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86 /100 25689 CANAL RD
“Fantastic spot in Orange Beach. Next door (and corporately related to) to Maggie’s Bottle & Tail (stupendous) and Cosmos (amazing). Service is great, 32 beers on tap (had Founders CBS for the first time here), and food is very good. Neat, unique place. Highy recommended.“
DocJitsu 1228 days ago
84 /100 25689 CANAL RD
“Tucked away in a little complex in Orange Beach a short distance away from the main drag, Luna’s is a fine restaurant with the best draft selection I saw on my trip to the island. The inside has a clean, classic restaurant feel. None of the 32 taps are spent to appease the BMC drinking crowd. Quite a few beers were on that I didn’t see elsewhere around town like Blackberry Farm, Lucky Town, Against the Grain, etc. Plenty other southern breweries were represented. Prices are really good too. The food is southern/seafood and very tasty. I’d call this a mandatory dinner stop for the craft beer enthusiast.“
NachlamSie 1338 days ago
66 /100 25753 CANAL RD, STE B
“Nice in the area. Need to check dates however, Form Midwest....good to see bells, and Evil Twin selections, plus nice selection of local goods. Suggest double dipping and hitting cosmos restaurant...nice restaurant.“
sawbuck 1849 days ago
88 /100 25753 CANAL RD, STE B
“I can’t express how pleasantly surprised I was to see the selection of bottles and cans. Evil Twin, Westbrook, Mikkeller, Fairhope, Against The Grain, and some obscure brews that I just never guessed would be distributed in this area. Several taps. Half and full growlers for very reasonable prices. Service is knowledgable and responsive. Individuals as well as four and six packs available.“
DocJitsu 2007 days ago
86 /100 25753 CANAL RD, STE B
“Nice wine/beer store with a growler station. Excellent variety of beer with decent pricing. A real gem in this area.“
suprchunk 2505 days ago