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54 /100 MUCHOVA 222/7, PRAHA 6 - DEJVICE
“Visited 15th june 2018. Works as local pub with beers from Krkonoss. Since 2012. Sausages goes well with the beers.“
djoeye 2 days ago
92 /100 LÍPOVÁ 511/15, PRAHA 2 - NOVÉ MĚSTO
“The best in Praga“
Irredento 10 days ago
“brewpub in the Prague suburb of Radotín, visited en-route from Revnice to Moucha in Braník. Frienedly staff, 4 beers in PET bottles were available. Classic looks of the placed, menu and food looked good.“
Quack-Duck 25 days ago
“brewrey and restaurant just outside of Prague. 10 PET bottles available to take away. Didn't try the food, but the place looked busy and things looked pleasant. Will come again.“
Quack-Duck 37 days ago
80 /100 KŘIŽÍKOVA 272/17, PRAHA 8 - KARLÍN
“Visited 16.08.21. Near the Florence metro. 6 Czech craft beers on tap at my visit. Nice atmosphere, good service. There is outdoor seating on the pavement and more seating downstairs. They also do good food!“
Holmen2 39 days ago
“brewery & restaurant on a ship on the vltava river a few steps from Prague's main sights in the Old town. 5 beers on tap, samplers are available. Staff was very friendly and knowledgeable, happily shared information about all the beers on tap. All beers are also available to take home in PET bottles. Great views from the top deck, including lots of bridges and Prague Castle. Food was tasty too, had the sausage in beer sauce with superb homemade bread. All in all very good, definitely worth a visit, or several visits!“
Quack-Duck 39 days ago
66 /100 KŘEMENCOVA 1651/11, PRAHA 1 - NOVÉ MĚSTO
“Classic and famous brewpub in Prague's Nové Město. Lovely atmosphere and looks. On thisher customers, waiter very friendly and quick. beer very good - food as well, had the utopenec and nakládany hermelín. A pleasant experience.“
Quack-Duck 39 days ago
74 /100
Myslíš? (Bar)
“Aah, so Myslíš? has been one of the talks of the Prague craft beer scene recently. From what I know, they opened really quickly before the lockdown shut them down, opened briefly in December, in time to host a Dark Times/Caligula event, then closed again till recently, when it got some Zichovec specials etc. So, obviously a place that's interested in specialty beer. Easily reachable from Národní Třída metro/tram (even Můstek), close to U Medvídků and U Dvou Koček. The location appears to have been in the last 12 years a slot machine place, a wine bar, a coffee bar and now it's a beer/food place. One may easily call it a hipster place, and I think it's safe to say one wouldn't be wrong. Interior mostly out of repurposed old furniture, one large table in the center, meant for being shared by different people I guess, and several nooks and crannies, huge glass windows to the outside. I think they do vegan and/or vegetarian food too, haven't tried this time. Good music from what I remember. Several taps, Zichovec with a couple of standards this time (Sour, Goose Ale), I think some Sibeeria, maybe 0105, something else I'd had and Obora 8. They tend to get the cream of the crop mostly beer-wise, which is great for the location. Quite good prices for the location too. All in all, I'll probably elaborate on further visits and see if they have a bottle list, but it's definitely a worthy addition to the town center.“
Marko 42 days ago
68 /100 FRANCOUZSKÁ 400/112, PRAHA 10 - VRŠOVICE
“At first sight it looks like Your usual small dim " pražská sousedská hospoda" (Prague neighbourhood pub), even though the beer-garden in the backyard and the empty bottles in the windows are a bit unsual; 4 taps, as expected from Trilobit; some bottles in the fridge; sampled there only their Lager, which was well drinkable, but surely not exciting. Just 1 mile by feet from this place to Zly časy...;-)“
pivnizub 48 days ago
58 /100
U Černého Vola (Restaurant)
“Quick stop on our way to Strahov. Medium sized, bit rundown traditional pub on a tourist elephant trail. Actually not that many tourists during our visit. Selection is limited to PU and Kozel. Just a place tick for me.“
Iznogud 48 days ago
64 /100 BUREŠOVA 1661/2, PRAHA 8 - KOBYLISY
“Leave the red metro-line at "Ladví" and just a few steps later You'll enter the modern, big Cobolis brewpub. That's it! Their beers a IMHO a bit overrated, but nevertheless a good destination outside of the sometimes overcrowded city-centre.“
pivnizub 49 days ago
56 /100 LIDICKÁ 337/30, PRAHA 5 - SMÍCHOV
“Another modern brew-pub in the centre of Prague; few tables in the tap-room on the light ground-floor, some in the back-yard (called "beer-garden") and some more - did not visit it - in the basement. All in all - as mentioned above - quite a modern place in the Shift of area with a limited selection of their own brews. Not really a must, just right for a quick stop.“
pivnizub 50 days ago
“Spacious place with couple of tables outside. Modern, sort of industrial, but not quite, interior. Music seemed a bit too loud. 12 taps with mostly modern Czech micros. Bunch of different bottles including special barrel aged Czech stuff. Some obscure stuff like Dark Times - Caligula. Friendly service. Well worth checking out.“
Iznogud 54 days ago
“On the Karlin side of the Zizkov tunnel. Medium sized place with the small patio outside. 10 beers on tap including some Czech breweries new for me that I haven't seen around. Fridge with 30-40 beers, mostly bombers. Friendly service. Good stop.“
Iznogud 54 days ago
74 /100
U Slovanské Lípy (Restaurant)
“Traditional Czech pub just next to the Zizkov tunnel. Interior with wooden furniture and paraphernalia on the walls. The place was pretty much empty during our visit. Smaller front bar room and bigger room in the back, sort of a beer hall. Only 5 out of 10 taps were on, but I guess considering the situation it's understandable. All Czech micros. Bit reserved service.“
Iznogud 54 days ago
74 /100 VE SMEČKÁCH 590/16, PRAHA 1 - NOVÉ MĚSTO
“Visited just after opening so we were the only guests. Small bar room and bigger room in the back. 6 taps of Czech micros and 30 bottles in the fridge. OK place for a quick stop.“
Iznogud 55 days ago
62 /100 KŘEMENCOVA 1651/11, PRAHA 1 - NOVÉ MĚSTO
“Finally visited the famous U Fleku. Huge place with plenty of different rooms and large biergarten with plenty of shade in the middle. Ambiance would be nice if some half wit wasn't trying to play the accordion. Lots of waiters running around or just chatting with each other. As we sat their Tmavy was immediately brought to us. Upon asking we got their Svetly as well, and was it a threat - by far the worst beer on our trip and one of the worst I've had in my life. That's why everyone was drinking Tmavy and it was offered by default! Anyway Tmavy was quite good and a reason enough to check the place. Luckily we visited when there was no tourists in town so missed the whole tourist trap vibe.“
Iznogud 56 days ago
80 /100 LIDICKÁ 303/35, PRAHA 5 - SMÍCHOV
“We bumped into this one by accident, it still smelled new. Bunch of fridges with couple of hundred beers. Selection is the same as in Žižkov place. If you are in this part of town and looking to buy some beer this is the place.“
Iznogud 56 days ago
68 /100 LIDICKÁ 337/30, PRAHA 5 - SMÍCHOV
“From the street looks like a small place, but there is a big beer garden in the back and large room in the basement. Modern, clean interior. Four of their beers or tap, quality is OK-ish. Good for a quick stop and some rating,“
Iznogud 56 days ago
78 /100 NÁDRAŽNÍ 116/61, PRAHA 5 - SMÍCHOV
“Spacious pub with a very nice courtyard patio away from the city noise. Liked the old building with the wooden beams. They had 14 beers on tap - Beersel lambic and 13 Czech micros from 13 different breweries. Flights available. Friendly service. Nice place well worth visiting.“
Iznogud 57 days ago
“Located near the town center this place has three rooms. Very small front bar room and two rooms in the back. Pretty basic looking. About 15 beers on tap, mostly Czech stuff with occasional usual suspect like Kasteel Rouge. About 70 bottles in the fridge, stuff we've seen in others bars. Caged shelf in the second room had some more unique stuff. Seemed a little dead, but with all the stuff going on I guess that's expected. Anyway worth checking out if you're nearby.“
Iznogud 57 days ago
72 /100 SOKOLOVSKÁ 81/55, PRAHA 8 - KARLÍN
“Brewpub with industrial interior. Everybody was sitting outside in the courtyard. Seems to be quite popular because all the tables were occupied and line formed at the bar. They had 9 taps on during our visit. Their stuff and some Matuška. Also guest beer from u Fleka. Good for a quick stop, lacks more character for a longer visit.“
Iznogud 58 days ago
76 /100
T-Anker (Restaurant)
“Good thing I read the instructions, although there are some pretty obvious waypoint on how to get there. Both elevator and staircase have seen some better days. Once you cat to the top the view is very nice, especially if you can get one of the tables further from the entrance. Modern and pretty big interior. About 10 beer on tap during our visit, good quality and condition. Good service. It has more of a restaurant vibe than beer place, but still a nice stop.“
Iznogud 58 days ago
68 /100 TÁBORSKÁ 389/49, PRAHA 4 - NUSLE
“We sat at the front terrace, but from the quick look I'd say it's a pretty large place. They had just several beers on tap and 3-4 bottles/cans in the fridge. Beers were OK. Friendly service, but they seemed eager to sell some rakija to the guests. Anyway good for a place tick and beer or two.“
Iznogud 58 days ago
“Medium sized one room pub with heavy wood furniture and tiles on the floor. Bar is located in one corner of the room. They had 3 taps of Hostomice pod Brdy beers which were in very good condition and true representatives of the respective styles. Nothing bad with the service just not sure English is spoken here. Not much of a ticker heaven, but a very good stop for quality Czech beers.“
Iznogud 59 days ago
86 /100
Base Camp (Beer Store)
“Medium sized store not far from the Metro station. There are bunch of fridges in there (probably 15 or more) and several shelves filled with beer. There is a small terrace outside where you can enjoy the beers. There are all sorts of different Czech beers here including some obscure ones which Marko helped us to find. Also some fairly interesting imports, was very surprised to find some Trillium PM Dawns here since we don't see those in Europe. Friendly service, we got some peanuts and even exchanged some beers with the lady working there. Good prices of the Czech stuff. One of the best shops in town for sure.“
Iznogud 59 days ago
68 /100 BUBENEČSKÁ 321/33, PRAHA 6 - BUBENEČ
“Medium sized place in the residential neighborhood. The waitress seemed a bit uninterested, maybe because we came right at the opening. I did like the modern clean interior. They had 4 taps on and same beers in plastic bottles. Quality of beers was good. So in the end it was a good quick stop before Base Camp.“
Iznogud 59 days ago
82 /100 VINOHRADSKÁ 988/62, PRAHA 3 - ŽIŽKOV
“Fairly large basement bar which was very busy during our visit although it was quite late. They had 26 beers on tap, both Czech and imported. Czech selection is focused mostly on Sibeeria, but there are others like Chroust and Zichovec. I've noticed some regular suspects among imports like Sasion Dupoent and White Chimay, but also some harder to find stuff like Hibiscus lambic from Beersel and Freigeist. Wen for Cloudwater Persistance is Utile but it didn't seem to be in best condition. Bunch of beers in the fridges both Czech and imported. Good place, but somehow it was a bit too noisy and lacking character.“
Iznogud 60 days ago
78 /100 RUSKÁ 557/30, PRAHA 10 - VRŠOVICE
“We came inside for a quick beer, but since they were celebrating anniversary the place was absolutely packed. It's quite narrow with a room in a back and patio in front. They had 6 taps with one Czech beer and rest of them were Scandinavian. On side of the bar room is taken up by self with 100-150 beers. If you're not looking exclusively for the Czech beers it's worth checking out.“
Iznogud 60 days ago
78 /100 KORUNNÍ 2506/106, PRAHA 10 - VINOHRADY
“Pretty large place spreading over two floors. With long wooden tables interior looks like a beer hall, but unusually bright and lacking details, one could even use a word sterile. Unfortunately we were too late for food. They had 7 taps on and Pilsners we've tried were quite good, wish we had time to try the other beers. Certainly worth checking out.“
Iznogud 60 days ago
“This is and odd one, but in a good way. It's rather small place with retro hipster interior. Bar is in one corner of the room and there are only three tables inside. Was bit surprised to hear electronic music playing, but it was actually nice addition to the ambiance. There are 5 taps with stuff like Beersel Rhubarb lambic and Wild Creatures sour. Also they are doing bottle pours of Wild Creatures beers. Since they are not that visible from the main room I've almost missed three fridges in the back holding around 100 bottles. Bunch of Czech beers like Fenetra, Sibeeria, Zichovec, good selection of Wild Creatures. Also nice selection of lambic (Tilquin, one or two Cantillons, Beersel) and some US Beers (Toppling Goliath, Burley Oak, 18th street). Most importantly this was the only place in Prague where I could find a bottle of Metaphore. Service is quite good, the guy behind the bar knew is beers very well. Nice place well worth visiting.“
Iznogud 61 days ago
78 /100 KRYMSKÁ 138/36, PRAHA 10 - VRŠOVICE
“Medium sized beer shop in which it's possible to drink on the premises since there are several tables inside and some beer crates you can sit on. Interior is a bit odd since it feels a bit rundown, but with art on the walls it has certain appeal. 5 beers on tap (all Czech micros) and bunch of bottles and cans in 8 (if I counted right) fridges. Well worth checking out especially since there are few other interesting places nearby.“
Iznogud 61 days ago
84 /100 KRYMSKÁ 126/2, PRAHA 10 - VRŠOVICE
“Medium sized place, with nice pleasant interior. Long bar stretching alongside the bar. Good selection of mostly modern styles by Czech microbreweries. Lots of bottles spread over 9 fridges behind the bar. Some imports and more premium Czech micros included. Guy behind the bar was really friendly and recommend the beers. It's not always easy to see or recognize the beers in fridges, but luckily guys working there were happy to answer our questions. One of the better beer places in Prague.“
Iznogud 61 days ago
70 /100
U Vysmate Tchyne (Beer Store)
“This is beer and wine shop with tables inside so I imagine it functions as a bar as well. The place was pretty much empty during our short visit. Beer selection is limited to 4 beers on tap at up to 50 bottles spread over three fridges. Selection seems to be focused more on older craft breweries, more stuff in plastic bottles than in other places. Nothing special really, no need to go out of your way to check this one and even if you're nearby there are better shops in the vicinity.“
Iznogud 61 days ago
“Aaah, now one has to respect a place like this. A spacious place that kinda has modern design, but, when I visited it, it was undoubtedly old-school in spirit, crowded (for drinks and food) by locals, both old loud geezers in one corner and young couples and students by the window. A bit of old school service, with the lady doing a LOT of work a bit coldly but efficiently. Pretty much the entire Svijany range, which has netted me three ticks. The slightly hyped up Kvasničák 13° was not in good shape, the Fanda 11° polotmavé was quite chuggable, and the 10° which I was surprised to have missed so far buttery and estery. Máz can be a classic for the price, but the brewery just seems to be so hit and miss. I guess with the number of people eating here, it's probably solid and good bang for the buck but I didn't investigate. Hopefully the Kvasničák will be better next time - I'd probably return with some RB folk if they need the ticks, though with NaPalmě nearby and the brewpubs, it's not a priority for me in the area. How to get here: Exit the Palmovka metro at Na Hrázi street (exit to your right coming from center, up there follow the hall to your left to its end, and you're there, the NE exit). Right at Na Hrázi, left on Kotlaska and then just keep to that side till you see a bunch of people outside of a pub - you're there. EZ.“
Marko 62 days ago
68 /100 LIHOVARSKÁ 1060/12, PRAHA 9 - LIBEŇ
“A modern restaurant with an art gallery by it, apparently doing Mediterranean food, that's now hosting the Kolčavka brewery. Didn't see the brewing equipment, but it's allegedly there now. Temporarily maybe. Nice patio really, quite busy with guests - I'd guess people working in the area. 4 beers, got a couple of Kolčavka's I never had before - okay 8° ale, a bit sub-par 11° lager too. I think some 4 beers are on tap, with some more in bottles available for take-away. Good service if I remember correctly. Ah, a cool place in general I guess. Getting to the toilet takes some exploring, however, hah. Unsure if I liked this or the last place better. Seems their selection is at least temporarily a bit worse, however. We'll see what happens with this - the place must be a boon for the locals, but it's not as strong as some "brewpubs" in Prague. How to get here: Take a tram to Balabenka, go a bit up the main street, turn right into Lihovarská and go until you see the signs on your left, it's in a yard between buildings. “
Marko 62 days ago
64 /100 NAD KOLČAVKOU 8/907, PRAHA 9 - LIBEŇ
“A (future) brewpub - a bit of a 2 in one affair, with the restaurant being called Columbus and the brewing project being called Arrogance. Still a work in progress after Kolčavka moved out - work's still being undertaken in the front area where the equipment used to be. The main wooden seating area is still there, the patio's there. Unsure if there was any wi-fi anymore. Right now, it suffers. Friendly, efficient service. 2 beers of their own, brewed at Antoš I guess for now, 2-3 Kolčavka beers too. Didn't partake in the food. Good prices. This will be good once it's done, and I'll edit this review once it is and I revisit it. So far, it's slightly less essential except for the ticks. How to get here: walk from Palmovka metro station or from the Balabenka tram station. Google Maps show an incorrect path if you use them to go to/from Palmovka - just walk east on Na Žertvách, keeping to the north side of the road, follow the footpath left/to the north once it turns, and enter the underpass (disregarded by Google), which will get you almost directly in front of the brewery.“
Marko 62 days ago
“Basement establishment in what looks like peaceful part of town. Small bar room and two rooms in the back, patio outside. Just one group of guys in the back room, rest of the bar empty so not much of an atmosphere. They had 8 taps on, six or those were Czech micros joined by Bevog and Schneider. Two fridges with about 80 bottles in them, good choice of Czech micros. Good stop.“
Iznogud 63 days ago
74 /100
Dno Pytle (Bar)
“Medium sized bar with a bench outside. Basic interior, combination of tiles and worn out wooden furniture. Lots of empty bottles and oddly enough political messages (which I didn't mind, but some might be offended). 8 taps, mostly modern styles from Czech micros focused on APA/IPAs which I don't find appealing. Two fridges with 20-30 bottles of various modern mostly Czech beers (some Pohjala, some Polish) and one fridge with the good stuff- special beers from Raven and Wild Creatures. OK service, the owner did not really English. Frankly not sure I'd revisit with this beer selection on tap.“
Iznogud 64 days ago
“Not that small burger place with patio outside. Like others we gave it a visit because it's near other beer places and it has a selection of Uhříněves beers which were mostly new for me. Beers were forgetful, but couple of new ticks can't hurt. did not have any food, but the burger looked really good. Cheap.“
Iznogud 64 days ago
“Basement bar located in the residential building, entrance wasn't that obvious from the street. Several rooms with brick walls and a small patio in the back. Actually looks quite neat. They had 6 taps of Czech micros, we had couple of good Lezaks. Good stop, worth checking out.“
Iznogud 64 days ago
72 /100
U Vodoucha (Restaurant)
“Visited in the afternoon, first stop on our Prague trip. Pretty spacious two room place with the front bar room and the back dining (probably) room. I guess this is the the traditional Czech hostinec. The place was completely empty, couple of more people cam in after us. 6 taps were on during our visit, all Czech micros besides Pilsner Urquell, I guess in normal times there are several more draft beers. Quality was so so, not something I'd have again. Service was OK, I guess normal for Czechia, bit reserved for my liking. OK for a quick stop.“
Iznogud 64 days ago
76 /100
U Černého Vola (Restaurant)
“An old-style boozer near the castle that tries to hide itself from the tourists. Well worth visiting! Pilsner Urquell and Kozel on draught.“
Holmen2 65 days ago
“Visited 21.07.21 - and several times before. A nice place near Prague castle. Five of their own beers on tap on my visit. Friendly service. They also offer food. The beers are usually very good!“
Holmen2 65 days ago
“How to get here: Yellow line to Křižíkova, when you exit turn in the opposite direction, then on the next intersection left and keep going till you hit it. Simple! :) Visited (late) for the opening party, eh, but it was still going on. I guess the same selection as in the original branch (or similar), 8 fridges if I'm not mistaken, full of beer - more of a focus of course on foreign stuff, with plenty of attractive, rare stuff, very nice collection of sour/wild beers and so on - with Czech stuff from Sibeeria, Zichovec and some other top CZ breweries. Modern place, all in glass, big enough standing table in the middle. Great service, as always in these. 2 taps I think, Sibeeria stuff on one, a Mountain Walking NEIPA netting me a Montana tick on the other one when I visited. Slightly elevated prices, but nothing wild. All in all, at first glance I prefer it to the other two stores they have - you'll definitely find some fantastic stuff here!“
Marko 75 days ago
78 /100 LIDICKÁ 303/35, PRAHA 5 - SMÍCHOV
“A minute's walk from the Zborovská station, maybe a couple more from Anděl, just across the road from Andělský pivovar, Beergeek's first of two new branches - and a rare beer store in this part of Prague (though it's almost as central as Prague 5 gets :D). Two room with a mixture of several fridges, and some shelves, fairly bare bones right now, but it's just getting started. Sadly, this branch can't get a license to install a couple of taps (yet), so that part is sadly absent. The guy behind the counter was friendly and helpful, likely knows beer, though I haven't "tested" that aspect (or any). The selection was very good of course - not the best store in town that way, but I'd guess quite similar to the original BG Pivotéka - a strong mix of local and foreign stuff, including some very attractive names. The prices are somewhat elevated, like in the other BGP, which kinda matches the area it's in. All in all, a very welcome addition to Prague 5, that I hope gets its public!“
Marko 81 days ago