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80 /100 300 E 24TH AVE
“This place far exceeded my expectations. The beer was great and they had just about every style. Cool place, super busy and vibrant on a Friday night. There is nowhere else like this in Gulf Shores.“
coachd 657 days ago
90 /100 300 E 24TH AVE
“It was a huge benefit to my beach trip having this brewery so close to the condo. The beer scene is fairly spotty in Gulf Shores, as you’d imagine. Big Beach delivers some fresh, quality beers to help fill that void. We had basically the entire catalog during our stay and everything was clean and well made. I’d say every beer was at least decent with plenty of standouts too. A good mix of hoppy, light, dark, Belgian, and spiced was available. Really quality stuff across the board. The tasting room is very well laid out too. There’s one TV with a couch in front of it away from the bar, a decent sized L shaped bar, a few tables, and an extensive outdoor space including a second story patio. There are huge bay windows which I’m sure are normally open but it was painfully hot during our visit in August so they were shut. Service was great for all of our visits and prices are fair. They fill growlers from other breweries which was an added bonus. It’d be easy to imagine a brewery here much less consistent or just flat out good product. I hope Big Beach continues to do well.“
NachlamSie 1527 days ago
80 /100
Liquid Latitude Inc (Beer Store)
“This is an unassuming liquor shop on the main stretch of Gulf Shores. We walked in on a whim and I wasn’t expecting this kind of craft beer selection. They don’t have a ton of beer, but they do have most of the good stuff in Alabama I was looking for. More of the sought after stuff was here than at other stores I saw around town. They had Westbrook gose which is a huge plus for beach drinking. Most of the beer is available in the walk-in cooler too. Everything is available as a single.“
NachlamSie 1528 days ago
78 /100 1545 GULF SHORES PKWY
“If you’re having a proper beach trip you’re gonna need to go to the grocery store for provisions. Might as well be the grocery store with nearly all beer available refrigerated, most bottles available as singles, and a fairly wide selection of regional craft beer. The variety of beer is in the low triple digits, but I wish I could’ve found more stuff in cans and more stuff from Straight to Ale. Still, definitely serviceable.“
NachlamSie 1528 days ago
52 /100 300 E 24TH AVE
“Beautiful, very distinctive place on the outskirts of Gulf Shores, right across the street from Tacky Jack’s. They took their sweet old time opening this place, but I can tell why, given the obvious effort put into the planning and work to build it. It was a ground up operation. Outside seating areas are reminiscent of a city park. Has a tree swing and some grassy areas that are good for parents with kids. Sitting indoors doesn’t separate you from the outdoors because there are several garage rollup doors and open air windows. There are currently four of their beers on tap, but there promises to be more, as evidenced by the several beautiful and unique blown glass draft handle pulls. Flights are available. So far, the beers are unremarkable. Service is about average. Nothing bad at all, but nothing extra special either.“
DocJitsu 1826 days ago
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