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44 /100 NÁMĚSTÍ 30
“Visited in Autumn 2017. By now the brewery has changed ownership and is no longer a brewery but a restaurant serving beers from Kocour and Ogar, from what I know. Back then it was a slightly claustrophobic tavern with wooden interior and a small patio on the charming central square in Stramberk. Service was slow, food was good and beers were bad - with the exeption of the spice-laden Usak. It used to have the same owner as the nearby Valassky Pivovar Kozlovice and two of their beers were actually brewed in Kozlovice. Tasting board was available, poured chaotically, without paying attention to the amount that was poured - some were underpours, but since they were bad anyway, I did not mind. Since Stramberk is a lovely town and this is perhaps still the only non-corporate beer place within its limits, you will go there eventually anyway.“
ElDesmadre 197 days ago
66 /100 NÁMĚSTÍ 30
“Knajpa z browarem na rynku. Kelnerka w stroju "tyrolskim". Do wyboru dwa swoje piwa (w tym z piernikiem) oraz dwa z zaprzyjaźnionego innego małego browaru. Z jedzenia kosztowaliśmy tylko czosnkową, która koło czosnku raczej nawet nie stała.“
Pudelek 1647 days ago
68 /100 NÁMĚSTÍ 30
“Nice little town brewery. Not a vast choice of beers (only four on tap) but all are decent enough. Food a little basic but still good value, although many of the items on the menu weren’t available. Don’t miss the basement, if it’s open. Very nice little town in general.“
HarryInWarsaw 1786 days ago
70 /100 NÁMĚSTÍ 30
“Very nice place to go. To start with - location - picturesque central square in a small village - summer views should be killer! Nice interiors, good service and 2 fantastic beers - ’12 and polu-tmave with cinnamon. Definitely returning if passing through area.“
Sokolov 1860 days ago
74 /100 NÁMĚSTÍ 30
“Lovely little Brewpub in a lovely little town. Beers were all fine and the food on offer included some great local snacks and larger dishes. Great walks to be had in and around the town and there is a very nice small hotel next door owned by the same people.“
JimGent 2289 days ago
90 /100 NÁMĚSTÍ 30
“Établissement visité le mercredi 6 mars vers 121h00. Ambiance: Joli en droit à la décoration médiévale. Terrasse donnat sur la place du village. Service: Nous sommes arrivé tard ce qui fait que nous étions seul. Superbe service. Menu en tchèque seulement. Sélection: 2 bières maisons en fût. Nourriture: Goulash. (207e rating d’établissement)“
TaktikMTL 2926 days ago
84 /100 NÁMĚSTÍ 30
“Very pretty restaurant and pub on the old town square in the beautiful town of Stramberk. Our waitress was very kind and made a great effort to accomodate us (not designed for tourists). Even the locals were friendly enough. The food menu was simple with a few traditional Czech dishes but everything was good. All the beers were in fine form and delicious. The town is worth a stop in itself, the fact that it has a good brewpub is a big bonus.“
JulienHuxley 2950 days ago
82 /100 NÁMĚSTÍ 30
“Lovely brewpub on the town square of the equally lovely town of Stramberk. The two house beers that were on that day were delightful (especially the superb Svetly). The old house decor is charming. The waitress we had didn’t speak English very well but tried her best to accommodate in the cutest way possible. Food was delicious and simple, as can be expected in Czechia. Stramberk being the beautiful town it is, I would strongly recommend you visit. They’ve started serving the 2 beers from the excellent Valassky Pivovar Kozlovice here as well since both breweries belong to the same people.“
MartinT 2955 days ago
68 /100 NÁMĚSTÍ 30
“Brewpub opened in 2005 in the picturesque village of Stramberk, 15 minutes walk uphill from the train station. Here they serve only 2 beers, but it’s good stuff. The svetle and a the tmave are both are malty and creamy, served not too cold and at low carbonation levels. Little disappointment, food didn’t have the fanciness required for accompanying such delightful beers. Pub is divided in different levels, which provide different ambiances. I was in the cellar with its rock walls and medieval artifacts, a musician played czech songs on his accordion. I had a great time. If you visit Stramberk, and I think you should, don’t forget to grab some of the famous "usi", a gingery dry cookie sold in every shop of the town square.“
YULbier 3450 days ago
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