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60 /100 DAMATRIA
“The best of only two Rhodes breweries (the other one is VAP and it doesn't worth any further mentioning here). Very nice & friendly owner. 2 local beers are lagers with southern touch - very decent for what they are. I preferred the one with green label. By far superior to their competitors, though locals think different - preferring watery soda with beer flavor ;-).“
Sokolov 1223 days ago
66 /100 DAMATRIA
“We visited this brewery June 1, 2013. It is Rhodes’ only brewery and a surprisingly big one. They told us it was built in 2002. They have a big malt tank and are crushing the malt on site. In a separate building you can find the mash tun, many fermentation tanks and a big bottling line. Very nice staff, they gave us some beers for free, seems they are brewing mainly lagers (double filtered, but not pasteurized), not too bad, although not a lot of flavor. No official tasting or merchandising room though.“
Schlenkerla 3154 days ago
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