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72 /100 NAD KOLčAVKOU 8/907, PRAHA 9 - LIBEň
“Visited for the first time lateish evening of August 4, 2017.
Started with their sample plate of 5 beers, then sampled another 3 you could buy by the glass. I think the 8 we sampled this evening was the ones available. IT seemed like the 5 you get to try on the sample plate/flight/paddle are the ones they decide, the rest you need to get by the glass if you want to try them.
Some English spoken by some staff. Quite a few tables inside, we opted to sit outside though.
Walkable from metro stop Ceskomoravská, though having google maps on the phone helps a bit. You get the feeling not too many tourists find their way over here. Charming, but also a feeling of being left out, like the locals find you mainly amusing but really not for you to go. Decent amount of people here drinking beer, also some eating. Beers were all decent, some good. Walked back to tram stop Balabenka, realized an old metal place were just there from my memory, so if you feel like a very shade underground type metal bar that only serve Gambrinus, and they still allow smoking inside, google Rock Pub Error on your way home.
Perhaps not a place to venture just because, there are better and more easily located brewpubs around town.“
gnoff 13 hours ago
“Visited for the first time on August 4, 2017. Got there early afternoon.
Plenty of seating inside as well as outside. Three beers available, 2 were very nice, one was good. Decent service. Didn’t eat, just sampled the three beers.
Very close to tram stop Národní divadlo, if going eat to west you’ll just pass the place on the south side of the street. Also quite close to tram and metro stop Národní trída.“
gnoff 13 hours ago
34 /100 VODIčKOVA 20, PRAHA 1 - NOVÉ MěSTO
“Latest visit on the afternoon of August 4, 2017.
Stopped by for a late lunch and their two beers.
Service was close to decent, up until we were about to pay. He slammed the money I gave him down onto the table and then screamed that service was not included. So again, tips is not included, but if I am giving tips in Czech I expect good service, and it is still voluntary, not something you have to do. Quality of their beers seem to have gone down as well. Food was decent, but the goulash was not even close to that, more a beef stew with sausage (?) in it. Feels I do not have to go to this place any more times.

So rerate time of this again.
Been here several times since 2005, usually only go back these days for food. When here to eat, preferably bo booking in advance, all is fine. If you swing by for a beer then expect not to much. Updated rating with scores is per the latest visit only.
Latest visit was Saturday evening, May 23, 2015. Arrived shortly before 18:00 with a group of 11 people, with a pre-order of the roast piglet.
Sampled the 4 beers with flavours; banana, ginger, coffee and caramel. Also had the light and the dark beer.
Roast piglet was awesome as always, service was OK.

Centrally located, right by tramstop Vodickova, also walking distance from metro stations Mustek and Narodni Trida.

Earlier ratings:
I’ve visited Novomestsky Pivovar once, when I was in Prague for one week in May of 2005.
I will be going to Prague again in less than two weeks time and have booked my birthday dinner and a guided brewery tour of the pub brewery for our group.
They have a 10-12 kg roast pig if you order at least 24 hours before, so that’s what we’ll be having :D

Last time I can remember trying two beers of theirs, the light and the dark. Don’t think they had any other beers, but with that quality, who needs more?

Very nice as a home brewer to be able to taste Czech pub brewey beers.

Food is very nice too, and good size portions of that.
The place is a bit pricy compared to many non-tourist places in Prague, but it’s worth a visit and I’d say it’s pretty much mandatory to visit it at least once when in Prague.

Can get quite crowded, so might be a good idea to make reservations or come as small groups (or alone).

Visits to the brewery is possible, but make resevations to be sure, specially if you want the guide to be able to do the tour in English.

Rerate: Time to lower the service score, the guy refused to let us pay with a 500 note for two beers, he laughed at us and asked if we were kidding! What’s a tourist to do then?
Score: 4/4/7/8/NA/12=54“
gnoff 17 hours ago
94 /100
Mead Museum (Beer Store)
“First time visitor on August 4, 2017.
Just saw the name listed for places in Prague, knew I had to find my way here and check it out.
One smallish room when you walk in, one side is a counter/bar, the other is a big shelf filled with bottles of mead.
Friendly English speaking service who genuinely appreciate your visit and wants to teach you more about mead.
Seems to concentrate on mead from Czech and Slovakia, but also have some knowledge about other countries meads.
There’s a toilet in the back if asking for it.
You may ask for a tasting of 5 meads for 130 czk or 10 meads for 190 czk, I opted for the 10 mead one. Also bought a few small bottles of mead to bring home. The meads that will go into the tasting depends a bit on what kind of meads you like and what you are interested in, since they have some 20-30 bottles open at the time they will choose from for the tasting. Only one person working and taking care of the tasting, so if there’s another group there already you might have to wait.
Not a bar really, more a shop where you may choose to have a tasting as well.
No matter if you want a mead tasting or if you are looking for mead or honey products to purchase, this is a great place that I will return to for sure next time in Prague.
Just make sure to check the current opening hours on their site/FB, since they seem to change on and off. Mainly closed Mondays and Sundays, and then open during afternoon other days.“
gnoff 21 hours ago
70 /100 LÍPOVÁ 511/15, PRAHA 2 - NOVÉ MěSTO
“New visit on August 4, 2017.
Shorlty after lunch, not as crowded as I’ve seen it in the past.
Seated upstairs, super hot inside (very warm outside), so sweating a lot and only stayed for one of their sampled trays of 8 small pours.
Nice fast service this time around. The tmave was in good condition, but the svetly have seen better days (as per my memory). When there were some 8 or so breweries in Prague this was a must go, seems they are now lagging behind some of the new of the 25+ breweries available. Though I didn’t eat this time, I have many times in the past, and based on that would return for the food.

Latest visit was in the evening of Monday May 25, 2015. Likely after 20:30 or so, but should’ve been before 22:00.
Fairly crowded, as it often has been in the past. Got seated (me and one friend) at a small table, then was asked if two more persons could join us, no problem. We already ate, so only stayed for a beer each, which were in the usual good quality. Make sure to reserve a table if wanting to go here, or be prepared to wait in line.
Very close to tram stop Štepánská.
Had the total score at about 86 before, but not as good/nice/comfortable as it was a few or even 10 years ago. Still worth going to though.

Been here several times in the past, some text from some visits below:
I’ve visited Pivovarsky Dum once, when I was in Prague for one week in May of 2005.
I will be going to Prague again in less than two weeks time and have booked a lunch and a guided brewery tour of the pub brewery for our group.

Last time I tried a few of their beers, such as the banana beer, coffee beer, sour cherry beer, nettle beer and one of their more "regular" beers.

Very nice as a home brewer to be able to taste wild experimental beers like the ones I try to make for myself. And they have an awesome selection and good quality of their beers.

Food is very nice too, and good sice portions of that.
The place is a bit pricy compared to many non-tourist places in Prague, but it’s worth a visit and I’d say it’s pretty much mandatory to visit it at least once when in Prague.

Can get quite crowded, so might be a good idea to make reservations or come as small groups (or alone).

Visits to the brewery is possible, but make resevations to be sure, specially if you want the guide to be able to do the tour in English.

They have opened a new restaurant with more than 170 different beers. The home page is in Czech only, but at least you can find the address so you can visit the place.“
gnoff 22 hours ago
“Visited for the first time on August 4, 2017.
Visited the restaurant upstairs, the "Beerpoint" wasn’t open this early.
Got there early before 1 pm, first stop of the day. Three other people there, plus two working the bar. No others came in during our visit, so quiet. Didn’t eat, stayed for the two beers they had on.
Wooden benches, tables and chairs. Sort of a sterile bar, more like a bistro than a brewery. Small pours (0.3 or 0.2 depending on the beer) of the beers available. Close/walkable from I.P. Pavlova metro station. Some music playing. Decent English spoken by the bar staff. Good service (by Prague measures, in general: decent). Parking on the street outside available. Clean toilets. Both beers we samled were in good condition and quite tasty.“
gnoff 22 hours ago
“Visited, I think the first time, on August 3, 2017, sort of late.
Very generous opening hours. If you feel like a breakfast beer, if you feel like that last beer way too late, if you feel hungry and restaurants have closed, yep, head out to Žižkov and go to U Sadu!
We sat downstairs. Decent service, though they did feel like they had to point out the were expecting tips...
Plenty of taps and bottles to choose from.“
gnoff 2 days ago
“Latest visit now on August 3, 2017.
Stopped by for tasting the beers, got to stand by the entrance since the tables were reserved for guests wanting to eat. Difficult to make a call on service, since we ordered and paid by the man pouring the beers. On this visit the svetly was the only one holding up, the tmavy and polotmavy were only decent to OK.

Latest visit was for lunch on Tuesday May 26, 2015. Got there around noon or so.
Fairly crowded, but we got one of the "reserved" tables, even though we had no reservation. I had the salmon, which was nice. Also had two beers, also good. Nice enough place, I’d go back. Fast service, even though it was fairly crowded.
They breded while we was there too, always nice, you can see it from parts of the restaurant. Very centrally located, walking distance from plenty of other Prague micro breweries.

Text from earlier visits below:
Visted twice in early June, 2011. Nice place, good service. Had a small pickled sausage the first time, only beer the second. I can see myself coming back for the beer, as well as for tasting more food. Very central.“
gnoff 2 days ago
78 /100 BřEZINOVA 21, PRAHA 8
“New craft multitap a short walk from the Križíkova metro station. Has a weird disco throwback sort of vibe. 12 beers on tap, rather IPA/APA-heavy, with lots of Bad Flash and Falkon and a couple fridges full of bottles, both foreign and domestic. Service is very friendly and the food is obviously prepared with lots of care. The best thing about this place are the opening hours though: 8:30 on weekdays, a good two and a half hours earlier than most other venues in Prague, which makes it perfect for a couple of morning ticks.“
jfb 2 days ago
64 /100 BETLÉMSKÁ 286/5
“Visited on 14th July 2017. It’s a nice looking place and hasn’t changed from it’s previous guise, a large single roomed venue, bar against one wall. It was quiet and the staff were chatty explaining about the new ownership, not all the beers were available on the menu but had 3 on. The beer was decent enough. Didn’t eat in the place, service was friendly and prices OK. It was a decent enough venue and had a different experience to Gnoff. I’d give it another go but things may have changed in a month!“
WingmanWillis 2 days ago
68 /100 HUSOVA 232/10, PRAHA 1 - STARÉ MěSTO
“Second visit here, on August 3, 2017.
A group of us for dinner, sat downstairs. Samled four of their beers from tap and a Czech perry they had on bottle. Good service, but the waitor thought it was hysterical to make fun on the expense of his guests, which got a bit tired after a while. Very cetnrally located, likely will be back on the next trip to Prague.

Visited a Wednesday evening, got there at about 9.30 pm (21:30) on May 20, 2015.
Had made a reservation so was seated upstairs. Ate, but didn’t write down what I ate, just remember it tasted nice. Sampled a bunch of their beers with two friends.
Fast attentive service. Some 80’s rock/metal playing softly from the speakers.
Centrally located, we walked there from Zitna and passed U Medvidku shortly before, also very close to U fleku and U Dvou Kocek.
They had 6 beers on draught at the time, including one made special for the hockey championships shortly before. We sampled 5, though they wanted to close early, around 22:15 or so they asked if we could pay so they could close the upstairs.“
gnoff 3 days ago
“Visited for the first time on August 3, 2017.
Located along the metro B (yellow) line, with the metro stop of the same name. Head into the shopping mall just outside of the metro station, then up two floors.
We sat in the first room by the bar, feels like a lunch restaurant. After a while we also realized they had a downstairs location and a large covered outdoors seating area, both of which were a lot cozier than where we sat.
Had early lunch and samled their beers. The chicken with live had a LOT of liver on it, a bizarre amount, the chicken was decent, but nothing to write home about. Quite nice service.Of the 5 beer on one was rather nice, the other 4 were decent.
It is a bit of a trip out here, but still worth it I’d say.
Plenty of rock/metal magazine covers on some walls, especially covering the toilet walls. We arrived just after opening, but filled up during our visit, seems fairly popolar with the locals. Can’t imagine too many tourists find their way here.“
gnoff 3 days ago
76 /100
U Slovanské Lípy (Restaurant)
“Been here a few times, but apparently not rated it in the past.
Latest visit on August 2, 2017.
Some busses stop close by, but we tend to walk down from tram stop Lipanská, down is easy, up will be up the hill and some stairs.
Got here quite late this time around, still plenty of people here but found a table. Nice, fast service. Several of the beers on the list and taps were out, but found a few nice ones still. Didn’t eat. Good place with quite a few taps, nice selection even though some seem to be out fairly often. I will likely return.“
gnoff 3 days ago
14 /100 BETLÉMSKÁ 286/5
“If you read nothing else from my review as per below, just remember I advice everyone to stay away from here.

Visited this place with this name for the first time on August 2, 2017.
Have visited the brewery on this location, but under name Pražský Most U Valsu twice in the past, in 2008 and 2011.
The new name and owners have taken a fairly decent place and run it into the ground it seems.
Walked in and sat down, pretty much the only customers. Asked for the three beers as 0.3 pours, the waitress stated it would be 0.2, we said "even better". Of course we were charged for the 0.3 after.
When she delivered the order to the bar man they laughed at us, so that’s a good start, right?
Sampled the three beers. Their pale was rather nice, their special "Cascade" was decent, their dark was just horrendous, sour and acidic, couldn’t even finish it over the two of us.
Against better judgement we still stayed a while longer. My wife wanted something other than beer and asked what the lemonade at a 0.1 pour for 8 units was, agreed to it. What comes in? Well 0.5 pour for 5 times the price. She said this isn’t was she ordered, waitress lets her know she gets 5 times as much for 5 times the price in the menu. We don’t agree, she shruggs and walks away.
Unlucky for us we had already ordered some food...
My wife had a salad thas was eadible at least. I ordered a beef sausage, which came out as a pale pork sausage in broth. Had one bite, but it was very sour, so didn’t dare eat more to risk getting sick.
When the waitress asked how everything was, I explained the food was sour and I couldn’t eat it, she shrugged and walked away.
In the end we were asked to pay for all food and drinks as she delivered them, not as we ordered them.
Needless to say, no matter they brew their own beers, I hope I never think of stepping in here again, even if they change their name or owner yet again.
As for my personal opinion, it doesn’t matter they brew their own beer, just avoid this place!“
gnoff 5 days ago
“Visited first time on August 2, 2017.
Have been to Prague quite a few times in the past and loved it very much, hence I often return.
Centrally located, easily walkable from the Karluv Most/Charles Bridge.
Cozy, nice place down some stairs from a back street into a cellar like place. Warm lighting, brewery on dislay, you can sit by some small tables in the front room, or down a small stair into the back room. Started out with nice, fast, helpful service. Samled the three beers they had on. Ordered som hot almonds, the server did say "they might be a bit hot", they were HOT as hell. Damn they burned us so many times, tasted good though. Really nice tasty beers, quite expensive though. Oh the almonds were rather expensive as well, but we figured this close to the center that’s just what you’ll have to deal with. Some music playing, quite a bit of The Doors this evening.
And then...
We ask to pay, everything has been great, the bill is put on the table. And there it is. He has used a yellow marker to highlight "service is not included" the oh so these days familiar words when going even way outside the tourist traps in Prague. Not only this, he has also by hand added "10%" next to it, indicating that is what we should pay.
Since service fee very much is included in Czech Rep., since tips is completely optional, and since they would NEVER ask a Czech speaking person for this, or even have it on their bill, that last part just turned a great experience and a nice place into something that didn’t feel good.
Our bill was at 198, we woul’ve gladly put down 200 if the last part of our visit didn’t turn out the way it did. So I added it up to 208 and waited, and waited, and waited. Now all of a sudden he was no longer keen to approach our table, just stood waiting by the bar for us to leave. Finally he did come up and stated "all OK" and started to take all the money. I said, I need my 10 back. As to the reply was "service is not included in Czech". This place and sadly quite a few I went to on this trip had severly reduced my wish to return to Prague, and very much my will to go back to this place or any other that try to force me to pay tips, just because I’m a foreigner. Shame on them.
If you speak Czech, or if you are willing to deal with the "service is not included" (which is a lie), the place is a really nice one.“
gnoff 5 days ago
78 /100
T-Anker (Restaurant)
“This place was a bit hard to find as we kept looking on google maps and dident pay attention to what was under our noses. What u need to do is to find a elevator in a street passage and go up to the top floor. Great seating outside, but with the rain pouring down we sat inside. Solid Wi-Fi here!! The prices are a bit higher as this is a city center place. 12 taps, some commercial Belgian and German brews and some local micro brews. Super fast service, food was ok.“
Turtles 5 days ago
“This brew pub is located on a boat. The weather was really warm this day so we sat inside for awhile and cooled off in the air conditioning. After we sat outside on the sun deck. 6 taps, prices ok, served small 0.2 and large 0.4. No wifi here. Did not try the food. Nice, clean and modern.“
Turtles 6 days ago
62 /100
U Černého Vola (Restaurant)
“Latest visit on August 2, 2017.
Actually have some variation on the beers these days, also two servers working. A LOT more tourists than I remember, granted we were 4 of them, but still. One of the places you’ll REALLY notice it is good to say "dobry den" when walking in and looking the server in the eye.
Nice place, sort of hard to find this time around, no sign we could see but from some text on the window. Didn’t eat, just had a beer each after going to the Strahov brewery, then walked towards the castle and then the tourist hill down to the bridge and old town.
Nice enough place, though would like to visit in winter or so when a lot fewer tourists swing by, to get a more genuine feel for it.

Earlier text:
Have visited on and off over the years. As a tourist you are more or less tolerated by the staff, who seems to enjoy their local patrons more than the occasional thirsty tourist. Very genuine place though, and very nice to find one such as this in the more touristy parts of town, instead of heading more to the suburbs that I’m more used to doing. Haven’t eaten here, not sure I’d try, but you can get nice beers at low prices in a Czech style pub atmosphere frequented more by Czech than tourists. Nice to swing by after visiting the monastery brew pub, before getting the tram back to town.“
gnoff 6 days ago
“Latest visit on August 2nd, 2017.
Been here many times in the past from 2005 onward.
A favorite place to go still, albeit rather touristy.
I tend to take the tram to stop Pohorelec, then walk a short distance.
Don’t eat here very often, but the beers are well worth swinging by for. Got the indoors seating by the brew setup and bar, some outdoors seating, then down a few steps to a larger beer hall like area. This time sat outside. OK service, nice beers. I shall most likely return more times as well.

Older rating text from 2007, the only time it seems I bothered writing about it in the past from earlier visits:
Their beers are just about the best available in Prague! A must visit, though it might feel quite touristy. Good food and service.“
gnoff 6 days ago
70 /100
U Slovanské Lípy (Restaurant)
“Traditional pub/restaurant. Several taps with commercial brewery’s. Prices are great, small 0,3 25-30,- Friendly staff, fast service. Traditional food, I ate some pork dish with mashed potatoes, kind of nice. Dident get the wi-fi to work. Looking for craft beer, don’t go.“
Turtles 6 days ago
“Kind of a cool place, small bar, 3 taps of their own brew. Small (0,3) was 37,- u could also order up to 1.5L but that’s not for me. They have wifi but it did work well for me, it threw me out every other minute. Solid food menu to order from but I dident.“
Turtles 6 days ago
58 /100 JERONÝMOVA 577/2, PRAHA 3 - ŽIŽKOV
“Traditional pub/restaurant. Small bar, 6 taps with beers from Pernštejn. Solid wifi. As always in Prague, very nice prices.“
Turtles 6 days ago
“Visited first time on August 2, 2017.
Located on a boat, close to the bridge Štefánikuv Most, tram stop Dlouhá trída is the closest, though crossing the street should preferably be done slightly to the east close to Nové mlýny street.
Soem film team was in close to the brew setu, didn’t bother much though.
A bit weird service, had to walk up to the bar and ask to ay. Was clearly told that "service was not included" when paying with card, though service very much is included in this country, just tips isn’t.
Samled their 6 beers on, 3 were decent, 3 were fairly nice. Ate food that wasn’t very inspiring. Nice view though. High WAF.
If they raise the quality of their food and stop telling customers they should remember to tip, they might get more return customers?“
gnoff 7 days ago
“Well, visited on August 2, 2017.
Tried, really tried, to get service to order beer. But you can only take so much before you just leave after being constanly ignored. We were sober, first place of the day. It wasn’t packed, there were plenty of staff standing in a corner behind the bar chatting instead of serving.
gnoff 7 days ago
72 /100 VE SMEčKÁCH 16, PRAHA 1 - NOVÉ MěSTO
“Small modern place. 6 taps of local brews. Importen bottles. Small cost around 30,- large 60,-. Solid wi-fi!! Friendly bar man.“
Turtles 7 days ago
78 /100 ŠTěPÁNSKÁ 3
“Huge place! Traditional restaurant, fair prices, about ten taps. Very cool old school bookshelf with glasses behind the bar. Solid WiFi! I didn’t eat but the menu offered traditional food and also beer snacks like meat plates. I love places like this.“
Turtles 7 days ago
56 /100 LÍPOVÁ 511/15, PRAHA 2 - NOVÉ MěSTO
“Traditional pub/restaurant. This place must have looked the same for years, everything is a bit rough, but if you step away from the bar and into the restaurant I looks very modern. So it’s a mix of old and new. About 8 taps in the bar, but it’s a bit pricey for Prague, small (0,3cl) is 47,-Kc No wifi! I never ate but the plates going out looked fine to me.“
Turtles 7 days ago
“Small cozy place. I was in at 15:00cet and it was very quiet. They had only two beer on tap. Not worth the trip if your not in the neighborhood, but if u are, pop in! Solid wifi. The two small beers I had only cost me a total of 50,-Kc“
Turtles 7 days ago
“Great burger joint between BeerGeek Bar and Dno Pytle. So what makes it great, well if u are hungry u won’t suffer no more. Burgers and side orders. It’s all average food but I sure get full. Exclusive brewery for this place and the can make em! 5 taps, oh yeah, solid wifi!“
Turtles 8 days ago
70 /100 KORUNNÍ 2506/106, PRAHA 10 - VINOHRADY
“Went in for lunch, this place opens 11:00cet and the lunch is 100-125,- Solid wifi, fast service. 4 taps on when I visited.“
Turtles 8 days ago
70 /100 VE SMEčKÁCH 16, PRAHA 1 - NOVÉ MěSTO
“Small, simply furnished place, packed to the rafters on my first visit (Tuesday evening), all sans a single bar stool - not surprising, as the six beers on tap are always well-chosen and quickly rotating. Check facebook to see what’s currently pouring. Attentive, English-speaking barman, good value. A lively place to have a few when you’re sick of all the multitaps.“
jfb 9 days ago
68 /100 NAVRÁTILOVA 1421/11, PRAHA 1 - NOVÉ MěSTO
“Simply furnished three-room setup with lots of tables to sit at. 21 beers on tap, though more like 17 at any given time. Not too impressed with the selection to be honest, some of the draught beers were very mediocre fare. The beers by the house brewer (First Order) are quite solid. Four-beer sampler is also reasonably priced at 149 Kc. Very friendly English-speaking staff.“
jfb 9 days ago
74 /100 KONěVOVA 1819/133, PRAHA 3 - ŽIŽKOV
“Small bottle shop in the Prague 3 district. International beers and Czech macros are lined up on the shelves, the Czech micros are all in fridges, which makes this place perfect for some in-house drinking. Lots of tables to sit at and also a small beer garden out back. Four beers on tap, which you can get a sample tray of. Wifi is available. Easy to reach by tram and definitely worth the small detour.“
jfb 9 days ago
70 /100
BeerGeek Beer Shop (Beer Store)
“Small beer store a short walk from the bar. Mostly looking for local bottles when in foreign countries and this place isn’t exactly full to the rafters with Czech micros, which was a bit of a letdown. Managed to find about 5-6 beers that sparked my interest, most of them in the fridge, which is a plus. And to be fair the selection of international beers is quite good if you’re looking for that sort of thing. Very friendly staff.“
jfb 9 days ago
82 /100 KORUNNÍ 2506/106, PRAHA 10 - VINOHRADY
“Second time visit to this place, on Monday July 31, 2017.
Arrived fairly late after checking in to our hotel, so walked up from Olsanske Namesti, not too far.
Sampeld the four beers they had on, prices for a 0,3 pour 28-32 Kc, and for the bigger 0,5 pour 43-49 Kc.
Only had the four beers this time, since we ate earlier and it was getting pretty late. Sat downstairs this time. Very nice service, very nice place, will return for sure if I get the chance.

Older place review:
Visited for dinner Sunday May 24, 2015. Got there shortly before 18:00. Had scheduled a brewery tour in English that was interesting and went well.
We were a group of 11 for dinner, not a huge place, good idea to make reservations if you plan on going here.
Nice food, really nice beers, great staff, super place. One not to miss!
Closest tram stop is Orionka.
I can see myself go back for sure.“
gnoff 10 days ago
78 /100 EVROPSKÁ 209/134, PRAHA 6 - DEJVICE
“Updating after latest visit, on Monday July 31, 2017. Got here straight from the airport, got off the 119 bus from the airport at stop Divoka Sarka.
Been to Prague quite a few times since 2005, this is only my second visit here.
Met up with two friends, shared a few beers and had dinner. Had some pork back fillet with fries, very nice and filling meal. Sampled the 5 house beers they had available this day. They also had a 6th guest beer, didn’t sample that one, but was something I had rated in the past. "Rychtar Grunt 11, svetly lezak" for 32 Kc, at 4.8%.
Nice service, one of the servers spoke some English, one did it quite well. Well worth a stop I’d say. Also located by this stop is the number 26 tram (end/first station).
A terrace outside for the ones not wanting to sit inside, or who wants to smoke now that the new law is in effect.
I do believe I will return, very nice prices and some pretty good beers, the other decent. Beers cost 31 to 48 Kc for the 0,5 liter pour, the more "expensive ones" are the non traditional, e.g. their IPA.

Older rating:
Visited after lunch, Tuesday May 26, 2015. Got there roughly around 14:00? Used bus 119 (towards airport) from Nadrazi Veleslavin (green/A metro) and got off at bus stop Divoka Sarka, then just cross the street is this place.
Not a lot of people this hour this Tuesday. Fast attentive service in English.
Didn’t eat. They had 4 self made beers and one from a friend brewery on tap this day.
Good info on the beers available by the bar. All beers were good, though me and my mate enjoyed the 11 degree pale (Sarka) the most.
Recommended as your first or last stop of your trip if arriving/departure by flights to Prague airport and select bus 119 as your transportation.
Also worth a trip out there still, not that far or that difficult, and worth it for the beers I’d say.“
gnoff 10 days ago
78 /100 K BOTIčI 409/2, PRAHA 10 - VRŠOVICE
“A short tram ride from IP Pavlova (6,7,24) to Bohemians and a short walk to this fine little bar. A little hard to find, just a little yellow sign in the window with "Zubaty Pes". Single room bar, 6 or 7 small tables, and on a early weekday evening we and 2 Czech friends where the only customers. 16 tap’s, 1 empty, selection of 3 house beers, other Czech microes, Sibeeria, Albrecht etc + a Mikkeller, a De Molen and a To øl. Most beers was fresh and nice, 1 or 2 a little old. Pricing maybe a little high for Prague, but so was the quality. Worth a visit.“
Camons 12 days ago
80 /100
Mead Museum (Beer Store)
“Very nice little shop with a very big selection of Czech and Slovak meads, ill say 100+ bottles. Had a tasting with 10 meads ranging from plain meads to fruited and barrel aged ones. Good information from owner with each Mead. Good quality all around. Not that familar with mead pricing, but would say fair pricing here. Will deff return next time in Prague.“
Camons 14 days ago
54 /100 MATOUŠOVA 1286/5, PRAHA 5 - SMÍCHOV
“Funny little locals place, tucked away in cellar, but next to a nice park. 2 tables outside as you enter down the stairs, bar just inside and 2 small rooms to both side. Rather dark and with a smell of wet mouldy cellar. 3 beers on tap, a Holba, Staropramen nonfiltered and Opat Bitter - 2 new for me. Nice service and cheap prices.“
Camons 14 days ago
54 /100
Bejzment (Restaurant)
“Burger bar in 2 floors, old furniture, leather, wood, posters. Rock’n’Roll themed, there is even a Lemmy poster on the Wall downstairs! 2 tap’s upstairs, 1 empty, 3 tap’s downstairs, 1 cider, Stone Arrogant Bastard and the Bejzment beer just under another name than upstairs. Nice enough service, but not with a lot of english skills. Funny place, but not really a beer place.“
Camons 14 days ago
62 /100
U Buldoka (Bar)
“Traditionel Czech pub, dark wood, etc. Sign on the wall showing the age of the Tankova Pilsner Urquell-pretty cool. At our visit it was 1 day old! Kozel and a single beer from Zvikovsky on tap as well. Nice service and fair prices.“
Camons 14 days ago
80 /100 SLEZSKÁ 1357/1, PRAHA 2 - VINOHRADY
“Small two-storey multitap next to the Námestí Míru metro exit. The inside looks like something out of the 30s, very minimal but at the same time quite homely. 21 beers on tap and a couple of bottled beers in the fridge, always able to find something interesting here, good value as well. Lots of non-locals here, so English isn’t an issue. Playing Journey and Starship gets extra points.“
jfb 14 days ago
“Big tradition restaurant just opposite the Andel metro station. Nice old wood, brick walls and a nice garden. Just Pilsner Urquell on tap, good quality tho. Server somewhat grumpy as we didnt wanted to eat. Fair prices.“
Camons 14 days ago
“Nice bar with a garden behind it, more or less full at our visit around 12 at a weekday. 4 tap’s, a single new one for me, no Radegast unfiltered. Fine service and prices“
Camons 14 days ago
58 /100
Bernard Pub Anděl (Restaurant)
“Modern pub, 6 Bernard beers on tap, some bottles aswell. Almost full at our visit around 12 on a weekday, mostly tourists. Fast and attentive service. Fair prices.“
Camons 14 days ago
54 /100 NÁDRAŽNÍ 43/84, PRAHA 5 - SMÍCHOV
“Very modern and quite big restaurant. 7 Staropramen beers on tap+Hoegaarden, didnt have the Kwasnicak. Visited early in the day, but still a good number of custumers having lunch. Server spoke a good english.“
Camons 14 days ago
“This is for the bar, we didnt take the tour as per the comments below. Very nice modern looking bar in 2 floors. 4 beers on tap, a flight of all 4 avaible at 90 kc. Good quality of all beers. Served with a good information of the 4 different beer in very good english. Fast service and good prices.“
Camons 14 days ago
46 /100
U Vejvodů (Restaurant)
“Huge bar, nice garden in the back. Both inside and garden was a bit smokey. Urquell on tap. Little expensive.“
Camons 15 days ago
58 /100
Café Louvre (Restaurant)
“Classy upper class cafe, still quite cozy.small garden aswell. 4 Bernard beers on tap, good quality. Slightly expensive.“
Camons 15 days ago
“Basic but decent beer, fair prices for the location“
dEnk 15 days ago

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