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72 /100 3404 PIERCE DR.
“Interior is clean but not sterile. There is ample seating at the bar or at tables, and a small patio. Servers are alert and helpful, ready with recommendations. Food is pretty good, definitely above bar average. Beers are OK to good. If all you need is a fair meal and a crater or two, definitely drop in.“
Cybercat 1699 days ago
56 /100
Empire Package (Beer Store)
“Small and unimposing, it is more a general package store than a beer store, but they do have a good collection of local brews. Prices appear to be reasonable. The man at the cash register was friendly and efficient. Fine if you live in the neighborhood.“
Cybercat 2539 days ago
14 /100 5039 BUFORD HWY
“10/1/2013 Small selection, unknowledgeable staff, racist on several occasions, more expensive than several local stores, also keeps beer on shelves past "good before" date. Now, the review of Holiday Wine & Spirits Chamblee GA. I was checking out, paying with my debit card as always and noticed that they were charging me for credit prices, which are substantially higher than cash/debit purchases. When I asked the so called "manager" about the issue, he told me I should take my business somewhere else if I didn’t agree with it. I knew the old man speaking was indeed NOT a manager, so I just opted to go ahead and make the purchase, then contact the real store manager via telephone. When I called the store, I asked for the manager, and a young man whom I’ve spoken with in person before answered the phone. I told him about the issue, and he seemed to care less about what had happened. I notified him that every single bottle shop in Atlanta whom does the cash/credit pricing always accepted debit transactions as cash, as this same store has done for me for the last five months of shopping there. *This is where is goes REALLY south* When I notified the "manager" that I was on several review websites, as well as BeerAdvocate and RateBeer, and would write a review about my experience in the store, he proceeded to scream into the phone, "SUCK MY D***, SUCK MY D***, SUCK MY D***!" He shouted this over and over for almost three minutes strait, and then broke off into screaming "You must be a f**king meth head" and, "I want you to drive down here and suck my f**king d**k in the parking lot". This managers name is Grady Lucky Jr. He apparently only got his job because he works with "daddy" Grady Lucky Sr. Bottom line, I will NEVER spend my money at this store again, under any circumstances! I have read several other reviews about this stores racial hatred, and bigotry used against people of foreign background and I refuse to support any business using those practices.“
OhYesILoveBeer 3242 days ago