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82 /100
Oinomathia Cellar (Beer Store)
“The Greek name for this wine shop is Κάβα Οινομάθειαe if you are using Google Maps to locate it, I translated it. We visited here Saturday 5th September 2020, it was a short walk from where the camper was parked and from Kostas's house. The shop is easy to find, it is on Polymeri which is a main road in the town and is only a street or two back from the seafront, it's only about 7-8 minutes walk out of the central area. The shop is a wine store first and foremost, however it's included here as beers are dotted around the store and two large fridges on the left hand side are full of them and pleasingly most are Greek Microbreweries with a focus on local beers. I think that I counted about 90-95 beers in total, the prices were very good and the owner was really friendly, spoke English and was most helpful. I picked up about 7-8 new beers, two of which were from Volos the others were from Strange Brew and Noctua and others. I also got some wine and the owner was really helpful in recommending wines even when I mentioned my budget was €20 he showed me 4-5 in the €12-18 bracket but then suggested a bottle for €8-9 as being his particular choice, he even threw in a beer for free. There is some glassware on the right hand side towards the counter. This was a good find and was certainly the best place for beers to take away in Volos that we found.“
Fin 1179 days ago
78 /100 MILINIS 3
“We visited here Saturday 5th September, Kostas and Yannis came and joined us a little later. It is very central, just a block or two back from the seafront, though it is on one of the smaller narrower alleys, pedestrian only and with plenty of seating outside. With the name and Guinness sign it is clearly pitching itself as an Irish pub but to my mind it doesn't really have this feel about it, inside it has a dart board, it's layout is transverse/horizontal but to my mind it feels more modern café type bar, I didn't see the food offerings, so cannot comment on the food. Beer options were good with 30+bottles and probably 60-70% Greek Craft, with Strange Brew, Corfu, Plastigga etc amongst them. Prices good and the waiter was really lovely, they hadn't got an English menu so he literally read about and described almost every beer on the list which he didn't need to do as the names were actually written in English so we knew what they were even if the description was in Greek. We liked it here, okay it's not as good as Balthasar or Curious Bierkneipe but it's a good third option in the city.“
Fin 1181 days ago
84 /100 FERON 13
“Impressive place in what I am told by Kostas and colleagues is the fast becoming trendy/up and coming area over near the railway station and nextdoor to the Volos Museum of the City. We visited Friday 4th September 2020, Loz visited here a year or two ago and said it has massively improved. To get here is about a 20 minute walk from the centre. I have checked Google Maps and it's not showing a public transport option. It's a very tidy looking place with some outside seating, a Bavarian flag and the Bavarian/German nod also continues with the food, part of the name i.e.'kneipe' and some of the decor, and some German beers. Regarding beer, the list is very good and is even better than Balthasar with a great Greek Craft selection with at least 2-3 offerings off smaller micros on craft and plenty of bottles and some cans to include Strange Brew, Noctua, Corfu etc. Also what really elevates it is a nice international selection with Struisse, plenty of Prairie, Stone, Lost Abbey and more, I've not even mentioned the German or UK beers as I didn't bother looking at those. Prices are good, staff very friendly and quick to serve, speak great English and are most helpful. I really liked this place, ok I preferred Balthasar but that was because the atmosphere was better there, location was very central and they had live traditional music outside there every night and we went with Kostas and friends, when we came here it hadn't long opened, I suspect it would be quite busy later. Great bar!“
Fin 1181 days ago
86 /100
Balthasar (Bar)
“We visited here Wednesday 2nd September 2020 with Kostas and Yannis. This was my first time in Volos and here so probably not the best to describe it's location however it appears pretty central being between the big church on the seafront and the port area it's in the main central area and on a pedestrianised street, just a few blocks away from the seafront. I never went inside so cannot describe the interior as we had less than an hour to stay and drink owing to COVID-19 rules. Currently there are midnight curfews in certain cities and towns I believe, which is a real shame as the locals appear to be just getting going at midnight. There was plenty of seating outside with some traditional sounding music being played at a neighbouring table. It's a really friendly and as with most things in Greece of course it's an incredibly sociable place, everyone was having a great time, staff really attentive, service great and the beer choice was fab', with about 20-25 Greek micros amongst the 70+ beers on offer. You could easily sit here for the entire evening and have a fantastic time with great company, excellent very reasonably priced beers and an all round welcoming atmosphere.“
Fin 1185 days ago
86 /100 FERON 13
“What we call beer kneipe. Cozy atmosphere, good variety of beers, tasty food. A must-visit place when visiting Volos.“
evmar 2017 days ago
52 /100 FERON 13
“Extremely high prices. This approach doesn't help people to have the comfort to taste many beers and is harmfull for the microbreweries too. Nice place only if you are a high earner.“
Achel 2494 days ago
100 /100 FERON 13
“The best place in Volos and generally in Thessaly to have a beer. Lots and lots of beers, tasty dishes and good service.“
Alex_S 2751 days ago
94 /100 FERON 13
“Compared to other pubs nearby surely the best one to pick and one worth visit for general in Greece. The beautyful and smart deco with endless small details -even in the bathroom!- and the cool room for the KEGS along with the absolute tasty bavarian dishes send this Bierkneipe-pub to the top. Also, with an extra beer catalogue besides the main, that is already very complete, a beermenu with rotating beers in it as well with KEGS. Advice: look for the Jaegerschnitzel and the Fĺamedough dishes... Wont disappoint ;-)“
Margarenia 2881 days ago
98 /100 FERON 13
“Very friendly enviroment with great service and absolutely fantastic food. Such variety of beers cannot easily be found....One of the top pubs in Greece...“
soc 2890 days ago
100 /100 FERON 13
“Excellent place in Volos! To be honest this is an authentic Bier-place! Carefully selected beers and great food! Add nice music and here’s a perfect way to relax and have good time with friends! A place where i always feel comfortably!“
konstsit 2917 days ago
90 /100 FERON 13
“If you want to drink beer , eat well , have a great servise and have a lot of fun then valentin curious bierkneipe is the best place to go!!!!!! A great variety of beers and the best hospitality you can meet!!!!!“
beerking1 2948 days ago
100 /100 FERON 13
“Η καλυτερη μπυραρια.ποικιλια απο μπυρες και ποιοτικό φαγητο.ωραιο και φιλικο περιβάλλον“
tasou 3062 days ago
100 /100 FERON 13
“The place that bavarian culture meets greek hospitality...Excellent surrounding,beers,food and of course excellent prices to make our smile bigger!!!The best nights at valentin curious bierkniepe!!!“
oufaki_niki 3067 days ago
100 /100 FERON 13
“The best place to be! Nice food and the best beers! Go there and you will not want to go home!!! Thank You Valentin!“
Blisser 3491 days ago
100 /100 FERON 13
“Valentin Curious Bierkneipe really is the place to be.Vast selection of qualty beers and outstanding food to chose from a truly authentic menu. With great and informed service, great food ,value for money selected and rare beers from around the world makes Valentin Curious Bierkneipe a real treasure for every beer geek and beer fan.Very clean Also, what makes it more special is the sense of humor which can be found in the tiny details on the menu and even on the receipt. Never dissapointed how many times have i went.Definitely a must go.“
Monstershield 3495 days ago
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