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“It’s ok. Maybe that is damning with faint praise but with BrewDog Shepherds Bush four stops away it would need to be a lot more special. A nice retro feel to it, but the beer itself is a bit of a letdown. About six cask and ten keg but nothing to get excited about. Quite a lot of Signature Brew which I could take or leave. Worth a look in if you are in the area but not a destination. Especially in London.“
jjsint 1222 days ago
“A mixed feeling. Lovely boozer, with great canalside seating downstairs and a lovely top portion, streetside, which I really liked. Very pedestrian beer selection though: Neck Oil was about the most exciting choice. A missed opportunity.“
DanielBrown 1334 days ago
“This is a pretty interesting little spot located right along the canal. We didn’t spend too long inside, as it was a really nice day, just grabbed a beer, ordered food, and downstairs to the water side area. Decent beer selection, I believe the had 1 or 2 Kernel (in addition to a nice dozen or so other taps) on my visit and 3-4 real ales as well. Not a destination per se, but if you find yourself in the neighborhood (especially on a nice weather day), I would recommend this place for sure. “
ben4321 1374 days ago
“Visited on 11th May 2016. Large canalside pub. The upstairs bar at road level is a nice space, pretty much all the tables were reserved for the quiz night. The beer range was a good mix of London brewers with a Kernel IPA on tap and offerings from Weird Beard, Trumans, Five Points and Beavertown. Beer quality was decent enough. Prices were OK. After getting a beer I went downstairs, there’s a large room down there leading out to a covered canalside terrace. Pretty nice if a little chilly. A decent pub, probably not worth a trek out there too often but handy if you’re in the area.“
WingmanWillis 1420 days ago
“Cozy place with a nice atmosphere. I like the selection of beer styles. On friday after 10 PM easily to find a table. The best place with craft beer in this area of London.“
Waciok 1497 days ago
“Visited with chriso and Boudicca, please drinking with you! Upstairs looks like your fairly typical pub. You wouldn’t know it’s a Fuller’s tied house, though, because of the large range of craft beer, helpfully listed on a chalkboard. The highlight, though, is the canalside tables downstairs. Nice place.“
Travlr 1649 days ago
“July 2015 UPDATE: My enthusiasm for the place has cooled a bit. The food’s gotten worse. The beer selection, which used to be pretty adventurous, now feels a bit stale. Now the pub basically serves a lot of Windsor & Eton and Fullers brews plus a few guests to fill in the gaps. That’s not bad at all, but it’s definitely a step down from when a constantly rotating selection of quality London beers would grace the taps. Other places have raised their game while the Union Tavern has chosen to tread water. Don’t get me wrong, I still like coming here (the canalside location is brilliant, and it’s one of the few places in west London that features Kernel on keg), but I’d no longer consider it being close to the top 10 beer venues in town. Moving this down from an 84 to a 76.

August 2012 UPDATE: I’ve visited The Union Tavern a number of times since it opened, and I’m becoming more and more impressed by the place. The Union Tavern’s really embracing local beer, something I fully support. On my last visit, every single beer on tap (except a few lagers) was from a local London brewery. I’m revising my score upwards.

Original review: The Union Tavern is a new Fullers-owned pub located along the canal in the Westbourne Park neighborhood of west London. The pub is large, and has great bones. It has a large patio section right along the canal, which will be a very nice place to hang out if the weather ever improves. Inside, there’s a decent number of booths. The pub doesn’t have a particularly local feel to it, it’s definitely a bit corporate. With that said, the beer selection is certainly the strongest in the area. Despite being nice areas, Notting Hill and Maida Vale don’t have many good pubs. Here, there’s probably 6 beers on cask with another 10 on keg. On my visit, 2 house beers from Fullers were on offer, with another 2 from Redemption. Keg options were decent. Two beers from the Kernel were available, along with some decent approachable beers such as Bernard Pils. There’s about 20 bottles, some of them interesting (Struise Pannepot, Nogne IPA, Lovibonds 69). The food was decent value, and pretty good. Service was very responsive. Overall, I’d recommend this place if you’re in the area. If this place had opened 5 years ago, it would have been one of the leading lights of the London beer scene. But things are moving along so quickly now that this place isn’t more than a quality local in its current incarnation. In short, this place is good but not special.“
jackl 1740 days ago
“A modern Fuller’s pub beautiful located by the Grand Union canal. Easy to find over the bridge close to the Westbourne Park station on the Hammersmith & City tube. Four cask ales at the front of the bar and 10 on keg behind the bar, most of them from London breweries like Fullers, London Fields, Camden, East London Brewery etc. Lots of bottles from local breweries as well. My burger tasted alright, and so did the coffee. Polite service with recommendations. Synth music in the background. This pub is perhaps not a must-visit beer place, but the beer garden by the canalside must be one of the best in town. Really relaxing and beautiful, so it’s full score on ambiance (visit 24.09.2014).“
Rune 2006 days ago
“Rerate: visited again after a year or two. Much smaller variety of local beers, not much nice snacks. Still one of the best bars in the area, but it looks like the owner or manager who was interested in beer most lost its interest, or the people who visit dont care about local craft beer. Downgrading my score. Original review: 86. In a more residential part of town, with not many bars, this is a true gem. Lots of local London beers from keg and cask. Plus a small selection of belgian and american beers from bottle. Atmosphere is very laidback with quite a lot of seats. Bartender advised a great little beertour through Highgate, which was splendid. They let you try a lot of the beers on tap, without you even asking for it. They really want to inform you about the beers. Thats great enthusiasm!“
caesar 2057 days ago
“A nice old school refurbished but with a very nice patio. Service was friendly, beer was local and prices were reasonable. Food was BBQ, which is odd for London. Decent, but what I would expect in London. A nice place to spend the afternoon.“
Ferris 2072 days ago
“Nice pub close to Moncada Brewery. Originally Fuller´s, now serving micros from London and some other parts of Britain. About 15 taps, 4 or 5 cask. Some interesting bottles and nice food. Good terrace by the channel, but unfortunatelly the wheather was no so good to stay outside.“
Lowenbrau 2334 days ago
“Visited august 2013. With the rigth directions easy to find, a bit away from the city center. Great atmosphere, very cosy and welcoming. Not that busy on a late monday evening, but still a few peolpe around. Nice selection of tap beers as well as bottle beers, served in good condition and with a smile. Placed next to water I am pretty sure I will visit this pub again :-).. They do food as well but didn´t eat this time - maybe next time..“
Brugmansia 2337 days ago
An excellent pub with a great range of beers. The Union Tavern has had various name changes over the years. It used to be the Carlton Bridge and, more recently, the Grand Union (it’s right next to the canal and has a nice canalside terrace overlooking the bus depot, which is more picturesque than it sounds). It used to be a bit of a dump but in its most recent reincarnation as the Union Tavern it’s a really super place, and in an area of London which has traditionally been something of a beer desert. It’s owned by Fullers but specialises in craft beers and I’ve yet to go in there and not be impressed by the choice. The food is good too - mainly burgers with meat from their own smokery. Unfortunately the regular “meet the brewer” events, which were excellent, now seem to have been discontinued. (Last visited 18 July 2015).“
Boudicca 2416 days ago
“(Visited Apr 2013) Nice pub just across the canal from Westbourne Park tube station. Ligth and airy interior, looks like it’s been refurbished fairly recently. Main bar in street level, extra seating downstairs and a very cosy canal side garden. Quite a good beer selection with 10 hand pumps, many of them with beers from London brewers. 10-12 additional draught beers from taps in the wall behind the bar (Euston Tap style). High quality there too. Friendly and swift service. Did not try the food, but it looked good. Friendly atmosphere with local clientèle of varying age. Had a couple of interesting hours chatting away with a group of local youngsters, seemingly amazed how a middle aged geezer from Scandinavia had found his way here. Quite a nice place, worth a visit.“
Svesse 2462 days ago
“Nice pub handily situated between home and the office! Two levels with a beer garden by the canal (great view of the bus depot). Friendly feel. Very nice beer selection, cask and keg. I didn’t eat. I guess if you were wanting to just drink beer it isn’t the best place in town, but if you’re in west London or want to drink beer in a nice pub or with non-beer geeks then this woud be an excellent venue.“
JorgeLee 2532 days ago
“Loz and I visited here Sat 2nd March 2013 with Jackie & Simon. I must say that if Fullers are going down this route with at least some of their pubs then well done to them because this pub was a cracker.It was dark when we arrived and other than being beside the cut and just a short walk from the tube stop I would be hard pressed to recall any other details. Inside it appears to be on a couple of levels with a bar right in front as you enter on the upper level, I understand that therebis a small bar downstairs but other than using the loo I never took much notice of the lower level. We had Kernel Table beer, a big IPA from Tap East, Dark Island Reserve in fact the choice of beers was very, very good. We also ate, with myself and Loz having battered fish in a bap with tartare sauce, chips and chilli beans were shared with Simon & Jackie, food was good.“
Fin 2590 days ago
“A great place! Good food, lots of interesting beer from all around London and efficient service. The patio beside the canal was rather crowded - a late evening in February! Most guests were what I will call young adults. No grumpy old men with bad teeth here! Probably the reason why my wife liked this place... A great pub for dining and craft beer. (Visited February 15th 2013)“
Bryne 2601 days ago
“Great spot. I love what Fuller’s is doing here. The beer range is exceptional - heavy on London breweries with a healthy sprinkling of non-UK offerings. Prices are decent, service is excellent. The place itself is lovely. Tons of natural light, a patio beside the canal. I haven’t eaten here but the menu looks outstanding. Definitely the best place in West London.“
Leighton 2643 days ago
“Interesting initiative from Fullers, who have recently taken over the place. The Fullers branding is unobtrusive and you’ll only find one or two of their beers on tap. The rest of the beers - divided about equally between cask and keg - are almost all from smaller London brewers. The range varies constantly and rotates quickly. Plenty of bottle interest in the fridge too - again with plenty of smaller London brewers featuring prominently alongside bottles from further afield in the UK and overseas. Stripped down, bare board feel to the interior but the ambience retains a cosy feel. There’s also a pleasant & sizeable terrace by the canal although the view over to Westbourne Park bus garage is not the most picturesque on the cut. They do monthly (free) tastings/meer the brewer events. The food is great and the staff are great too. An excellent addition to the burgeoning London beer scene and very welcome in the area, which has been a bit of a good beer desert for years. Good to see Fullers supporting other London brewers and perhaps (hopefully?) similar initiatives might follow in some of their other pubs.“
chriso 2727 days ago
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