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100 /100 NA ZDERAZE 260/14, PRAHA 2 - NOVÉ MĚSTO
“Hey if u rate this place lower then 90 u are ... Due to traffic jam I was very late (now I know that there is a constant issue coming in to Prague from the west.) Arrived at 19.30 the Museum closes at 20.00, the owner said no worries so I ordered a 10 sample flight. Told the owner that I preferring fruity and heavy honey variants - so he change a couple of the set flight. Even when there were a group tasting the owner took the time to give the introduction to each and every of meads. The meads were all great. 140 meads, opened bottle are vacuumed pumped and chilled. The flight was 10ish Euro - extremely cheap, be careful so u don’t get drunk ??! Nice interior, all bottles are on display, as well as other related products. I believe the honey there is great. Many many thx for one fantastic hour!“
Nisse666 5 days ago
“Visited on a Thursday evening - not that busy. 27 mostly Czech on tap mostly IPA but a wide variation of styles and breweries. Was tired so asked them to make a selection of their best for a flight - was ok but not super compared to Beergeek. Friendly staff, noisy music, dirty toilets. Had 50ish bottles - didn’t check them out mostley non Czech.“
Nisse666 5 days ago
“Amazing location, good beer but I wouldn't say it's really worth a visit.“
Leeale 6 days ago
66 /100 ČESTMÍROVA 390/5, PRAHA 4 - NUSLE
“Interesting place with a nice selection.“
Leeale 6 days ago
66 /100 VINOHRADSKÁ 988/62, PRAHA 3 - ŽIŽKOV
“Not bad but very expansive by Prague standards.“
Leeale 7 days ago
74 /100 SOKOLOVSKÁ 81/55, PRAHA 8 - KARLÍN
“So... a place I'd only heard of when a friend linked the event premiering a new Matuška beer to me... Shocked this wasn't added as a place before... Anyway, a collaboration between Matuška & Lokál, a separate brewpub & a Matuška outlet/taproom at the same time. Modern place, bustling with people on a Tuesday night, went in with my effin luggage (before heading on a trip) just to see if I'd luck out on that new Matuška beer, but I was of course hours late since it was gone in 18 minutes apparently. Still, stayed for a beer. So, huh, all the beers seem to be served in the same size mug (0.4l?0.5l?) - and while their Místní 12° is 55kc (hm), Matuškas have a fixed price of 69kc.... Err... which is godawful for the 10°, but for the IPAs, stronger stouts, Double IPAs etc. a great price really. So the value highly depends on what you want to get. The setup seems to be - pay first (waiting in line for paying) & then get the beer, which worked really well and hassle-free even with the huge crowd. English spoken, the staff seem cool enough and polite, but hey, I've only exchanged a few words, they seem to be doing their job well in any case. Their lager is very well made, a classic Czech 12° hopped in "modern" amounts, and Matuška's Robust Stout was very good too, especially for its price tag. Will definitely revisit and perhaps elaborate / tweak my score more. But very easy to get to from the city center, handy when you're traveling from Florenc and all in all - a "should visit". How to get here? Very easy. Take tram 3, 8 or 24 from Florenc to Karlínské námestí (the next stop) and walk maybe 1-2 minutes up north through U Nádražní lávky and you'll see it on your right.“
Marko 7 days ago
68 /100 KřIŽÍKOVA 272/17, PRAHA 8 - KARLÍN
“The place near the city center. Nice selection of Czecn and imported beer. There are some Czech cuisine.“
MasDen 11 days ago
76 /100 VINOHRADSKÁ 988/62, PRAHA 3 - ŽIŽKOV
“Nice selection of Czech and imported beers. There are some beers on tap and many different bottles.“
MasDen 11 days ago
82 /100 K BOTIČI 409/2, PRAHA 10 - VRŠOVICE
“Though not exactly central, easily reachable by a slew of trams, even buses, and a little walk. In a side street, it's invisible from the main street/s, but once you're there, there's a tiny sign in the window, enter through the unmarked door by it and you're there. Not the largest of places, but very good music (rock & metal, English & Russian). It was nice to talk about beer with the owner too. Great selection of beers, local classic & craft, their own beers - fairly experimenal. All in all, well worth a visit, one of the very few places combining foreign and local craft. Well worth visiting in any case if you have the time, you should definitely be able to find some interesting beers / new rates!“
Marko 12 days ago
“Huh, came here as we were a minute away, to get a round of beers. The prices, surprisingly low for the city center (29 czk for 0.3l of their own beer) were half the draw. Cute place with seemingly a lot of? some? history, decorated mainly in their own 2 cat gimmick and retro Pilsner Urquell paraphernalia. We were told away from the seating area when we said we were there only for beers. Wasn't even full, but hey, such is their rule. And it wouldn't be a problem if not for the fact that the "standing" area is small and uncomfortable, so the mood was lower than it might/should be. Not the friendliest of services, but hey, we got our beer. Pale, dark & Pilsner Urquell as options, not the polotmavé. Both the pale and the dark were diacetyl bombs, hard to finish the 0.33l. Basically stuck out for a little longer, didn't even fully finish the glasses. Obvious QC issues on the beer, but I can see it being an okay central combo for beer & food when it's not technically flawed like when we visited. Still, after this experience, a revisit is not high on my priority list.“
Marko 12 days ago
“Far in the suburbs but still extremely easy to get to from the center - just a 20 minutes ride from, say, Florenc, 15 or so from Mustek. Then go up the stairs, turn right, enter the mall, get to the third floor and you're there. As others have said, a modern, almost "Scandinavian" place in design, as one would expect from a mall brewpub, the beers on tap (some) are written outside, some on the walls, the regulars in the menu (good prices) and for some you have to check the taps visually. Er, a chalkboard would be great. Good, attentive service, English spoken I think. Reckon the prices are generally okay, but haven't really looked at the menu or eaten. Two beers in okay shape, okay quality. Apparently there are beers to go now too, in 1l PET and maybe 0.33l but will look into it when I come back next time. Well, for RB completists, it's a must, also if you wanna GTFO of the tourist overload that's the center and drink/eat for a beer and the meal, also an option. The closest brewpub (and RB place) to me now, so I reckon I'll revisit it and perhaps revise my score and review.“
Marko 12 days ago
98 /100 ŘETěZOVÁ 3 222/3, PRAHA 1 - STARÉ MěSTO
“Slightly more expensive, but amazing place with a beautiful garden in the heart of Prague.“
marcos72 15 days ago
“There is simple nothing to complaint, best place ever!!!“
marcos72 15 days ago
66 /100 NA VESELÍ 702/48, PRAHA 4 - NUSLE
“Visited Aug.2018 Sadly this is no longer a genuine free house. Luckily it's Bernard plus guest beers. I still had beers from Kamenice and from Malesov breweries. Nice beer garden at the entrance.“
b727trijet 17 days ago
“Oh wow... a friend talked about getting us there, and I agreed since it sounded familiar - of course it's since it's listed here. And gotta love the concept. Downstairs in a commercial passage, it's completely dedicated to arcade games visually - and the atmosphere on a Friday night is awesome, young people - and not just geeks, guys and girls dominate the crowd, good electronic music's playing, not at an annoying level, enough to talk freely, and arcades are everywhere. Service fast, efficient and working hard. Two taps of Unetice in good shape, some other lager (?Pilsner?) and Matuška California Ale on their rotating tap (44/72). The prices are great considering the vicinity of VN. The fridge revealed from my vantage point a bunch of Matuškas, but didn't explore further. Definitely, by all means, a great place to spend an evening and a place I'll return to regardless of their beer selection!“
Marko 19 days ago
72 /100
T-Anker (Restaurant)
“Like others it took me a while to find. But it was certainly worth it for the view alone, nevermind the beer! Not a massive beer choice but I was more than happy to score 2 Czech breweries and they were both very hoppy, much to my taste!“
b727trijet 19 days ago
“Well, the best way is to take the metro to the Chodov station, when you climb up the stairs, turn right than head on completely to the end, climbing the stairs to the right, take the bus no. 154 to the Na Jelenách station (press the stop button), then follow the dirt path south and downhill to the place. Not the way you might wanna go at night but hey - that's what we did. Coming by car (with a designated driver) is definitely an option as there's parking outside - pretty sure there was at least one guy sleeping in his car on a Thursday night too. The place's located by the roundabout that's the intersection of 3 quarters - Kunratice, Chodov and Šeberov - and that's its motto of sorts - connecting the brewers from those three quarters. They are friends, however, with Hostivar, which brews its 10° lager specially for them, and Trautenberk - far from Prague - that generally offers their 13° and their APA there, but now the APA was only on tap - along with 4 beers of their own. It's a big, modern place, with shiny kettles seen from the inside, but almost in spite of being all modern and quirky, it works, and the atmosphere was great - happy locals all around us, and friendly waiters (wouldn't depend entirely on English, though they'd try) reacting fast and professionally. As I said, 6 taps - 4 of which are their own, beers available for takeout too, great prices (45kc for 0.4 of APA/14° Stout is the most you'll pay I think). Interesting selection of food for good prices, but we haven't tried - and the other selections (whiskey, coffee), seem well catered. Their beers aren't the best and the flashiest around (though quite okay), but someone clearly made an effort around the place and it shows - they try their best to have a story, in spite of being brand new. Worth a visit in any case.“
Marko 20 days ago
“I first found this place in October 2017, and was thrilled by the entire concept - a book store with beers - combining two things I love - but not having the time to visit it in the end, I just added it to RB, as I figured it deserved exposure. And, now that I'm in Prague, I finally managed to visit it, with friends in tow, of course. :) Some places have a soul and this one exudes it. Enter - and you'll find a tiny, but two-story bookstore, definitely worth taking a gander if you can speak the language, but move on to the back room past a couple of stairs and hopefully, you'll find a place at one of 3-4 tables there. Anything but modern, a bookshelf, 4 taps, and the feeling of a place where someone gathered all their love. As a surprise, there was a beer list of 30ish different beers in bottles, mostly western and some US craft - fairly priced I think, but we went for the taps. Albrecht 10% in very good shape, the lovely (for me) Falkon Sourberry Botanical, Matuška Double IPA and Thornbridge Jaipur. And priced very much fairly - offering 0.2l pours too. The bartender (this time without a beard), guessing the owner too is definitely a Motorhead fan, and that played, though in the background, most of our visit, and was pretty nice - and I'm sure he knows his beer - you don't get a selection like this in a place like this if you don't. Rest assured - there is a clean, nice little toilet, though not *precisely* on premises. Just ask the bartender and discover for yourself. :D A very unique, very Žižkov place that you really should visit if you like a) good beer, b) books and c) rock/metal of any combination thereof. If I lived nearby, I'd be there very often.“
Marko 20 days ago
78 /100
Lokál Hamburk (Restaurant)
“Very authentic Tankovy Pivo restaurant.. strange nobody else already rated it .. different areas serving only the Urquell unpasteurized from the tank , you can stand in the front of the pouring or take a seat in one of the bigger room for having the food .. one of the most beautiful tank bar in town“
jorge76 28 days ago
72 /100
Lokál - Dlouhá (Restaurant)
“Very nice local beer den ! Come here for the good tankovy Urquell which was in very good shape in Munich visit .. had the beers at the entry just in front the 2 big tanks but there is more space at the rear which is more a restaurant..“
jorge76 28 days ago
66 /100
Budvarka (Restaurant)
“Came here basically for having the Krouzcovany but I’m not sure they Served it to me .. the beer was bland and too clear for a yeast beer ( no ?) .. service more gentle than other places but it lacks of atmosphere... good just if you’re already around“
jorge76 28 days ago
54 /100 KřEMENCOVA 1651/11, PRAHA 1 - NOVÉ MěSTO
“Good beer in a very average historical place.“
Leeale 28 days ago
52 /100 VODIčKOVA 20, PRAHA 1 - NOVÉ MěSTO
“A rather average place with poor service.“
Leeale 29 days ago
68 /100
U Kozla (Restaurant)
“A very random find - literally walked by it as I was going to Bernard Bar after a random walk through a part of the Olšany cemetery, only because I stupidly exited the tram a station too early. Almost passed by it without a second glance but then had to double back because of the signs proclaiming the availability of a pale 13° Kozel, unfiltered and non-pasteurized. Along with the rest of the Kozel range. And indeed, it's supposed to be one of 3 places that hold it. Tankovné, it would seem, and boy, the beer was excellent! The beer prices are pretty good, and so seem the food prices. Plenty of people eating, but I haven't tried this time, while the waiters did their job professionally, even though clearly very much interested in the game on the TV. Unsure if English is spoken, didn't need it. If anywhere in the area, this might be well worth dropping buy for a rare and likely very tasty tick!“
Marko 30 days ago
“A minute or two from Lipanská station, close to a number of popular / interesting, if not necessarily beery bars. Slightly bigger than it looks from outside, bright, wood, filled with loud foreigners including an annoyingly loud woman who insisted she wasn't drunk but hardly the place's fault, I felt comfortable there anyway. The taps seem to have a good rotation, but when I visited, 4 were in action (seen more beers on the blackboard in passing recently though... seen less too), some Holba, Bakalár 11 (there always seems to be some Bakalár beers), Raven Vanilla Kiss (!) and their "very own" Borivojka IPA 15°. Okay service, there was some miscommunication though. My fault perhaps. Limited bottle selection - they did have their Borivojka and their Ejl in plastic bottles to go, some others too at slightly elevated prices. Their IPA was in okay shape, but not thrilling. They do have sausages, but wasn't tempted. Might have a biergarten in the back if I read the sign well, but it wasn't open then. Okay place - if nearby, take a look at the blackboard, there might be something interesting!“
Marko 32 days ago
74 /100 CHELČICKÉHO 1153/14, PRAHA 3 - ŽIŽKOV
“A basement pub that's a couple of minutes' walk from both the Lipanská and Olšanské Námestí tram stations - so very easy to reach, and you gotta love its concept. MetaŽižkov! :D Classic really woody/basementy/tavernish interior, lighter than some, and generally pleasant. As djoeye said, modest, modern "radio" music, but quiet really. Not the biggest of places, but plenty of space anyway. 4 beers on tap - 3 regular (the 10°, 11° and the 13° dark along with a seasonal) + a "rezané" between the 10° and the dark. The seasonal was their fantastic Videnský Ležák 12° when I was there, and all the beers (prefer the 10° myself among the regulars) have this wonderful silky smooth body - the brewery seems to be close to the Czech top tier. Quite good service from both people that served me in my visits - English spoken well enough to get your point across (if not even more). Good price for a good, interesting lunch. Give this place a chance - and, if you're a lager lover, this is a must anyway.“
Marko 32 days ago
36 /100
Paradise Market (Grocery Store)
“Huh... as others have said. A typical Vietnamese store that works until late and opens early, only slightly messier than most and with a *slightly* better selection then most. Rekorderlig cider, Asahi & Singha, maybe some hemp stuff and that's basically it that makes it differ from 99.9% of other similar stores all over Prague. Same as every other one but with slightly more alcohol (of all sorts). I think I remember some of the beers the others have encountered in the window, but not in the store. Can't tell much about service, but, err, the bored guy at the counter punched in the correct price for the noodles I bought, took the money, and that was just about 100% of our interaction. Now, in 2019, it doesn't seem like it's worth checking out at all, but hey, it's close to the Lipanská tram station and near several other places so who knows, just *maybe* they'll get something new.“
Marko 32 days ago
88 /100
BeerGeek Beer Shop (Beer Store)
“Great selection of Czech breers many are chilled so u can consume them in the shop. 2 Czech on tap - one IPA and on Barley W - super nice brews + lambic on tetra pack. Very friendly staff even helped me with wrapping when the shop was full of other customers.“
Nisse666 32 days ago
80 /100 VINOHRADSKÁ 988/62, PRAHA 3 - ŽIŽKOV
“Pretty good selection of new czech beers, a couple of foreign brews as well on tap. Loads of bottles, no list - they asked me tell them which bottles that I was interested in. Vise from my previous visit at the bottle shop and the steep prices on foreign bottles there, so I ignored this option. The 20 on tap was enough for me. Great staff, swift serving, good prices, very nice food (a bit small). Pretty crowded for a Thursday.“
Nisse666 33 days ago
“As others have said - technically an Aldersbacher place with 2-3 taps of theirs, with 5-6 taps from assorted Czech microbreweries. Albrecht, Bezdekov, Malešov, seen Moucha, Raven. Seasonals partly, not that common stuff. Classic Czech bar inside - which is a plus, okay service with some English spoken. Reckon my tip was returned as it was deemed "too low" - which it was as I had no extra coins. Their problem. Was I supposed to give a 20%+ tip to a single beer I've had by rounding it up higher? Anyway, annoyingly, beer's only available in 0.5l sizes, so not rating friendly - but drinking friendly, the prices aren't the highest around, hardly the cheapest either for some beers. In any case - the place's worth a look if you're in the area (visiting, say, ŽižkOFF just a few meters down the street) - you might find something rare and interesting!“
Marko 33 days ago
62 /100 HUSOVA 232/10, PRAHA 1 - STARÉ MĚSTO
“Found this place by chance, went in for two beers and it was alright I guess.“
Leeale 38 days ago
66 /100 LIDICKÁ 337/30, PRAHA 5 - ANDĚL
“Quick visit on a busy Saturday. Generic modern smaller ground floor area, bigger vaulted cellar area downstairs. Very much obvious it's a brand new place, pretty full, seems less sterile downstairs, but have just passed there. 4 different beers on tap. 1 of which is "theirs" and brewed elsewhere (the 11°), two of which are theirs - and the APA, introduced 2 days before was apparently missing - and the last of which is a "lemongrass ale" brewed by their brewer but under his own brand somewhere unknown. Had the Polotmavá 13°, okay, and the Skylon Lemongrass Ale, okay. Both were overpriced for Prague, however, with the 4.5% Lemongrass Ale being 69kc for 0.4l. The only beer you can order big and small sizes of is the 11°. Service, well, not all speak English, but they did their job well. Ah, dunno. Not thrilled by the beers, but not as disappointed as Rotin seems to have been. Modern food, again a bit on the expensive side. Unsure so far. Will need to try the 2-3 other beers they have to gauge where they really are at now, but not the most thrilling of starts. Just an okay modern brewpub, slightly more on the expensive side. Let's see how they develop.“
Marko 38 days ago
82 /100 SLEZSKÁ 1357/1, PRAHA 2 - VINOHRADY
“A relatively small place on two floors just across the street from the Vinohrady Theatre (aah, the memories). Smallish but cozy place on two walls - be sure to reserve a table in advance if there's more than two of you. 21 taps (hah), mostly Czech craft, partly experimental, with only a few traditional styles + a very interesting selection in the fridge. The beers differed in shape and form - but not through the fault of the bar - not all breweries are quite on point. The prices are a bit higher than average, 49kc for 0.33l of ordinary stuff, 60 for hoppier stuff, 69 for fancy imports. Not crippling, but there are cheaper places in town. There's a sampler of 5x0.125 bottles for 189kc though if you're in for the ticks. Kind, friendly service, doing their best + English spoken. Okay ambiance, good music, interesting lighting, love the pictures around. There's food, on the "modern" side, not that cheap but looking good. Not the best place in town, perhaps, but among the top few I've encountered and definitely recommended! Pro tip for all places around Námestí Míru.: Unless you're already on the green line, just get off at IP Pavlova - it's barely a 6-7 minutes walk away, really not worth changing metro lines at Muzeum“
Marko 45 days ago
“A nice little bar by Riegerove sady, roughly at the same distance from Námesty Míru and Muzeum stations. Offers 5 beers on tap - 2x Únetice, 1x Hendrych Polotmavé, 2x rotating micro pale ales & suchlike, some pretty rare stuff - seasonals. Sadly, the Únetice beers didn't seem in-form that much, but that might be a fluke and I hope to revisit them. Food is available, seems fine. Pretty good selection of rum as well. Service seems to be excellent for Prague, polite, friendly, doing their job well, so extra points there. Raven available in bottles, proper glassware. Worth popping in really - hope the out of shape lagers were a fluke!“
Marko 48 days ago
76 /100 TÁBORSKÁ 389/49, PRAHA 4 - NUSLE
“Brewpub with three of their own beers on tap, as well as a few other ones. They also do food. Friendly and welcoming English-speaking servicve.“
Holmen2 51 days ago
62 /100
“Not bad place in the city center. There are about 20 czech beers on tap. 80% of beer is IPA/APA. It is one of big problem.“
MasDen 54 days ago
60 /100 MARKÉTSKÁ 28/1, PRAHA 6 - BřEVNOV
“Decent place. Tried light and dark - both awesome.“
Sokolov 58 days ago
86 /100 SLEZSKÁ 1357/1, PRAHA 2 - VINOHRADY
“Great beer selection. Nice atmosphere. Helpful and friendly staff. What more do you need?“
tricsli 60 days ago
68 /100 AMERICKÁ 341/43, PRAHA 2 - VINOHRADY
“Nice place to stop if you are visiting Prague to sample a nice mixture of Czech beer styles and breweries. However service can be inconsistent. The food is alright but nothing special.“
tricsli 60 days ago
“Great little beer bar with a nice selection for its size. It has 6 taps from different Czech breweries rotated weekly and a good selection of Czech and international bottles and cans. Friendly and helpful service and good bar food too.“
tricsli 60 days ago
“Nice restaurant with the brewery. Good food & very nice service. Beerwise - 2 traditional brews in good form + 1 rather lousy craft attempt. All in all not a bad place to go.“
Sokolov 61 days ago
“Light & dark both of fantastic quality. A bit pricey in comparison to other local breweries but thats the price for location on a tourist route. Of course it's 100% tourist place, but we really enjoyed it.“
Sokolov 61 days ago
“3 very decent brews. Worst service I had in a very long time with a clear f**k off attitude.“
Sokolov 61 days ago
“Rather small but comfy place. Friendly nice service. 5 local brews were mostly disappointing in terms of quality, though may be it was just my bad luck.“
Sokolov 61 days ago
“Brewery with restaurant located on the boat. Rather simple version in comparison to by far superior (in terms of design) in Bratislava. 5 hit and miss brews including "craft attempts". Can recommend only for a tick. On the side note - the service was exceptional.“
Sokolov 61 days ago
“Sister brewery restaurant for "U Tri Ruzi" located on the other side of the river. Had 4 rather decent taps out of total 6 at the time of my visit. Surprisingly small place inside in comparison to expectations when coming from the street - so finding a table (at least at winter time) can be tricky.“
Sokolov 61 days ago
58 /100 KARLOVA 147/44, PRAHA 1 - STARÉ MĚSTO
“In the heart of tourist central close to the Old Town Square of Prague. They have nine beers on tap including their own Original Fat Cat Ale. The beers are nicely listed on their small beer menu which makes them easy to identify. It’s primarily a restaurant but there is a long bar at the back of the building. The style is very old school Czech with lots of wood in a classic high ceiling building. The staff and very friendly and speak perfect English. There is Wi-Fi here but it’s a little slow. The food was good but pricey as were the beers. Expect to pay around 30 Crowns more here for a 0.3l beer compared to somewhere less central. The six beer flights are double the price of other bars. This is a decent place, but not really for tickers or even beer geeks. There are many better beer bars in this wonderful city.“
jmgreenuk 74 days ago
80 /100
“A short walk from the city centre. This is a semi classic Czech looking bar with a modern twist. Looks like it was originally three businesses that have been made into one. They have 22 taps many of which are fairly rare Czech and all are decent quality. The extensive bottle selection features many beers from the UK and the US. Friendly staff and the flights of six are most welcome. English is no problem here. Working Wi-Fi. Well worth the walk to come here and I will surely return.“
jmgreenuk 76 days ago
60 /100
Beer Museum (Restaurant)
“Well, this museum is quite modest. A bit old and not much to see. Some bottles, the brewing process, how was beer invented and so on... but... the tasting was outstanding. 4 czech beers from small breweries: a pale czech pilsener, a unfiltered czech pilsener, a semi-dark polotmavy and a dark tmavy directly fresh from tap in 0.2 l mugs. Very nice beer! And nice old-fashioned socialist beer bar. So dispite from the museum, this is was actually quite nice.“
tgrtnr 82 days ago
88 /100
BeerGeek Beer Shop (Beer Store)
“A nice and cozy bottle shop close to the Beergeek Bar. Prices are high for Czech standards. Beer selection is quite impressive: E.g. Cantillon, Orval, Oud Beersel, 3 Fonteinen, Evil Twin and many small Czech craft brews. Staff is very friendly and helped a lot, also fluent in English. Overall this is a must go when in Prague. Nice shop!“
tgrtnr 82 days ago