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68 /100 1180 SANFORD ST
“Kind of odd location next to Garbage Hill. Small tap room. Not a huge selection (5 on tap), but definitely worth checking out and not too far if you're doing a beer tour including Torque, Half Pints and others in the general area.“
northropfrye 16 days ago
“Great, surprisingly large, tap room just at the end of Rue Deschaumbault, very close La Maison Gabrielle-Roy. Cool atmosophere - mid-century modern meets tropical. Kilter specializes in tropical fruity hazy IPAs. Nice place.“
northropfrye 26 days ago
“Love the Hargrave Street market. A similar concept to the Common at the Forks (but totally different design) with lots of food selection and a good selection of local beer.“
northropfrye 45 days ago
“Main spot at the Forks. 20 or so beers on tap, they ahd rare Kolsch form Germany and many local brews. The forks is loud place, busy but with good and safe vibe. Service and value was OK.“
Radek Kliber 49 days ago
22 /100 1105 ST.MARY’S ROAD
“Accusing me of theft! After I put the beer back on the shelf after standing in line to notice I couldn’t tap my phone to pay. Obviously he wasn’t watching me to see what happened and assumed I walked out with beer , follows me outside and harassed me in front of a bunch of people. I will never ever come to this garbage hell hole again. Absolutely disgusting!“
AllGrainChief33 371 days ago
70 /100 1105 ST.MARY’S ROAD
“Been here many times can returns as well as purchase. I’ve had carry out service and the odd joke chuckles. No complaints..👏👍“
ResinousTapper42 374 days ago
“2019-06-15. Interesting set up with a bar/large booth set up inside at the food court and one outside with a massive patio and views of the river. Decent selection of Manitoba beers and some imports. Service is just okay. Some of the rotating taps are poorly labelled. Great spot to hang out on a nice day though. “
jercraigs 444 days ago
“This is just a retail shop and it’s currently undergoing construction while they get their tasting room license, but they welcome walk-ins. So I stopped by briefly to sample a few of their products. The manager was super nice in letting me sample their cider and meads. You can buy their bottles for pretty good prices. Fun stop if you’re a filthy ticker like me.“
mcberko 498 days ago
“Cute neighrbourhood pub with a separate restaurant side to it. Only 4 craft locals on tap, plus a bunch of macro stuff. Flights available, but with such an uninteresting taplist, it didn't entice me to stay. If you've been doing the brewery rounds, this place won't have any additional interesting beers. Wouldn't recommend.“
mcberko 498 days ago
“One of the better brewery visits in town. Beautiful interior with an obvious Scandinavian, Viking theme. Lots of seating, including plenty of bar seating. Flights of 5 for $10++, which is a good deal; however, pints were outrageous, $9++. Beer quality was solid, with a few standouts and the rest ranging from competent to weakly executed. Very friendly and engaging service. Definitely a recommended stop when in town.“
mcberko 498 days ago
“Looks like a sketchy gas station from the outside and a gas station convenient store inside. Small place, with one wall lined pretty much only with cans. Selection was apparently the best there is for Winnipeg, but still wasn’t all that impressive. They had some Surly, which was cool (check the canning dates!), and some other Canadian stuff I’m not used to seeing. Prices are okay. Worth a visit when in town.“
mcberko 498 days ago
52 /100 1875 PEMBINA HIGHWAY
“A little out of the way, about a 15 minute drive south of town. Stone Angel is the main brewer here, but they had two other contract brewers using their facilities at the time. Located in a grungy, poorly upkept strip mall, the tasting room is large and spacious, with a nice patio out back. About 10 house beers on tap, plus another 4 from the other brewers. Beer quality wasn’t great - I liked the peanut butter stout, but the rest were unambiguous and/or not so well-dialed in, with lots of uninspiring beers on. Flights of 4 available for 8++. Service was friendly. May as well stop when in town, but it wasn’t a top spot.“
mcberko 498 days ago
54 /100 1-1290 KENASTON BLVD
“A little out of the way: about 20 mins driving, south of the centre. Massive, warehouse space that is clean and well designed. A dozen beers or so on tap, with flights available - extremely expensive though at $13+ for a flight of 4. And the beer quality was very poor: most beers were not dialed in properly, lacked depth or sophistication, etc. The pizza, however, was tasty, and they even had a delicious vegan one we tried. Good pizza, bad beer.“
mcberko 498 days ago
48 /100 336 WILLIAM AVENUE
“Fun, small tasting room to the side of the large brewing facilities. They had two beers on tap when I went, their brown (which was solid) and a Belgian ale (which wasn’t great): only pints available, but they will do tastes. Service was very friendly. Hard to recommend for beer, but the place itself is nice.“
mcberko 498 days ago
74 /100 479 WARSAW AVE.
“This place was an unexpected surprise - comfortable tasting room, open for just 2 months as of my visit. 6 beers on tap, 4 of which were the core beer, 1 seasonal, and 1 test batch. $3 per 5 oz pour, or $4 for the test batch. The beers were all high quality and the test batch impie stout was particularly impressive. The head brewer was wonderfully friendly and knows what he’s doing. One of the highlights in Winnipeg’s up-and-coming craft beer scene. Highly recommended.“
mcberko 499 days ago
“Very cool and unusual place in The Forks market. It’s right in the centre of the food court. It’s basically just a bar with lots of long, shared tables. Lines can get long in the evening. 20 beers on tap, with flights of 4 available for a whopping $13.50+ - most expensive place in town I’ve found. And the beer list wasn’t so great: not very interesting options for the most part. It’s worth checking out; just don’t expect much.“
mcberko 499 days ago
68 /100 595 WALL STREET
“One of the top spots in town for beer in this emerging scene. Well-designed tasting room, with a fair bit of seating capacity, including a patio for when the weather is warmer. A dozen or so beers on tap, with flights of ny 4 for $10. They even had a couple of brett beers on tap, one of which was excellent; the other beers ranged from good to subpar. Service wasn't particularly friendly or warm, but competent and quick. Definitely worth a visit when in town.“
mcberko 499 days ago
56 /100 1596 NESS AVENUE
“Located within a big stripmall, this is more of a full-out restaurant, with plenty of seating, including a fair bit at the bar. About a dozen beers on tap when we visited, with flights of 4 available for $8++ during happy hour (a little more outside of happy hour). Beer quality wasn't great -- some weren't dialed in well, some were flat, and a couple were infected. Sizable food menu though, including some vegan(izable) options that we indulged in, which were solid. Decent service. Fun place to hang out, but the beer quality leaves something to be desired.“
mcberko 499 days ago
“Kind of a tired feeling to this tasting room, like they didn't put much thought into it, but it's pleasant. They have 8 beers on tap, displayed on a screen over the bar. Flights of 4 available for $7.50++, and single 4 oz pours available too for $1.75-2.25. Wasn't terribly impressed with the beer quality, despite having had good brews from them before. I was happy, however, to find a bottle of Le Temps Noir batch 3 to take away. Super friendly lady at the counter who was happy to talk beer. Worth a stop.“
mcberko 499 days ago
70 /100 330-880 KING EDWARD ST
“One of the best stops in Winnipeg's emerging beer scene. Just a few minutes driving from the airport, this is a spacious, comfortable tasting room. They had 12 beers on tap, with flights of 4 available for $7++. All the beers were competently brewed, with a couple stand-outs (their stout being the best on my visit). Super friendly service and eager to learn and chat. Must stop when in town.“
mcberko 499 days ago
68 /100 330-880 KING EDWARD ST
“Right within walking distance of the airport, this a nice open airy space. Usually a dozen of their beers on tap. Service seemed disjointed. Beers are all right. Definitely worth a stop as it's so conveniently locating coming and going from the city.“
DeanF 520 days ago
“A nice big brewpub on the side of the highway with a decidedly Icelandic theme. Food was pretty good, they advertise something about having the best burger in the city according to some competition. Beers were okay, service was decent (though while leaving, some of our party went to use the bathroom and our server approached us again thinking we wanted a table - she didn't recognize us!). Growler fills and expensive toques available. Abobe average brewpub.“
DeanF 526 days ago
“Okay spot right inside the forks with 20 beers on tap, some local, many not. Flights are available. Value isn't bad, a pretty good stop in a very high traffic area. Lots of food options around as it's in the middle of a food court.“
DeanF 527 days ago
86 /100 125 PACIFIC AVE
“It's like a slice of London's SoHo got teleported to Winnipeg of all places. Incredibly trendy atmosphere with plush retro couches and gold umbrellas on the ceiling. Immaculate service to the table in correct glassware for the beer style. Affordable prices. There would be a queue around the block if this place was in a bigger city. A tasting room to measure tasting rooms around the world against. Oh, and the beers are also pretty good.“
DeanF 527 days ago
68 /100 1-1290 KENASTON BLVD
“A big new venue set way out off the highway. Clean with a big beer store, pizza station, live music later in the week and plenty of their own beers on tap. They're not bad though not spectacular. A decent brewpub setup though pretty standard, not bad to see one of these in the city.“
DeanF 529 days ago
“Not much to look at on the edge of downtown Winnipeg but this place has an excellent selection of local craft beers and also many from further afield. Growler service is available too. The whole store is a cooled refridgerator. Drive through service is available, which basically requires you to park and walk in - so go figure. Probably the best beer store in town.“
DeanF 529 days ago
74 /100 479 WARSAW AVE.
“A great new addition to Winnipeg’s beer scene. Near the Osborne BRT station. Nice atmosphere, clean, bright modern. 4 beers right now but it just opened. Looking forward to coming back.“
northropfrye 551 days ago
“Best beer store in all over Manitoba. They get in beers that aren't available anywhere else. There's not a single LC or beer vendor in the province that can compare to Quality Inn Beer store for craft beer selection, they're always getting new stuff in every time I go.“
silvorgold 668 days ago
88 /100 125 PACIFIC AVE
“This place is fantastic. Good location in the Theatre district, former PEG location, but totally different. Love the design. They have a small tap room right now with 7 beers on tap, but will be expanding next year. No food at the moment. Their beers are fantastic, usually higher ABV Belgian styles and they're doing them well. Reasonable prices. Awesome place.“
northropfrye 680 days ago
68 /100 469 RIVER AVENUE
“If this is one of the better ones, I didn't notice much difference. The only difference I noticed was a large amount of Surly waxed bottles in stock, which I didn't find often. Other than that the same beers and the same people.“
Ferris 741 days ago
“A singular decent size space that is pretty trendy and very loud. Craft beer is limited to a few taps with the very usual local suspects. Service was decent, but I wouldn't come back.“
Ferris 741 days ago
“A nice comfortable local with great service. Not a lot of taps but a few and they do flights. The odd gem, but not enough for a beer geek. Food is hearty and decent bu again nothing special.“
Ferris 743 days ago
66 /100 386 DONALD STREET
“Old school local pub. Full of regulars, getting service can be difficult. The extensive beer list is pretty mediocre. No flights and nothing new. Not for me.“
Ferris 743 days ago
66 /100 120 KING STREET
“Typical English style pub, dated with soccer playing and bar games. Beer list is extensive but boring. No flights. Not really worth the hype.“
Ferris 743 days ago
“For what it is a great spot. In the market at the forks, 20 taps and flights. Some nice imports and locals. A bit pricey, but expected for a tourist heavy spot. Not a must go unless you visit the area. Also one of the few bars that do flights in town now.“
Ferris 743 days ago
62 /100 191 MAIN STREET
“Typical earls. Large with a big patio. A couple of their own beepers and one local. Not worth the stop with so many better options around.“
Ferris 743 days ago
62 /100
Elephant and Castle (Restaurant)
“Big and dark, very old school pub. Only 3 local taps and not interesting ones at that. Bartender tried to be helpful though.“
Ferris 743 days ago
70 /100 1875 PEMBINA HIGHWAY
“A warehouse look in a strip mall. Good service, cheap flights and happy hour, but more importantly events with other breweries. A bit out there but worth it if there is an event.“
Ferris 743 days ago
70 /100 1-1290 KENASTON BLVD
“A big open space with lots of benches. Airy and quite comfortable. Service was counter and a bit corporate. No bar so no sneaky tastes while ticking and no deals on trying everything. Pizza was great, but all including the beer was a bit pricey. Worth it for the food, but not for the beer. Worth it if there is more than one of you.“
Ferris 744 days ago
“Nice Viking themed layout. More bistro than brewery. Very pricey and don’t trust the Special nights as I was told it didn’t apply the specific day I was there. Service is abrupt and not beer focused. Beer was OK. Food was over cooked and very overpriced.“
Ferris 744 days ago
“Looks like a converted gas station. Counter service although they asked if I needed help. Good selection, but where it shines is imports and growlers. Good for Winnipeg.“
Ferris 744 days ago
66 /100 333 ST. MARY AVE.
“Like many other of stores it has a decent selection if you aren’t from Manitoba. Surly and a few nice imports with a decent selection of local singles.“
Ferris 744 days ago
64 /100 336 WILLIAM AVENUE
“A beautiful space with great service. Only problem is usually only 1 beer. A nice hangout but poor for ticking.“
Ferris 744 days ago
72 /100 595 WALL STREET
“A nice and cozy spot, well designed. Service was good but nothing of particular note. Beer was expensive, the most expensive flights in the city. They have a happy hour, but still. Beer was jus average.“
Ferris 744 days ago
70 /100 1596 NESS AVENUE
“A nice and huge modern brewpub. Staff wasn’t really beer focused which makes no sense. Food was great, beer meh. Prices were above the norm but still reasonable. Seems to be the first money making focused brewer in the area, all flash but that’s it. Would still go for the food though.“
Ferris 744 days ago
“Update - The new taproom is in and it is essentially a man cave. Games about, pinball league and comfy seating. Staff was nice and gave good local geek advice. Prices solid and a decent amount of seasonal. Solid spot with good hours. - Manitoba laws do not allow brewery taprooms, so what you get here is fresh bottles, special releases and merchandise. If you are lucky you will meet the owner/brewer and have a nice conversation.“
Ferris 744 days ago
80 /100 330-880 KING EDWARD ST
“Decide to follow the name. Service that went above and beyond. Not only knowledgeable, but found a way to help me drink everything, including stuff not on the menu for the best price possible. Heroes of the ticking world. Beer was decent with no real standouts and walked away with 16 ticks for very cheap. A must.“
Ferris 744 days ago
84 /100 330-880 KING EDWARD ST
“Stopped in here for the first time recently and had a really great visit. There was a live band playing and the place was about half full on an early Friday evening. Torque has a very nice, clean, warehouse/shop kind of look with lots of glass and roll up doors...and silvers and grays accented nicely with some light wood colored tables, log benches, and large wood barrels, There were 12 beers...most good...some better. I did a couple of flights and got to try 8 that I sampled 2 others. Favorites included the Spruce It Up spruce tip IPA, Delores Del Rio jalapeno grapefruit pale ale, and the Half Way IPA. The Jake and Elwood Bluesberry Sour was also notable. We got to talking to the manager (just missed the owner)...but was able to procure a private tour of what is a very sizable production brewery...a big space (with room to grow further) filled with a large number of fermenters, brewing equipment, and a canning line. There were wooden fermenting barrels too. We even got a "tour" of their very cool brew festival truck...and older delivery truck with taps on the side painted in Torque graphics. All in all, the people, beer, vibe, music...made for a great visit. Don't miss Torque...but note that you will probably enjoy the taproom space better when busy (and with live music if possible).“
PRBeer 772 days ago
82 /100 595 WALL STREET
“Great brewery in Winnipeg...definitely a must visit if passing through (along with Torque). The brewery occupies a very cool space...nicely designed...with lots of old barn wood (seems appropriate given their!). The beers were good to very good...nothing was below average...and most were much better than that...with a few very noteworthy "66" NEIPA, "Grandpa's Sweater" oatmeal stout, "Lune Noire" black saison, and the very original "Strawbrarian" strawberry milkshake IPA. Barn Hammer is a good size production brewery with lots of can offerings. I expect their beers are on tap around the city. There is outdoor seating and lots of cool brewery bling. We enjoyed our recent visit here very much.“
PRBeer 772 days ago