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Latest reviews from Sonderborg

38 /100
Kvickly (Borgen) (Grocery Store)
“Kvickly in the city center. Your usual Kvickly selection with a few Randers and Midtfyn added. Service and prices as expected.“
Camons 608 days ago
“Modern cafe on the main square in Sønderborg, next to Brøggeriet wich was closed as we wanted to visit. Some 6-8 tap's, macro stuff Carlsberg, Tuborg, Sommersby and 2 Brooklyn tap's - lager and East IPA. Loads of people outside enjoying the sun on whats 2019 first spring day - but that means smoke aswell. Fine service.“
Camons 608 days ago
62 /100 PERLEGADE 10
“Nice wine store in the center of town. Wine, spirits, coffee, tea, chocolate and beers. Fur, Klosterbryg, Thisted, Midtfyen, soem english and belgians aswell. Friendly service.“
Camons 608 days ago
40 /100
Føtex (Grocery Store)
“Big Føtex at end of the pedestradian street in Sønderborg. Selection is your standard Føtex selection of the bigger Danish brands + some Midtfyen, Founders added. Non unrated beers for me.“
Camons 608 days ago
28 /100
Rema 1000 (Grocery Store)
“Your regular REMA 1000 selection + a few Fuglsang added. Not really worth a stop.“
Camons 608 days ago
66 /100 PERLEGADE 10
“NIce wine/delicatesse shop. NIce selection of mostly Swedish and Belgian beers. But also Siren. A little pricey. OK service.“
HenrikSoegaard 875 days ago
72 /100
Fox and Hounds (Restaurant)
“Nice pub centrally located in the middle of town, in the same street as several popular restaurants and pubs. Seems to be a place that fits most kind of people and ages. More than decent food meny, a couple of rotating taps together with the more regular F&H type of beer. Fine selection of Whisky and it also seems like they have a certain focus on drink mixing. The beer bottle menu is fine and varied for a town this sized and they even have some “specials” for the extra interested beer customers. Fairly pricing and the staff vary from knowledge & enthusiastic to sorry I’m new here. Definitively THE place to be for beer in Sønderborg.“
Beer5000 1302 days ago
64 /100
Fox and Hounds (Restaurant)
“Nice place, relaxed and local atmosphere. A dozen or so taps, mostly standard macros but typically also a not-so-common, nicer beer. Small but decent selection of bottles in the fridge. Staff is friendly but not terribly knowledgeable. Prices are somewhat ok, but if they want to cater to beer tasters/tickers, they have to consider pour-sizes and prices. Did not try the food, looked like typical cafe/pub-grup.“
martin00sr 1771 days ago
70 /100
Fox and Hounds (Restaurant)
“The motto on the logo of this chain restaurant says: Eat, drink and be Scottish. Well, there is nothing particularly Scottish about this place, save for a kilt dangling from one of the walls. The interior is quite international and modern, the food menu features no haggis or deep-fried Mars but Flammkuchen and burgers, and there is, at least at present, no single Scottish beer on tap. Still, the restaurant is definitely worth a visit. The 15 taps may not offer any gems for the beer hunter, especially one who has visited another outlet of the same chain, but the guest tap is worth a try - I had Ølsnedkeren Ådalens Wit and it was decent. The selection of bottles is better, probably the best in town, including well-known Belgians, Germans and Americans, and yes, a choice of several popular BrewDog beers. The food is, despite its lack of Scottishness (or, as some malicious guests might say, because of it) quite decent. Several other restaurants nearby serve burgers but the ones here are somehow a little better. Friendly staff and reasonable service. Not cheap but not outrageously expensive, either. Could be back again.“
Bamsen78 1866 days ago
“Visited a number of times since I happen to live in the area. Located in the centre of the pedestrian lane in the town, just opposite the town hall, this is one of the very few places here where you can choose from more than 5 beers to drink on the spot. The selection varies but usually includes the most well-known German and Belgian weizens, some inferior American stuff and one or more "local" beers, brewed at the now defunct Vejle Bryghus. The staff change quite often, but regardless of this, they normally focus on food rather than beer. The food is okay, mostly homemade burgers ans salads, with a few other items as well. Not very cheap but still, one of the decent places in town.“
Bamsen78 2311 days ago
56 /100
Føtex (Grocery Store)
“Nice typical Føtex grocery store. Large selection on Danish beers, mainly the larger brands, but also some smaller brews. YOu can pay in Crowns and Euro, if you pay cash :)“
Erzengel 2606 days ago
52 /100 PERLEGADE 10
“I visited this place once during a business trip with the ambition to find local gems. I managed to find some Fanø Imperial X-mas porter that were sold out anywhere but on Fanø at the time. The prices were in the high end of the reasonable spectrum as they often are outside Copenhagen. The shop is a delicatessen and gift shop somewhat like Bjergtrolden except this place does not serve beer. The selection was decent for a regional hub town comprising around two shelves with the emphasis on Danish craft beer including local stuff and breweries with nationwide appeal (Mikkeller, BeerHere) as well as some English and Belgian stuff. I did not test the knowledge of the staff but didn’t get the impression that they knew a lot about the beer they were selling apart from standard knowledge of the beer’s origin and style. I would be sure to revisit for more local gems if I make my way back to the area.“
humlelala 2718 days ago
“The only place in Sønderborg that resembles an English pub. Admission over 21 secures mature, relaxed clientele and a cozy atmosphere. The staff are friendly and well-disposed toward customers, but you may expect long serving times in high season weekends, on public holidays and during transmissions of significant football events. The venue regularly hosts arrangements featuring local and regional music bands.“
Bamsen78 2955 days ago
48 /100 PERLEGADE 10
“Very expensive - almost duoble up on Vletren compared to my local pusher. Some Mikkeller and special germans.“
Kronebryg 3233 days ago
64 /100 PERLEGADE 10
“Went there to find their own exclusive Tournay version. I found that in both 33cl and 75cl bottles. Apart from that, they have an okay selection of Danish micros, some Unibroue and a lot of Avery beers. Some I’ve never seen before even. A few special Belgians as well. Good place!“
thewolf 5008 days ago