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70 /100
U Supa (Restaurant)
“Nice looking place in Prague center. Friendly service. One their "own" beer Sup (now brewed in Cvikov) and some Cvikov beers. I was expecting classic tourist trap but it is quite ok for one beer stop.“
mithe 7 days ago
74 /100
SMÄD (Bar)
“Some 10 days ago, I started hearing that a cool new place opened in Žižkov, run by a well-known face from Zlý Časy / Bad Flash places (Pepe), carrying Zichovec, which reminded me I haven't done a pub crawl around Žižkov since before COVID, so off I went. Turned out that the place is either directly under or next door to the apartment I crashed in for a couple of weeks way back in 2019 while searching for a place of my own (before the landlady realized and threatened my friend with raising the rent etc., as it goes). Hah, it was a café then (Café Žižkov), and then a Korean? place in the meantime. The design of SMÄD is in blacks/very dark greys contrasting with the light brown furniture, one L-shaped room with a raised table that in a way serves as a table and a bar. It started with all 6 taps dedicated to Zichovec, which is great for locals, as 6 taps of Zichovec at solid prices is always a good thing, and can serve beer tourists as a one-stop shop for Zichovec ticks, regular and special. And it seems the place tries to have a variety, a tap dedicated to lagers, one for sours, one for stout, one for IPAs or so, which is nice. Krahulík 11, my favorite among the Krahulíks was on tap, which was a bonus, as I've pretty much ticked everything else before. All in all, let's see how it develops. It's a good place, with a knowledgeable, experienced guy running it, the selection will probably get better (not sure if there's a bottle/can selection right now), and I'll be glad to raise the score for it. Though there are places with crazier selections, you should visit it by all means and get your dose of Zichovec, you know you wanna! English spoken OFC. How to get here: Tram (1, 5, 9, 15, 16, 23, 26....) to Lipanská, then continue forward and uphill into Táboritská (or backtrack a little and go across the street if you came from the east). Bit easy to miss right now, but it's at no. 10.“
Marko 21 days ago
70 /100 HUSINECKÁ 661/29, PRAHA 3 - ŽIŽKOV
“U Habásku has been around Žižkov for a while, and I'd visited it with friends in 2019 at its old location at Štítného I reckon, a cellar bar with Únětice mainly, not really RB place material then. During COVID-times, it had moved to this new location down the road, where at least two other places have closed before. The "new" location's main area is a medium-sized bar, quite typical, but you can also take a long, winding path downstairs to a nice hidden, shady patio area. Four taps - Únětice 10.7° (which seems to have sadly kicked out the for me superior 10° in many bars) and 12° seemingly and two likely rotating Raven beers - Lite'n'Hazy (in okay shape) and, I think, raspberry sour. I think I saw a pic of a fridge with more stuff in bottles as well. All in all, a solid neighborhood bar with a craft selection, where you should be able to get some Raven ticks at least. They do music events, quizzes and so on, but that, while cool, is not that relevant for the basic ticker. How to get here: Tram (1, 5, 9, 15, 16, 23, 26....) to Viktoria Žižkov, cross the street away from the stadium and go left to Krásova, you'll see it at the bottom of the street.“
Marko 21 days ago
62 /100 VODIČKOVA 791/41, PRAHA 1 - NOVÉ MĚSTO
“If you've been to Prague, you've been to Václavské náměstí. If you've been there, you've almost certainly passed by Kino Světozor, or at least the Světozor passage with the big cinema sign just next to the Václavské náměstí tram station. The entrance to the cute art cinema is much more inconspicuous, to your left just before the Ovocný Světozor. Go in, follow the path downstairs, and then make a U-turn to the lovely, tiny café area. Service friendly, at the bar. 4-5 taps, 3-4 in use. Two Únětické regulars, 10.7° which they call 11° here (don't be confused) and 12°, and a special, which tends to be Jungberg Kino Pivo 11°, made just for this type of cinemas, but they were sadly out of it. Johannes Cider potentially as well. Únětice's there in good shape and for an okay price, so no complaints. Good for a tick I reckon if you're more lucky with the specials, but the real experience would be grabbing a beer and going to watch a movie, which I hope to do at some point! :)“
Marko 22 days ago
“A tiny, family-run shop serving the town of Zbraslav (technically a part of Prague), or at least this neighborhood of it. A small main room and a slightly bigger concrete-bedecked bigger room to the side, a single, well-stocked fridge in one, and a row of bottles in the other. One of its main strengths is that it's run by some really lovely people, who almost immediately invited this weird foreigner to the private patio nearby to hang out with their friends and pups, and we chatted (regardless of my broken Czech) for a while. 20/10 hospitality honestly, raising the overall score too. The selection of beers is atypical, which is great - Ovipistan, Falkenštejn, Louka, Mazák, Loď, Rotor, Kraft, Hulvát and some others - it's mostly 0.75s and 1l plastic bottles for good prices - and they have their own beers, Zbraslavská Koza, brewed at Hulvát - one of which, the 8°, was on tap, fresh and excellent really. A super local place doing a great job for the community there. While it's unlikely I'll be there that soon again, by virtue of it being so far away, if you're in the general area, and it's open, get in and get some ticks - if I could find a bunch, so will you! :D How to get here: 390 from Smíchovské nádraží will take you to Most Závodu míru, backtrack a little and take a left up on Boženy Stárkové, it will be by the next intersection. If you want to combine it with Horymír, take the 246 from (or to) Nádraží Radotín (247 to Radotín works from Elišky Přemyslovny). I combined it with Ettore in Jíloviště, taking the 318 to Elišky Přemyslovny and backtracking a little. But no need to complicate - 129, 241, 318, 361 from the Smíchov train station to Zbraslavské náměstí works well as well, you'll have a 5-6 minute walk up Elišky Přemyslovny, and when the street starts going uphill, you'll see Kaškova to your left.“
Marko 27 days ago
58 /100
U Černého Vola (Restaurant)
“I haven't yet fully bothered to tick all these animal-pubs along the tourist trails (need to find a victim to go with me and be very thirsty for PU I guess), but figured, since I passed close this one enough times, it was due to visit. A classic old-school boozer, running since 1965, though some of its vibes seem to mimic older yet pubs. You enter a room which I guess serves as a hall between the kitchen, toilet and the pub itself, the smell of oil dominating, but to your right the classic place awaits. Now, there were too few people to perhaps engage and get the full experience, but I can see this working. 2 guys behind the bar, as others mentioned, got my beer quickly - went for Kozel 12° as I hadn't in ages (44 I think), regretted it, should've just gone for PU, which I think is in the higher 50s, and thereby in the slightly elevated but sadly average for Prague category. Basic old school pub food I guess. Apart from two Kozels and PU there is nothing in terms of beer. If I was living nearby and/or with friends, sure. If I was a tourist gunning for a sample of Prague old school pubs, sure. As I'm neither, as Iznogud says, though I really do respect the place, just a place tick. Combine with Strahov/Sv. Norbert, the only absolutely essential place in the area as a beer tourist. How to get here: Tram 22 to Pohořelec, and then follow the main line of tourists east towards the castle, holding to the left initially as the path splits. It will be in the line of stores and bars to the right of you, the sign of the ox obvious.“
Marko 34 days ago
“Your typical Bernard pub, in dark browns, with a smallish streetside patio. Wide selection of Bernard beers on tap (and in bottle) - though I guess I wouldn't expect any specials - the most unusual you get is the unfiltered 12° (though the mat promises the 10°, they didn't have it). That one wasn't in particularly good form when I visited but passable. Good service, okay ambiance - nearly empty when I was there, but classic. Do a pit stop going back towards the center from Břevnov perhaps if place ticking or if you have Bernard ticks to catch, especially if you are hungry as well, looks good, though I didn't partake. How to get here: tram 22 or 25, station Drinopol, almost right by it.“
Marko 34 days ago
“As others have said - brewery with a small shop in the southeast corner of the brewery complex. Brew day going on, the smell of wort obvious in the area. Realized I was finally there during shop hours so went to check it out. Small store with a selection of PET bottles (or fancy 0.375/0.75 ones for the barrel aged / wild specials), some shirts and caps too, and suchlike. Solid prices, have to say. I'm semi-sure that the selection there and in the taproom / sýpka, even for singles, is just about the same, not sure if there's a difference in price too. The brewery itself is to the left of it, in a vaulted area, looks cool, but didn't try to check it out other than from the outside, allegedly has a cool cellar for the specials too. Not a must perhaps now that they have a taproom - but it's open earlier during weekdays, so more convenient to visit to pick up beers if you're on limited time. Will update if I get a tour there at any point.“
Marko 34 days ago
74 /100 LIDICKÁ 337/30, PRAHA 5 - SMÍCHOV
“Bigger brewpub as you can see by entering the pub. Their beers are mostly good, service was OK, food was typical pub fare. I was positively surprised.“
Cuso 36 days ago
80 /100
Beer Bottles (Beer Store)
“Beer Bottles has been a known beer importer / distributor for a while now, carrying stuff like CoolHead and To Øl, Bevog etc., and had this store since the start of 2022, which I somehow kept on forgetting existed. Visited with friends, though after a session at Dva Kohouti. One room shop with 4? fridges to the right, a bar to the front, I think 3 taps, but none running, a few tables and a small patio outside. Modern, simple, quite okay. The shopkeep certainly knows beers and is interested in them, and does a very good job - English is definitely spoken, and recommendations can be given. Keep in mind that this store focuses on imports / foreign stuff, so expect, apart from the ones mentioned above, loads of, some Omnipollo, Krecher, Stigbergets, Basqueland, Salama and Boon. Specials and rarities included for some, at quite okay prices - for CZ imports. Now, it's a bit out of my way, but I'll probably revisit it here and there with friends for group tastings, of course. Should you visit it? Well, why not - unless you can get everything mentioned above anyway at better prices. A worthy pit stop in the Karlín area that the local geeks will appreciate. How to get here: Tram (3, 8, 24, 25) to Karlínské náměstí, go up north with Lokál and Bufet to your right, cross the big street (Rohanské nábřeží), and turn left, you'll spot it to your left once you're past the first building. Metro to Křižíkova, go out, Starbucks should be to your right, cross the street with the tram, move on, cross the big street, and turn left (crossing a small street), move down the road in that direction, you'll cross one more street (Rohanský ostrov), and it will be to your right once you pass the next building on that side.“
Marko 49 days ago
52 /100 TÁBORSKÁ 389/49, PRAHA 4 - NUSLE
“A restaurant next to the Sousedský pivovar Bašta brewery and the same owner, but they just serve Pilsner Urquell beer. Good typical czech food.“
kolemkoukolem 53 days ago
70 /100 TÁBORSKÁ 389/49, PRAHA 4 - NUSLE
“Very good and typical bohemian brewpub.“
kolemkoukolem 53 days ago
“In top ten places you must visit when you are in Prague. One of the best brewery in Czech Republic. The prices are higher, but their beers are definitely worth it.“
kolemkoukolem 53 days ago
42 /100
U Vejvodů (Restaurant)
“A very traditional pub with very good Pilsner Urquell, very touristic. Waiters often ignore you for long time... Nothing special, just a very good PQ and a very traditional atmospere. There are definitely beeter places to visit in Prague.“
kolemkoukolem 53 days ago
80 /100
Myslíš? (Bar)
“I can just agree with the guys before me. It was our deliverance to discover this bar when I arrived late evening in Prague with friends and nearby breweries U Tří růží, U Dvou koček and U Medvídků were just closing.“
kolemkoukolem 53 days ago
“Prague's newest brewpub... of sorts. It allegedly only got the permits recently, allegedly valid from August 10th, but it's been running since early April I reckon, with the beers being brewed at Cobolis until they get everything up an running. Seems to be a combination of two areas - the brewery itself to the left/south and seemingly separate from the pub/restaurant next door which has a little, cozy patio. Seems that the brewery area was a trdelník place and the bar area a "Cafe Restaurant" with abysmal tourist trap scores on Tripadvisor. The inside is not the biggest, vaulted, with an eclectic combination of decoration - from Scottish flags to pictures of Kafka. Elevated prices of food (which appears to be typical Czech stuff) and beer, as expected for the area. 4 beers on tap - a pils, a polotmavé, an IPA and a stout (or as they say, "staut"). 63/52kč (0.5/0.3) for the pils, 74/63 for the polotmavé, 84/0.4l for the IPA and the stout, 74/0.3l for the non-alcoholic. The pils is actually quite nice - herbal, dry and bitter, less buttery but lightly more astringent than Urquell, and the polotmavé has a fun combo of caramel and dried fruit going on. Both well made - but, again, brewed by Cobolis' experienced brewer and higher-tech brewery. We will have to see how things look like when beers will be brewed at the location - hopefully soon! Okay service, nothing to complain about, and they were quick - I was, however in a nearly empty place. All in all, should be a decent brewpub if they keep the quality high, but the prices will make sure I'm not returning to it often. The cool Pivo a tak homebrew store is across the street though, and it should be cool to combine the two! How to get here: Tram (1, 5, 7, 9, 10, 12, 15, 20, 22, 23, 25) to Malostranské náměstí, then go south into Karmelitská (U Glaubiců will be to your right), and you'll see it at the next intersection.“
Marko 57 days ago
“op vakantie in tsjechie in toevallig gevonden tijdens wandeling in praag een toffe plaats met een rustige binnen plaats terras je kon een degustatie plankje van hun bieren proeven dus maar gedaan ik vond hun bieren maar middelmatig het eten niet geprobeerd de bediening was goed dus een ok plaats om langs te gaan“
Wim 59 days ago
“Warning: Cash only even in 2023. This ended up being the only such bar of my visit to Prague. Tiny brown bar with three beers from Hostomice on at my visit. Beers were pretty good. Clientel was a mix of locals and tourists.“
Rasmus40 67 days ago
“This is a self service bar with 14 taps. You pre pay a card, and then pour the beers yourself, which deducts money from your card. That’s a first for me. They have 14 taps including a sugary cider. Friendly service, but not all that knowledgeable.“
Rasmus40 70 days ago
“Stedet er meget moderne indrettet og fint med mennesker der bidrager til stemningen. Der er selv betjening med 14 haner og maden kom hurtigt. Manden virkede venlig. Der var 14 øl og de fleste var fine.“
CiderTeam73 70 days ago
“I hadn’t read any of the previous reviews before going here, but I absolutely agree with Dedollewaitor. At the table we talked about being surprised that this wasn’t touristy and that the beers were very good. The tartare and fries were great too. The selection was limited to their four regulars and a single seasonal at our visit. Great service. They were brewing while we were there, which is always a nice touch in a brewpub.“
Rasmus40 70 days ago
“They have six beers on including two seasonals. As others have written, you can have a flight of the four regulars. Beers were a bit above average. When I started asking for the seasonals, the waitress got all confused and had to ask a colleague to take over, which was a good thing, since he had knowledge about their beers. You can sit outside on the patio.“
Rasmus40 71 days ago
“As the name suggests this is a burger bar, but they also have beers from Uhříněves on. They have six taps, and you can get flights of six, but at my visit only four were on. I had a burger, which was pretty good.“
Rasmus40 71 days ago
62 /100
Dno Pytle (Bar)
“Stedet er hyggeligt designet, men mangler klart stemning. Manden i baren kunne ikke forstå specielt meget engelsk, men kom med drikkevarerne hurtigt. De havde 8 haner og 2 køleskabe fyldt med forskelligt øl.“
CiderTeam73 71 days ago
68 /100
Dno Pytle (Bar)
“Brown bar with an extra room in the back. They had eight taps on at my visit. I had a pilsner from Kladno Kročehlavy, which was great. They also have a fridge with mostly Raven beers. Service was not the most polite, and their English was semi-poor. No flights available.“
Rasmus40 71 days ago
82 /100 VINOHRADSKÁ 988/62, PRAHA 3 - ŽIŽKOV
“Great craft beer bar with 30 taps. They also had a weird looking slush ice machine, which was apparently supposed to be a cask ale. It reminded me of Omnipollo’s gimmicks at MBCC. They were evenly split between Czech and foreign beers. You can get flights of five beers for 275 CZK. Their Czech taps were alle Bizon, NOZIB and Sibeeria. The music was somewhat one-sided with Eminem on all the time at our two and a half hour visit.“
Rasmus40 71 days ago
“This place opens early at 11, and we were near by and in need of a place to sit, so that was a perfect combination. They had five beers of their own on, but only available in 40cl. I got the Rubin and a hazy session IPA, which had lovely fresh aroma hops. The food was not the best. Lots of space outside.“
Rasmus40 71 days ago
“Nice brewpub with seven of their own beers on at my visit. Their regular beers like the polotmavy and the tmave were very well made. Their seasonals were a bit ordinary. We shared some of the local dishes as well - some were good and others not so much. Very friendly and enthusiastic service. Great place to enjoy some good beers on a warm summer day after a long walk up hill.“
Rasmus40 73 days ago
74 /100
“Since covid they have cut the open taps down to just 11 although the full 22 are still visible. At my visit on a Sunday evening only eight beers and a cider were on. The flights of six are just 174 CZK. Beers ranked from average to good. Friendly service.“
Rasmus40 73 days ago
“Solid bar with 10 taps - seven of which were new to me. They do flights of five for 320 CZK. The beers were well spread out in terms of style and ranged from average to really good in terms of rating. You can sit outside in the beer garden out back or on the street, which was much appreciated on a warm early evening, and with the music inside being way too loud.“
Rasmus40 73 days ago
“We saw this on our way back from the Vysherad district to our hotel and decided to relax with a few beers. Fortunately they had a flight of all eight tap beers for just 2000 CZK. The small glasses and the tray they are served in are an extremely cute combination. They had two of their own beers and six from Břevnov. The beers were pretty average overall. We sat outside on a warm early evening, but there is plenty of room inside as well.“
Rasmus40 74 days ago
“Solid craft beer bar with 27 taps, although two were empty on my Friday evening visit. The selection was very one-sided with about half the taps containing hazy IPAs. In addidtion they had numerous regular IPAs, APAs, Milkshake IPAs etc. Just one fruited sour and three black beers among the 25. Friendly service. I asked for flights, but they apparently no longer do them, so I had to buy 30cl of each, but at 69 CZK, that’s still affordable. Good place, but flights would have been nice.“
Rasmus40 75 days ago
54 /100
Czech Food Lovers (Grocery Store)
AVIATICKÁ 1048/12, 161 00 PRAHA 6-RUZYNĚ
“Store inside Prague Airport T2 with a tiny but decent selection of Czech beers.“
melush 92 days ago
“Beer store with a really good selection of craft beers.“
melush 92 days ago
68 /100
Sladovna Praha (Restaurant)
“Restaurant with their own beers.“
melush 92 days ago
64 /100
Pult (Bar)
“Bar with a small but correct selection of beers on tap.“
melush 92 days ago
“Nice beer garden inside Strahov Monastery with a good selection of their own beers.“
melush 92 days ago
50 /100
Fizuva Market (Grocery Store)
“Small grocery store with a small selection of Czech beers.“
melush 92 days ago
56 /100 SPÁLENÁ 2121/22, 110 00 NOVÉ MĚSTO, CHEQUIA
“Average grocery store with a good selection of Czech beers.“
melush 92 days ago
“Average bar with a large selection of Czech beers on tap (30). Tasty grilled sausages, pork ribs and goulash. Good service, ambience and music.“
melush 92 days ago
80 /100 VINOHRADSKÁ 988/62, PRAHA 3 - ŽIŽKOV
“modern craft bar, 30ish taps with a mix of Czech and imports. Offers flights but beware when selecting beers it works out more expensive for 100ml than just buying a 200ml glass for all but the most expensive beers. Food is good, good service (and staff all speak English)“
evilempire 119 days ago
“Way outside of the city center and dedicated to craft beer - Poctivej Výčep is the regular haunt of many a Prague beer geek, brewer and brewing-adjacent person, remarkably enough, despite its small number of taps (and an okay fridge). The inside of the place isn't particularly noteworthy, but the leafy patio is quite pleasant. Good selection of beers with high turnover when I visited. Very good, highly knowledgeable service - Ema really knows beer! When I was there, there was some Libertas, Zichovec, Pokora, and a wide selection of stuff in bottles/cans, local and foreign, that I didn't explore much of. So, all in all, yeah, a place I'd perhaps visit more (and likely run into people I know constantly) if it wasn't one of the trickier for me to reach, and while it usually may not have beers that aren't available in more reachable places, I can really appreciate it for it is.“
Marko 125 days ago
“I'd heard rumors that the old Novomestský pivovar has found new owners, who invested a lot into rebuilding the place into a new brewpub a month or so, and lo! It opened up a week ago. They've certainly invested a lot into the place, making it classier somehow, fairly welcoming, and, of course, filling it with geese here and there (look at the tap system!). The music playing was... fascinating, Don't Cry For Me Argentina meets Czech covers of The Neverending Story and Waltzing Matilda, meets Czech pop/rock from the 70s or something, the more sugary kind. I mean, almost a 5, but almost. Similar with service - very attentive, efficient and friendly, but the type of attentive that asks you every couple of minutes if you want a beer - which I'm not personally a fan of. The beers - they have their own pale and dark lagers, both pretty nice, the so-so wheat and a cherry-flavored twist on the dark lager, which I wasn't a big fan of. Could do worse, but could do better for 75kč/0.4l! Outrageous price! For some reason, they have the new Krušovice Bohem, which is has fairly daring 37 IBUs for Krušovice, and is actually okay until it warms slightly. You can get all 5 on a sampler tray for 155kč - the best option if you're ticking, though the pale and the dark deserve a proper try perhaps (on the other hand, for that price,...). The food menu looks good, but we didn't partake this time. Overall a pretty solid experience, but don't think this isn't a tourist trap - even if it's likable despite that. How to get here: Any tram that stops at Vodičkova (3, 5, 6, 9, 14, 22, 24) will dump you right in front of it. A short walk (or one stop) from the Národní třída metro too, but take the back exit through the elevators as a shortcut if you're coming through there.“
Marko 140 days ago