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66 /100 RADIĆEVA 54
“How to get here: Well, get to Valhalla, go against all logic and continue uphill past it and on the top of the hill the entrance will be on your right side. Then take the stairs down as far as they go and exit on a big patio bar with a fantastic view over the town center. Literally worth going just for that. The menu's missing relevant info like the breweries of the Lager, APA and IPA they have, but they do list Nova Runda C4. Once the nice, but busy waitress came, found out that the Lager is Houblon Šlager and the APA is from Houblon too, while the IPA is Zeppelin. High prices but this is the town center and you're paying for the view really, so eff it. It's a good place to add to a tourist visit of the town.“
Marko 40 days ago
64 /100 OPATOVINA 23
“Ah, figured I'd finally rate it. Carpe Diem is an Opatovina classic in many ways, there "forever", along with the now defunct Ro&Do and the younger, but still "ancient" current Tolkien's location. And yet, though I'd passed by it hundreds of times, I'd never visited it. Why? Not the fault of the huge patio, though there are more beautiful ones around. It's not that it has a bad beer selection - to the contrary, it's very much above average for Zagreb... the Križevačko lineup and maybe a few others on tap, some macros, and a nice selection of common Belgian stuff... it's just that it never had any new ratings for me. It's, in those regards, nowadays a follower rather than an innovator in some ways, whose changes in lineup are glacially slow. Okay service. From a beer tourist perspective, probably good to tick Križevačko stuff, though it can be gotten elsewhere cheaper than the 23 kunas they are charging for the Svijetlo. Still, you'll definitely be in the area, so why not.“
Marko 40 days ago
78 /100
Beer Shop Pomalo (Beer Store)
“How to get here: Take any tram in direction of Ljubljanica (3, 9, 12), exit on the Selska station, and then backtrack across the intersection on the same side of the street and it'll be there. Pomalo, one of the maybe three biggest craft beer distributors in Croatia, has opened their, I guess, third store, first outside of Dubrovnik, and they have done it pretty smartly - in a busy area without many beer places. One, well lighted, not terribly big but cozy room, a row of fridges on one side, a row of stuff like hot sauces and liquor on the other if I remember correctly. Now, these guys aren't doing much in terms of specialty and less so in import, but the range of Croatian breweries from all over the country might be the widest out of all craft beer stores in Zagreb. Don't expect winners or experimental stuff from all of them, but a bunch of those breweries make good beers in the limited range of styles they make. And, of course, you'll easily find their seasonals there - I even found some I'd really not expected were still available anywhere (Pivionica's Santa's Wish for example). The bearded guy working there was quite helpful with packaging and is learning about beer from what I hear - of course one can't expect the knowledge/experience of people at Goblet, Valhalla, Spicy Days, but he did his job very well. The praces are crazy low (and quite crazy in general, with beers costing, dunno, 10.31hrk and prices like that) compared to others - wonder how long that will last. All in all, it's right now definitely a very good place to go hunting for ticks and more rare/obscure stuff, a one-stop shop for many lower-profile breweries. We'll see how the place develops in the future. For now - thumbs up!“
Marko 86 days ago
82 /100
Spicy Days (Beer Store)
“How to get here: Tram 2, 6, 11 direction Črnomerec, exit at Slavonska and backtrack or exit at Trg Dr. Franje Tuđmana and follow the main street (Ilica) a little bit, can't miss it. Spicy Days has definitely become, apart from the quintessential store dealing with everything "chili" in Zagreb, an essential beer store these last three years since moving to the new location. Darjan & Goran try to get their paws on most rare specials that are imported, and at times were/are the only ones carrying it, at least in Zagreb, but also some more common stuff in good shape and form. Most importantly, they take care of the beer they carry! Their selection can be a bit of a balancing act considering what the distributors put out and at which prices in their main outlets, but I guess there will always be some rare and great stuff, especially with the very well functioning web shop they have. Very much fair prices for the beers too. If nearby (or if you're into heat and want to explore the excellent Croatian hot stuff - Volim Ljuto sauces etc. are guaranteed excellent, and so's a lot of the other stuff they carry), a must-visit!“
Marko 86 days ago
68 /100
Grunt Shop Kvatrić (Grocery Store)
“Huh, easy to miss really, one of the small stores all cooped up together in the row between the open market and the market building. facing the building. A deli shop, yeah, but there's a little Nova Runda fridge, containing even some beers I've thought weren't around anymore, along with a buch of other bottles on the shelves. The prices are... slightly elevated actually, not terrible, but slightly higher than average. Okay service. Dunno, not an essential stop, but maybe if you're around in the quarter, to get some stuff that's not commonly found around. Cool concept, but looking just at the beer side, there are better beers around.“
Marko 91 days ago
68 /100
Štorija (Bar)
“Visited in September around the opening. Tiny central place by Kino Europa, in a space that used to host the Najgora Kava U Gradu coffee shop/bar before. A collab between the great Tap B guys from Split and the people running Beertija bars (and things like Tvornica and suchlike). Tap B beers and, I think, D16 coffee from Split and its surroundings. 6 taps, carrying some classics like Trapula and seasonals/specials from Tap B not available elsewhere in Zagreb perhaps. Service... knows some things about the beer, some less so, a bit cocky, will get you your beer (eventually). Cramped facilities downstairs if I remember really. The score can't be too high by nature, but this is a definite should visit, as Tap B, when in form, makes some very good stuff - and if you're not visiting Split, it's a convenient place to pick up the ticks from them, so certainly recommended, and some other aspects will improve as time goes on I guess.“
Marko 95 days ago
“Another late review, last been here in late 2018, but nothing appears to have changed significantly, and it deserves an addition, so in it goes. A small if popular neighborhood bar, one of those places scattered around Zagreb that are kinda the go-to craft places in their quarter - in this case, Zapruđe in Novi Zagreb. A part of this market-like complex in the middle of the quarter, it has a nice little patio, pretty much a classic interior, getting more lively as time moves on. There are 6 taps shared equally between Medvedgrad and Zmajska Pivovara, carrying their specials as well. The bottle list is fine, though macros abound, local and foreign, there's a solid number of Croatian craft beers (again, with specials) - Primarius, Lepi Dečki, Pivionica, Kampanjola too apparently, classics like Ayinger Celebrator and Lindemans Kriek. Not many real rarities, but the selection appears to fluctuate and some do pop up. All in all, a worthy neighborhood beer bar and if you're around this part of Novi Zagreb, a good place to visit, though not necessarily a priority if you aren't.“
Marko 171 days ago
74 /100 RADIĆEVA 54
“Fist thing to point out is patio which is absolutely amazing, view is breathtaking. Great atmosphere, great service, not that great beer-wise, few nice keg lines (Nova Runda), few nice bottles but nothing extraordinary. Nevertheless, definitely worth a visit. Take a pint of Nova Runda and enjoy the view over Tkalčićeva street.“
Trolleo 212 days ago
76 /100 FROUDEOVA 1
“Tiny place with nice outside patio. Service was spot on, they made you feel home even though it's your first visit. Nice selection of bottles, but nothing too crazy. I'd say good neighborhood bar.“
Trolleo 215 days ago
50 /100 SAVSKA 14
“There are couple of big fridges but selection is pretty basic, mostly from macro breweries. Huge outside patio is nice to chill in nice weather, and that's pretty much it.“
Trolleo 222 days ago
54 /100 SAVSKA 150
“Nice ambiance and interior, but in short, i won't be going there for beer selection because there is almost none. Unless something changed recently.“
Trolleo 222 days ago
46 /100 ILICA 222
“Big place with nice atmosphere, decent service and disappointingly small portions of food. Beer selection is Zagrebačka Pivovara so not very good. They got Grif core range and specials lately which is better.“
Trolleo 318 days ago
42 /100 SVETI DUH 31
“How to get here? Tram 2, 6 or 11 to the Sveti Duh station, follow the Sveti Duh road uphill, all the way to the back of the monastery complex, and, all with the banners, you won't be able to miss it. Minorit isn't a brewery as such though the monks seem to have initially played it up to be one - the beers are brewed elsewhere, so nothing to see when it comes to that. This is just the brewery store. Their S*Anto blonde ale appears to be the only regular beer they have, while their Jeronim Porter was out of stock temporarily. A bunch of S*Anto 6-packs and random paraphernalia is also available for purchase. The lady running the shop is friendly and helpful too, props for that, but, sadly, since the beer''s available elsewhere and it's the only thing for purchase, right now, it simply cannot get a higher score than this. It actually might if they expend their range. But, if you're nearby, why not - the profits go towards their public kitchen apparently, so that's a big plus!“
Marko 318 days ago
68 /100 ILICA 49
“Between the time of Yugoslavia and the arrival of craft brewing was the time of large, German- or Czech-scale brewpubs, some of which grew small chains. This is one such, from the longest lasting of the era. The food menu is wholesome, the beer menu above average, the indoor areas quite Slavic and the verandah at the rear a welcome escape. Very much a survivor of its era.“
Tim Webb 321 days ago
“How to get here: Hidden away in a passage in the Cibona complex, just to the east from / under the main staircase. Trams 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 11, 12, 14 or 17 will get you either to Tehnički Muzej or Studentski Centar stations (the closest two tram stations in Zagreb), and it's a minute's walk from there. A bar dedicated primarily to Belgian beer (how surprising, considering the name :D) which was another victim of the COVID lockdowns, but managed to open up a month ago. It goes for the classic international Belgian beer bar vibe, pretty successfully, with a good, wide selection of classic Belgians. The owners appear to be Belgian beer enthusiasts and it shows. The tap list, however, is dedicated to Croatian craft - 2 taps holding two Houblon regulars, and another one holding the new Zeppelin Pilsss fresh and in great shape. I hope this goes well - that part of Zagreb needed a specialized place like this, which it beforehand didn't have. This is no Hopdevil, but it hopefully will get some traction and survive.“
Marko 326 days ago
“How to get here? Tram 9 or 17 to the Harambašićeva station will leave you just in front of the brewpub. The newest brewpub in town, was due to open a few months ago, but the pandemic shut that option down so they opened a few weeks ago. Thankfully, now it's packed and will likely be packed even more from the Faculty of Transport/Traffic students next door. A small-medium courtyard/patio plus not the biggest interior space ever, but still larger and lighter than most. Got a bit hot inside apparently, but I was fine next to the window. The only real (if mild) annoyance was the place playing the music annoyingly loud over loud chatter, but survivable. Highly professional service overall (vaguely overattentive too) - not entirely sure how well versed they are when it comes to beer, but you might get some concrete answers from the owners. If this place was a Pokémon, it would probably be a Ditto - the folks opening this were clearly influenced by other phenomena on the beer and gastro scene, so you have a design (graphic and architectural) reminiscent of Grif, food reminiscent of Submarine Burgers. All within the "inspiration" and not the "ripoff" category. The burgers are good for the price (30-something a pop), the truffle & grana padano fries were good (not great, but good), and the lava cake was a liquid, extremely tasty calory bomb. Simple but solid, modern selection. The people running the place apparently got taught by a German brewer about how to make beer and they have a pale lager, a hoppy lager, an amber ale and an IPA. The IPA is the best of the lot, followed by the Red X - a good amber ale, both clean, caramelly-fruity-hoppy and tasty despite that. the IPL had mild ester issues and the lager was a bit too subdued though, but not complaining looking at the very good price. They will expand the range apparently later on. Not a bad little brewpub overall, will be interesting to see which direction they go into.“
Marko 327 days ago
“Čučerje is a typical hill/mountain village of the Prigorje region, but one that through gerrymandering somehow became an completely integral part of Zagreb. To get here, you have to take one of the trams to Dubrava (4, 5, 7, 11, 12), and, from there take the 209 bus, which will stop at the main village square, by the earthquake-destroyed church. Stara Zvona, the centralmost pub in the village, will be close by. Why should one be there? This is the only known (so far) outlet for the local micro, Pivovara Čučerje - with their Tonča unfiltered lager (still in need of tweaking) selling for 15kn/0.5l. They also have a tap of (some) Houblon, for 20kn/0.5l which isn't that bad. Classic, nice entry, a big, roofed patio, older locals drinking there. Macros available too, might be some interesting non-macro bottles here & there, but not much. Friendly service. In reality, a place for the HC tickers right now, but a nice local place too. You don't need to do the one hour public transport ride in one direction unless you're a serious ticker, but if you are... why not, you shouldn't have a bad experience.“
Marko 327 days ago
46 /100 TKALČIĆEVA 36
“This got to be the bar with rudest staff ever. I had multiple awkward situations there. From small things like having to wait for ages to order the beers, to stuff like one of the waiter screaming at us because we simply sat at the part of patio he didn't like us to sit. Thank you and goodbye, there are other good places nearby where costumers are treated with a bit more respect. Pizza was below average.“
Trolleo 345 days ago
66 /100 SAVSKA 36
“Been there only once. Nice little cozy Irish pub with good atmosphere.“
Trolleo 345 days ago
90 /100 OPATOVINA 35
“Must visit place in Zagreb. 15-20 taps, great choice, around 50% Croatian beers. Food excellent, price depending of food. Really big respect for the interior, I was delightful. I was alone, but it is nice place to come with friend or girl. Great choice of service 0,15/0,3/0,5. Came too early for food (around 2pm) but hosts were very fast and I get it soon.“
peki 354 days ago
“Firs of all very nice selection with 24 taps and carefully stored beers in cold chambers. Personally was very lucky to visit at the moment when Hungarian craft breweries were in visit and it was crazy big selection. Not very satisfied with service and food. Prices are ok. If you are aiming to come to the beer it will be your choice.“
peki 354 days ago
“Rock type of bar for locals mostly, nice atmosphere, love the patio, top service. Beerwise, nothing extraordinary. Good old Nova Runda on keg. Good for a nice pint and chill, not worthy if you're on a big rating hunt even though their fridges are stocked with some bottles of 5th Element, Medvedgrad etc.“
Trolleo 357 days ago
72 /100 LASTOVSKA 2A
“Nice selection of local craft in bottles, big fridges, lots of keg lines, they also do growlers/prowlers, occasionally they even have some quire rare bottles from Dalmatian and Slavonian micros you can't really find anywhere else. Worth a visit. They also had interesting snacks last time i was there.“
Trolleo 357 days ago
“Huge place just above the main square, I actually quite like the man-cave type of interior, atmosphere is mostly nice except for the weekends when it turns to a very loud night club rather than a pub. There is also nice big patio outside for daily chill. Service is absolutely dreadful, you could just wait for ages until someone notices you, especially if you're sitting outside. Big number of taps, but only a few good ones really. Lots of macro, some Belgian stuff and few local micro.“
Trolleo 362 days ago
54 /100 SAVSKA CESTA 142
“Another random bar for locals with just a couple of craft beer on keg rather then craft beer bar. Good service, fair prices.“
Trolleo 362 days ago
62 /100 OPATOVINA 49¾
“I never fully understood the urge of Tolkien House owners to open another pub with the same name 5 meters away from their old place. But hey, there it is, the Big Tolk. More keg beers than original Tolkien, bigger place, nice interior (not as nice and cozy as old Tolk though), very basic outside patio.“
Trolleo 363 days ago
60 /100 OPATOVINA 23
“Nothing really special about this place, basic Croatian micro, Belgian bottles, nice outside patio, average service.“
Trolleo 364 days ago
66 /100
Cafe Cajt (Bar)
“Bar for locals with very old school interior. Nova Runda is always available on keg as well as some German lagers.“
Trolleo 366 days ago
76 /100 NOVA CESTA 100
“Very good service, relaxed atmosphere, affordable prices, and tend to have more obscure beers from Croatian micros on keg.“
Trolleo 370 days ago
78 /100
Horvati (Bar)
“Nice chilled smaller bar with not too many lines, but there is always something good and always fresh. Outside patio is perfect for hot summer days, nice and relaxed atmosphere. Service is always spot on.“
Trolleo 393 days ago
74 /100 GAJEVA 26
“Tiny place with pretty decent bottle selection in the fridges, there are always few gems from Croatian hard to get breweries if you're into drinking 2.5 beer just for a rating. No idea how many lines of draught beers they have but it's a nice thing they do prowlers.“
Trolleo 399 days ago
76 /100
Spicy Days (Beer Store)
“This place is heaven for hot and spicy food lovers, anything from sauces, spices, snacks to chili chocolate. Nice selection of mostly local beers. Fair prices, very friendly service.“
Trolleo 409 days ago
82 /100 RADIĆEVA 25
“What once was just a normal bar (different "only" by its interior and atmosphere) quickly became one of the top spots for craft beer in Zagreb, keeping all the good interior and atmosphere attributes from before. They keep putting more and more keg lines, they have loads of bottles, owner is really nice guy with great passion for good beer.“
Trolleo 409 days ago
82 /100 JANDRIĆEVA 36
“Seriously, one of my favorite places in whole Zagreb when it comes to food. I'd say they do proper traditional Croatian cuisine with few exceptions. Expect a lot of grilled meat, stew, sausages and so on. Everything so damn tasty. They offer beers brewed on site, so selection is not the widest, but they always do a lager, APA and IPA all of which are pretty decent, and one or two specials of various styles (and they love to brew Saisons). Removing Croatian macro breweries from selection was a good move i think. Service is always between very good and perfect, just love those guys. Huge recommendation if you want to drink some well crafted beers while eating well.“
Trolleo 416 days ago
82 /100 STUPNIČKA 14
“This shop is just place to be. Selection goes from Croatian breweries to very interesting international stuff they started to import more and more lately. Manager of the shop is amazing guy, knows everything about every bottle in there. There are also few keg lines and and place to sit and just enjoy good beer.“
Trolleo 433 days ago
60 /100
Grunt Shop Kvatrić (Grocery Store)
“Small deli shop right at the Kvatrić market. Not a lot of place to move around. Beer selection is OK-ish for neighborhood shop. Some Croatian beers, Kabinet from Serbia, Ressel from Slovenia, few Belgian classics, some German beer like which are not that common in Zagreb. Round 50-60 bottles in total. If you're staying around Kvatrić decent place to check out for some beers since there are not many shops (if all) in this part of town.“
Iznogud 454 days ago
“Ambient and interior in general is just too sterile. Selection is mostly very good, many guest taps, lots of imported kegs, they also have the biggest number of taps in whole Croatia (24). The problem is, some beers are just tapped on for too long and while they have very cool looking cold chambers under the bar, you can still sometimes notice beers are not the freshest, especially with hoppy ones. As for bottle selection, they only keep Medvedgrad bottles. Service is mostly bad or mediocre at least, they tend to be very slow, especially if you're sitting on the outside patio (which i usually prefer). Also most of the food is very good and not pricey (pizza was not the best ever). Nice place overall, I would very highly recommend it.“
Trolleo 455 days ago
80 /100 STUPNIČKA 14
“So this used to be Pivoteka, the place is revamped, more spacious and bright and certainly with better beer selection, nice upgrade and a proper beer place. It is possible to drink inside. Domagoj working there is knowledgeable and invaluable member of local beer community. 4 beers on tap, not really sure 500 beers will be available at any given time, but several hundred for sure. A lot of usual suspects which can be found all around the Europe. Just for that I'll refrain from giving it a must visit label since visitors tend to stay in Zagreb for a night or two and this is bit outside of city center.“
Iznogud 528 days ago
80 /100 RADIĆEVA 25
“Just off the tourist track but without question the most serious craft beer bar in Zagreb central. Too much heavy metal and all that bloody smoking but serious about beer in a country that has problems sourcing hops let alone beers from abroad. Home away from home for for beer nerds who have a face mask.“
Tim Webb 566 days ago
76 /100
WunderBar (Bar)
“A classy, fairly new place that opened this summer, the only place in town focusing (almost) entirely German beers, which is to be expected as it's run by Croatia's importers of Rittmayer Hallendorf, Riegele, Insel-Brauerei & Maisel (etc.), like Vinyl in Brdovec. It's just a couple of minutes walk from the main train station, so VERY easy to reach. A pleasantly, modernly and thoughtfully decorated basement bar, without an excess of German paraphernalia. Old-school rock is mostly playing, creating quite a pleasant setting, not just for a beer. Professional service as well. There are 8 taps (two of which are always randomly on discount apparently), with 7 German beers and a rotating selection of local craft beers - Mlinarica Dark Lager in this case. The balance is, as far as German classic beer styles go, good, though mainly on the Hell / Zwickel / modern style sides. The star of the show is, in my opinion, the Hallerndorfer 1422, an excellent flowery zwickl. The Bayreuther Hell is in good shape, and the Riegele / Sierra Nevada collab in good shape and a nice little pale ale, while the Maisel India Ale isn't that thrilling. The bottle selection is extensive too, again, entirely German, covering all the bases from the breweries imported and a lot of styles. It just looks like a place that, if given the love it deserves from the beer drinkers, might and should flourish. Again, it's the only place in Zagreb dedicated to non-macro German beers and it's very easy to reach so... why not?“
Marko 576 days ago
84 /100 STUPNIČKA 14
“So, there was a possibility of MAS Plenum, the biggest Croatian craft beer importer and distributor, buying up Pivoteka for a year or two and that came to fruition a few months ago, and the place was entirely refurbished and reopened as their second Goblet store. The place is not central, but it's not hard to reach. Just take a tram (4, 5, 14, 17) to the Prisavlje station, and follow the left side of the Prisavlje street to the Gavranović market - the store is in the same building, around the corner from the store (the side away from the street). Bigger than before and spacious, it hosts a slew of big shelves on the left side, 5 or so fridges to the right, all filled up, and a tasting-friendly table between them. It looks modern, all in light colors, and nice, but the atmosphere might vary depending on the crowd, or lack thereof. As far as service goes - Domagoj Vran, who grew from Pivoteka's start to be of Croatia's foremost beer geeks and was the reason why Pivoteka prospered because of his knowledge and professional approach, is still there and will be able to help you with anything. He is, however, the sole employee there, so don't expect him to be everywhere at the same time. The selection is impressive, the foreign selection by all means the widest in Croatia, from high-profile stuff from neighboring countries (Croatia and Serbia) to US 0.75's. The local selection is, in my opinion, slightly lacking - there are rare specials from The Garden, the MP Croatian lineup, but very little else, and I couldn't find a new non-Garden Croatian tick there. Unsure if there will be those random rarities that were available before. But if you're a tourist, you won't even notice that, it's a quality choice. There are four taps, two Steamworks beers (the sub par Cucumber and the allegedly average Jasmine IPA), Pohjala's Bag of Bones and Nova Runda's F5 rotating with a CoolHead brews. Nothing thrilled me, but at least there's a cold room now for them and a bottle filling station, and I'm sure that there will be better combinations on tap. The prices are fine in general. All in all, a must-visit when in town.“
Marko 576 days ago
80 /100 STUPNIČKA 14
“Ex Pivoteka. A small bottleshop not far from the centre, in a peaceful student neighborhood. 4 taps, about 500 bottles. More than 10% of that is local. All the local specials and limited editions available. Beer to go available soon. Staff is very professional and helpful. Nice sitting space inside, friendly atmosphere, occasional beer tastings, hot sauces are a bonus.“
hrabren 578 days ago
66 /100 RADIĆEVA 25
“Well located in the town centre, this place has a good selection of draught beer and cans. The owner seemed a bit grumpy at first but seemed to warm to us when we got talking beer with him. It's pleasant sitting outside (provided you don't have a smoker at the adjoining table) in nice weather. Wouldn't visit here any other time, as smoking is permitted inside and the place reeks of cigarette smoke even when there's no one inside! Non smokers may prefer the Craft Room.“
lionlion 591 days ago
70 /100 OPATOVINA 35
“Probably the best craft beer place in Zagreb. Went there a number of times during our stay. Good selection of interesting taps both local and foreign. Enjoyed a decent burger one night. Onion rings also moreish and great beer food. Nice sitting outside on a fine day, and inside is thankfully smoke free. Happy to give you a sample from the tap before you commit.“
lionlion 591 days ago
80 /100 OPATOVINA 35
“First craft beer bar in Zagreb. Located centrally. 16 taps, nowdays mostly local beers with some foreign ones. Very good food. Pretty expensive.“
JFK10000 641 days ago
“Medvedgrad brewery owned place. 24 taps of which 12 guest beers. No bottles and very good food. Must visit when in Zagreb.“
JFK10000 641 days ago
92 /100 RADIĆEVA 25
“Probably the best place in Zagreb. Located in a city center. 12 taps, rotating very quickly. Also around 100 bottles.“
JFK10000 641 days ago
“Very good place. 8 taps are all in good form, plus bunch of bottles (2 versions of RIS were real good). Bunny Sour is the local highlight for me - excellent stuff - good for both - drinking & curing the morning hangover ;-).“
Sokolov 647 days ago
56 /100 ILICA 222
“Big place by the brewery. You can get all their majors along with more interesting brews from their small "craft" brewery. Nice outdoor sitting area.“
Sokolov 647 days ago
“Best craft-beer place in Zagreb. 10 excellent taps + multiple bottles. Not a single bad brew. Food available in built-in food-truck. Main sitting area is on the terrace. As noticed before - very nice relaxed atmosphere.“
Sokolov 647 days ago