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“Visited on a Monday right at open, 1800. The place is right inside the walls of St Malo. It’s a fairly hipster/trendy modern. They seem to specialize in cocktails, but carry a fairly extensive beer selection in bottles, and do a great job with focusing on French beer. I could have spent many hours here easily. The service was friendly and accommodating, but admittedly didn’t know the beer side all that well. I was fine being self sufficient though. I would recommend this bar for sure.“
JStax 504 days ago
“Visited in the early evening. Sort of a small place, but they utilize it effectively. Quite friendly service and helpful finding beers that interested me from local breweries. Prices were fair. I would recommend stopping in if you have the opportunity.“
JStax 505 days ago
76 /100 8 RUE DU BOYER
“We visited here Wednesday 21st June. We came here because L’Aviso which is literally just around the corner was closed on a Wednesday unfortunately. L’Alambic is a great little bar, it sits by a small square and at the end of the street is city walls which afford. wonderful views of the beach and out to sea. So it is easy to find as it is about 9 ’o’’ clock if you considered the walled city as a clock face.

Other than to pay I didn’t really venture inside, it was so so sunny so for me to describe what it was like inside I would probably forget as your eyes take time to adjust from glare to darkness, but suffice to say it was a simple narrow bar with the bar at the rear on the right. Beer choice wasn’t huge, a few on tap and about 10 bottles but with the likes of a reasonably priced beer like La Chouffe on offer it was good enough for us. In fact it was a great little bar, lovely atmosphere, good for people watching, it had a nice very down to earth clientele, the barman was very good, it was just a pleasant little spot and sometimes amazing beer choice venues can be beaten hands down by somewhere that offers one or two decent beers but is just a great little bar. “
Fin 1277 days ago
“We visited here Wednesday 21st June 2017 , it was a gorgeous day, in fact much like our entire holiday which was sadly coming to an end. Brasserie Bosco is about a mile or thereabouts to the east of the old city and is close to the railway station and just beyond the inner docks. It is just off the main road Avenue Louis Martin on the edge of a sort of square with one or two other places, bars etc here.

Brasserie Bosco is a decent sized Brasserie, its tidy, clean, modern and on one level. The bar is straight ahead on entering and the brewing kit can be seen over to the right hand side. Whilst we were here there were a number of artisty type folk installing a series of large photos which was essentially arguing against Nuclear Power, we chatted to one chap who was also going to be singing later on in the venue. It was amusing watching so many people clearly not used to DIY and who were completely clueless putting up some photos which were hanging on lines of string which were nailed into the wall, very amusing. They had about three beers on tap as I recall with the rest of the range in bottles or available to take away and all at decent prices. I thought that there beers were pretty good and whilst not quite as brazenly hoppy or as in yer’ face as much of the stuff that I am used to, it was clearly a few steps up from the usual Breton offerings as the hops had been used a lot more liberally in these beers.

We sat here and had a couple of beers before contemplating the cycle ride back to the campsite, it was a pleasant place to while away an hour or two, a couple of local workmen also came in for a beer and I suspect that they may get quite a crowd in the evening (we were here mid afternoon). I wouldn’t hesitate to come here again, beer was good, staff were friendly, prices very reasonable and it was a really pleasant place.“
Fin 1295 days ago
“We visited here Wednesday 21st June 2017 , it was a beautiful day (much like the entire holiday) and we were coming towards the end of our two weeks. Les Brassins De Saint Malo is in the citadel area, I believe that is what they call the walled city and sort of on the corner of quite an historic street, it is in a slightly quieter area though less than 200 metres away and you are pretty much back in the thick of it.

The brewery is housed in a historic looking solid stone building and I thought was on the corner of Rue Sainte Barbe and Rue Chateaubriand, looking out to an Irish bar called St Patrick, however unbeknown to me I/we had entered the Port Malo bar next door (which I should enter in its own right as it had a number of interesting beers) I looked at the list in this incorrect pub and promptly started to order two IPA’s before asking if they did any of their own beers as I could see that they were a brewery. The lady pointed me to a connecting door between the two venues which was open and indicated that it was next door that was the brewery, she was extremely decent about it as well and not in the least bit concerned even suggesting that they looked after each others properties. I went next door and chatting with the lady who explained that they had two beers on tap (I think) I ordered one of each and we cheekily went back through the neighbouring pub and sat outside on their tables and chairs. I have to say that the beer other than being cold was pretty poor, both tasted a touch sour and possibly infected and I haven’t rated either as I felt a bit embarrassed and we left most of them and skulked off to the other (much better brewpub). However staff in both places were really friendly prices were good, the brewing kit could be seen behind the serving area and the building was a nice old place but it was too nice to sit inside so we really didn’t explore very much. .“
Fin 1296 days ago
64 /100
Garden Bier (Beer Store)
“Quite big warehouse like place just outside the centre in between warehouses and shopping centres. Decently large selection of beers, mostly Belgian. Not much local brews. There’s also a bar and a terrace with some beers on tap. Not a bad place for the area. Best one there.“
MarkoNm 1997 days ago
74 /100
L’Aviso (Bar)
“August 2007; A good selection of 300 beers, mainly Belgium such as Ellezeloise, St Feulllien, Anker, Sint Bernadus and Caracole. Also a good range of Trappist beers with only Westvleteren not represented. The cafe itself would not look out of place in Belgium, with plenty of wood panels and brewery memorabilia on show. Simple food such as sausage or cheese is available. The owner clearly loves his beer and is knowledgable and enthusiastic on the subject. Opens from 17.30 (approx) and closes at 0300. Will definately return. Re-Rate; Jan 2013 Nothing has changed, excellent selection with only top class lambic missing from an excellent selection. A great bar in a really attractive old town, well worth a night’s stay. Don’t expect the opening time to be exact, this is France remember.“
tipsytoad 2928 days ago
88 /100
L’Aviso (Bar)
“I was there in July 2012. I Spoke with the owner about Quebec beer and he knows our products really well :). Nice selection of beers. This place is small, and really nice but I cannot imagine what it looks like when it’s busy with local.“
DarkfangQc 2937 days ago
74 /100
Garden Bier (Beer Store)
“Cool place“
dewdew 3340 days ago
86 /100
L’Aviso (Bar)
“130 beers from belgium, 25 french and about 50 others, 11 from tap. The have some beers from Brittany’s brewers Coreff and Lanzelot. Three from Dremmwell on tap.“
Geiserich 5601 days ago
84 /100
L’Aviso (Bar)
“Lots of beers to chose from all over the world. Large variety of Belgian beers. The specallity is beer from Brittany’s local brewers, for instance Dremmwell. Their stout on tap is very good.“
godol 5706 days ago
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