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66 /100 CHAUSSÉE DE ST JOB 666
“Has apparently been renamed ’666’ meanwhile. They have stopped brewing, then tried anew last year, but due to technical problems, their house beer was unavailable at the time, shame. Very friendly guy behind the bar, impeccable service and an interesting selection of food in tapas form. Beer list is exclusively Belgian but has some interesting entries, although I did not find anything I haven’t tasted before. Turns into a kind of dance temple after 22 h 30 apparently, but I did not wait for that to happen. I will revisit this place when their house beer is back, the proprietor promised me to keep me updated about it...“
Alengrin 1618 days ago
56 /100 CHAUSSÉE DE ST JOB 666
“A raucous atmosphere. Is their beers really brewed at the place ? Their equipments are as good as new. However it is worth trying their flag beer EKLA, unfiltered pils. It is among the better pilsners I have ever tasted in Belgium.“
BriSava 3075 days ago
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