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50 /100 ČESTMÍROVA 390/5, PRAHA 4 - NUSLE
“I honestly have no idea how this place is rated this high. It was a very forgettable stop. 12 taps (did I miss extra ones somehow?), not an overly interesting selection. No flights or small pours - just 0.3-0.5L's depending on the beer. Owner was friendly. All in all, a big fat meh.“
mcberko 6 days ago
54 /100 TÁBORSKÁ 389/49, PRAHA 4 - NUSLE
“A couple blocks from Zlý Casy and worth a visit if you come out this way. 3 taps when I went, and they usually have a cider; then you can do 4 x 0.2L pours for 99 Ck, a little steep, but not terrible. Beer quality was pretty good, especially the Polotmavy. Some standard Belgians on too. They didn't have the cider when I went, so the staff decided to replace it with a soda without telling me and still charge me for the standard flight price - but I objected and they obliged - not cool. Overall, worth a quick stop.“
mcberko 6 days ago
52 /100
BeerGeek Beer Shop (Beer Store)
“Just up the street from the BeerGeek Bar, and frankly, quite disappointing. The selection is pretty good for the imports, but the Czech selection is very limited and doesn't offer many of the higher rated Czech beers you'll want to seek out. Service is indifferent.“
mcberko 6 days ago
“What a cool place - a brewpub on a boat. There are three levels, with the interior comprising the main and lower levels. Full draft list of 6 beers only available inside. They do 0.1L and 0.2L pours for very reasonable prices (6 x 0.1L was only 84 Ck). Friendly service. Beers were of mixed quality - a couple very good, a couple infected, a couple forgettable. Definitely worth a stop, especially for the unique experience.“
mcberko 6 days ago
52 /100 KřIŽÍKOVA 272/17, PRAHA 8 - KARLÍN
“A little out of the way, but easily walkable from the Old Town. Half a dozen taps, some interesting ones, but nothing crazy. No small pours, but the bartender offered samples. Big bottle selection, but it wasn't a very interesting one. You can give this place a miss - way better places in town.“
mcberko 6 days ago
64 /100
U Slovanské Lípy (Restaurant)
“Not too far from the Old Town and easily walkable. Old school place with 10 taps of mostly traditional styles. No flights or small pours, jus 0.3L and 0.5L pours. Prices are decent and service is friendly. Worth a stop.“
mcberko 6 days ago
76 /100 KORUNNÍ 2506/106, PRAHA 10 - VINOHRADY
“One of the best spots in town for traditional Czech beers. It's a modern, pristinely set up place, with two floors and two bars. 4 house beers on tap, 2 of which are very highly rated Czech Pilsners and 1 of which is the highest rated Polotmavy at the time of writing this. They did not disappoint - simply superb beers. Service was excellent - friendly, quick and generous with free samples. Prices are very reasonable. An absolute must stop when in Prague.“
mcberko 6 days ago
“An unsuspecting place to try some great Czech beers. They had 6 on tap from Uhrineves. Flights of 6 available for the excellent deal of 72 Ck - one of, if not the, best flight prices in town. Friendly, quick service. Didn't try the food. Worth a stop.“
mcberko 6 days ago
78 /100 SLEZSKÁ 1357/1, PRAHA 2 - VINOHRADY
“Modern and beautiful set up, with seating over a couple of floors. Excellent taplist. Flights of 5 available for 189 Ck, not too badly priced. Staff speak great English and are very friendly and prompt. One of the better bars in town for quality and ticking. Mandatory stop in town.“
mcberko 6 days ago
80 /100
“American-style tasting room, with a homey feel. Good taplist, with plenty to choose from. Flights of 6 x 0.1L pours available for 144 Ck, a very good deal. Friendly staff and prompt service. This was a great spot and should definitely not be missed when in Prague.“
mcberko 6 days ago
“Very cool place. You enter to the left of Nota Bene, go straight, then turn left and another left, and go downstairs to the beautiful bar. Just 8 taps, 3 of which were from Falkon, the rest a mix of Czech locals and other European beers -- they even had a rare Oud Beersel and Rodenbach Alexander on tap. Pours generally come in 0.2L or 0.3L pours, but the bartender was nice enough to do 0.1L pours for me. Definitely worth a stop.“
mcberko 6 days ago
“Right next to the superior Malý/Velký, and there was little point coming here given the only 2 taps. Staff were friendly, but this is not really a beer destination. Just go next door.“
mcberko 6 days ago
“Very close to many other locations and just off a main street. This is a worn out, old-time place, but with a pretty good taplist, mixed between traditional styles and craft. No flights and it's difficult to try beers, as staff speak poor English. Not one of my better stops in Prague, but it's good for a quick beer or two if nearby.“
mcberko 6 days ago
“One of the better places in town, or so it should be... Good selection of mostly Czech locals, with a nice range of styles. Flights of 5 x 0.1L for 159 Ck, quite a good deal. Unfortunately, the place seemed to have some temperature control issues - lots of the beers served were warm, and drinking a room temperature kiwi gose isn't the greatest. Service was very friendly and helpful. Worth a stop - let's hope they fix those issues.“
mcberko 6 days ago
60 /100 LÍPOVÁ 511/15, PRAHA 2 - NOVÉ MĚSTO
“Close to many other spots, this was a cool spot. Old-time, traditional feel to the place. 8 house taps, with flights of 8 x 0.1L pours for only 150 Ck - good deal. Only the pils and dunkel were any good - the rest ranged from barely drinkable to nasty. Service was very friendly. Good spot for cheap ticks, but for finding traditional Czech beer, there are better place for beer quality.“
mcberko 6 days ago
“A little ways away - it'll take you 10-12 minutes to walk from Prague Castle. They only had 2 beers on tap when I visited, excluding the highly rated pils and dunkel, much to my disappointment. Service was cold. Prices are a bit high, but not too bad for the area. Worth a stop to try the highly rated pils and dunkel, but if they don't have them, this place isn't a top spot.“
mcberko 7 days ago
“Right next to Klášterní Pivovar Strahov and as the previous reviewer said, the only two beers of note here are two Matuška ones. There is really no point stopping here - you can find these beers elsewere for less money.“
mcberko 7 days ago
22 /100
Bellavista (Restaurant)
“A huge tourist trap. The only plus is the splendid view overlooking the mountain and city from the garden. Other than that, everything about this plave sucks. Beer is average and horrendously overpriced (maybe the biggest ripoff in town). Service is slow and cold - you feel like a burden just being there. Do NOT waste your time and money here.“
mcberko 7 days ago
78 /100 ŘETěZOVÁ 3 222/3, PRAHA 1 - STARÉ MěSTO
“Right in the Old Town, this was a cool place. Only 3 taps, but an extensive bottle list. They have the option of sampling 6 beers for 350 Ck (about 16 USD). You can pick any 330-500mL bottles on the menu, which is a pretty cool option. Servers know the beers very well and are happy to make recommendations. Despite the high price, this place was awesome. Highly recommended.“
mcberko 8 days ago
88 /100 NA ZDERAZE 260/14, PRAHA 2 - NOVÉ MĚSTO
“An incredible place. Over 100 bottles of mead, mostly Czech and Slovakian. They have 10 preselected meads for sampling that they switch every week or two, and you can sample 5 or 10 of them for 130 or 190 Ck, a pretty damn good deal. The lady working there explained each of the meads to us as she poured them and was very helpful. What a great spot for sampling mead and for purchasing bottles. Highly recommended.“
mcberko 8 days ago
“Near the Old Town, located in a basement. 3 house taps, all herbal beers - strange, but cohesive. 0.25L an 0.5L pours available for above-average Czech prices, but not too rip-off-y. Service was very friendly and fairly prompt. Not a top spot, but the place was a great spot.“
mcberko 8 days ago
76 /100 VINOHRADSKÁ 988/62, PRAHA 3 - ŽIŽKOV
“Modern, American-style bar, in a basement. 30 taps, half of which were European and American imports, the rest being mostly Czech. Flights of 5 x 0.1L pours for 250 Ck available, a nice offer, but the price is absurd for Prague, and barely even reasonable for North America. Bartenders are all English-speaking, and two of them are American. Very friendly service. Everything about this place is kickass except the highway robbery prices.“
mcberko 8 days ago
“Very close to the Old Town, I wasn't too impressed with this place. They only had 2 beers on tap when I visited - prices way too inflated. Service is opportunistic and prickish. Not a worthwhile spot.“
mcberko 8 days ago
58 /100 HUSOVA 232/10, PRAHA 1 - STARÉ MĚSTO
“Right in the Old Town, steps from the Charles Bridge and across the way from U Kunštátu, this place is worth a hit just for their Czech Pilsner and Dunkel, which are top notch. Only 0.25L and 0.4L pours available of their beers (39-45Ck), and staff adamantly refused even a sample of their other beers - dicks. Place itself is pleasant. Worth a stop for impeccable examples of the usual boring styles.“
mcberko 8 days ago
66 /100 BUBENEČSKÁ 321/33, PRAHA 6 - BUBENEČ
“On the corner, street crossing Dr Zikmunta Wintra and Bubenecska, airy restaurant, 5 taps with beers, 1 cider and 2 vacant. Bubenec Antos Permon Rychnov. 6 tables inside, some outside too. Pop music maybe from radio, frequented by bearded hipsters and students. Food menu short, just side snacks. Good service.“
djoeye 8 days ago
“June 2018 still closed. Fortunately the main place next door, on the corner, frequently open.“
djoeye 8 days ago
64 /100 LETOHRADSKA 50
“Relatively new beerpub in Praha 7. Staropramen has 5 taps, and 3 additional for regional micro brews. Medium price level. Even good food, I noticed. Rocky place with rock idol posters, lots of black items in interior, rock music played, and I enjoyed that Def Leppard. And the Matuska and Raven. Even a Hells Bells Beer is available.“
djoeye 8 days ago
“Modern cafe-bar frequented by guests 20-40. DJs in weekends. My Tambor was cold and tasty. Medium price level.“
djoeye 8 days ago
“Restaurace Kovadlina U Lazne. Not just a bar. Central location in Praha 7 Holesovice. Breznak and Matuska symbols. Opening hours are 14-22 and sat/sun 15-22, ph 608 817 206. As of 2018, their Fb is: (long list of beer labels there) 2 taps Matuska, 2 Breznak, then Zlatopramen Heineken Nachmelena. Great focus on czech craft beers. Greatest beer-bar in Holesovice.“
djoeye 8 days ago
48 /100
Bar Fraktal (Restaurant)
“Cozy interior, red, light brown, four taps; birell kozel gambrinus urquell. Green beer at easter season. Found no craft, this time. Colourful tempting dishes. Modest price level. Okay place. “
djoeye 8 days ago
62 /100 JIREčKOVA 1015/15, PRAHA 7 - LETNÁ
“Minimalistic basement bar. The founders are no longer there, two guys who named it after a competition obtaining 300 points in something. Beerman spoke english. Four taps, all with interesting beers. I got a sweetie, from Hradek Slavicin. Few bottles. A row of liquors on a shelf. Modest price level, cash. No smoking. No noise. Just tasteful beer.“
djoeye 8 days ago
58 /100 OVENECKÁ 1022/15, PRAHA 7 - LETNÁ
“Classic czech hostinec. 4 taps actually. Klaster, and 2 local minor breweries. Enjoyed traditional czech dinner with an ocean of sauce and numerous dumplings. And a beer I've never heard about before, a tasty dark. Many locals enjoyed that dark too. Very good service from all of the staff. No smoking inside anymore, velmi dobre. Good place for a meal.“
djoeye 8 days ago
90 /100 U STUDÁNKY 253/27, PRAHA 7 - BUBENEč
“OMG what a huge selection of Czech beers. Rare microbrews, other microbrews, mediocre brands, and well known macros. Good selection of international beers aswell. One idea came to me; rent **** hotel (which hasn't bar/restaurant) in reasonable walk distance from Base Camp Pivni Galerie (Pifko) in Holesovice Praha7, use a pair of solid handbags or rucksack - and have rating sessions in the afternoons. You can rate almost all CZ bottled beers from here. Amazing.“
djoeye 9 days ago
70 /100 BUBENEČSKÁ 321/33, PRAHA 6 - BUBENEČ
“One room brewpub with a serving bar and a sidewalk deck. Six beers on offer, four of their own and two guest taps. Shared my table with a drop kick dog who spent the night trying to catch flies, unsuccessfully. Attentive staff. Worthwhile stop“
Travlr 10 days ago
60 /100
U Veverky (Restaurant)
“Large place with many nooks and crannies. I chose a table farthest in the back, with four old guys playing cards and doing shots and beers. Food was traditional and incredibly filling. One beer. Nice place.“
Travlr 10 days ago
62 /100 MUCHOVA 222/7, PRAHA 6 - DEJVICE
“Franco told me about this place, grazie! Small bar inside with four stools, front room with restaurant tables, very small back room, sidewalk deck. Four beers on tap, all from breweries I hadn't seen before. Served each beer with its own matching beermat/coaster, first time I’ve seen that. It also meant that I could order another beer just by displaying a different beermat, staff caught on right away. Pretzels. Two attentive staff covered the whole place - why can't we have table service like this in Charlotte?“
Travlr 10 days ago
72 /100
Pivní Mozaika (Beer Store)
“A decent sized store just a block from Pivovarsky Klub. More than half are coolers. One shelf dedicated to Hungary, others to Netherlands and Belgium. One mixed international shelf near the front counter. A decent number of Czech craft brewers are represented, as well as plenty of traditional styles in case you're looking for polotmavys or something similar. Good prices, friendly service“
Travlr 10 days ago
74 /100 VINOHRADSKÁ 988/62, PRAHA 3 - ŽIŽKOV
“Sleek modern place, basement location just a block from a Metro stop. Medium sized bar and some restaurant tables. Electronic taplist on monitors behind the bar and online. Right half of the menu is mainly Czech beers, others are De Molen and To Ol, plus a Boon lambic on cask. One cooler of bottles. High prices, even by US standards, never mind local standards. Staff were efficient but not really engaging. Food is wings and sandwiches. Worth a stop.“
Travlr 10 days ago
“Right next door to Dno Pytle, so why not try both? Tables on multiple levels, top ones all "reserved" for people who never actually show up, seems to be common in the region. Sidewalk tables as well. Flight of six Uhrineves beer is possible, including one polotmavy, or full pours of course. Burgers are tasty and creative. Worth a stop, and I'm glad this one is on Ratebeer.“
Travlr 10 days ago
84 /100
Dno Pytle (Bar)
“I really enjoyed this place. It was crowded, noisy and a bit boisterous on a Tuesday night but I found one free barstool. Otherwise all the restaurant tables in the front and back rooms were taken. Communists are not welcome here, especially Vladimir Putin so don't even think about coming. Eight taps, two of which changed in front of my very eyes. All were from small Czech breweries. Large bottle selection in multiple coolers scattered around the front room. Owner and staff were very friendly, staff were much more actively engaged than other places I visited. A nearby pizza place delivers, in fact the pizza chef walks the pizza over himself. But they do have small beer snacks, sausages, etc. Great place.“
Travlr 10 days ago
78 /100 ČESTMÍROVA 510/7, PRAHA 4 - NUSLE
“Pretty large bottle selection, well organized by country, Czech section is in the back room and in the coolers up front. Helpful friendly staff. You can drink bottles next door or take them away, there's no room here to linger. In fact four people came in while I was there and that more or less filled the place since space is tight to begin with. Worth a look.“
Travlr 11 days ago
76 /100 ČESTMÍROVA 390/5, PRAHA 4 - NUSLE
“Visited in the middle of the afternoon so it was pretty quiet, just a few older guys hanging around in the downstairs bar which has a medium sized bar with taps and some restaurant tables. I chose the middle level near the kitchen where the staff were hanging out and got efficient and friendly service. There is also a small room near the entryway. A dozen taps including two sours, some IPAs and a couple of traditional styles. Bottles are from next door, so there's no bottle list, you just pop on over. Food is only in the evening but I got to watch the kitchen staff prep for the night. I'd like to return when it's busier.“
Travlr 11 days ago
66 /100 TÁBORSKÁ 389/49, PRAHA 4 - NUSLE
“Stopped in for lunch. Small serving bar at the front with the complete beer list. Hallway room, which was my choice. Back garden with....NO SMOKERS! Nice to see an outdoor space that smokers haven't claimed. Downstairs is very chracterful. Three of their beers were on when I visited plus Belgians and a cider. Tasty food, inexpensive and filling. Very efficient staff. Nice place.“
Travlr 11 days ago
80 /100 KřIŽÍKOVA 272/17, PRAHA 8 - KARLÍN
“My AirBnB was almost next door to this place (good trip planning). Upstairs looks like a beer shop - bar tables surrounded by shelves of bottles, plus a serving bar. Downstairs has a serving bar, a few bar tables, and lots of restaurant tables. You can order draft beers, bottles and/or food upstairs or down. Service was quick, friendly and efficient. Six taps included five local beers and a Belgian, one local beer was a De Molen collab. Bottle list is extensive. Food was decent enough, and filling. Hard to compare prices since it was my first place in Prague, but a meal and four drafts was 300 koruna, about $15. It's on the same block as the Florenc Metro and across the street from the Flixbus station.“
Travlr 12 days ago
“(Visited April 2018) Cellar bar just next to Nota Bene. Take the door to the left of the restaurant and the stairs down to the basement. It used to be the Nota Bene Beer Point, but now a separate entry. Interior is in light wood and stone walls, with separate rooms. 8 taps of good beers, mainly from Czech craft breweries. Really good selection of bottled beers, mainly imported craft beers. Friendly and efficient service. Quite calm on both my visits, early Friday evening and late Saturday. Definitely worth a visit.“
Svesse 14 days ago
“(Visited July 2012) Nice restaurant and beer bar, fairly centrally located not far from Pivovarsky Dum or Kulovy Blesk. Quite modern and light interior for Prague standards. Good beer selection with 6 taps from Czech micros, probably with a good turnover. Arrived quite late, so I didn’t try the food, but it looked good. Service was friendly and efficient. Nice and friendly place, I’ll be back to give it a more thorough check. (Visited again July 2013) Back again and the place was more or less the same. did try the food this time and it was excellent. More modern cooking than the usual Czech food (schnitzel, goulash etc). Definitely worth a visit both for the food and the beer. (Visited again in April 2018) Some changes seem to have occurred. No brewing going on, and they seem to have lost the beer focus a bit. Only two beers on tap, however quite good. Beer point downstairs have been spun off as a separate entry as Maly/Velky. Food still excellent. Worth a visit for the food, but I'm not sure it's a much of a beer destination any more.“
Svesse 15 days ago
“A modern place with two rooms and a tiny bar that doubles as the shop. There’s nothing tiny about the beer list though - 27 taps, including six of their own (First Order). A must visit place for anyone interested in modern Czech beers. (Visited 9 April 2018).“
Boudicca 21 days ago
56 /100 VODIčKOVA 20, PRAHA 1 - NOVÉ MěSTO
“An old school and atmospheric place which claims to be the first brewpub to have opened in Prague. It extends deep underground in a series of long cellars. Traditional food and traditional service, old fashioned and polite, and their own beers all at reasonable prices. It was a good choice for dinner. (Visited 9 April 2018).“
Boudicca 21 days ago
48 /100 KřEMENCOVA 1651/11, PRAHA 1 - NOVÉ MěSTO
“An old beer hall and very picturesque - long trestle tables, dark wood, leaded and stained glass windows, wrought iron chandeliers - and a tourist trap of the highest order. There was a slightly intrusive accordionist and an exceptionally intrusive waiter whose job it was to try and foist spirits on customers as soon as they’d sat down. “It’ll be fun!” he said but we managed to resist. The shots of becherovka are presented as a welcome gesture but then, apparently, they show up on the bill. There’s only one beer and you get what you’re given - 0.4l of something dark and sweet but still, it had to be done. (Visited 9 April 2018).“
Boudicca 21 days ago