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52 /100 120 E SAMFORD AVE
“This is just a gas station. Typical gas station ambiance of overpriced convenience. The beers were only a bit slighter than normal, but still. The selection was somewhat decent - maybe 15-20 different brands besides the macros. I’m assuming by the lack of input in this college town, that this is they best they have. Which isn’t bad if you live here I guess, Atlanta is only a couple hours away.“
suprchunk 2900 days ago
90 /100 2415 MOORES MILL RD
“Great craft beer selection but the real gem here is Michael. His beer knowledge is very deep. This is a must do place if you are a serious beer connoisseur. Food is top notch but craft beer selection is vast and varied.“
mholdefer 3048 days ago
90 /100 2415 MOORES MILL RD
“Best pizza in town. Though a limited amount good beer on draft the bottle collection is fantastic, something for everyone“
kibleme 3148 days ago
64 /100 128 N COLLEGE ST
“Nice clean Mellow Mushroom interior, festooned with Auburn paraphernalia. The service was nice, but a little slow. The selection is good, with a lot of the better standard American craft and Belgian beers, as well as a good pick of local and regional brews. The food is good, as usual for a Mellow Mushroom, and the prices are good. Overall, this is a nice, chill place for a few good beers and pizza.“
GTAEgeek 3445 days ago
52 /100 128 N COLLEGE ST
“Come on carry some real beer. The food is great. I’ll passed on the beer :(“
hophopaway 4163 days ago
46 /100 128 N COLLEGE ST
“had some tap beer. My favorite thing about this place was that they allowed me to buy a few single bottles and carry them out. The food was subpar and the service very slow. However, they had a decent beer selection, surprising to me as I was not expecting much.“
heemer77 5133 days ago
44 /100 128 N COLLEGE ST
“I do not think I have been in two Mellow Mushrooms that look alike. This one is particularly small with a large portion of it being bar. The food is MM food; no more, no less. The service was very good today. Decent beer selection for Alabama but without any Alabama beers; Alabama beers do exist in kegs.“
BeerandBlues2 5542 days ago
68 /100 128 N COLLEGE ST
“Great service -- the bar takes up about 1/3 of the space, so what the place lacks in ambiance it makes up in direct wait-staff contact. Fair selection of brews - probably a damn good selection for Alabama: Sweetwater, Flying Dog, Firestone, don’t know what all. I stopped in here quickly after doing the sampler at the Auburn Ale House that’s in the alley just behind the MM. The roast beef sandwich, while tasty, had just barely brushed up against some old heifer without scraping too much meat onto the toasted bun. Friendly town, friendly clientele, good service.“
Aurelius 5563 days ago
74 /100 128 N COLLEGE ST
“A respectable selection of beers but NO ALABAMA BEERS (have to go behind the line of buildings for that). Nice pizza and sub selection. Good place to go if you’re local or want something other than BMC.“
shrubber85 5975 days ago
48 /100 128 N COLLEGE ST
“Visited in May 04. Decent selection, for Alabama - I mean, I hate to be condescending, but there is really NO beer scene down there. It seemed smallish compared to other Mellow Mushrooms, with a bar taking up one wall and booths taking up the other, plus some sidewalk seating. I didn’t get any food, being as it was the middle of the afternoon, but the service was efficient and friendly.“
Suttree 6446 days ago
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