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30 /100 KLÁŠTĚRNÍ 75/9
“Visited in November 2019. A welcome asylum from the visual decay of Usti, a city beautifully set though built to a great extent with a contempt for beauty. Well, at least I thought it would be an asylum. Old school Czech beer tavern more or less, old school snappy bartender and bad beers. At least two of them, as after those two I gave up and continued my journey to the west. It didn't prove to be an asylum, as the beers were in line with the aesthetics of Usti, sadly.“
ElDesmadre 48 days ago
76 /100
Ústecká Pivotéka (Beer Store)
“An oasis of good beer in a remarkably non-beery town that looks like someone took random old and new buildings and scattered them in between industrial areas and the river. Some 5 minutes walk northwest from the main square, in a side street. Conveniently very close to the Letní kino where a beer fest was. If you see an interesting dark red brick church, you're nearby. More seating than it might initially seem, nicely lighted interior, in whites. No complaints about the lady behind the bar, seems to be at least somewhat into beer. No wi-fi apparently. 6 taps and 3 big fridges packed by different beers and ciders. Snacks and other things are available. They have partnered up with Krušnohor (hm), Permon (hm) and Zichovec (yay!), so the selection is mostly those three, (2 taps taken by each of them, though not permanently, most of the fridges are theirs), but there are some interesting finds there too - like the BBCidre from Rumburk, way up north in the Šluknovský výběžek. One would expect even more focus on the brewers from the area (Kocour was there tho), but the selection was actually pretty good nonetheless. Good prices. This is without a single doubt a fantastic place for good beer lovers of the area. If in town, there's no excuse not to visit (apart from the working hours).“
Marko 274 days ago
68 /100 KLÁŠTĚRNÍ 75/9
“2 minute's walk west from the main train station, a minute's walk from the main square, in a side street of the mindbogglingly chimeric mess that is ÚnL, Na Rychtě is a nice little complex - a hotel, a restaurant with a nice little internal mural and vine-driven patio and a brewery. Dark browns, some copper and a lot of locals. As others have said, this is indeed a popular place. And one can see why soon, the food looks pretty good and so do the portions, while the prices aren't that bad either. Went for the segedinský guláš (Székely gulyás) myself, and no complaints about it, on the contrary though it certainly went more on the "quantity of bread" vs. "quantity of guláš" side. Professional service, mostly fairly polite, quick considering the amoount of people, though I was given a wrong wi-fi password, and could have given me the info that the pale 11° is gone instead of pointing out that the wheat is 11° too. Speaking of that, the Prokop was pretty nice, the wheat, now definitely an ale, is a solid summery sessionable weizen, and the polotmavé had good malty flavors and a silky body, though I was bothered by the diacetyl (I know some that would be all over it). Out of the 7 normally available beers (6 of their own + Prokop), the 13° ale and the 11° světlé were gone. Some of the beers are available to go, mostly the Mazel in different packaging. All in all a good little brewpub in a town with bizarrely little non-macro beer presence. And if you're in town, there's no excuse not to go here.“
Marko 274 days ago
“Smokey pub with 3 taps of their own beers + 1 commercial. Small nice beergarden, friendly service, clean toalets, very low prices.“
Ascelja 1513 days ago
Few times visited
Typical Czech pub, somewhat stinky and so on. Small beergarden in summer. Four taps, three own, average Czech lagers, sometimes special brew. Service OK.
Not very impressive place.“
Rotin 1635 days ago
68 /100 KLÁŠTĚRNÍ 75/9
Many times visited
Quite large and nice restaurant and brewpub. Good beers, 6 - 7 taps, fine service.“
Rotin 1635 days ago
60 /100 KLÁŠTĚRNÍ 75/9
“This very busy place is located in one of few historic buildings in the city center, only few meters is main square or train station. I don´t remember this place without guest – very living, noisy, smoked. Beers are great (3 standard: Mazel, Vojtěch, Brusinkové; 2 seasonal: this time hefeweizen Ústečanka and wheat lager Rychtářka; 1 host – black Prokop from Chyše brewery – brewpub has not own capacity for black beer) . I like brewmaster from here: very patient with our inquisitive questions and real old master of lagers. Friendly staff too. Food is aviable for whole day, but I don’t taste it.“
Ascelja 2023 days ago
60 /100 KLÁŠTĚRNÍ 75/9
“Great place in the heart of Ústí nad labem, only a few steps from the train station. 5 taps, fantastic beers and friendly staff.“
Quack-Duck 2150 days ago
68 /100 KLÁŠTĚRNÍ 75/9
“Excellent beers (including !!брусничное!!) and a good setting make it a perfect place for a visit.“
Sokolov 2219 days ago
76 /100 KLÁŠTĚRNÍ 75/9
“5 taps. Excellent food. Very good service. Decent beers. Nice and quite new interior. Located in the heart of Ústí nad Labem. Getting there by car seemed to be impossible. Got stopped (and almost ticketed) by the police while trying. But the best thing with this brewpub is that it’s also a hotel. It was very nice to have a great dinner with good beer and after that just go to the upstairs to sleep.“
rosenbergh 3054 days ago