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54 /100
Hair of the dog (Beer Store)
“It is a very simple small shop in a sidestreet. Curious opening hours. Its selection is very good in English craft beer, there are nice amount of american and polish craft beers also. There are some asian portfolio too. Prices are correct.“
dr.dod 1187 days ago
“The Brew is in a great spot in Sliema, but the beers are quite average (the Valletta is the only one worth your while) and prices are rather high. I guess it's worth a visit if you are close by and got nothing better to do.“
Leeale 1470 days ago
“This brewpub sits along the Strand facing Valletta across the bay. The outdoor seating was taken so we sat inside. The copper tanks are on display just beyond the bar. They offered 6 house beers on draught alongside various mixed drinks. I enjoyed a Maltese sampler appetizer which turned out to be too much for one person, though it was quite good and featured local cheese and sausage. The crowd was mostly younger rowdy types drinking cocktails. The beer was below average, at least for the 2 I tried.“
BeerandBlues2 1519 days ago
80 /100 STRAND 72
“Very handy as next door to The Brew ! 4 taps of Lord Chambray on with other bottles from them and numerous other craft bottles including an impy stout. You can get gassed somewhat easily in these two places !“
47574xeCD 1521 days ago
“Small fronted brewpub on the harbour front and well worth a visit in this island of mass production lager. 5 beers on and got shown round the brewery. Good selection of beer styles.“
47574xeCD 1521 days ago
72 /100 STRAND 72
“Visited 12/7/2018. Funky place on the strand, next door to The Brew. Black Sheep beers festure prominently but the tie up is only because of the name. As well as Yorkshire beers (Black Sheep and Magic Rock), German, Italian, Belgian, Danish and Maltese (Lord Chambray) beers all feature in a decent bottle list. Lively atmosphere, smart interior. Decent food, good service. It's not the 100 that the previous reviewer reckoned, but it's certainly worthy of a visit.“
Grumbo 1669 days ago
“Visited 9/7/2018. Nice to find a brewpub in Malta but like many brewpubs across the globe the beer quality was a little hit and miss. 6 were available on this visit - flights (or more correctly a sample selection arranged on their place mats) are available at €1 per beer. The dark was the best along with the unrateable Valletta 2018 which seemed much better than it's supposed aliased Pilsner (maybe just a difference in batch as the pils was a bit too buttery). Has a nice outside covered pavement seating area and then quite big downstairs and upstairs areas inside. Service was ok. Food was decent. The Valletta 2018 is available bottled. Certainly a place to visit at least once if on the island.“
Grumbo 1671 days ago
“The worst brewpub I went to in Malta. I could also say the best as it was the only one, but I'd rather leave it as worst. Some infected beer and bad service. Prices a little high. No flights here. In a lively place that is more interesting than St. Julians debauchery at least.“
solidfunk 1705 days ago
82 /100
Hair of the dog (Beer Store)
“Cool little bottle shop I found accidentally while driving around Malta. I actually was trying to figure out where I was while parking, happened to glance at the shop and saw bottles of Stone sitting on the shelf. I jumped out, went in and found a bunch of Polish beers. Crazy! Probably the best store I saw in Malta. Friendly staff as well.“
solidfunk 1705 days ago
“It's a rather small brewpub on the promenade. On weekends and evenings it's very busy here. The interior is rustic but has still that hipster touch. The patio is small but nice. All the barmen and waitresses are polite and try to help, but are not specially trained for beers. All in all, it's a nice place to go with good beer (for Maltese conditions).“
neur0 1854 days ago
“Double-storeyed busy restaurant/brewpub with patio in the front on quay. Five types of home beers, definitely the best of Malta. Very helpful staff. Recommended place, but better in afternoon.“
Ascelja 1909 days ago
“Their beers were good and they brew an ok variety of styles, but two out of four taps was out at our visit for a Monday lunch. The cesar sallad was nice.“
finol 1909 days ago
Visited 29 Oct 2017
Quite large restaurant and brewpub on the quay. Five beers on tap this day - Pilsner (Gallery), Honey, Dark, Blond Ale and Amber Ale; the best beers I tasted in Malta. Fine service, prices not so high for Malta.
Good place, definitely worth to visit.“
Rotin 1925 days ago
90 /100 STRAND 72
“Everything you need to spend a good time - tasty food, large selection of craft beers, friendly service and live music. Top place in Sliema.“
FoamChamp3 1959 days ago
52 /100 81 TRIQ IL-KBIRA
“Great ambiance, 5 beers and 2 local wines (!!!) on tap and also some bottles“
Lore 2156 days ago
26 /100 31 HIGH STREET
“Would be a perfect place if they had some taps - now there are only a few Belgian beers, cisk and Erdinger in bottle; I ordered a beer - ok it was only a cisk lager, but anyway, I received the bottle without a damned glass!“
Lore 2156 days ago
74 /100 TRIQ SAN DUMINIKU 68A - 69
“Located off the promenade in the busy, touristy heart of Sliema, this is possibly the tiniest cafe I have ever seen - not more than two sqm big, three stools inside and as many outside, the only table being the windowsill. Cute, classy Italian coffee and cake and eight very decent beers from Amarcord, a good Italian microbrewery. How the beer got there I have no idea, but it makes the place really special. Very friendly Polish and Italian staff. Reasonable prices. Will be back. Tomorrow, if possible :-)“
Bamsen78 2488 days ago
58 /100 263 TOWER ROAD
“¦wietne miejsce, ale nie na piwo. Z kilku kranach tylko Farsons Blue Label Ale nadaje siê do picia. Pozosta³e wyroby lokalnego producenta to zwyczajne pop³uczyny. Nie u¶wiadczy siê tu niestety wyrobów jedynego kraftowego browaru maltañskiego z wyspy Gozo - Lord Chambray. Wystrój pubu bardzo gustowny i tematyczny. Barman stonowany, spokojny i uprzejmy. Warto tu wpa¶æ na whisky, no i ewentualnie na Blue Label.“
soolash 2911 days ago
60 /100 TRIQ SAN DUMINIKU 68A - 69
“A super small coffee shop with super friendly staff that just happens to sell eight quality Italian beers. A real find in this beer wilderness. Wifi too. I’ve no idea what the coffee is like but I hear it’s good!“
jmgreenuk 3040 days ago
48 /100 81 TRIQ IL-KBIRA
“A small expat bar a short walk from down town Sliema. Four taps... A lager, a bitter, a stout and a cider. What more could you want? A decent spirit selection like most Malta bars Seats about 35 Max. A friendly bar with an expat focus. Not much for the ticker but an expat would probably live in here. Nice free snacks too.“
jmgreenuk 3043 days ago
76 /100 TRIQ MONS. G. DEPIRO 22
“Small and friendly place in the heart of Sliema. No taps but around 20 quality mainly Belgian bottles. Plenty of wine too. Lots of ambience. A cool place to hang out for sure and the music is great too! Check it out.“
jmgreenuk 3043 days ago
56 /100 263 TOWER ROAD
“A tiny little pub overlooking the sea. Seats about 25 max. There is so much memorabilia in here that you struggle to get yourself in. It had a real olde worlde English south coast maritime feel. There are 4 taps and several bottles and cans. It had a big English expat focus and as I look around I’m sure there are people in here who never drink anywhere else! I loved the 60’s music too. Come for the atmosphere or the whisky...not the beer.“
jmgreenuk 3043 days ago
48 /100 127 TOWER ROAD
“Not really sure why this is on RB to be honest. They have nine taps and about 20 cans/bottles...some of which overlap with the tap beers. The only decent beer is Duvel and there are one or two local beers I had not had before. It’s on the beach and it had plenty of screens for the footy. On the downside, for me anyway, it turns Into a Karaoke disco pub during the evening. There isn’t much here for a Ratebeerian, but the wifi was solid which is how I’m rating this place now :-)“
jmgreenuk 3044 days ago
42 /100 31 HIGH STREET
“I had hoped for a little better tbh. It really is a hole in the wall. There are no tap beers, just cans. A decent whisky selection though. The staff were not really very talkative. It’s the kind of place you visit just the once. It had an expat and student focus and you might expect a better atmosphere, but sadly not. Not really sure why this place is on Ratebeer at all.“
jmgreenuk 3044 days ago
60 /100 81 TRIQ IL-KBIRA
“The Salisbury Arms is a nice little UK-Style boozer located in the heart of Sliema. When we visited it happened to full of my countrymen! They offer the full Farsons range in bottle and a couple on draught. The bonus is they Los have some Belgian bottles. Friendly service and everything was served in the matching glassware. Free snacks were also brought to our table and everything was remarkably cheap. By Maltas beer standards this is one of the better destinations. Not bad.“
Scopey 3073 days ago
68 /100 TRIQ SAN DUMINIKU 68A - 69
“Caffe Berry is a tiny Italian Cafe located just off the beach in Sliema. It sits about 2 people inside and up to 3 outside! As well as rather nice coffee they happen to offer 8 Italian micros, mostly from Amacord and served in chilled matching glassware. Friendly service and chatting locals. This was the only place I found in Malta with any decent Italian beer, so makes it a rather nice change to places only serving Cisk! I worthy stop for a beer if your are on Malta.“
Scopey 3073 days ago
60 /100 81 TRIQ IL-KBIRA
“Charming place, some decent belgian ales on bottle but nothing else. Felt like a neighborhood pub where everyone knew each other. I still felt welcome and enjoyed the visit. Visited: 2014-04-15“
beeroverwithme 3216 days ago
44 /100 127 TOWER ROAD
“Eight beers on draught but nothing exciting (Guinness, Kilkenny, Carlsberg, Cisk, John Smith, Heineken, Stella and Blue Label). Generic trendy place, with trendy music and fast but impersonal service. Except for Duvel on bottle not much joy for a beer lover. Visited: 2014-04-14“
beeroverwithme 3219 days ago
50 /100 31 HIGH STREET
“No draught beer, so mostly canned lagers such as Cisk Lager, Hopleaf and dutch beers. But nice, service minded owner and reasonably nice atmosphere. Visited: 2014-04-18“
beeroverwithme 3219 days ago
70 /100 TRIQ MONS. G. DEPIRO 22
“Small but nice beer bar with a very decent beer selection, by far the best on Malta. I’m probably a bit colored by all the really bland beer bars I’ve been to so far, but this is the real deal. Last visited: 2014-04-17“
beeroverwithme 3220 days ago
40 /100 263 TOWER ROAD
“Nice atmosphere, but barkeeper was a bit detached watching soccer on TV. Three bland beers on draught - Cisk Lager, Blue Label and Stella. Boring. Visited: 2014-04-13“
beeroverwithme 3220 days ago
38 /100 127 TOWER ROAD
“If you like bad beer, big screen football, accompanied by futuristic musac, this may be your kind of place. Apparently they had Duvel as well. The waitress did not mention this when I asked which bottled beers they had, but according to a meny on the wall I noticed when leaving they did. Found the place by accident. It is located about 1 km further east on Triq It-Torri (Tower Rd.) than the Rate Beer map indicates.“
ILikeOl 3345 days ago
56 /100 81 TRIQ IL-KBIRA
“Nice little pub in the middle of Sliema. Went there for some football and beer. Three belgians in bottle and the standard Cisk, Guinness and Samuel Smith’s on tap.“
ILikeOl 3345 days ago
96 /100 263 TOWER ROAD
“the best pub ;)“
georgetaliana 3749 days ago
38 /100 263 TOWER ROAD
“The place looked very nice. and had a nice whisky selection but the beer selection could be better and the staff more interested and welcoming.“
tony_gorilla 3756 days ago
78 /100 TRIQ MONS. G. DEPIRO 22
“A nice place with a welcoming bartender. :)“
tony_gorilla 3756 days ago
44 /100 31 HIGH STREET
“Not much of a beer selection, but a pleasant and relaxed place for a beer. Very quiet on a Saturday evening in September. Outdoor seating.“
visionthing 3783 days ago
52 /100 127 TOWER ROAD
“Fairly good selection of local beer and the usual suspects both on tap and in bottles. Quite loud music inside, but ok outside. Ok place for a couple of beers if you’re in the neighbourhood. Good location on the Tower Road (Triq it-Torri). We lived quite close by, so we went here a couple of times. Look up the location, the proximity map here shows wrong location...“
visionthing 3783 days ago
70 /100 TRIQ MONS. G. DEPIRO 22
“Nice pub with a small, but nice selection of Belgian beer and some other imports. Service was excellent. Beer was served in original glasses and free snacks was provided after a couple of beer. The best bar we found in this area. Friendly and helpful staff“
visionthing 3784 days ago
44 /100 263 TOWER ROAD
“Nice interior, but the staff was not particularly service minded. Asked about what kind of beer they had, but didn’t get a proper answer. It seemed to be only the usual stuff (Some of the common Maltese beers plus Guinness and some other imports)“
visionthing 3784 days ago
62 /100 31 HIGH STREET
“Very much a local pub,tucked in behind the main tourist drag, cans or bottles,and the usual cisk,or hopleaf,good swpirit selection,and good stories about the old days,worth a look“
kosherbeer 3990 days ago
72 /100 TRIQ MONS. G. DEPIRO 22
“Good Belgian selection,as well as the usual suspects,no draught,yet!@!“
kosherbeer 3992 days ago
80 /100 263 TOWER ROAD
“Try the Guinness oscillator,also the best whiskey selection in the whole of Malta“
kosherbeer 3992 days ago
68 /100 127 TOWER ROAD
“Good pub,good cheap meals,large screen for football,nice location opposite the med.“
kosherbeer 3993 days ago
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