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“Found this place a bit dull, but with potential. Could imagine a party going on when the place i fully packed. Staff was kind probably because we were the only customers. Had a sampler of their quite dull beers, but it is the place to have some local Myanmar craft beer“
madsberg 1045 days ago
60 /100 74 MA NAW HARI ST
“Quite nice huge place in the middle of the Embassy area. We were the only customers on this lazy Thuesday afternoon in the middle of the wet season. Beers nothing special, but as Oakes stated a nice change from the standard tropical lagers you find at most hotels and bars. Staff is very kind and helpful, but not all are easily understood. 10 different beers were available this day and espacially the Nevada Pale and the coffee stout stood out lmo.“
madsberg 1068 days ago
26 /100
50th Street (Restaurant)
9/13, 50TH STREET
“Expat joint with a mess of a menu. No craft beer here, which means it's not worth visiting for the beer lover. The highlight is a Yoma handle.“
Oakes 1591 days ago
44 /100 291, BO AUNG KYAW STREET
“Repat-run place so fits in well for the Western taste. Noteworthy for having three Burbrits on tap, but with the new Burbrit taproom downtown that's not nearly as important as it would have been in the past. Worth checking out, though, if you don't think you'll be able to get to one of the Burbrit facilities.“
Oakes 1591 days ago
48 /100
Rangoon Tea House (Restaurant)
“I like the place, and it actually does have a longer beer list for Myanmar. There's a couple of Burbits as well. Thing is for me, it's not a beer joint. It's a cafe, and the Toddy Bar upstairs is a great place for cocktails, especially at happy hour. But between a Burbrit taproom and a corner store you can find everything in the country, so no need to prioritize this place, at least not for beer (worth coming here for food and cocktails, though).“
Oakes 1591 days ago
56 /100 74 MA NAW HARI ST
“Big place in the embassy district, which you can walk to after doing your sunset at Shwedagon Pagoda. It wasn't finished on our visit, but we were able to sit outside and try a bunch of beers. Pricey beer for Myanmar, and the quality isn't really to Western standards. But it's a nice change of pace from swill, and well worth the visit.“
Oakes 1591 days ago
“The outside area is a really pleasurable place to drink - there's even some tables in the parking lot by the river. The indoor section is less compelling. The beer isn't great - too much kit beer character - but it's the only micro in Myanmar so you're going to check it out. With the new place being much closer to downtown, this one is really a trek, but it's a pleasant place worth a visit.“
Oakes 1591 days ago
60 /100
Rangoon Tea House (Restaurant)
“One of the few places in Yangon with Myanmar Premium and ABC Stout (8%) on draft. Black Shield in bottle along with a handful of German beers (Kaiserdom and Paulaner) and others available. The choice is limited around town so it may be the best bet. Nice place too. Modern, comfy and top notch service. Food is high quality. It you haven’t already tried it on the street level, they do proper good mohinga too.“
nate2g 1898 days ago
50 /100 291, BO AUNG KYAW STREET
“A pleasant enough minimalist space in the centre of Yangon. As with most places in town, just the basics here with local brews plus a couple of big international lagers on tap. They do have food although I didn’t try any. Overall nothing special - but it is a nice cool room for a cold one on a hot Yangon afternoon.“
dmarsha4 1967 days ago
62 /100
50th Street (Restaurant)
9/13, 50TH STREET
“Cozy western style Bar & Restaurant in Downtown Yangon, western food & mexican monday. While the new Myanmar Premium can be found all over the country this was the only place I found to have it from tap.“
Koelschtrinker 2035 days ago
“This is the most bizarre concept bar on the planet. An Irish Pub come ice bar in the basement of a hotel built for Chinese businessmen. There is a live BUrmese rock band, free bar snacks, cold Myanmar lager, and tons of secondhand smoke. The bottle service with rulers on the side of the bottle so they can charge you by the volume consumed is a special feature.“
Imaena 2917 days ago
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