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56 /100
Coop Saintes Allendé (Grocery Store)
“February 6, 2018. Common clean french mini market. I didn't plan to go there at all ! I wanted to go to "A la Débauche", a bar and beerstore in JFK street but it was closed. So I went back my hotel. Looking through the minimarket, I discovered a few labels from La Débauche IPA and Lager. Efficient ! Because, I entered and bought 2 beers I didn't know : La Débauche Lager and La Débauche Belgian style ; I think they had 3 other beers from La Débauche. Other beers in the background were macro industrial pale lager and average fruity beers. Average service but I didn't ask for advices. I didn't lose my time after all, walking 30 minutes from my hotel :)“
VDuquerroux 1154 days ago
78 /100 2 RUE PALISSY
“February 6, 2018. Center of Saintes. A few places to park. Beer store and bar. You can buy just nearby. Yes, maybe 200 beers : many belgian ales, interesting french beers : local beers (5 beers from Brasserie Golote, 1 from Thiefine) ; a few beers from Ouroboros and La P'tite Maiz. I was happy to find beers from La Golote since I couldn't find any in La Minute Blonde or Le Temple de la Bière (Pons). All beers are organized in old-fashioned wooden boxes fixed together on a wall ; original, cool ! Friendly service. 8 beers on tap (1 french beer from Ouroboros, Lupulus hibernatus, a few belgian ales : ok). I drank there 2 beers : the first one was a french american pale ale from La P'tite Maiz (Tours) and the other one was a Millevertus Bella Mère (offered by the barman, nice !). Merci ! Nice chat with the barman.“
VDuquerroux 1154 days ago
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