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70 /100 U BRÁNY 3
“A modern Pub served by the local 2009 opened brewery. Nice intereior und fast staff. Menu in Czech, English and German, but not too many tourists. Food a bit more expensive, but ok. I miss vegetarian dishes (not the traditional fried cheese, which is served everywhere). There's an open-air-place next to the restaurant for having a fresh beer.“
Goldbarren 531 days ago
62 /100 U BRÁNY 3
“Restaurant for the local brewery "Znojemsky mestsky pivovar" located couple of blocks away. Quite small but with spacious summer patio. Modern, very well done. Visited several times over last 2 years. Beers are solid as well as food. Good spot to visit.“
Sokolov 928 days ago
74 /100 ZELENÁŘSKÁ 1
“Classic Czech pub with great benefit of house (craft) beers with some guests. Certainly widest selection in Znojmo. Staff is okay. House beers are available in pet bottles for takeaway.“
surething_ii 957 days ago
62 /100 U BRÁNY 3
“Classic brewpub with four house beers on tap while the same are in pet bottles for takeaway. Beer was in good condition of course. Service was bit slow and meals rather average. There are certainly better places for dining in Znojmo but if you are interested in proper pilsner it's worth a visit“
surething_ii 958 days ago
72 /100 ZELENÁŘSKÁ 1
“Old-school czech cheap pub interior - reminds my young punk years in such pubs. Ok service, a bit confused, while 3 of them serving all the tables. Changing multitap and also some of their own beers from nearby brewery.“
mithe 1288 days ago
76 /100 U BRÁNY 1
“Good looking interior - wodden paletes and brick walls. A bit punk look. Ok service. Selection of 5 Maxmilian beers. They also serve tasting plate with 4 beers in small mugs. Good "koleno" (pork knee).“
mithe 1288 days ago
66 /100 VÍDEŇSKÁ TŘÍDA 684/69
“A huge hypermarket about 500 meters south from the main railway station. An ok selection of czech brews and few others.“
Geiserich 2700 days ago
52 /100 ZELENÁŘSKÁ 1
“White painted walls, arched ceilings, big wooden furniture and in general a basement look and feel, including the musty air. Yet this one is on ground level, so something must be wrong with the ventilation. Service a tad dodgy. 11 taps, the selection was not really good though and I’m not sure if all beers were well kept. Alas, the prices were low and a multitap is always worth a visit.“
ElDesmadre 2878 days ago
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