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“A fairly large place right on Avenida Revolucion, near the beginning of it. Smaller patio. Long bar with the interior looking modern, more upscale. Quite some own brews and some other Mexican. Flight available (4 pours 4$). Staff not too interested. Not bad, but lacks some atmosphere.“
MarkoNm 410 days ago
56 /100 CALLE 3RA #8161, ZONA CENTRO
“Just off Avenida Revolucion, secong floor on top of a pharmacy. Inside place and a balcony with some tables. Also soem room dowstairs, but on the inside of Pasaje Rodriguez. A fair tap selection, prices are very fine (3$ for a flight of 4). Not too interested staff, though English spoken. Doesn't look much, a bit shaby, but still an ok place.“
MarkoNm 410 days ago
50 /100 CALLE 3RA #8161, ZONA CENTRO
“Right off the main strip as you come from the border. It's upstairs and has tables inside and outside. Bare bones, grungy feeling to the place. 10 taps or so, with custom flights of 4 available for 60 pesos. Beer quality was pretty mediocre. Friendly, English-speaking service. Decent place.“
mcberko 525 days ago
66 /100 JUAN CORDERO 10021
“One of the many breweries in this crazy complex. Small, intimate tasting room. No flights, but single 4 oz pours available for 30 pesos. Beer quality was all average from what we tried. Friendly service, with good English spoken. Worth a stop.“
mcberko 525 days ago
“Perhaps the newest brewery addition to this crazy complex. This one is on the second floor and right across from Border Psycho. 16 beers on tap, with custom flights of 5 for 100 pesos. Beer quality ranges from great to poor, with a couple of real stand-outs. Service is decent, with some English spoken. Worth a stop.“
mcberko 525 days ago
“One among many breweries in this crazy taproom -- this one is easy to find. Fun taproom with flights of 5 available for 90 pesos. Beer quality is quite poor, with some infections and other chaotic elements. Service is very friendly, with minimal English spoken. Fun stop, but the beer is lacklustre across the board.“
mcberko 525 days ago
64 /100 PASEO DE LOS HEROES 9415
“One of the many breweries in this crazy complex -- it seemed to be open the earliest, so we hit it first. No flights, not even half-pints, just pints, but they will do little tastes. Beer was solid, especially their berliners. Minimal English spoken, but it was easy to order. They accept credit card and USD. Definitely worth visiting.“
mcberko 525 days ago
74 /100 PASEO DE LOS HEROES 9415
“Another small taproom close to others in the Plaza, rather dark inside, crappy and loud music. 12 beers on tap, no tasters, flights or small pours. The 2 beers we had was very good tho. Maybe a little more expensive than others on our small Tujuana beer crawl. Good service who spoke a good english.“
Camons 791 days ago
“Close to Legoin taproom and others. Loud music, a bit dark, 16 tap's, flights of 4 avaible. Quality a bit hit and miss. Good service and prices. Prefer the cantina to this one.“
Camons 791 days ago
“Nice bar with a few outdoor seats, aswell as indoor. Modern bar with a few tvs. 20 or so beers on tap at our visit, Legion on about half, local micros for the most part on the other half (Ramuri, Ludica, Fauna) and with Tecete Light and Heineken on the last 2 tap's! Good and fast service. Flights avaible 4 rather big pours for 100peso. Good food served in plentyfull potions. Good place.“
Camons 791 days ago
“Big modern place close to Mamut brewery. Long bar to the right, 2 big rooms, and another seating area upstairs. 16 or so tap's, varied quality of beers, from undrinkable to pretty good saisons and stouts. Good service, proces still cheap, but about twice Mamut.“
Camons 791 days ago
72 /100 CALLE 3RA #8161, ZONA CENTRO
“Big place first floor brewery and taproom. 3 big rooms and a balcony. Brewery behind the bar to the left. Storage room to the far right, a stage so much held some kind of concerts. Owner told me they had a Tequllia / Mescal later the day of our visit. 9 beers on tap, good quality. Some macro and Laginutas IPA in fridge. Flights avaible. Dirt cheap, 2 flights and a small taster of the 9th beer was 100 peso! Service was nice, allthough a bit slow and not very good at english. Nice place. As we left, staff was hunting a small mouse behind the bar :)“
Camons 791 days ago
62 /100
Cubo Bistro (Restaurant)
“Came here on 18.4.2018. Restaurant with strong focus on domestic beers centrally located in Tijuana. Good food and around 20 Mexican Craft beers, all in bottles. Had a Mexican Ale, an IPA (Astillero - won the Silver World Cup medal in 2014) and a Stout. All beers were very decent. The tuna steak was excellent and service was fast and friendly.“
Schlenkerla 892 days ago
“A small Plaza Fiesta location underneath Donkey Punch and Brewpub Plaza Fiesta, but open with ample seating. The service was pleasant. Lots of taps with about 8 of their own. Good food available to enjoy with your cervecas.“
BeerandBlues2 938 days ago
84 /100 PASEO DE LOS HEROES 9415
“A solid brewery with its Plaza Fiesta tasting room to showcase its range of brews. The beers are great, service friendly and willing to chat. Pricey compared to the others, but still a cheap place. This one opens earlier than some of the others so it is a good place to start.“
BeerandBlues2 938 days ago
80 /100 JUAN CORDERO 10021
“Another solid stop in Plaza Fiesta. We entered upon leaving out the back of Legion. The place is brand new and service very good. Solid beers on tap, several available in bottles to-go. Another must stop in the area.“
BeerandBlues2 938 days ago
“A fun little brew pub located in Plaza Fiesta. The alien theme is unique but does not mix well with their traditional Mexican decor. The beer is decent and service is friendly.“
BeerandBlues2 938 days ago
80 /100 PASEO DE LOS HEROES 9415
“Our first stop on rbwg 2018 TJ edition. We all where pleasantly surprised by the beers and also the great price. This was a fun first stop for sure. The plaza is filled with great places, take the day and enjoy all of them.“
BuckeyeBoy 957 days ago
“A small little upstairs spot. Light and simple with some alien stuff as a bit of a theme. A bit tacky but fun. Service was OK and flights were available. Beers were average, so not to worry if you skip this place.“
Ferris 969 days ago
“A very open and bright airy spot with a a bit of a focus of food. Lots of attentive staff, some speak English. Large tap list and flights with a few special bottles of sale. Good prices of course. A solid spot.“
Ferris 969 days ago
40 /100 PASEO DE LOS HEROES 9415
“The taproom in Plaza Fiesta pales in comparison to the actual brewpub location a short distance away. This place has a very large central bar and some restaurant tables, open to the innards of the Plaza. Just two of their beers on tap and two guests. Young servers didn't seem to knowledgeable. I didn't see any food, but that doesn't mean there isn't any. They seemed to be selling giant bottles of macro stuff rather than the house beers. Best to skip his place and visit the brewpub itself.“
Travlr 971 days ago
“Smallish place with a back entrance to Insurgente. 24 taps included a whole bunch of their beers as well as a few guests and a couple of macros. One bottled lambic was very tasty indeed. The place itself seemed very food centric. We had some delicious apps, and the main courses, mainly giant slabs of meat, looked delicious. Beers were tasty too. Very friendly helpful service. An easy stop in Plaza Fiesta, with longer opening hours than many of the others.“
Travlr 971 days ago
“An old cantina like bar with a fun erotic theme. Service was good and they tried very hard to answer our questions. Cheap flights, no wifi and lots of guest taps. Beer wasn't that great, but still a fun stop.“
Ferris 971 days ago
80 /100 JUAN CORDERO 10021
“We entered through the back door of Legion, but this place is also open to the plaza itself. Shiny clean bright place, a nice contyrast to some of the others we visited. Manager was enthusiastic and friendly, generous with samples, and even walked us to the next place. He also had good recommendations for other places we probably would have missed. Their beers are solid, available both on tap in several variants and in bottles. A must-stop in Tijuana.“
Travlr 976 days ago
72 /100 PASEO DE LOS HEROES 9415
“First stop on RBWG 2018 South of the Wall version. Small place with loud music right near the main entrance of the plaza. This place had the most solid beers we tried on the entire crawl, with a good variety of styles, though I liked the porters and stouts the best. Server was friendly and generous with samples. Didn't see any food, but that doesn't mean there isn't any. Pricier than other locations, more or less San Diego prices, but the beers are worth it. A solid stop.“
Travlr 976 days ago
76 /100 JUAN CORDERO 10021
“A little clean and simple bar which seemed to be run by the owners or brewers. Passionate and pleasant. Flights available and lots of beers on tap. A nice stop.“
Ferris 976 days ago
“This place is upstairs next to Donkey Punch but has a separate entrance. Small serving bar and restaurant tables, including some on a balcony and some more cozy in the back. Eight or so of their own beers on tap, tasty enough. Friendly service.“
Travlr 976 days ago
68 /100 PASEO DE LOS HEROES 9415
“A small dark bar with club music blasting. No flights or small pours, little English but a pretty good beer. Good spot and surrounded by other breweries. Prices are high compared to other places close by but still incredibly cheap by USA standards.“
Ferris 976 days ago
“An american style brewery in Mexico. How can you go wrong? Great beer at amazing prices. This brewery is in a plaza full of other breweries. If you are in the area hit this place up because this is a solid brewery in an amazing plaza.“
raidrfan979 1201 days ago
86 /100 AVENIDA ORIZABA 10335
“Easily the best beer selection in our brief Tijuana visit; they boasted a couple dozen or so taps and near 100 bottles, mostly Mexican craft but also a few other countries. The staff was quite friendly and accommodating. The place was quiet on this young afternoon, and mostly dark but I could see this getting lively quick in the evening. The food offerings sounded nice but we opted only for beer.“
BeerandBlues2 1213 days ago
“This fine tap room in Plaza Fiesta occupies a prime corner spot and boasts dildo tap handles. Okay, now that I have your attention, this is an open-air tap room that starts loudly playing music an hour or so before opening, just to tease would-be patrons, but then turns down the volume at opening. Our server was friendly and seemed unfazed by having to grab dicks to pour our beers. The house beers were good and accompanied by a few Mexican craft beers and, unfortunately, some macros. At any rate, a great stop in Tijuana.“
BeerandBlues2 1213 days ago
“In Plaza Fiesta with about a half dozen other taprooms plus various bars and food joints. Medium sized bar and some restaurant tables, plus a small patio. Interesting taphandles, among the best I’ve seen (extra Ambiance point), other than that walrus penis one in Anchorage. Eight of their own beers on tap plus five guests and a few taps of macros, and a mezcal for dessert. Flights of five are available, and staff were generous with samples. I didn’t see any food, but you’re surrounded by food places, so you won’t starve. Uber is probably the best way to get here, unless you know the bus system, although there was a small attended pay parking lot, plus a covered pay lot next door. Beers were tasty, and guest beers were even better. Good prices. Great service, fluent English, and staff had great recommendations for other places to try in the city. A must-visit while in Tijuana.“
Travlr 1222 days ago
86 /100 AVENIDA ORIZABA 10335
“Classy place, modern and dark. Long bar and lots of restaurant tables. Huge taplist, even bigger bottle list means that you can sample a wide variety of breweries from across Mexico (and farther afield) here. Two popular food trucks on the same street. Sadly only shaker pints, but staff were generous with the samples (and spoke fluent English). A little bit pricier than the taprooms we tried. Still a must-visit.“
Travlr 1223 days ago
74 /100 CALLE 3RA #8161, ZONA CENTRO
“Our first stop on our day tour of Tijuana from Escondido. This place is on a main street not far from the border, upstairs. Fermentation vessels visible in the back. Small serving bar and three rooms, each bigger than the next, plus a party room. Wood fired pizza oven. Flights of four are two bucks and staff were generous with tasters of the others. Staff spoke fluent English. Beers were the best we had that day, very tasty.“
Travlr 1224 days ago
74 /100 CALLE 3RA #8161, ZONA CENTRO
“Located one half block off the main tourist strip and upstairs is this brewery and tap room. The brewery and crew were busy when we arrived, shortly after opening on a Monday morning. As the only patrons we had the place to ourselves as a worker mopped the old floor and wooden balcony. We tried the six house beers and all we’re quality. The brewery changes over the taps a good bit it seems and offers a varied style range. Certainly worth the stop in Tijuana.“
BeerandBlues2 1224 days ago
“Attractive old tavern full of dark wood, with oiled floors reminiscent of Hussong’s in Ensenada, located in a big industrial-looking building about 2 km south of downtown. A window inside the pub reveals a fairly large brewhouse. They have 5 beers, 4 of which are subtly different light-colored lagers at about 4.8% ABV, plus a dark lager. The beers are decent but not exciting. Food is dinner-oriented but they have a few sandwiches. Still worth a visit just for the novelty of craft beer in Baja.“
hopduivel 3588 days ago
“In Beer they Trust! Cool and knowledge Staff, the best stores in the Country, you will find all Beers available in Mexico, at their "boutiques" Stores!“
gerardoluna 3664 days ago
“Our first city brewing place with a good selections of the house.“
ponchoequihua 3706 days ago
“A very nice place, wood floors, wood walls and ceilings make give the place its classic tabern feel. I was there to sample the new beers Brava (unfiltered), Bronca and Bufadora (strong ale), which are not available yet bottled. I have been told the food is very good but i cannot vouche since i had nothing to eat. They have live music and good ambiance, the service was impecable and i even got to chat with the assistant brewmaster (Israel) who was very intrested in this web page.. i hope he signs up, he was very intrested in meeting ratebeerians from San Diego. He says that the people in Mexico just dont like craft or dark beers and they have lots of trouble selling there good beers! They have to get to the So Cal. Festivales to sell there craft. He told me to Look for the new Bufadora (strong ale) style beer coming in Summer 2006. oh i forgot... they have 3 bottled beers and 6 to 8 on tap, they also sell Stone Ipa, bastard ale, and levitation.“
alafito 5266 days ago
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