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“Visit many times.“
fonefan 152 days ago
90 /100 VIA BENEDETTA 25
“Visited many times.“
fonefan 159 days ago
“A cool brepub / cafe it's quite small but with great potential. Inside it modern and spacious. They have 12 taps serving their own very good beers. All the food is localy sourced and made to order. A very friendly vibe and pleasant music :) Honest prices the owner's very friendly and helpful.“
BierDudeOtto 186 days ago
“Il Maltese Pub - Birroteca is permanently closed since 2017“
BierDudeOtto 186 days ago
68 /100 VIA ARDEATINA, 931
“A micro brewery in a very nice location and serving excellent modern style beers. The seating is outdoor only, but its a relaxing environment where you can drink in good company right next to a working brewery. They are food trucks and every one is friendly, take out is available. A down side is the lack of a WC! Worth popping in for a few ticks though.“
BierDudeOtto 186 days ago
94 /100 VIA TOR DE' SCHIAVI, 231
“Mad Hop is THE place to go if you want a good beer. This lovely small brewery is boasting a wide selection of craft beers, all served by qualified personnel. They also offer food options, ranging from panini to cured meat and cheese you'll never be disappointed.“
BierDudeOtto 186 days ago
“!!!!!! Perminantly CLOSED 2020 !!!!!!!!“
BierDudeOtto 186 days ago
“Small record/beer shop with couple of tables outside. Basic interior with couple of seats inside. About 90 bottles in two fridges. Good choice of Italian micros. OK for a quick beer or two.“
Iznogud 233 days ago
76 /100
Hopside (Restaurant)
“Medium to large place with patio outside. Interior is a bit basic. Square bar in the middle with 12 taps. Good selection of bottles. Some breweries I haven't seen in other beer bars. Worth checking out if you're nearby.“
Iznogud 233 days ago
“Medium sized place located in the residential neighborhood. Small patio outside, has a local feel to it. 8 taps and 1 cask beer. Interesting selection of Italian micros. About 50 bottles in the fridge. Some really interesting beers both imports and Italian, good selection of bombers. It was on of the better places on my Rome bar hopping tour.“
Iznogud 233 days ago
“Located just across the Birrifugio this place somehow went under the radar so I wasn't even sure if it was opened. Large classic pub with wood, stone, leather and carpets. Has bit of upscale feel to it and still feels very cozy. You can tell money was spent on the interior and in my opinion it was spent well. Large bar with 13 casks and 9 taps in the back. Almost all of the beers are from UK, couple of Italian brews as well. Couple of ciders on handpull including Oliver's. Haven't seen any fridges. Seems to have extensive selection of whiskies. Kind and professional service. A place I could spend my evening at. With some more Italian brews and a good bottle list this could be one of the top places in Rome.“
Iznogud 233 days ago
“Small shop in a side street leading to Campo de' Fiori. I'd say about 100 beers were available during my visit, mostly stored in several fridges. There is a small bench outside where you can sit and enjoy your beer. Friendly service, had a chat with the owner and he was ready to recommend some good beers. In non pandemic times probably a better selection and more people hangs in front of the shop. Not many shops in this part of Rome so conveniently located.“
Iznogud 234 days ago
78 /100 VIA ANGELO BARGONI, 10 - 18
“Pizza place with modern interior, close to a lot of beer places. They have 5 taps, but only three were on - Schlossbrauerei Au Hallertau and Italian wit and IPA. I had a gose, but haven't seen it on tap, not sure if it was a bottle. They have excellent Napoletana style pizzas. Both classical and with a twist. Real star of the show is tiramisu which out of this world. Never had better and I don't think I will. Quite busy in the evening, one of the most packed places in pandemic struck Rome. Professional and kind service.“
Iznogud 234 days ago
74 /100 VIA ROSAZZA 4/6
“Classic pub with wooden interior. Quite dark and seemed like it use some refurbishment. Seemed to be quite popular with the locals. 9 taps with some Buxton beers, Beersalis Tripel. one Italian micro and rest of the lot were German micros. One fridge with around 30 beers, mostly usual classic craft beers. I guess it's worth checking out if you're doing some bar hopping in southern Trastevere.“
Iznogud 234 days ago
84 /100
Luppolo Station (Restaurant)
“Spacious establishment spreading over two rooms. Front room has a bar in one corner and cozy sofas in other one. Really liked the wooden ceiling and some stone details on walls. Pleasant lightning and good music. They had 14 taps during our visit, half of which were Italian Micros. Also Oliver's cider, some UK beers and German weizen. Good selection of bottles, all sorts of different stuff but mostly imports. Good service. We had some ribs and food was good as well. Well worth visiting.“
Iznogud 235 days ago
74 /100
So Good! (Bar)
“Medium sized place with nice patio outside. Six Italian micros and one cask beer. They have specialty coffee as well. OK service, we didn't interact much. Solid place, if you're nearby check it out.“
Iznogud 235 days ago
80 /100
Birra + (Bar)
“Medium sized bar in lively Pigneto. Small patio outside. Not very busy during our visit. 10 Italian micros on tap + 2 Belgian ones. Around 100 beers in three fridges. Good selection of sour beers including lambic. As it happens often in Italy prices of imported stuff are sometimes through the roof. Worth visiting.“
Iznogud 236 days ago
78 /100 VIA A.MORI 27
“Small neighborhood bar located in less busy part of Pigneto. Has bit of a dive bar feel to it. Italian micros on several taps + 1 cask beer. Friendly service, after having a chat with guys working there we were offered some shots. If nearby check it out.“
Iznogud 236 days ago
80 /100 VIA ACIREALE, 22
“Large place with at least two big rooms inside and a large biergarten in front. Long bar with 15+ taps is located in the main room, as I understood sour beers are poured in a separate room. They have a cold chamber. Ambiance was bit weird since it seemed to be visited by a group of people acquainted to the pub, just playing darts and watching football. We sort of felt like intruding, but in these times I guess there are not many guests at beer places. Beer selection is quite good, lots of Italian micros and occasional German lager. Also some nice sour beers. Not sure about the bottles, but I think there should be some available. Certainly worth checking out, especially since there are other beer places nearby.“
Iznogud 239 days ago
76 /100 VIA CARLO FELICE 55/57
“Visited in the early evening, not particularly busy. Modern interior, the place is divided in two rooms. 7 Italian micros on tap and one German beer. Four taps from Fiej brewery, I've never heard of. 35 bottles in a fridge, mostly Italian micros with exception of Straffe Hendrik and one Cascade bomber. Friendly service, we got some really interesting snacks. They serve some food as well, but haven't tried any. Liked the place and its worth checking out if you're nearby.“
Iznogud 239 days ago
80 /100 VIA VEIO 4
“They say the oldest beer shop in Rome, opened for 17 years now. Medium sized store, not too much space to move around. Good selection of beers both Italian and imports, however I did expect a bit more. I'd say number of beers is closer to 300 rather than 750. Several fridges in the back. Some prices seemed too high, but I guess that's not unusual in Italy. Good if you're nearby, but wouldn't come here from other parts of Rome to do my beer shopping.“
Iznogud 239 days ago
“Nice small bar with patio outside. 8 taps and about 50 bottles. Mostly Italian micros. Kind service. Extraomnes Blond and Elvo Pils were both very good and fresh. Good prices for Italy. Certainly worth a visit if in area.“
Iznogud 240 days ago
74 /100 VIA SILLA, 26
“Large brewpub located near Vatican. Large patio in front. Modern clean interior with lots of light. Long bar in the front area and a big round beer bar in the back. More than 20 taps ranging from their core beer to some special brewed at the location. Some casks as well. I've noticed bunch of bottles behind the front bar not sure if these are only to-go. We were the only guests in the establishment so not much of an ambiance. Hopefully it's better later on, our visit is in the early afternoon. The beers I had were underwhelming so that's another minus in my book. Wanted to eat here,but kitchen opens later in the day.“
Iznogud 240 days ago
80 /100
Be.Re. (Bar)
“Large beer bar near Vatican. Nice patio outside with somewhat uncomfortable chairs. 20+ taps with interesting selection. Had a very nice Ulrich Martin Pilsner and bit underwhelming Ritual Labs IPA. Certainly worth visiting.“
Iznogud 240 days ago
72 /100 VIA DELLA PACE 28
“Small place with patio outside near Piazza Navona. Pleasant modern interior, bunch of books on the shelves which I guess is expected if you call yourself a bookbar. 3 taps of Italian micros and 30 more bottles in the fridge. Some very fresh cans of Lambrate, also Hammer, Brewfist, Muttnik. Few macros and a Chimay. Pleasant place for a quick beer in the evening.“
Iznogud 241 days ago
“Somewhat small place with long bar across the room. Medium sized patio outside, good for people watching. 8 taps - 2 macros and rest of them are Italian crafts. 50-ish bottles in the fridge ranging from Italian micros and Arbor to Belgian classics like Leffe. Had the Italian NEIPA from the fridge and it didn't seem super fresh. Friendly service, I believe owner used to live in Canada. We got some peanuts as snacks. Decent place, better than I expected really.“
Iznogud 241 days ago
90 /100 VIA BENEDETTA 25
“Finally made it here for Zwanze 2020. Its located in Trastevere, which can get super busy, especially on the weekend. Place is small, downstairs a bit larger then upstairs. Overall easiest to just stand on the street, which everyone seems to be doing anyway. 16 taps and a nice selection of bottles. Because of Zwanze they had a nice selection of lambics on taps, but also in bottles. Also a nice selection of Franconian Lagers. Service was good even though they were busy. Very recommended, they should have something for everyone.“
Werckmeister 298 days ago
“Food and look 'n feel is not typical of the eternal city. Cozy and informal, the dishes could be described as an Asian gourmet street food, very nice, reminded me of my days in Taiwan and Southeast Asia. And to top it all off, the beer selection is small but is well paired with the food... Definitely worth a try, recommended.“
TeLaDoIoGegia 423 days ago
60 /100
Birreria Trilussa (Restaurant)
“Just next door to Bir&Fud and across the street from Ma Che Siete Venuti a Fà. The best thing about this place was that they had a fair amount of tables outside. Some interesting beers, but not quite the same standard as the neighbours, but as it's next to two of the best places it's easy to check out this one too.“
visionthing 505 days ago
76 /100 VIA DELLA LUCE 72
“Another tiny place, almost just a hole in the wall kind of place, but 12 taps with Italian microbrew and friendly staff. Even some seats outdoors too. Possible to get the beer to go in the can, seems like it was served in the cans anyway (from tap to can crowler style?). Another cool place in a nice neighbourhood that's worth checking out.“
visionthing 516 days ago
72 /100 VIA BENEDETTA 23
“Basically just vis-a-vis Ma Che Siete Venuti a Fà. Cozy place with good selection of Italian craft beer. We only had some snacks, but it was quite tasty and the food that others had look inviting. Attentive staff and well worth checking out.“
visionthing 516 days ago
“Surprised to find it open and completely empty after our visit in Colosseum - it was around lunch time and we were looking for a place nearby before continuing to the Roman Forum. Expected overcrowded tourist traps with crappy food and only Peroni so this was a very nice surprise. Good selection of local Italian craft in addition to the usual BrewDog. Tasty pastrami sandwiches and fair service. Well worth popping by if one happens to be in the area.“
visionthing 517 days ago
68 /100 VIA SILLA, 26
“Convenient location for a pit-stop after visiting the Vatican museums. Fair sized brewpub with decent selection, especially from the mother brewery, but also some made on site. Surprisingly empty and quiet, but I guess our visit was in between the lunch and the dinner visitors (even before aperitivo), so kitchen was closed and they only had some more basic snacks, but as I was happy with just beer that was certainly not an issue. Friendly and fairly attentive staff and a rather relaxed atmosphere. Also good selection of bottles to go and other things from Birra del Borgo.“
visionthing 517 days ago
“Rather large place with several rooms and sections. Excellent selection of Baladin of course and interesting stuff from other decent breweries too. Burgers were delicious and the snacks we tried too. Staff was friendly and attentive and altogether there was a relaxed and cozy atmosphere (a bit room dependent)“
visionthing 517 days ago
76 /100 VIA BENEDETTA 25
“A tiny, almost hole in the wall kind of place. Excellent selection both on tap and in bottles. Seems to be always rather crowded, so usually there is a rather large crowd out in the street outside. Seems to also show sports (at least football) - and then it was rather noisy and chaotic there, not to fond of screens showing sports in places like this (or places in general for that matter). Definitely worth a visit, strange place, but charming in it's own way.“
visionthing 517 days ago
28 /100
Bricole My Chef (Restaurant)
“The only place to get a beer in the lower part of terminal B. They have several types of Peroni and Pilsner Urquel. The food is decent for reheated pastries and sandwiches.“
Luvystypotables 556 days ago
70 /100 VIA DEI PIOPPI 7
“Found by accident on Xmas morning, I came back here the day after to check it, as the empty keykegs outside the bar were quite interesting. Five taps and one handpump, mostly Italian craftbeer. Five euros for a 0,3. They serve food as well (sandwiches, baked potato, hummus) but did not try it. Worth a stop.“
rauchbierlover 572 days ago