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60 /100
Boozery (Bar)
“Found this place by accident, near the touristy bus lot leading into Oui town. Apparently they also have places in Fira and Kamari, but we didn't see them. Not much really, not even any seating. More designed as a place for tourists to grab a fruity cocktail for their stroll thru town. But the fact that they had multiple different Greek craft beers available in bottles to drink there or take with you makes it worth listing on Ratebeer. Beer ain't cheap, but nothing is on Santorini ... and it offered a welcome break from the otherwise prolific Greek macro-lagers.“
Braudog 77 days ago
“A short walk from the Archeological Museum at the bottom side of Fira, this is a glitzy place, seemingly trying to mimic the style of an "upscale" winery/eatery, except with beer. We started with a six beer sampler with paired tapas, which was nice, if a bit pricey (but, hey ... it's Santorini). We got a young host who struggled with his English to give us an introduction to beer as if we'd never heard of the beverage before. Quaint, but maybe very presumptuous. The beers were all pretty good, and we picked our favorites for follow-on pints and a few take-away bottles for the hotel room. Nice setting, decent beers, maybe over-reaching with the whole 'glam' persona, but worth a visit. Brewery #949.“
Braudog 77 days ago
“At least one previous rater may have mistaken a retail outlet for the taproom ... Make sure you find the actual brewery, and check their hours. It's about a mile outside Kamari (not near the major areas of Fira or Oia). It's a bit of an uphill walk from the Kamari beach area. There's a small taproom/tasting area upstairs. There's no seating, just a couple stand-up tables. There's a lot of schwag for sale here, as well as beer for take away. Their beers are fairly standard styles, and although a nice break from the otherwise droll selection of Greek macro-lagers, not particularly noteworthy. You'll see their Donkey-oriented schwag all of the island, which along with an awkward visit, kinda set an off-putting tone to the place. They seem more focused on kitschy brand merchandising than being a good craft beer producer. Friendly-enough staff, although I was also a little off-put when I accidentally knocked over a just-opened bottle of beer and was charged for the replacement. Brewery #948.“
Braudog 77 days ago
76 /100
Melitini (Restaurant)
“Visited September 2021. Nice rooftop with a fine selection of vegan food and a couple of Sknipa brews, including a decent house beer. That's more that you can ask for in the (magnificent, tranquil, stunning but definitely not a beer destination) island.“
kerenmk 198 days ago
“Visited September 2021. Along with the marvelous sunset in Oia and the Red Beach, the small visitor center/ taproom is probably meant to be a tourist attraction. Taking Covid restrictions into consideration, I wouldn't recommend making a detour. Small, nice and tidy, no beers on tap, only bottle samples and full bottles that are available for purchase for the same price as sold all over the island. You can drink straight from the bottle standing on the balcony and buy plenty of beerchendise that also don't worth the detour as they are as rare as linen dresses and penis-shaped key chains in any of the hundreds of souvenir shops. Make a stop if you hike or on a wine tour (or if you're a beer nerd that needs the check-in, like yours truly)“
kerenmk 198 days ago
“If your in Fira, Santorini this is just a walk further up the caldera cliff path to Firostefani. This bar is quite contempory and has fantastic views from its terraces. Of course with them breath taking views prices in Santorini are much more expensive than anywhere else in Greece. This bar has really good range of local Santorini and international beers by the bottle.“
Jerseyislandbeer 281 days ago
“I walked here one warm afternoon from the west coast, they were very welcoming & poured me some samples, very good beer. I brought 750ml & 330ml bottles to take away.“
Jerseyislandbeer 281 days ago
“Aptly located on the way from Fira to Kamari beach. A smaller taproom with some terrace seats. Very nice and informative staff, free small samples of their two most popular brews. Fridge filled with their other bottled beers - also some rare and limited editions. Prices of their beers are quite high, but then again, they are the only craft brewers on the island. Would recommend to make at least a short detour and stop for a beer or two.“
MarkoNm 374 days ago
48 /100 KAMARI
“"Irish" pub in Kamari with just a few taps and a very limited selectiion of bottles (including Red and Yellow Donkey). TV screens permanently tuned to British soccer games. Friendly service.“
Holmen1 1829 days ago
“Small and neat place in the mid-southern part of Santorini. Free samples, knowledgeable staff, but very little enthusiasm, despite being pretty alone with this project in the craft beer dessert that Greece is. No food, only three beers but they are still fine. And way over the greek standard. Prices are fair, but yeah, the service wasn’t the best. Still worth a visit if you miss hops and taste here in Greece!“
Vestergaard 2568 days ago
“Same three beers as listed. Red, yellow, crazy. They said they have others during the off season, but they are too busy in busy season to produce anything else. All three are solid, crazy is an average IPA, but great for a Grecian beer. Yellow is a very nice beach/pool beer. Red is a solid Amber. The place itself isn’t much, and the pours they served us were probably 1-2 ounces, so not great.“
ben4321 2639 days ago
“Only gets a 26 due to the fact that I was able to try all 3 beers they create. All were just great, but the service was the worst. We were honored by the presence of the female owner. She is one of the most bitter persons my wife and I have ever met. She literally said "if I knew creating a brewery would be this much work I never would have signed up for this". She also waxed poetic about how one of the partner’s basically backed out. I definitely recommend anyone go since it’s beautiful in Santorini, but you will be underwhelmed by the owner.“
bwa5879 2782 days ago
60 /100
Melitini (Restaurant)
“Has more of a coffee shop vibe than restaurant. Very popular place for dinner apparently but we went for lunch and it was very quiet and relaxed. Service was extremely friendly albeit a little slow, like most places in Greece. Selection is on the small side but had plenty of Greek options, including Crazy Donkey and Fix Royale. Selection was at least equal to Pelekanos. Food is outstanding. Small portions akin to tapas. We had graviera, fried potatoes, meatballs and Spenztofai (sausage and peppers in tomato sauce) and all were excellent. Prices seemed pretty low compared to most other restaurants on Oia. This isn’t the greatest beer spot you’ll ever go to, but in a beer wasteland of sorts like Oia it’s a very nice stop.“
conway 2883 days ago
66 /100
Pelekanos (Restaurant)
“Beautiful rooftop restaurant in Oia. Not a huge selection but they had Red and Yellow Donkey which is about as good as it gets out here beer wise. Service was very friendly. Food was tasty but not cheap. Definitely one of the better options if you’re visiting Oia.“
conway 2887 days ago
“Visited the brewery 2 weeks ago. Tasted all 3, my favorite was the Yellow Donkey, clean and crisp. Unfortunately not available in all bars in Santorini. Tough economy, hope they hang in there.“
DonkeyBeer4you 3234 days ago
“Came out of a side road on my 4 wheeler and found this place. On the Main Street so shouldn’t be hard to miss. Very friendly and accommodating staff. Small brewery. Mainly 300L batches. Only the red, yellow and crazy donkey on show but that’s their selection so hard to be too judgemental. Enjoyable stuff as well, especially compared to the rest of the beers on this island. A good little merchandise section. Good place to stop by“
maneliquor 3241 days ago
“Was looking for this place, but stumbled upon more or less accidentally. Map depicts it in the right place now. Really just a brewery with a few kettles/cones on display. Small bar in the back, where they let you sample what’s on offer, which is no more than the red/yellow/crazy donkey. Merchandise available. Very friendly ladies explaining some things about the brewery. Nice to pick up some fresh beer for decent prices (€6.50 for a 75cl of the excellent Crazy Donkey), you won’t find it any cheaper on this expensive island. There are plans to expand the portfolio with a Weizen.“
Borresteijn 3289 days ago
64 /100 KAMARI
“Good place , good beer“
agosorre 3647 days ago
“They offer Yellow Donkey, Red Donkey & a must...Crazy’s like nothing you have ever experienced!“
sharynlb 3849 days ago
62 /100
Pelekanos (Restaurant)
“Greece is a beer wasteland for the most part. So my wife and I were on Cloud 9 when, late in our vacation, we happened into this place and saw the menu. There were about 30 beers on the list, including several from Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. Duvel and, oddly but appropriately, Piraat were among them, plus a few different hefeweizens. At least one La Trappe beer was there as well. They were all expensive, but lord knows how they managed to get these beers out to this popular but remote town on a popular but remote island. The Greek dishes looked great, but we didn’t eat. Live blues music at night. Breathtaking views of the caldera to the south or, up on the rooftop, the famous Oia sunset. The service was a bit indifferent. I said something to the Germanic waiter about how hard it is to find good beer in Greece, and he frowned. Oops. Maybe he’s a fan of Mythos (shudder).“
JoeinDahlem 5447 days ago
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