in (despite there being a bunch of people there). Another tried to charge me with something I hadn't paid for, patronizingly, but apologized once the third guy, who served came to confirm I'd paid. While it was obvious I was there for quick beers and go, couldn't get a beer 30-25 minutes before closing time. Not a great experience, but I'll chalk it up to my awkward time of arrival and hopefully raise the service score next time. Good bottle selection it seemed too. Oh, and while their lager (2) was sub par, their APA (1) was one of the best in the country! Combine with Beer Knír and Vesna maybe, from Strašnická onwards.“
Marko 3 days ago
“A nice new craft beer place almost isolated way over there in Strašnice, but easy to get to by tram or bus (Průběžná), or a little walk from metro Strašnická (green line). One front and one back room, neither too big, with the furniture and area usage more on the cute than efficient side. It was a bit crowded on a Thursday night, and only one person was behind the bar, so getting beers (and paying) was a bit on the painfully slow side (should give a 6, but will keep it at 8 as it didn't seem to be the guy's fault). The locals love it for a reason - a good selection of taps (6, their own, Pivečka, Čestmír, Raven, Moucha and Crazy Clown) and a solid selection of mostly 0.75l bottles in the fridges, at good prices. If in the area, worth a visit. Combine it maybe with Vesna and Malešický Mikropivovar - metro to Strašnická > Knír > Vesna > 188 to MM and... wherever you like later on.“
Marko 3 days ago
“Went there for dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Camons. :D Huge thanks! Located in the slightly out of the way part of Prague, a couple of stations away from the great Krymská area. Exit at Čechovo náměstí (Trams 4, 13 and 22, buses 124 and 139), and walk uphill on the left/west side of the church and you can't miss it. After you enter through the bizarrely overcomplicated doors and curtains, you find yourself in a classic restaurant, Czech or not Czech, with pretty nice indie and mainstream rock and so on playing subtly in the background. Good service in general, professional. Several Zvíkov beers on tap (11°, 12°, dark 13°, Rarašek, raspberry Rarašek, IPA and Kralovská Labuť) + one tap of Pilsner Urquell. Two new ticks for me. Good prices in general. The food was actually excellent and quality for the price. All in all, not a bad place to go grab a meal and some ticks at after or before a session in Krymská!“
Marko 3 days ago
68 /100 EVROPSKÁ 209/134, PRAHA 6 - DEJVICE
“First place after leavíng the airport, easy short bus ride with line 119. We had a beer infront of us 45 minutes after landing. Classic Czech restuarant, pretty well visited at our visit Thursday afternoon. 6 tap's, 5 house and a single guest, Rytcher Grunt 11. Lagers pretty decent and easy to drink, the Session IPA and strong belgian less enjoyable. No english meny, but the 2 dishes we had after consulting google translate was pretty tasty. Nice english speaking service. Dirt cheap as allways in Prague suburbs. Worth a visit.“
Camons 4 days ago
“Enormous, sprawling, definitely loooooong bar/restaurant on the popular, busy Dlouhá (Long) street, all about tank Pilsner Urquell - the tank being fresh (2 days) when I visited with friends. Their special unfiltered stronger Kozel dark was in good shape and form too. Very good service, tolerating us better than we might have deserved at some point. Alright atmosphere, lively, modern lighter coloured design in a probably old, somewhat vaulted location. There's food, haven't eaten. These one/two beer places can't score high in my book, but, as far as tourist-area tank PU places go, this is far from the worst choice - those 100m extra away from Staroměstské náměstí than some other places are keeping things at an acceptable 53kč (for the area) and it's well kept and likely the turnover's big so it will be fresh.“
Marko 8 days ago
68 /100
Lokál Korunní (Restaurant)
“Another good places with the Pilsner Urquell from the tank and unpasteurized.. the main single room it’s very basic and with long tables and benches, the food is traditional Czech but I did not trie it , they serve another beers from Kozel which is not very interesting..“
jorge76 8 days ago
70 /100
Zapomenutý Čas (Restaurant)
“A nice, brightly decorated restaurant on the way from Náměstí Míru to the Museum (or Nubeerbar if you're a beer geek :D). Professional, efficient, nice service. Now, it seems they take beer somewhat more seriously today - they have the usual four PU suspects, sure - PU, Kozel 11°, Kozel Černý and Birell, but now they have their own beer as well, Vinohradský Angličan, a passable EPA brewed by Beskydský Pivovárek, and the other 5 taps probably rotate - Kamenice 10°, Permon Polotmavá 12°, but also Zlatá Kráva Cocktail IPA and, surprisingly, Magic Rock Fantasma from what I can recall. As far as food goes, haven't eaten, but the prices don't seem bad at all - I could imagine going there for a meal. Wi-Fi appears to be available (if you ask), card payment possible. All in all, seems a bit underrated now and worth of a visit.“
Marko 11 days ago
72 /100 BUREŠOVA 1661/2, PRAHA 8 - KOBYLISY
“Super modern place , not my kind of style , I had the 3 lagers on tap and all of them were very good ! The food is ok and works for filling your belly .. nice waitress which is always a plus ;)“
jorge76 13 days ago
“Maybe the best traditional beers in town ! The Philippe 12 was absolutely top class and even the Norbertus Tmavy was very very good ! The ambience is too modern for my taste but it’s good looking, service was fine and English menu is available. I had a chicken roll which was tasteful . Good place if only looked as a traditional Czech beer den would be my favorite place in town“
jorge76 14 days ago
“How to get here: tram 4, 5, 12, 20 or bus 120, 130, 170 to Poliklinika Barrandov station. Two choices then, either a 15 minute walk down the Do Klukovic street up to... Klukovice - surprise surprise. Alternatively, try to sync your trip with the 230 bus at Poliklinika Barrandov, which will take you to Klukovice and save you the walk - though that's much more useful on the way back, to avoid a climb. Pivovar Prokopák, the newest brewpub in Prague (opened February 8th 2020.) is located in the hamlet of Klukovice in the old (1909) Hostinec U Kosů building, a minute's walk from the Prokopské a Dalejské údolí nature reserve, a popular destination for Prague weekenders, to escape into nature while still being in the town proper. The one, fairly, classically decorated big room wasn't enough for the hordes which came on opening day, but there was room on the patio and the weather wasn't bad, though there was some table sharing going on. The staff was overwhelmed (too few people handling the pipes, though the guy behind them did his best), but it should be fine normally and they were friendly and polite. Five beers on tap, the 10° in fantastic shape and form (30/43), and 12° pale and dark (both 35/49) not far behind. The 12° ale (49/0.4l) was quite sessionable and the IPA 14° (53/0.4l) borderline "Czech-style" but not bad. Beers are available to go in 0.75l bottles too - unsure of the prices. Food looked fine enough and the prices okay, but haven't partaken this time. We'll see how it develops - it's 40 minutes walk from my place (and the same by public transport, funnily enough), so I'll likely revisit it here and there. If it keeps the beer quality on this level, it will be a success.“
Marko 15 days ago
74 /100
Litr Piva (Beer Store)
“A completely chance discovery - noticed the sign for it after going to Řeporyje with Gunnar and Holmen2, managed to follow through yesterday. A new beer place in Prague 13 is always more than welcome, as we really don't have that much of a choice. Not surprising I hadn't seen it before as it only opened in early November and they didn't have much web presence. Easier to get to than it may seem - just take the yellow line to Luka, go out to the left into the shopping center, go down a floor and you'll find it easily. A great place to combine with a visit to Řeporyje (or Třebonice unless I remain the only one brave enough to go there). So, what is it? In it's essence, it's a beer to go store - filling PET (1l, 1.5l and 2l apparently) bottles from 10 taps. When I visited - they had Bizon, Matuška, Podlesí, Řeporyje, Raven, Kousek Piva, Hubertus, Kocour and Zubr beers on tap, combined with a small amount of 0.33l and 0.75l bottles - generally quality, those above mentioned + Potmehud from what I remember. Regulars and seasonals. There is a bunch of snacks/candy as well. Prices? Well, Very good, professional service, card payment available. Prices? Not bad really for tap beers. 75-100 for the lagers, 110 for APAs, 130 for IPAs and 190 for Matuška's Hellcat for 1 liter - bottle included. The best thing of all - your bottle is weighed, so you won't pay for beer you didn't get - not something I've encountered in places like that. I love that something like this finally exists fairly near my place and I hope it thrives - it deserves it!“
Marko 18 days ago
62 /100
Roesel Beer & Food (Restaurant)
“Small place very close to west end of the Charles Bridge. Small menu but I've eaten here twice and the food is excellent and globally inspired. Small cafe, with a lively atmosphere of mostly locals despite the touristy location. Friendly service. Only ~4 taps and a few more in bottles. Most are from local craft brewer Clock. Great place to take a book and have nice beer, good food, and warm up and kick back.“
wchesser 23 days ago
“Visited with Holmen 2 at the opening night 6.1.20. A bit disappointed with the new location,1 small cellar room, at the old location it was a maze of small intimate rooms, beer selection was ok, fast service, will for shure revisit, shame if the new location is a step down from the glory days around the corner“
gunnar 24 days ago
“An atmospheric small basement pub just off the Šumavská tram station (1, 10, 16, 21, 23), authentic regional decoration, like some old school hunter's lodge or whatever, completely, absolutely packed on Thursday evening. 5 taps - Strakonice/Dudak's Král Šumavý and Klostermann Polotmavé 13° are regulars, the other three rotating. At the time of my visit, Podřipské 11°, some Cvíkov or Zvíkov 14° and Chříč Vinnetou were on tap. The barkeep was busy, highly efficient, polite and friendly, props for that! So, all in all, yup, a tiny neighborhood bar, but one with a soul, packed with a reason, the beers are mostly rare if not more than solid / okay this time and the prices pretty okay. You'll almost certainly find new ticks as even the two regulars aren't common beers in town.“
Marko 24 days ago
54 /100
U Vejvodů (Restaurant)
“Likely wouldn't have visited this any time soon but a random visit with friends netted me a place rating as well, so yay? Enormous place / complex to put it mildly. Several different entrances leading into different buildings. with separate bars and different atmosphere, surrounding a big patio/courtyard. Initially visited the lovely cellar bar, really well decorated and atmospheric - the Urquell (45kč now by the way) wasn't however the best pint ever at that bar, and I understand gnoff's worries. However, in the northern ("left" bar), slightly less atmospheric (but for the time some Brits drank/burned absinthe, one of them catching the flame...), tanks are visible and the pints were a bit better there. Dunno if it's either the lower bar having kegs, or their tank just being older. Service... quite good actually, quick and efficient. Selection - apart from Urquell in so-so shape (for tank at least), there's dark Kozel, dark Master and Birrel, along with some shitty random macro stuff in bottles/cans. Figures. The food prices didn't seem thrilling to me, and we haven't eaten. All in all - there are worse places with better scores (due to less ratings mostly) in the database. If you don't consider it as a beer place, it's not a terrible choice to go out with friends for a drink or two - you might pay less than in some other central places and the interior is nice. On Ratebeer, it just joins a long list of questionably relevant entries.“
Marko 24 days ago
82 /100
“Why I never visited the place earlier, I truly don't know. Such is life. Nice, modern place, roughly equidistant from Muzeum, I.P. Pavlova and Náměstí Míru stations, hah. Cool, hip, modern place, liked the music playing in the background, electronic partly. Very good service, English spoken. 20 taps, one cider and one or two foreign ones among them - some rare stuff too, Czech microbreweries - Hradecký Klenot and Volt seemed to dominate I think when I was there. Food available, burgers and suchlike seemingly. Wi-fi available. Fairly useful sampler should you wish so, okay prices. Very nice to visit combined with Malý/Velký!“
Marko 33 days ago
“Well, I have to admit I've never experienced the old Kulový Blesk in full swing, with both the upper and the lower bar working - only experiencing it as a basement restaurant with a fine but a bit limited "Bad Flash & Aliance P.I.V." taplist, however, those who have hold it in their hearts and I can respect that. The new location of this legendary restaurant might be slightly disappointing for some because of that despite being a fine place anyway. Located at the former Hospůdka U Vočka, it still seems to be a smaller place than it used to be. Unsure if there is even a summer garden. 11? taps behind the bar which is at the end of the small (and crowded) entrance area, a large and nice basement area to the left, and the staircase to the upper floor ahead - the upper floor seemed closed though now. The slightly wider taplist makes it a better place than the "winter Kulový Blesk" - and there are some good and rare (and good AND rare) beers on it for okay prices. Very good service. Some of the spirit was certainly carried over - I will revisit for a meal to get a full feeling for it, maybe when all of it is available.“
Marko 34 days ago
“A huge, sprawling Pilsner Urquell restaurant by the Anděl metro. Actually quite nicely decorated, has stuff like a bowling alley, big closed patio too. Quite busy, and so was the service in turn. Pilsner Urquell on tank (52kč - not great, not terrible), while the Volba Sládků was surprisingly enough 45 - better than a bunch of less fancy places I've been to. A ton of people eating, with the prices being slightly better than expected for the type of restaurant and the location (still can't be called "cheap", but I'd have to see what the portions are like to form an educated opinion). Football on TV screens (yay). Definitely not an essential place, but hmm, might as well get the VS here next time.“
Marko 35 days ago
52 /100
U Buldoka (Bar)
“Just by the Zborovská station, or a fairly short walk from Anděl, this is a football-paraphernalia driven pub/restaurant/something. Football on screens, of course, mixed crowd. Service... cold and borderline unfriendly, might have only been one person though, in combination with regulars at the bar. 6-day old PU on tank, so went for Zvíkov 11° instead, which was the only non-Prazdroj beer there and which was as distinctly unremarkable as the first time I've had it. It also costs the same as Urquell, which was certainly unexpected (51 kč). You can get PU on tank cheaper elsewhere. Haven't eaten, but enough people seemed to be eating, so that aspect may be fine. All in all, not a particularly essential place really, unless you're really itching for that Zvíkov tick...“
Marko 35 days ago
54 /100 MATOUŠOVA 1286/5, PRAHA 5 - SMÍCHOV
“A very "local" place, old school wine/beer cellar bar. Plenty of smokers outside, old(er) people crowding the small entrance area, younger in the rooms on the side. No sign of what's on tap really other than if you look at the taps themselves, which is tricky in the crowd. A tap of Holba Premium, some Opat I couldn't see properly in the dark... and I had a Litovel Gustav for cheap. Nothing too rare or special sadly. Good, quick service but don't expect English I guess (haven't tried though, who know) Appreciated by locals, guessing for the price and the atmosphere - as a tourist there's almost no reason for you to go here. Guess that the Oslavany beer disappeared with the changes in the brewery around 2012 - would be cool to have something like that here, but, sadly, nothing there.“
Marko 35 days ago
“Now, first and foremost this is a metal bar. And it's a pretty good metal bar! I'd venture and say an excellent one too. Basement pub (fairly long staircase down, but didn't consider it claustrophobic) vaulted, dark, but spacious I guess. There's even a concert stage there! Fairly extreme metal blasting from the speakers, yay! Unimpressive taplist - unpasteurised Staropramen 10° and 11° (the latter of which was shit as usual), Staropramen's monthly special and nothing else interesting. However - there's a fridge with bottles, from a quick glance there was some Bad Flash stuff for example and, surprisingly enough, a bunch of bottles of Westvleteren 8 for 22€ a pop (which explains why there's a bunch of them). It's not a craft / good beer place overall though. I can very much appreciate it for what it is in any case, and I liked the atmosphere much better than in their restaurant, which was disappointing. Such a shame they don't have one tap of any of "their" beers though... If you're not a metalhead, no reason for you to go here.“
Marko 35 days ago
76 /100
ALE! bar (Bar)
“Take trams 1, 9, 12, 15, 20, 25 or bus 176 to Švandovo divadlo and walk a minute or two... or walk for 10 minutes from Anděl. A cool little craft beer bar that doesn't get the coverage it might deserve as it's a fair bit away from every other relevant(ish) beer place. Modern-ish, good music in the background. Friendly, English speaking service - all too patient with some annoying patron who apparently wanted to make sure her and everyone else knew how they didn't like some of the beers and that they used Untappd... Sigh. 8 taps but only 7 beers were on when I visited. Pretty good selection of beers style-wise, some new/rare beers too - not all great, but mostly quite okay for what they are. There is a bunch of bottles with some uncommon ones in there, so there's that option to. Wi-fi works well, pretty okay, good even prices, not complaining about that at all. While not the best place in town, well worth a visit if you're in the vicinity!“
Marko 35 days ago