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“Visited on a Monday afternoon and late in the evening. Typical Dutch brown café, lots of dark wood and beer stuff. Nice to see how the ambiance in the afternoon was non-present and late at night very much there. Nice mix of classic and modern beers, both tap and bottled/canned. Selection was good, not the cheapest when considering the modern beers but fair enough I guess. Attentive and knowledgeable staff. Would visit again for a beer or 2.“
Borresteijn 371 days ago
70 /100 PIUSHAVEN 1A
“Visited on a Monday early afternoon for lunch and some tasters. Slightly out of the city center but no more than a 15 min walk from Central Station. Patio outside and another one on the water. It was raining so we sat inside. Clean, modern place, light colours, lacks a bit of ambiance or authenticity. 20 taps and several bottles available, most of their own beers and some nice guests. Tasters are 4 for €12, but you can't choose, and even in a group you get the same, so we didn't opt for that. Staff is friendly, efficient. I had a great pulled pork croque and my friend had a 4 cheese sandwich, both really tasty and decently priced. Beers by 013 were meh to good, taps were in good condition. Not the most vibrant place to visit but certainly worth checking out.“
Borresteijn 371 days ago
“Visited on 15/09/19 to try the special beers made for Ayreon. Unfortunately, only 1 available at the time. A small selection of cans/bottles available as part of a foodmarket (no idea if this is the usual set up). Prices seemed ok but I think I had a discount applied due to the Ayreon event.“
Stuu666 396 days ago
“Pretty interesting selection of beers and a nice looking bar. Unfortunately, they only accept Maestro cards so I had to leave without a beer due to the lack of nearby ATMs.“
Stuu666 396 days ago
“For some reason I couldn't possibly explain, full of Ayreon fans when I visited :P (15/09/19). Small selection of tap beers, didn't check out the bottles. Didn't stay long enough to get a sense of the music. Slow service.“
Stuu666 396 days ago
60 /100 OUDE MARKT 8
“Quite a large restaurant that has a few beers on tap. Only large glasses available unfortunately. Worth checking out (after viewing the untappd list perhaps).“
Stuu666 396 days ago
94 /100 HEUVEL 46
“Great selection of beer (130+), nice mood and great service! 10 out of 10!“
FredrikUnited 402 days ago
100 /100 HEUVEL 46
“Really nice cosy bar with an extansive beer menu. The barman gives great advice about the beers.“
CiderMonger43 434 days ago
76 /100 HEUVEL 44 - 45
“My experience today was mixed. A girl named Demi seemed to have really put some effort into different beer and its flavors, at least a somewhat thorough investigation or reading about it had to be required. Giving advice is something else though, solely presenting beers which 'might' be unrated is not an advice. But, she put some effort into it. And she had enthusiasm. All in all, also seeing some unrated beers on the beerlist, I will visit this bar again and probably more often. Close enough to the centre of the city to quickly walk over and pop in. Worth it.“
Benzai 629 days ago
66 /100
Rob&Rob Wines and Beers (Internet-based)
“Not a huge selection in their webshop, but plenty of different countries, small local breweries and I ordered Big Bad Baptista from here. Good packaging and fast delivery. Not really a go to place, but if they have specific stuff you want it’s well worth ordering from them.“
Maakun 718 days ago
“Walked into the place a couple of times as it is close to my work, but I was told they weren't open for public and they couldn't sell any beer, not even for takeaway. Surprised that others have managed. Maybe have to visit again?“
Benzai 796 days ago
50 /100
Zomerlust (Bar)
“Visited on a sunny saturday afternoon with Benzai. Lovely terrace outside, oldschool Dutch oudbruin styled interior. Service was incredibly poor, coping with the Dutch disease of not acknowledging customers and letting them wait for ages. Selection is ok, but also very oldschool with lots of Belgian beers. Have to say, decent Belgian beers. Also an occasional local craft. Ok for a place tick.“
caesar 834 days ago
74 /100
Zomerlust (Bar)
“Visited on a Saturday during a bike ride. Looks nice. Brown interior, nice large outside terrace. Service was hmmm...extremely slow. They took the order of the people behind us, but then walked away. While we sat down before them. We didn't even see anyone for about 10 mins. Quite poor because it really wasn't crowded. Otherwise not a bad place. Decent beer list with enough difference in styles and some local breweries. Worth a visit.“
Benzai 835 days ago
84 /100 PALEISRING 21, 5038 WD
“Brand new American-style bar in the centre of Tilburg, associated with 't Elfde Gebod and Gin Fizz. Visited Monday, 25th of June, when it opened up specially for the World Cup matches. The bartender immediately apologized for the fact that due to this, their selection wasn't complete. No biggie, a Founders Porter & Dirty Bastard more than sufficed... Them opening up that night already shows signs of initiative and flexibility.
Anyway, the place itself is not that big, but the terrace offers a dozen more seats, whilst the interior is quite rock 'n roll and effectively American.
Interesting selection of American craft beers (Lagunitas, Oskar Blues, Anchor...), add (monthly) specials to that and this place is definitely worth the visit. Prices are reasonable considering the effort of getting them there; only the Evil Twin brews might leave you broke.
I had a chat with the owner, Luc, and the bearded bartender; they are both friendly, knowledgeable and passionate about their project, and they know which way they want to go.
I'll try some food the next time I'm in Tilburg, because I'll certainly hop in again. Keep up the good work, guys!“
nathanvc 842 days ago
94 /100 PIUSHAVEN 1A
“Open sinds 15 juni 2018. Bezocht op 24 juni 2018. Topzaak. Een échte aanwinst voor Tilburg. Eigentijds ingericht. Met uitstekend terras aan de haven. Alles netjes geserveerd en héérlijk. Bieren zijn toegankelijk voor groot publiek, en prima aanbod van collega's ook op kaart.“
Jerre 844 days ago
“Nice cosy place. Although the bartenders do not know much about beer they make up for it with their friendlyness. Very layed down atmosphere. Not a big beer list but they always have a special treat on tap. I guess they serve around 8 different beers or so. Prices are pretty good. Not the place to go for food though they do have some cheese and sausage.“
KegRater14 855 days ago
66 /100 SPOORLAAN 350
“Visited between sets at Roadburn 2018. Close to the station, close to the centre, kind of close to everything. Super easy to find, located inside a food court. The food court is the main appeal, rather small but with a vegan restaurant, some kind of South-American meat thing and sandwich thing. Great options for all diets & preferences I would say. I combined food with Kraftbier beer. I enjoyed my food but my experience with Kraftbier was less exciting. Service was mixed, one woman was really good but the other one sat next to me taking frequent brakes whilst her colleague worked her ass off. She was really good, fair prices for NL, they have their current selection but the beer is just not good from what I have so far, some quite poor even and I question their claim of the beer being brewed on location. Fun place for food & you can check out the beer but for a brewery room you are way, way better off visiting LOC which is nearby but with far more limited opening hours. Not sure if the restaurants & beer are one thing.“
77ships 903 days ago
“Visited twice during Roadburn 2018. Major shout out to the owner here for his hospitality. Extended opening hours as many other establishment, another shout out to the Tilburg horeca for special menu’s, hours etc. The owner also organized a bottle share at his place, opened beers etc. Lots of fun there. Had a special music selection for Roadburn. Very friendly chat. He let me drink beers at his store that I got there, provided glasses etc. Great hospitality & addition to a spectacular festival. Not just that selection was really cool, fridge with cold cans, To Øl, Northern Monk can, local beer etc. Beer selection was really cool like new Mean Sardine beers not even on RB, Wild Beer, Jopen BA,.. Lots of really cool stuff, few breweries that I haven’t seen before. Okay prices for NL. Lots of cool stuff really, great advice on beers, lots of local traction. Yes even some less standard 3 Fonteinen beers if you are looking for some. Top spot. Hope to be back for Roadburn 2019.“
77ships 911 days ago
82 /100 SPOORLAAN 350
“Little tap house for the Kraft Brewery... 7 of there own on ... and the bar staff were really helpful and friendly.“
Wirralbeerveg 948 days ago
78 /100 NOORDSTRAAT 125
“This place has a great beer list...“
Wirralbeerveg 948 days ago
“Typical brown pub, with a focus on Belgian beers. Decent selection of the standard Belgians and a couple of Dutch beers. Some more special beers on a guest bottle list. Bar tender didn’t seem to know a lot about beer. Listed inbev as brewer... UPDATE. Wow this place has gotten better. Visited again after a few years and it's really different now. Lots of great tasty craft beers from all over the world. IPA's were delicious and fresh and they even had CBS when I visited. Staff is knowledgeble and friendly. Recommended.“
MarcoDL 948 days ago
“Quick visit on a Saturday, after work. As I still had to drive I opted for a flight with only half full glasses and bought quite some bottles for take-away. Good atmosphere and 'feel' to the place.
Helpfull staff, even though their knowledge about their beers wasn't perfect, I'm sure this will improve as they were both new working there. The beers are good, nice fresh IPAs and decent stouts (technically imperial porter). As it turned out I didn't even have to pay for the half glasses. Will go again.“
Martinus 989 days ago
“Nice raunchy metal bar close to the train station. Decent selection of mostly regular beers, with some okay bottles on the guest list. Prices are low and the music is fantastic. Great atmosphere.“
MarcoDL 1009 days ago
80 /100 PIUSPLEIN 10
“Nice bar, open early. Nice helpful staff. Good selection, bottle and tap. Tap however is a self service system which I'm not to crazy about. If you just want to enjoy a full glass of beer, you'll be fine, but for sampling not so great. The tap gushes out a shitload of foam at first, as it still counts it as beer. So to get the right amount of sampling fluid you need to tap between 10 and 12 centiliters. Also the beers seemed flatter and thinner as bottled beers. Still, nice place with a pleasant atmosphere.“
Mpuntmuts 1082 days ago
78 /100
Rob&Rob Wines and Beers (Internet-based)
“Specialized in trappist ales. Furthermore a nice selection of Belgian, Dutch and all over the world beers (not allways the usual suspects) about 500 in all. Good solid packaging, quick delivery, reasonable pricing. “
blackisle 1095 days ago
76 /100 PIUSPLEIN 10
“Interesting place with a self-service system. Quite a few standard beers on offer but easy for ticking as you can give yourself small pours. Food was decent.“
Stuu666 1120 days ago
“Old fashioned bar, fairly close to the railway station. The beer range, thought still dominated by old school Belgian beers, is slowly starting to provide offerings from newer Dutch micro-breweries. The feel of a back street local.“
Scotty001 1132 days ago
68 /100 HEUVEL 15A
“Nice place to visit for a change, owner is inviting and loves to chat about his bar and the beers he has available. Funny lowered bar inside, spaceous terrace outside. Decent selection, though mostly usual suspects.“
Benzai 1240 days ago
72 /100 HEUVEL 15A
“A local institution for Belgian beers. Huge patio and a decent bar, very old school. Owner has been there for 30 years and loves to chat about beer. The selection is most of the usual suspects, but you may find 1 or 2 to try. Prices are really good and he even gives tap samples without asking. Not for the tickers, but a nice place to hang out.“
Ferris 1243 days ago
62 /100 NOORDSTRAAT 125
“A pleasant and trendy spot with a great back patio. Service was a bit of a mess, we almost had to help ourselves do everything. Selection was smallish, but there are some local breweries that don’t get much distro on the menu. Prices are a bit high. I wouldn’t bother with this place again.“
Ferris 1243 days ago
“One of the first craft beer bars in town and it shows. Great and friendly service, small well thought out tap list and a large bottle list. By today’s standards, nothing really special, but still a pleasant stop that is mostly local. Prices are ok and beer snacks are very cheap.“
Ferris 1243 days ago
70 /100 PIUSPLEIN 10
“One of the new fangled self pour systems, which makes this a tickers delight. You can do tiny pours and try and ton of NL beers. Of course there are issues with this system, service is crap because you figure it out on your own. European taps have lots of foam so small pours are a bit harder and I question the cleanliness of the lines. That being said lots of ticks for cheap is the takeaway here.“
Ferris 1243 days ago
46 /100 SPOORLAAN 350
“Not sure this is really a brewpub, but they did indeed have the beers from Kraftbier. Food looked good although I didn’t try it. Wasn’t a very exciting place all in all but might need a little time to start up. Pretty close to the train station so easy to visit. Pretty expensive though.“
Benzai 1274 days ago
70 /100 HEUVEL 44 - 45
“Super close to 013. Advertises having 70 craft beers. Nice modern look, bit dark due to lightning. Visited during Roadburn, noticeably less people than in the other places on Heuvel. They have beers from the likes of Jopen, De Molen, Van Moll, Texels,... The beers that they offer are all standards, usual NL prices, my Jopen special seemed bit pricey but rest seemed fine so maybe that beer is just pricey in general. Only glanced at food, NL bistro food. Nothing exciting but solid beer which one cannot fault. Professional friendly service. Maybe a bit too slick, general overall, it does what it is supposed to do. Maybe lacks some personality.“
77ships 1274 days ago
72 /100 HEUVEL 15A
“Visited during Roadburn Sunday 2017 in between the utterly spectacular Ulver set & really good Hypnopazuzu set. Not the best time to visit since it was totally packed, too packed as were all the places near the festival. Big terrace, inside is bit of a rundown brown bar, bit too run down may but charming still. Really good prices for classical beers XX Bitter, Schneider Weisse, London Pride etc. Good place to have a drink, less so for haunting for special. Way back this place apparently had some incredible cellared gems, some interesting bottles should be still around, this wasn’t the time to inquire & seek. I will be damned if I will be late to seeing David Tibet live. Might revisit in the future but I doubt that much if anything is left.“
77ships 1274 days ago
72 /100 PIUSPLEIN 10
“Right around the corner of T-Drinks. Easy to find, super close to the center. Being here you can either opt to order bottles, limited tap selection (pale lager etc.) & food or you can get a card, add a value to it and proceed to the self-service part where you can serve yourself from 40 different taps which is of course exactly what I did. System is pretty easy to use & if you need some help, staff will guide you, so do not sweat there. The installation appears to be the same one as can be found in B-Taste in Bruges. About half of the taps are beer, rest is wine (interesting - wonder what the quality of kegged wine is?), sangria, one or two other drinks. If you are into Danish poors, you can get pretty good value here, I did 6 ticks for less than 5 euro. Hard to beat that. Downside is the selection, clearly aiming at the lowest common dominator. So many bland banana, BE yeast, sweet blond beers, iew,... Its like being in the NL beer scene of 10 years & more ago. Fixed taps for Grolsch. They have breweries that look cool, Oedipus, Jopen, Het Nest, Kees,... The focus of the selection is just so meh,.... Out of the 6 beers I tried, I disliked five. I finished drinking Flying Dog Gonzo which is the beer that made me really fall in love with specialty beer, blast from the past. You can probably find some new beers here but don’t expect anything too exciting. This is the kind of place that has Grolsch NA radlers in their bottled selection. Despite the inviting ticking option, this is now that sexy of a place for a more seasoned beer geek. it is far better than B-Taste which has a similar concept. Full poors come down to about the usual NL prices, given that everything that you poor counts money-wise, no doing proper poors here & you get quite a bit of head with every poor. Tilburg is not that awesome beer wise so you might as well go here after visiting T-Drinks. You don’t expect anything too exciting. They did have a pretty good selection Het Nest including super recent offerings. Very professional service. If I were into sugary banana BE yeast beers, I would like this place more.“
77ships 1274 days ago
82 /100 TUINSTRAAT 81
“From the outside the place appears small but it’s more spacious than I had expected. Square bar right after entering the place, darts boards at the back. Nice relaxed atmosphere. Solid beer menu, selection looks good, balanced and with attention for beers outside the usual suspects. Bit pricy though, €5.80 for a 33cl can isn’t quite a bargain, but on the other hand €5 for a somewhat regular Belgian Strong Ale, uhm not a tough choice, I’ll happily pay that extra 80 cents. Anyway, bar prices I guess, it’s probably reasonable after all. Staff was nice and made a chat. Overall just a good vibe here. Shame it only opens at 730pm. I’ll visit again for sure though.“
Benzai 1293 days ago
“Bar close to the station. Over 55 beers on bottle, 4 on tap. Not a bad list overall even though most beers are not hard to find in liquor stores in the area. Found two new ticks though among the monthly special beers (4 on bottle, 1 on tap). Ok place but for me 20 minutes is long enough.“
Benzai 1293 days ago
66 /100 NOORDSTRAAT 125
“Visited a while ago with some friends who recommended the place because of the decent beer list and kids’ playground which is closed off from the street and only accessible through the cafe itself (although I noticed there is one exit you have to keep an eye on if you’re there with your kids). Decent beer menu and pub food. Not a place you’ll find new ticks I think, but if you’re looking for a place with decent beer where you can sit in the sun without having to run after your kids too much this is the best spot in Tilburg I think.“
Benzai 1293 days ago
80 /100 SPOORLAAN 350
“An old bank building divided in many small spaces in which one the brewery Kraft bier resides. Clean and clear brewery. Really friendly and enthousiastic brewer. Had a bunch of his beers from tap and bottle. Friendly service. Also some food bars next to the brewery and they sure have some nice food. Just across the train station, so when in Tilbrg, visit this place! Beers for take away are cheap! Nice place!“
Countbeer 1310 days ago
80 /100 PIUSPLEIN 10
“New hipster style place. Besides the usual bottle list, they have a long wall of 40 taps with self-service. The nice thing is that this freedom also gives the option of tapping as little or much as you want, so ideal for the tickers. Selection of the usual beers, but also good Dutch craft. Prices are reasonable, food is nice as well.“
MarcoDL 1323 days ago
74 /100
T-Drinks (Beer Store)
“Small liquor store with a good selection of craft beer. They have all the usual quality staff, plus some good local beers. Prices can be a bit high.“
MarcoDL 1323 days ago
“Relatively new store in Tilburg city centre. Easy to find and the store packs a few very nice beers. Owner is friendly and helps out if needed or requested. Beers are stored by style so you can easily skip styles you dislike. Nice seperate space for locals town breweries, so I could easily pick out the new ones for me. I like it, nice place. Left with a bunch of ticks and didn’t even buy all the new beers. Will be back for sure!“
Benzai 1364 days ago
78 /100 PIUSPLEIN 10
“New place in Tilburg. Is that special? Nah, places open all the time. But the concept is! You tap your own beer at this place. When you come in you buy a card (€2 deposit) and put money on it. When you place the card on the card reader of the tap you prefer it shows the amount you have left on the card. When you tap it directly shows you how much money it costs. When you run out of money the tap shuts down automatically. You can clean your glass at the tap as well. Friendly staff who explained the way it works to me. I visited on a Wednesday afternoon so she did have plenty of time but still she was patient and friendly and immediately went to get a card with all the necessary information to add this place to the ratebeer database. Besides 26 beer taps they also have 13 wines on tap which makes it a good place to visit with non beer yet pro wine friends. And the food seemed nice too, albeit not very cheap. Is there no downside? Well, not sure. I can imagine it can get very crowded and you might have to wait before you can tap. You can also easily lose your card and since there’s no personal code or anything it can be used immediately by anyone who finds (steals?) it. Also the beers on tap could be a bit more interesting if you ask me. I mean, plenty of beers for the general customer I guess but for the beer geek / beer hunter, hmm not so much. Couple of nice ones though: Kompaan, Boulevard Brewing, Rogue. Overall I’d say it’s definitely worth a visit, certainly if they rotate the beers often and make it just a tad more interesting for the beer hunter as well. Good place, will visit again.“
Benzai 1412 days ago