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“A relatively small, one-room beer store in a fairly attractive central location by the Újezd tram station (5, 7, 9, 15, 22) and the Petřín funicular. Useful, say, if you're going out to Petřín or Střelecký ostrov. 3, maybe 4 fridges filled with craft beer (mostly), the shelves hosting a mix of craft and industrial beer. Okay service, good selection - a bunch of beers I haven't seen elsewhere, but also stuff you can get cheaper (and fresher maybe) in any supermarket. Some new releases too. Still, the prices, which are some of the highest in town (higher than Beergeek for example for some random stuff I compared) makes it a place I probably won't be visiting that soon again, unless, again, I'm in the area and very much need a beer.“
Marko 9 days ago
“How to get here: - take the yellow line metro to Křižíkova station, go up north(ish) towards the river, when you pass fancy new buildings and end up to a dilapidated plateau, move towards the tiny boat station and then head left till you hit this. A clearing in a wooded park area between the river and the buildings, with a large "patio", a bar and a food van, children's playground, beach volleyball etc. Cultural happenings take place here too apparently, and it's a nice place to chill with friends. But the reason you are here is that they are the main?only? place to get Karlinské Pivo - which contract brews at Kunratice - a highly drinkable if unexciting lager and a subdued but, again, highly drinkable pale ale here, and an Aspall cider on tap, joined with Chříč Pařez 8° apparently. Both go very well with the spirit of the area and the prices aren't bad. Good, friendly service. One of those places that will be more appreciated by people living here than visiting beer tourists, but if you're nearby and have the time, not a bad place to visit.“
Marko 10 days ago
“I enjoyed this small place. Beer and Sausages says it all. Got a big bottle to go and two parek sausages (long weiners?). Good beer selection of bottles, a couple on draft. Very friendly and young staff. I would go again for sure if I was in the area of Vinohrady“
geauxT 11 days ago
“8 am to 4 am?! Yikes! Large place near Zizknov, TV Tower. Did not eat, visited on a summer afternoon. Lots of outdoor seating. Interesting old school type Prague joint“
geauxT 11 days ago
68 /100 KŘIŽÍKOVA 177/29, PRAHA 8 - KARLÍN
“A nice enough beer shop with a feasible enough local selection, though in sheer numbers a far cry from a couple of other shops in Prague, albeit with two counters (?) and in relatively speaking (compared with the selection) huge premises. Rental per square meter must be really affordable in this part of town. Grabbed a few bottles and drove back home. All in all it is a nice place and it carried more Antos beers and more up to date Zichovec offerings than other shops in Prague in early February during my visit.“
ElDesmadre 12 days ago
78 /100 KONĚVOVA 1819/133, PRAHA 3 - ŽIŽKOV
“Went there immediately before the After The Burial gig in February. As the Nova Chmelnice club is a short walk away, Pivni Rozmanitost is a feasible option for downing a couple of beers before a concert. Four taps, a taster tray option and perhaps the most extensive Czech bottle selection I could envisage. I like the concept of a shop&bar hybrid and in this case it does not feel forced at all. Go there by any means.“
ElDesmadre 12 days ago
78 /100 (Beer Store)
“Neat medium sized shop with a welcoming, woody interior and nice service. More than agreeable international selection and a very good local selection, covering Matuska, Clock, Tovarna, Axiom and a plethora of other Czech microbreweries. Very good.“
ElDesmadre 12 days ago
72 /100
NaPalmě (Bar)
“Strangely alluring place - smallish underground pub with a very small bar, a few tables, ugly wall paintings and a musty smell. And yet - something seems to draw illustrious protagonists of the Czech craft beer scene to this place. And I can sense why, without being able to put it into words. If that does not sound convincing, the beer selection should do the trick. Well sorted 13 taps, with Unetice offerings available all the time as a safe choice. Nice place.“
ElDesmadre 16 days ago
60 /100 NAD KOLČAVKOU 8/907, PRAHA 9 - LIBEŇ
“Quite spacious brewpub in the outer rim of the interesting, if not overly attractive Liben district. I infer it is even bigger than I thought - I didn't venture beyond what was a cozy, smallish first room with the brewhouse and a fireplace and the second room, which was a longish hall packed with wood in the traditional Czech vein, only much more agreeable than your typical hospudka in more provincial areas. Service was good and the goulash was surprisingly hearty, with quite a lot of meat. Normally if you order hovězí guláš, you get a handful of meat chunks literally drowned in sauce, whereas here the meal was meaty and satisfying. The beers were much less so, with over 8 different offerings on tap, out of which I deemed only three to be tasty enough, though not really worthwhile. It's a nice restaurant though.“
ElDesmadre 16 days ago
“Haughty owner, chaotic staff, nice beers, you can miss it. The very last visit in Dec 19.“
NobleTapper50 31 days ago
“I visited the first Prague Beer Museum old town outlet (closed by now) in 2010 (I think) and, well, the Smetnovo Namesti venue is more visually appealing, though the rest seems to be quite similar. Many taps with a selection that does not seem to change too often. Some beers of questionable freshness are present. Quite expensive for Prague standards and coupled with its name it is quite the tourist trap. You don't come here for an authentic Czech experience, as most patrons are foreign and seem to belong to the stereotypical western tourist type who think that their money will make local girls forget their balding heads, far from athletic presence and strange sense of humour. Dodgy. Though not as dodgy as the drug pushers who roam the nearby streets in huge numbers after it gets dark. We stopped for two quick pints before moving on to Karlove Lazne. Which was a very unsound idea from the start, but this is a completely different story.“
ElDesmadre 32 days ago
60 /100 VINOHRADSKÁ 988/62, PRAHA 3 - ŽIŽKOV
“First of all - the selection is very interesting and varied, and I liked the electronic tap display. But then again, that is something a ton of other pubs also have. Moving on - the interior seems random to me though by no means unappealing. Service was ok. And then the atmosphere - quite random, with your run o' the mill type beer geeks (duh) constituting the larger part of the clientele. Impersonal perhaps a tad, yeah. We stayed for two quick pints and then moved on. It seems to be one of the city's ticker's heavens though also nothing beyond that. Neither inviting nor off putting. Just random and forgettable. Perhaps we just caught a bad day at this venue, idk.“
ElDesmadre 32 days ago
80 /100 KORUNNÍ 2506/106, PRAHA 10 - VINOHRADY
“Two storey place with windowsills outside that seem to function as additional beer tables. White plastered walls and long wooden benches give it a typical Czech tavern feel. The food was ok, the beers were very good, the waitress was gorgeous. Definitely a worthwhile place.“
ElDesmadre 32 days ago
“Quite cozy place, worth popping in for their Uhrineves beers. The jedenactka was decent, the weizen very good. Seems to be a quite quiet place, which doesn't necessarily make it fit to spend a rowdy evening in but also has its merits.“
ElDesmadre 32 days ago
“This place in the suburbs of Praha is located in a really ugly panel flat (german: Plattenbau, czech: panelák) and is also surrounded by such huge flat-buildigs which are typical for old communistic towns. But the interior is really nice. It offers 2 floors and it is very popular by the locals (tourists hardly come here, because it's quite far from the center). The food is classical fatty czech for local prices that the workers can afford it. The beer which is brewed here is fine and very cozy to drink. I recommend the classical beers, because the specials are often strange experiments without much taste, but the Ležák- beers are super. Combined with the rusty atmosphere, you can have a really good time here. You'll quickly find someone to talk, but it's better to know the language. No cool hipster-place, but you can enjoy your stay if you are not afraid of the sometimes primitive local people.“
NobleSampler19 47 days ago
“Nice place not far from Main railway station. There are 2 floors, AtGround floor there is restaurant, in basement there is pub and brewery. Beers are in good conditions. Meals are tasty and they have also daily menus. Recommended place.“
Cuso 54 days ago
40 /100 K LETIŠTI 6/1019, PRAHA 6 - RUZYNĚ
“Taxfree shop airside with a few beers from the bigger brands, Barnard, Kozel, Grambrinus, etc. A few meads. All at high prices. We bought a couple of bottles of water just to find out the where half price in the automat at the gate. Pass.“
Camons 60 days ago
“Cellar bar with smaller rooms behind the bar area. 8 tap's and 2-3 coolers with bottles and cans. The 8 tap's had some good Czech micros at our visit, available in 0,1 and small and full pours. Good service, and fine prices. Nice place for a beer. Not sure it open sundays, at least it wasnt the sunday evening we first tried to visit.“
Camons 60 days ago
“Modern slightly cafelike beerbar in 2 floors, think there is a garden aswell, but since we visited in Febuary it was closed. 9 tap's and loads of bottle in coolers. Written bottle list includes loads of rare Czech beers, lambics and about 10 Czech craft ciders Taplist mostly Czech microes with a 2 imports, flight available 5 x 0,15l for 280 - Battling Beergeek for the highest flight price in town. Prices on half and full pours more reasonable. Had a small lunch here, was good and in general the menu looked tempting, might return for dinner sometime. Quite a central location, so it might be a tourist hell in warmer and busier times, but otherwise well worth visiting, ill be back for sure.“
Camons 60 days ago
“Tap room for the Brevnov brewery placed nside the monastary yard. Visited late febuary so seating inside only, wich was fine. 7 tap's and about 12 bottles to go. Flight available. Good quality of the beers. Freindly english speaking service, very entuastic about the beers they brew / sell. Some smaller dishes / sours available, allthough we didnt had any. Prices where good. The monastary is a sight on its own, and with 3 places close togethers its well worth the short tram ride here (line 20-26) Will visit again, hopefully the weather will be Warner then.“
Camons 60 days ago
“Visit on a monday afternoon while brewing was going on. Didnt book a tour since i didnt know if or when we where coming around here. Young brewer took time to shows us the setup. Quite large brewery set up in an old stable. No beers for sale or drink in, they pointed us to the taproom on the other side of the monastary. Not a lot to see here, maybe you get more indept tour if booked before hand.“
Camons 60 days ago
“Newly opened bar, directions to here from the barkeep at Marpek. 2 rooms with the bar to left as you enter, some more seating downstairs i belive. 9 tap's and 2 fridges with bottles. Tap takeover by Rudohor + a Clock and Hendrich beer at our visit. Quite busy on a sunday night. Nice efficent service, and good prices. Will visit again next time in Prague.“
Camons 60 days ago
62 /100
Budvarka - Dejvice (Restaurant)
“Big and quite Modern Budvar pub on a busy street. Visit for lunch on a monday. Busy, alsmost full bust we got a table fairly fast. Good tradition food and Budvar beer on tap, managed to find one i havent had. Good and fast english speaking service. Food fine aswell. Cheap prices.“
Camons 60 days ago
60 /100
U Veverky (Restaurant)
“Traditional Czech restaurant, Tank Pilsner Urquell and Kozel tmave. Visited a monday around lunch time, line to get a table. Had a fresh PU standing in the first room. Fine service even tho very busy. Cheap prices. Food looked and smelled good, but we went elsewhere for lunch.“
Camons 60 days ago
88 /100
Base Camp (Beer Store)
“New location for this very nice bottle shop. Easy to reach with either tram or metro to Hradcanska. Loads of Czech micros, all the bigger brands as well as some newer ones i havent heard of before. Good import section as well, including some belgian sours among alot others. Very helpfull and knowable service. Prices good aswell. Only bought a couple of bottles as we where flying home the next. Will defently visit and stock up next time in Prague by car. A must visit if in town.“
Camons 60 days ago
“A cute little bistro / café right on the Řeporyje beer square - pretty much the "other" place in town center bar the brewpub over there. Cute, they do their own cakes and stuff - but the reason why it's here, it's that they have / are supposed to have Třebonice beers on their two taps. And they didn't, but Cvíkov 10° is a rare rate and Prager Laffe Mosaic - brewed in Třebonice probably - is as well, and it's great and it was cheap. Top notch people, friendly to an idiot who didn't have the exact amount of cash figuring he did before or that they would take cards (thay don't) - that idiot being me, of course. Generally inviting atmosphere. In any case, I will always try to go here when I'm in Ř, grab a rare beer, maybe a cake slice, and then go onwards for ticks to the brewery. Of course, after they hopefully weather this corona shit... Oh, and it probably good both if you can and cannot make it to Třebonice - the offer might be different from the brewery.“
Marko 61 days ago
80 /100
Pivní zastávka (Beer Store)
“A cute little store a bit away from the Krymská beer colony, serving its part of Vršovice well, by a busy intersection. Bus 135 will dump you right in front of it, station Slovinská. One-room(ish) place, some 5-6 big fridges o+ a small one, a few taps - came here for the Zichovec event, guess there are 4-5 normally, one was a keg. Good, friendly service handling the huge crowd well (though the Zichovec brewer pouring the beer definitely helped). Several options to sit or drink standing around, the bar dominating the room. Excellent atmosphere, but the place was lit on a Zichovec tap takeover - pretty good bottle prices too, good beer prices. All in all, a place well worth visiting if you're nearby, excellent for locals I reckon. A bit hard to compare with the sliiightly better stocked Galerie Piva Vrhovice (which has more fridges if nothing I reckon), but why not combine the two. Definitely combine this with the Zvíkov place I guess for some cheap ticks of theirs and a good meal maybe.“
Marko 61 days ago
“This can go directly in my top 5 places in Prague! Small tiny and cosy place with a very warm feeling.. traditional styles only which is what I’m looking for when in Czech Rep .. I visited this bar in mid of February when even the “ bock “ was available but the best of the 4 I had was the Tmavy definitely“
jorge76 63 days ago
“How to reach: Tram 8 (or 25) to Podkovářská station (dir. Starý Hloubětín), then backtrack into the quarter a little, turn to Pod Harfou street and it's soon there. Can be combined easily with trains (S1,S4,S7) to Praha-Libeň station. Wischylini nailed it basically. This is located in a residential/business/industrial area way in the (north)-east of Prague, further away from the O2 arena on the road to Poděbrady. No reason to be here unless you're working or living nearby - which makes this little island of craft beer even more essential for the locals. Fairly small place, a smaller, more atmospheric ground floor by the bar and a generic upper floor. The Crazy Clown theme's there, but not tacky. The atmosphere was lively, and the place was packed even though kitchen aromas were a bit too much - but hey, it was their birthday! The music (more modern rock/metal/electronic and in between) was very much to my liking. The service did their very best despite being very much overworked yesterday night, props to them! 8 taps at the time - standard CC experimental stuff, including a great lime & salt lager, a great tzatziki sour (yes) and a gose with gin botanicals, myrtle, dried perch and eel... Probably an exception that all 8 taps are there, but hey. 59kč for 0.5l, which is a very good price. They also had Satan Ciders (1kč of which goes to the satanization of Czechia) at 69 kč, a good Žufánek (and others) liquor range, including the awesome This is not Dubied absinthe (200kč, but since a bottle is 4000kč, I had to go for it). The food (burgers, pastrami sandwich) looked and smelled excellent really - didn't have it this time, will definitely go for it next time. All in all, a very cool place - that I'm really glad exists, even though it's too far for me to be a guest frequently. As a tourists on a tight schedule, you have much more central options, but you probably wouldn't regret taking the trip for the sheer craziness of the beers...“
Marko 80 days ago
100 /100 KRYMSKÁ 39, PRAHA 10 - VRŠOVICE
“Small upbeat beer bar with great beer and service“
jerra_d 93 days ago
66 /100 JIREČKOVA 1015/15, PRAHA 7 - LETNÁ
“Small cellar bar with 4 tap's 2 hangar, Hostinice Fabian and Zloun 10. The 2 Hangar beers we had wasnt that great. There some bottles in a fridge in the room behind the bar, mainly Hangar, but also some other Czech. Friendly english speaking service and quite busy on a sunday night. Good prices. Soft rock, Boomtown Rats, Kiss, Boston etc playing. Worth a visit if in the area.“
Camons 93 days ago
64 /100 NA VESELÍ 34, PRAHA 4 - NUSLE
“Cozy small bar close to a couple other places. Best of 3 for me. About 8 tap's, confusing tap list on the wall, but some microes, Lucky Bastard, Uniticke, Vysoky Chlumec + Kozel and Pilsner Urquell. Soft music, TV showing some sport, but without sound, Thanks! Fine english speaking service and cheap prices.Easy to get to as there is a tram stop just outside..“
Camons 94 days ago
60 /100 K OCHOZU 1, PRAHA 4 - NUSLE
“Small bar in a residental nabourhood, locals place. 5 tap's and some bottles in the fridge behind the bar, Czech microes, Albrecht, Podrosky, Knajzl. Fine service, understood some english. Cheap prices. Worth a small detour for the lagers.“
Camons 94 days ago
56 /100 NA VESELÍ 702/48, PRAHA 4 - NUSLE
“Small restuarant in Nusle, quite busy on a sunday afternoon for lunch and lots shopping by to pick up take away. Locals, dont think there where any other tourists around. About 10 tap's, should be Bernard + Geust, but both listed guests beer was out, so that left us with the Bernards. Czech menu only, so we took the safe choice and had a burger wich was fine. Cheap price and good english speaking service. Not woth it for the beers.“
Camons 94 days ago
“35 minutes tram ride and about 10-15 minutes walk from our hotel in Zizkov to get here, easy downhill walk to get, quite uphill on the way back. Nice cozy restuarant with 5 beers on tap, 2 svetle, a Polotmavy and 2 ales. All good, the 2 svetle Lezaks really good. Nice english speaking service, menu only in Czech, but had just had breakfast so wearent having any anyway. Flight available with all beers. Prices somewhat high, 169kc for a flight and pint of the 12. well worth it though.“
Camons 94 days ago
42 /100 PŘEMYSLOVSKÁ 1660/35, PRAHA 3 - ŽIŽKOV
“New restaurant in the U Slovanske Lipy/ U Samavy / U Vodoucha family, so went here for dinner on a saturday night. Some similarities, the 10+ tap's with a mix of traditional and newer Czech brewers, the small notes with beer decriptions hanging over the bar But in generel a more modern hipsterish place with high cafelike tables and not very comfortable seating. Service was the worst we ever encountered in Prague, the 2 rating is for actually serving our 2 beers. No english menu, my comment about us trying to use Google translate to pick some food was met with a shrug. After that when we tryed to order the server ignorer us, turning his head more and more away each time he passed us to serve other tables with geusts coming later than us. After finishe our beer we tryed to pay, still ignored, then counted up money for the beers ad left them at the counter. Not coming back!“
Camons 94 days ago
68 /100
Litr Piva (Beer Store)
“Small beer store inside a shopping mall in connectiong to Luka metro station. 10 tap's with Czech microes for PET Bottle fills, no classes or drink in optoins. Fine quality of the beers, and havent we allready plenty of beers to drink in the hotel before we are flying back home there defently a few i would have liked to try. Some 33 / 75 cl bottles aswell, Matuska, Raven, etc. F`prices for 1l full about 75-150Kc. Friendly english speaking service.“
Camons 94 days ago
“Hard to find and quite far away from the center of Praha. It took us ca 1h to come here by train and then by bus. We just wanted to see this brewery because ist was so strange to find a brewer owned by a golf-club. But everyone is allowed to have a meal and a beer here. The building inkl. interior is modern and nice. Beer ok. Everything ok, but not a must-see and -be.“
NobleSampler19 95 days ago
“Metro to Luka, bus 174 to Trebonice if lucky and you time it right. Our Uber dropped us behind the brewery as per Markos description. Smallish place, very much a locals place - greeted us when we entered. 4 tap's, small and full pours, but good quality so not a problem. Good service some english spoken. Cheap prices. A fun visit.“
Camons 95 days ago
“So far out it isnt really Prague anymore, but fair easy to reach with metro to Luka and then a bus for 10 minutes. Big place in several rooms and 2 floors. Lots of locals on a saturday around 18:00, some event going on in the big room downstairs. 8 tap's 7 beers on at our visit, most pretty good, 12 lager really good, only the weizenbock was a disappoinment. Busy but fast service, not a lot of english spoken, but then again my Czech is much worse. Flight available, cheap prices.“
Camons 95 days ago
“Small cellar bar / restuarant, still cozy but not to the level of the old place. Learned as left there is another room upstairs with seating for another 20 persons, 10 tap's with mostly Czech micoes in good quality, some bottlesin a walk in cooler in the back, so on that front pretty much as the old place.Printed bottle list aswell wich allways is nice. Burgers we had for lunch was good and filling. Nice attentive english service and fair prices. Will come back again.“
Camons 95 days ago
“Nice area in the eastern outskits of Prague, pretty easy to reach metro / bus, a nice park with a lake is nice for a small walk on a sunny day. Big brewery in a old building in 2 floors, small shop with bottles, shirts etc downstairs and the reastuarant on ground level. 6 tap beer listed, 1 was out, no flights and 3 of them (the Specials) only available in 0,4 pours. Quaility of the beers pretty average. No english menu, limited spoken by the service with cursed a bit of confusion with our first order. Prices was rather high aswell. Got a light feeling of a tourist trap, allthough im pretty sure we was the only non-czechs there.“
Camons 95 days ago
“15 minutes train ride from Prague, brewpub / restuarant just by the station. Brick walls, wood, small 2 ketle brewery. Tv's got some 80'es pop going on, but at least turned it down some. 5 tap's, 2 house beers, PQ and Kozel dark, lemonade. Quality of beers where pretty good, cheap prices. Service signed some when they heard our danish, but was effiencent and friendly otherwise.“
Camons 95 days ago
“Small bar with 3 handpumps, 1 a cider and other 2 english beers. Lots of whisky maybe 100 bottles. Closed for a private tasting at our visit. Nice friendly service who after a short chat pointed us thet way to a new multitap craft beer bar. Not really a place to seek out for beer as its first and foremost a whisky bar.“
Camons 96 days ago
68 /100
U Pětníka (Restaurant)
“Classic Czech restuarant, loads of dark wood, small room with the bar to the left, kitchen behind it as you enter, but there s another 2 rooms behind, so larger than it looks at first. 6 tap's, Uniticke including a bock i havent had. We didnt eat, but table next to us was served some very tasty looking burgers, so maybe worth a try. Cheap prices and good service.“
Camons 96 days ago
68 /100
Nápoje (Beer Store)
“Small shop, cross between grocery store, 7-eleven, beerstore selling all kinds of goods, mostly all kinds of alcoholic drinks. Good selection of Czech micoes in the fridges at good prices. 2 tap's so there a drink in option while browsing. About 5 people drinking and chatting to the owner - enough to make the place crowded. Worth at visit, cheap prices.“
Camons 96 days ago
68 /100 BUBENEČSKÁ 321/33, PRAHA 6 - BUBENEČ
“Nice place in a quite area of prague, but not to far from the castle etc. 4 beers on tap, svetle 11 was really good, others fine. Had a light meal for a late lunch wich was fine. Good service and prices.“
Camons 96 days ago
70 /100 U AKADEMIE 366/11, PRAHA 7 - BUBENEČ
“Cafe like place in 2 floors, quite cozy. Soft music playing at our visit. Just a few other guest in at our visit, Dogs and babies welcome. 5 house beers on, most pretty good, a IPL the sole letdown. Dont think they normalt do flights, but served a me sample of all beers when i asked. Service was good. Maybe not the first place to include on a Prague beer crawl, but a nice visit anyway. food looked mostly like cake and the like, we didnt had any. Cheap prices.“
Camons 96 days ago
“Tradition Czech restaurant with some rock / metal posters, some rock items painted on the walls, 2 floors slightly darker in the basement. Some softer heavy metal playing, Iron Maiden etc. 8 tap's most Staropramen, a Matuska and Dobruska. Half full at our visit with people having lunch. Cash only.“
Camons 96 days ago